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Hi Lalah! What are your morning rituals for when you wake up?

My daily morning ritual is this;

• As soon as I awaken I smile and give thanks. Doing so sends a power message to my entire body, being, energy field and to the universe that all is well and working for my good.
• I pray
• I meditate/listen
• I drink a big glass of spring water
• I stretch
• I have warm lemon water
• I write/journal
• I play my ‘Energy Cleanse’ playlist on Spotify
• I set my intention for the day
And so on. :)
-Lalah Delia | VibrateHigherDaily


JumpStartJune16 Picture Challenge : Favorite place in your home to workout

So, I actually have three places where I workout, depending on the time of day and what I’m doing:

The top is in my ‘Florida Room’ (back porch to the rest of the world). I have a yoga mat that stays there all the time and you’ve seen many yoga poses and headstands from that spot.  I also have my Swiss ball out here and do pike-ups and situps on it out there. 

The next is actually a spare room in the garage which I turned into an ‘official’ workout room.  It has a bosu ball, mats on the floor, weights, a step, a DVD player/TV, a stereo, and mirrors along one wall for checking form. This is the first place I tried headstands, and will probably be the first place I try a handstand, although I’m a little worried about falling against those cabinets, and I can’t move away from them for the headstand cos of the window. 

The last is my living room in front of the TV. I stretch here a lot at night while watching TV, this is me working on my quad stretches and also foam rolling my IT band. You can see I also have weights in here – a kettle bell and dumbbells which stay there all the time. When my knee was hurt, I worked upper body and core here A LOT, but now I just do that when I’m feeling especially energetic. :)


2016 June 14 Spin Class – 45 Minutes ‘Express Ride’

Oh wow! This was awesome! I thought I might die a couple of times, but I (and my friend) made it through! 

LOOK AT THE FREAKING TIME IN PEAK HR ZONE! That is just crazy!  I never get into peak zone when I ride my bike – not even close! I just can’t seem to push myself to that place when I’m riding my bike, but this certainly did it!

It really made me feel strong, too, cos I could do most of what the teacher said to, just had to sit back a couple of times when we were doing these stand up/sit down/stand up/sit down things, and I’m sure I leaned on my arms more than I should’ve, but for my first time, I really felt like I did a good job. And, with all the standing up, my back never had a chance to complain about it. 

It will be interesting to see how my legs feel tomorrow.  Mostly my quads.

Anyway, YAY! I did it! I’m really pleased with my effort and happy that I got out of my comfort zone and did another new thing. Next week is Kick Boxing! eeep! Now that scares/intimidates me! 


3/13/2016 Aerial yoga Practice

  1. My favorite thing for my back, just hanging from my hips and letting gravity give me an adjustment.
  2. Basically the same as 1 but with a little stretch for inner thighs too.
  3. Supported Handstand – it’s not as supported as you’d think. Most of my weight is in my arms, but it takes the fear of falling away to have the hammock around me.
  4. Plow
  5. Holding my full body weight in my arms upside down. 
  6. Shoulder stand – most of weight is on my shoulders (vs. arms in the previous pose)
  7. Supported Warrior III both sides
  8. Mountain climbers. Did 2 sets of 20 (10 on each side)
  9. Shoulder opener
  10. Ahhhh … rest. Corpse pose.

2016 June 21  ‘Aerial Yoga’ … More like TRX with an Aerial Yoga thingy

  1. I forgot to start my fitbit! Argh!! I’m so annoyed that I did that! And you can’t get the data retroactively. So bummed about that!  :(
  2. I’m dead. My arms started shaking immediately after the first exercise and didn’t stop the whole time. I don’t know how I’m gonna eat tonight.
  3. That picture of me sitting down in the swing before class was the last time we sat  until the last 10 minutes when we got upside down.
  4. There were only two of us in class, so it was like a personal training session. (I’m really glad there were at least 2 of us! It would be weird to be the only one. This is a new class, so hopefully it will pick up. It’s at a weird time, too – 4pm. Too early for a lot of people to go)
  5. OMFG. Did I mention that I’m dead?
  6. It was only an hour – thank goodness! I could not have done it any longer. We switched between upperbody and core work with just a couple of leg stretches tossed in (triangle with the hammock, and nose to knee, and downward facing dog), so there was a ton of stand up, now get in plank, stand up, get in plank, stand up, get in plank .. That alone is exhausting.
  7. We stared with these things where you hold the highest handles and squat down with your arms straight, then JUMP up and lift your legs up to your chest and (supposedly) lower back down slowly while supporting your full weight in your arms. I lowered back down slowly maybe twice.  I did the jump up part, but the lower back down slowly stopped happening pretty quickly. We did 10 at the start of class and 5 at the end. OMFG.
  8. Then we did alternating arm work using the hammock 10 to a set, 2-3 sets of each): pushups (two hand/arm positions), biceps curls, flyes, hanging from your arms for as long as you can, triceps curls … IDK … a ton of shit.
  9. Then between the arm work, we would do various planks and bridges using the hammock (also 10 per set, 2-3 sets of each overall): pike-ups (dolphin arms), side planks feet in the hammock, mountain climbers, inverted crunches, in bridge position with feet in hammock we’d curl feet to butt, then straight out., so kind of a reverse plank with a crunch? 
  10. To be 100% honest, the plank stuff started hurting my back. I hope it’s okay tomorrow. That will be the key.  :( 
  11. We did get upside down at the end and I even did a (floating) camel pose for a few breaths (instructor helped me get my feet to my hands cos I just can’t do that on my own). Basically, chest up, butt/back in hammock, hands holding feet in a back bend. It was pretty cool. I have not managed to do that on my own – see problem getting feet to my hands.
  12. OMFG. I am so tired. 
  13. I wish I’d started my damn fitbit! argh! That so sucks!
  14. I’ll be back to this class … if I don’t die.

But what if I fall?

I think we’re all afraid of headstand and handstands because we’re afraid to fall. I can’t speak to handstands, but I’ve fallen out of headstands plenty of times.

Here’s what you do if you feel yourself falling over backwards:

  • Lift your hands up to the crook of your neck
  • Tuck your chin to your chest
  • Roll out of the headstand like you’re doing a somersault
  • Fix your ponytail
  • Get up and try again

Okay, some of you may have seen me mention these before as something we sometimes do in hot yoga. Since I bailed on hot yoga tonight, I promised myself I would do these at home. 

They are killer when done right. You can google them and find videos and other tutorials on how to do them, but the basic idea is that you do each one in turn up to 21 times for each move. You can do fewer, but don’t go over 21. You should stop if you lose your form … my form wasn’t great on some of them in the video, but I did my best. Between each one, you stand up into mountain pose and take two deep breaths, then start the next one (I took more than two on most of them, tbh).

The two hardest ones for me are #1 – I just get so freaking dizzy (doing this is supposed to help your balance, tho) – and number 4, which KILLS my arms/triceps especially if I keep my butt up off the floor in the ‘sitting’ position and don’t let my arms rest at all.

These are supposedly the ‘fountain of youth’ exercises and should be done daily for a long, healthy life.  My yoga instructor does them 5x a week. He says it only takes him about 8 minutes to get through them all, doing 21 of each. It took me longer than that and I couldn’t get to 21 on most of them.

After doing this, I know two things:

  • I made the right decision to not go to hot yoga tonight. My body is just too tired.
  • I should do these more often. Gonna make a goal right now to do these at least 2x a week to start. Monday and Thursday. 

So, if you’re looking for a good body-weight workout that doesn’t take long and hits almost every part of your body, check these out. Like i said, there is a lot of info online about how to do them properly, just google ‘5 Tibetan Rites.’

Not sure if you can see it, but I was dripping sweat by the end.


These last weeks I’ve managed to spend a lot of time on the things that give me energy! I’ve been enjoying morning walks in the forest, extra time for pranayama and meditation and started journalling again. I’ve been feeling a whole lot of good vibes and inspiration lately and it is so nice to be in this kind of flow! Tonight was a nice example of that: yin yoga session while watching the sun set and now time for journalling, tea and meditation in the company of my favourite kitten friend!


My three life sources:

-Lily Pulitzer Year and a Half Planner for important events, due dates, tests, and quizzes. I tuck my Moleskine bullet and yogi journals inside for convenience. My bullet journal is for monthly and daily tasks and my yogi journal is a yoga/self awareness progress diary.

-Five most used (of twenty) Stabilo point 88 pens. I only use them for my bullet journal because it’s neat and pretty and I care about it the most.

-Cynthia Rowley pencil bag full of a billion random pens, strictly mechanical pencils, five highlighters, one mini and normal size Post It pack, and white-out tape(?).

remember this moment, self.

in a strange turn of events, i have the courage and confidence to go forth with my dreams. it’s been a rare feeling to have, lately, so i’m documenting it now to remind myself later that this sensation is somewhere inside of me. it’s just a matter of holding onto it long enough to make the magic happen.


3/24/2016 Walk

My extremely slow walk today at a NEW PLACE! I can actually check one new place off my 2016 Goals!  One down, 9 to go! I don’t think I’m on track to complete this goal on time, better step it up.

The walk was so slow cos I took SO MANY pictures. I have spared you most of them, but just had to share some. I loved this park! So full of wildlife and pretty plants and giant trees and tranquil lakes.  Baby gators and baby coots abounded! So cute!  There were lots of other birds too, and turtles and fishes.

Can you see the baby gators with the mama in the last picture? Can you see the little baby Coots with the mama? They are on the brown vegetation that’s hanging over the water. 

It was a beautiful day! 


some shots from today’s daily yoga.

i am working really hard on trying to get into a full boat, a stronger bow, building a solid core.

i am finding so much pleasure in the growth of my form and groundings. i also find so much pleasure in the “simple” asanas, like the curve my spine is starting to create in upward dog, and the straightness of my back in downward dog. cow/cat is also my favorite series–i love how open it makes my chest and spine feel.

i am finding so much more grace in these daily sessions than ever before. i am very thankful for what yoga has taught me and the relationship it’s helped me cultivate with my body.

“my body is a temple. asanas are my prayers.”

dreams on dreams on dreams.

now that my goal in life is to merge yoga, traveling, and all art forms into one organization, i don’t feel crazy for having a new dream everyday. today, i decided i want to start an indie sanskrit-speaking band. because when you’re singing in sanskrit, people listen more to the language than the singing, so people won’t notice i can’t do more than somewhat carry a tune. pretty sure none of my musician friends would be down for this. but i’m confident i will meet people along the way, and it will be rad. my family will continue to make fun of me, but they will reluctantly suport me anyways, and it will still be rad.