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If you're still taking requests for the OTP Quote Challenge, how about 40 Puzzleshipping?

@azapofinspiration - Seeing as I came up with an answer instantly, we will say yes. :) Thanks so much for the prompt!! This was rather momentous actually.


“…wait…” Yuugi squinted at his television, and the numbers that just did not add up. He was only looking at the save file selection page, but he could tell at a glance that something was off. He had expected to see ‘Starsx25’ under his file name, but instead it said ‘Starsx37’. “That can’t be right.”

“What can’t be right?” Atem asked as he came into the bedroom, a bowl of freshly popped popcorn and two sodas in hand.

“Our save file,” he answered, starting the game up properly before he sat back on his heels and frowned- Unaware of Atem just behind him, freezing with a caught expression on his face. “There’s thirty-seven stars on this file- And look. We’re back in the castle entrance way.”

“-isn’t that how many we won before the power went out the other day?”

“It is,” Yuugi confirmed, turning to Atem- Only to narrow his eyes when he saw the clearly schooled poise on his boyfriend’s face. “-but, we didn’t save first. We should have lost all of the stars we earned that night.”

Atem shrugged, sitting down and crossing his legs as he popped one of the drinks open. “Maybe we just forgot, and we saved after all? I would call that a good thing.”

“Yeah, so would I, except I remember checking the game before bed that night - while you were in the bath - and it had reset back to twenty-five.”

…Atem, stalled for the small, split second it took to calculate a proper reply- And realized in the next breath that he had messed up. One side glance into those purple eyes, and he knew that Yuugi knew.

And Yuugi raised his brows. “-Atem?” It, really shouldn’t be a big deal. Yuugi was rarely possessive of his save files, and they passed the controller between them on one-players all of the time.

But… This was something of a special case. They had been sharing this replay of Super Mario 64 as a sort of, laid-back in-house date night thing, and the point was they got to play it together.

So, why would Atem go and play it alone, as he so obviously did?

Yuugi didn’t know… But something about the number of stars prodded at his thoughts well before Atem finally sighed and stopped dodging his gaze to shoot him a small, chagrined grin. “-you remember Sunday, when you were sure I had been out of bed long before you?”

“-yeah, I remembered you getting up around dawn, but nothing else.” Yuugi looked between him and the screen with the faintest of surprise. “You played this?” Weird, usually Atem wanted to just sit back and think, or go on walks when he couldn’t sleep, and didn’t want to wake Yuugi. “It must not been as fun if you had it on mute.”

“No, but, I wanted to catch us up.” Atem set his drink aside and looked up- Only to stall and grin again at the surprise in Yuugi’s eyes. “-I know you don’t like redoing puzzles like this, at least right away, so I tried to get us back to where we were before the power went out.”

“-even, the same stars?” Yuugi asked, turning slowly back to the screen. “-that had to take hours.”

“Just a couple,” Atem shrugged. “I was up anyways, and I thought, you don’t even like the Hazy Maze Cave much. It would be a shame if we wasted our night going through it again just after- Aibou?” He quirked a brow for the quiet hiccup coming from his boyfriend, only to slowly relax as the expression on his face marked it as a laugh… Not even tensing when Yuugi put down the controller and turned- To fall on him.

It was a long familiar move, and Atem gathered his body close and bent his head just so, so that Yuugi’s enthusiastic hug wouldn’t knock his skull against the carpet. He let them fall, though, without any fight- And found himself flat on the ground with nothing to grin at save ceiling, until Yuugi decided to get up on his hands and knees to beam down at him.

“-so you don’t mind?” Atem asked, eyes glittering lightly with a mischief to match the challenge that shot through Yuugi’s own.

His partner snorted, dismissing the very idea- Before leaning down to catch his mouth. Atem jerked just the slightest bit, a sharp inhale of wonder as familiar as the kiss itself brushing over their lips and warming Yuugi down to his toes… And then his other relaxed beneath him, every muscle in his body turning to jelly, save for where their mouths touched, and his fingers reached up to curl in Yuugi’s hair, and keep him close.

Yuugi could taste the honeyed chicken from dinner on his tongue- And the faintest hint of salt and butter… Atem must have snuck some of the popcorn.

He had nothing to say about that, though, when he finally shifted back enough to part from- Lips twitching slightly when Atem curled his back, just the subtlest bit, to try and follow him. “-mind? No, I don’t… I’m not even surprised, now that I get what happened. It should have been a given you’d do something that considerate.”

Atem’s mouth twitched with smile he was just too dazed to really form. “…I didn’t mean for you to figure it out. I just wanted to make you happy.”

“That’s the biggest given at all,” Yuugi countered quietly, getting caught in a mutual trap of a gaze neither minded in the least… Until he finally managed to blink himself out of it enough to at least glance at the screen through his bangs. “And you just freed up a bunch of catch-up time I thought we’d have to do tonight… We could use that time to keep pushing ahead, if you want, but…”

He didn’t even finish before Atem reached up and tugged him back down by the sleeves- Earning a snicker Yuugi smothered in another kiss.

Lethal Lava Land could wait.