my zexal feels


i have you in my heart
no distance could keep me apart, love
you are the only thing
thats keeping my heart still beating
cause i just can’t let you go
even if you wanted to
you know that you’ll always have my heart
and i’m not letting you go
and i’m not letting you go

in my heart - My favorite Highway


Zexal Month Day 1 - Favourite Character
↳ Gauche’s abs

I’m gonna be the only person that chooses him as my fave. He had ridiculous hair and stupid eyebrows, but I loved him anyway. Seriously though, I really did like him as a character, especially his “symbol of hope for the kids!” attitude at the end. I probably wouldn’t have finished Zexal as quickly as I did without the need to get to the Gauche episodes asap, even though there weren’t very many after the first season. I wish he and Droite had appeared more often and that their backgrounds/childhoods had been touched on a bit more. But if anything, at least we got that tight shirt out of the episodes we did have.

Zexal Month - Week 3 Day 2 - Crossover

So it seems that my reflex for when I’m torn between two series is to just… cross them over? So here’s a sort of Voltron/Zexal crossover that I thought of like 3 hours ago. I wanted to draw the whole crew but I got kind of lazy… 

My idea is that Yuma pilots the Blue lion, Shark pilots the Red lion, Rio pilots the Green lion, Kotori pilots the Yellow lion, and Kaito pilots the Black lion. They all form the legendary defender Voltron/Hope(?) to fight against the Barian empire. Astral is the surviving prince (maybe Ena is his advisor??) who pilots the Key ship and trains the paladins….

I tried to assign each character based on their personalities and lion personalities but that was harder than expected haha… (Especially because Kaito and Shiro are not quite…. the same kind of character…)

i got back into ygo and i just….?????!!!!

I worked so hard on this aah ヽ(*´Д`*)ノ, but I am so happy with the results, is been a while since I’ve put so much effort into a piece

Is also transparent for covenience!, I’ll be posting close ups later!

now i’m off to draw some skyshipping I deserve it

Let’s just take a moment to think about Kaito slapping Yuma. It was kind of unnecessary and silly, but absolutely great. That makes me sound awful but let me explain: Kaito is this 18-year-old chuuni whose life until recently was entirely devoted to stealing people’s souls in order to save his little brother all while having a crazy evil-controlled father so he doesn’t know how to deal with people normally now that he has the chance, so yeah all his friends are middle schoolers and when he shows up and one of them is freaking out of course his natural reaction is to SLAP A 12-YEAR-OLD. When I think about it like that all I can be is incredibly amused. Never forget the beautiful kind wackjob that Kaito is. Also let’s appreciate how dead inside Shark looks here.