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Knowing that somehow I can’t post to the original post, here we go again with a separated post. T.T"

Anyways, @spiritualpuzzleshipper tagged me in a post a while back from @nightfurylover31 about a head cannon of theirs.

That was in this original post:

So I finally sat down to draw it. I know it’s not exactly as they wrote it, I even made a chibi bonus aftermath just cuz I thought it would be funny. XD I hope you don’t mind! >//

i started writing something as a joke but somehow it stopped being a joke (like everything i do) i also forgot to tag puzzleshipping dang it

Yugi walks back from school, a spirit follows behind hovering a little, the road is silent except for the sound of wind.

“Are you mad?” Yugi says breaking the silence.

“I can never get mad at you.” The spirit says matter of factly.

“Then, what if i hit you?” Yugi says unexpectedly, halting his steps.

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An analog friend gave me a palette to work with from this post 

The Palette was City Lights. I picked @kintatsujo ‘s lineart of Mokuba and Rebecca just cause the bright colors made me think of them ( I tend to think of them as very energetic and bright kids)

Back when I did my color palette project in college what we did was figure out from the palette we were given which color corresponds to which ( we used a color wheel and I was able to mix my own paint so I’m not sure how well that translated into digital especially cause I lost my notes on it and I can’t exactly 100% remember how we went about it. ( there’s something about mixing my own colors that makes me more sure of them somehow. But then this is the first time I do one of these on Sai.)

I did one -shoddy- coloring of the original colors cause I rushed it after the palette coloring because I forgot. And then the palette colors.

This also turned into a Make A Playlist kinda project which I didn’t entirely foresee but now that’s a thing for whatever I color as well. 

( If you send me a palette by inbox or IM I’ll now not just match it to a lineart but I’ll do a song list )

Best Day of My Life - American Authors

When Can I See You Again - Owl City

 Shut Up and Dance - WALK THE MOON 

If Everyone Cared - Nickleback

Just Fall - Anthem Lights 

Hall Of Fame - The Script 

 Without you - Ross Lynch  

It’s my first time actually making a playlist so idk how well this like…works? I did it pretty fast so there’s that. For the most part, I picked happy energetic songs cause that’s kinda how I see Mokuba and Rebecca ( although more Mokuba than Rebecca since I don’t know her as well…I just think their friendship would combine her drive and Mokuba’s own energy and then them being teenagers and I tried to find songs like that)

The only exceptions I think are If Everyone Cared ( which I kinda put there because I feel like a friendship between the two would involve Going Through A Lot because when does being around a Kaiba not mean Going Through A Lot’s got kind of a hopeful thing to it that I associate with Mokuba)

I tried to do a playmoss list so I could listen to it all put together and see if they transitioned okay but it was a butt and didn’t let me listen to like half of the songs ( I think something about sharing and copyright? idk I’m new at this) so..I’m not sure how well I did on that front.  I kinda think Without You should be first because that’s The Song I first thought about fitting these two, but also when I was putting it together this is the order that kinda felt better to me.

I wonder about Hall Of Fame being up there, I had MusicStarMokuba in the brain a bit and also…it’s kinda a Go Out And Take The World By Storm kinda song which I think fits their age.

Finally I know some of these songs have a romantic feel to them but I’m using them in a platonic context ( a big part of picking songs was how well I could ignore any romantic feel they had or better yet them not having any) Mokuba and Rebecca being friends is a huge important part of not just how I see them but how I put this together so please don’t tag it as a ship. Kaythanks.