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hey so I was watching the second time 1d was on chatty man and when Alan asked Liam if he was dating a dancer from xf, while he was drawing, Zayn shook his head and said no. do y'all know that happened?? just wanted to share that lol

Hey, nonnie!

That video★. Yeah, that’s been covered before. Fetus Zayn was always too obvious about his feelings/jealousy for it to go unnoticed. Aha! You’ll probably find a masterpost or two on older blogs. But yeah, that iconic™ moment is known★.

The post linked above is a good summary of Zayn’s jealousy in his fetus days. It’s by no means exhaustive, but it has a bunch of good ones. Including with the other 1D boys.

One of the reasons I love Zayn is that he’s honest with his feelings. Boy has his heart on his sleeve. Bless. And he never really cared much about her, if we’re honest. Conflict of interests, y’know? It also provided us this gem

Context: this is after the interviewer brings up something related to death threats, and Liam says his girlfriend has received some. Zayn simply says the fans are just passionate right after thirsting after Liam there. (The post linked has the other gif and a link to the video.)

Now, I know it’s a serious subject and all, but I can’t not laugh. He’s too obvious. He doesn’t even try to disguise it! He’s looking dehydrated a minute before, then he goes all like “Pff! She’ll be fine! You worry too much, Leeyum!” It’s not the situation that’s funny. It’s his complete disregard that makes it hilarious. Iconic.

TL;DR stay away from Leeyum and it’s all good.

You know that one laugh that Harry does? Where it’s high pitched and shouty and he has to cover his mouth? I just made a quick video because i can’t get that shrieky, maniacal sound out of my head (in the best possible way)

Ok but you know what, Zayn was right. No, no. Like HE WAS RIGHT. I’m just sitting here thinking about that time when zayn said that liam is brave, and i’m like, YES YES. because, liam is brave, he’s literally so brave, i mean, he was young and he was bullied and he has to learn to box so he could defends himself at his own, he was young but he attending at the same tv show TWO times because he was rejected the first time. He saved his best friend of the fire, like literally. He was the first in comes to us when zayn left the band in the middle of the storm and makes us laugh with a silly picture of him. He’s always with us. He fight for his dreams so much. He attending today to the brits with his own new team in front of simon cowell and he WAS PROUD OF IT. LIKE YES BITCH I’M HERE. He fought with alcoholism, depression and eating problems, as well as tobacco addiction. He was through it, is not that bravery? And he’s in love with his ex band mate who at least the half of this fandom hate, but that doesn’t stop his love. He’s always the most unpriced of the band, but no matter how bad you trated him, he’s always nice with you. He’s always so gentle and lovely with the fandom, even when not all of the people appreciated him or his big heart, but, at the end, that is what bravery is no? Be nice no matter what. Bravery also is a big heart, and be kind even if other people can’t see it. So, yeah. He’s fucking brave. And i’m so SO proud of him. And yes, zayn was right. Liam is brave. So brave.

When someone mentions Ziam

When someone says there’s no evidence to back up Ziam

When someone believes Larry is real but won’t even consider Ziam

When someone keeps talking about S*ph*am, Z*gi, Paynet0n or Ch*am

When people act like Zayn and Liam haven’t gone through any problems with Modest!

When someone says Niall is the captain of Ziam

(it’s Louis)

When you didn’t sleep because you were dealing with Ziam all night

When someone you know IRL finds your Ziam blog

When you decide you don’t care that you’ve been #EXPOSED as a Ziamie

When someone finally realizes Ziam is real

The End. 

Here’s one last Ziam gif to end on a good note:

none of the gifs are mine

Zayn leaving Gigi’s apartment 30.4 (left hand hidden in the pocket):

Zayn arriving Gigi’s apartment (hand with a red bruise):

Zayn’s hand perfectly fine in 29.4:

This was pointed out to me by Cami. The same way some people don’t like to look at these details, i think it’s important to notice Zayn behaving like this when stunting gets him hard, since 2012 (post1, post2, post3). If his new team was looking for his best interests, things like this wouldn’t happen.
My unpopular opinion: he tried skip Met Gala by pulling the injured foot and it didn’t work. He got pissed… Hand injured. That’s MY opinion. And this is sad af, because he (probably) will appear gorgeous as always at the Met tonight, and this will be forgotten (not by some of us, tho).

Not believing in these “conspiracies” (like some people like to say), will not change the fact this is happening for a long time. Unfortunately. It’s a pattern and his way to say it’s enough.

All i want right now is that he gets to be mia for a little while. Away from any stunt, to recharge himself. And that he can get to start rehearsals for his upcoming shows in Japan. Fingers crossed.