my yul

}A moment of silence.{

}For the ones who didn’t make it. For the flames of love that flickered and died. For the Guardians that lost their Ghosts, and always the ones who lived and lied. The ones you love are just like stars, hanging gently in the air. Their light and warmth coming from afar, but they die before you know they’re there. Once I had looked down to the deep, a blatant lack of light. It looked forlorn, and with a scorn, questioned its very right. “Oh, sister mine,” I had whispered, “my sweetest darling dear. Oh, how I wish I could pull you away from wherever is here.” It took some time, oh quite some time, and goodness how she cried. My deepest regret is how she lay not in my arms when she died. I’ve made mistakes, and we all have, I’ve been made to leave and lie. I never thought the day would come when I’d’ve to say goodbye. How long has it, since I’ve been free, from existential curse? How long has it, since I have personally made it all worse? Leave us here, readers ours, return to tales of frost. Know that I’m the lone sentry, wishing you, Happy Festival of the Lost.{