my young gay self

conversations with my baby gay self

me in 2007: *listens to “The Con” over and over*

me in 2017: hey! you! did you know that, after a less successful album in 2009, Tegan & Sara will put out two successful synthpop albums and cross over into the mainstream and even have an Oscar nomination and performance on their resume?!

me 2007: no way!

me 2017: and did you know that Sia will become a wildly successful pop songwriter and performer including 7 top 20 hits, 5 top 10 hits, and two #1 hits: one that was performed by her and another by Rihanna?

me 2007: shut. up.

me 2017: Ellen Page is a lesbian.

me 2007: I KNEW IT.

me 2017: and Kate McKinnon will become the first openly gay woman as a regular on SNL for which she would go on to win TWO Emmy awards. she also starred in a Ghostbusters reboot!

me 2007: wait, this Kate McKinnon? from The Big Gay Sketch Show?!

Me 2017: yep! she even shared an epic kiss on live television with a beautiful woman who played Wonder Woman.

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Me 2007: WOW. 2017 sounds like heaven, filled with unicorns and rainbows!

did they ever legalize gay marriage?!

Me 2017: in 2015.

Me 2007: who gets elected president? is it Hillary or that Barack guy? or…a Republican…

Me 2017: Barack Obama! he serves for two terms as our first black president.

Me 2007: I can’t wait for 2017!!!

Me 2017: HOLD UP. Hillary loses the 2016 election to DONALD FUCKING TRUMP. there’s institutionalized violence towards blacks and violent hate crimes towards trans folk. a Muslim ban. threats to deport children of undocumented immigrants and to “build a wall”. Women’s and gay rights are being taken away. racism, homophobia, and sexism have become mainstream. White supremacists are called “activists” and openly march among us now.

Me 2007:

Me 2017: sorry.

Me 2007: *curls into fetal position and continues to listen to “The Con” on repeat*