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As you can probably tell, this took me a really long time to put together and I worked so hard on it so I hope you guys like it! I’ve gotten so many messages asking for when it would be up and it’s finally here so I couldn’t be happier!
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEEEEEASE DO NOT SEND THIS to Liam, Zayn, the other boys, their friends/families… please! Fandom stuff should be kept int the fandom - I don’t want to make them uncomfortable; the fourth wall exists for a reason! If they come across it themselves that’s fine and on their own prerogative.
PLEASE DON’T REPOST THIS on another youtube channel and claim it as your own because like I said, I worked hard on it and want you guys to have something nice since it’s been kinda dull in the ziam fandom lately. So please respect that!
AND FINALLLLLY, like I say in the vid - this isn’t it! I have a special extra video that I’ll be uploading in the next couple of days! It was originally meant to be in this video but then it would have gotten too long! So! Look out for that/subscribe.

Disclaimer: All clips. pics and music used belong to their respective owners.
Music used at 5:48 is by Eminik Official here.

tl;dr don’t send this to liam/zayn/the other boys/friends/family, don’t repost to another yt channel, offstage moments start at 39:35, and finally, this took me ages so… almost an hour of sexual ziam… enjoy!

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i’m cryin this is my fave

anonymous asked:

It seems your anons who are trying to start drama would appreciate the 1direction-,unpopularopions blog. I used to follow them until I realised unpopular opinions are mostly negative ones, they're afraid of saying on they blog's for fear of backlash.. If they want a reaction they'll probably find one.

Hi anon,

I get that I do but then just don’t say it maybe? Or create another blog to say it? or like you say visit that blog.  

I wrote this yesterday and I could amend it but it still stands, and I could write more but how I feel is how I feel and I’ll probably reblog posts that reflect way more articulately on this than me but….

Just tired that this always comes down against Zayn, and that’s just so sad and unacceptable.     

And whether the words that came from his mouth were lies or not (and yes, I don’t believe a single word of it) they were spoken nevertheless.  

I suppose I lived in some kind of fantasy world filled with some kind of optimism that at least this wouldn’t be shat on because there’s never been any indication previously that this would happen, and I have other thoughts that I can’t articulate but it doesn’t really matter anyway because right now this has upset people, and I completely get why.

And I still love Zayn so very much and I still love Liam so very much and that isn’t going to change based on this current mess vs what we’ve had previously over the years BUT that doesn’t mean that I should ignore what a mess this is overall.  

I had hoped that at least some music chatter was held back and I don’t just mean a token question here or there, and oh I dunno there’d be some groundbreaking promo (or that’s how it feels that it would be groundbreaking to focus on music) like letting Liam the artist show himself,  rather than what we’ve had and more fool me for wishing for any different and that is infuriating and maddening.

add it all together and I’m just….


All the stars are still shining
But you’re the only one I see

I can feel when your heart beats
But you can’t keep your eyes off me.

My new and short Ziam video to Zayns Part in ‘Freedun’ ♡ I hope you enjoy this! Lots and lots of love to all of you, Emily x