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Today my girlfriend (we have not been dating for very long but have been friends for some years) told me "I realized yesterday that if I ever get married it's gonna be to you" and I'm just!!!! My little bi heart can't handle this?!?! She is too pure for this world, so preciously sappy and I'm so in love with her and I just have to tell somebody. I just wish I could travel back in time and show this to teen!me, tell that little sade kid that she is gonna be fine (sorry i just had to tell someone)

bro! me! teen me would have been shook to know she would be this happy and in love w this gorgeous of a lady 10 years later! happy for you!! wlw thriving and happy clears my skin and adds years to my life expectancy.

Princess of Themyscira: Part 6

Prompt: When the world is invaded and your world is turned upside down, you’re forced to make a choice that will rule your future

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four. Part Five

My Daughter,

    I’m not quite sure where to begin. I hope you never have to read this letter, but the warrior in me, says that is a dream. I believe I will soon meet my end. I face it with my head held high, knowing that this is my sacred duty … a duty that will be entrusted to you when I am gone.

    Man’s world is a troubled place. It is filled with evil, and deceit. But there is good, and I am so grateful that you grew up surrounded by it. Within man’s world there are caring, loving, and faithful people who must be protected.

    For years I have stood up for those who could not. I vanquished enemies determined to decimate the good of this world. Now I entrust that duty to you. I apologise in advance. This path is not easy, and you will be faced with difficult choices. However, I believe this is as much your destiny as much as it was mine.

    I have upheaved your life once already. I have forced you away from the world you know and love, and delivered you to my sisters. I have no doubt that they have welcomed you, trained you, and most importantly, loved you. Now I am upheaving it again, by asking you to finish what I started.

    I have left you the necessary items in our secret place. May they aid you in the same way they aided me.

    My dear, sweet, daughter. You are so loved. Your brothers will help guide you, and your father and I will wait for you until your time comes. I pray this isn’t for many years. Live your life my dear one. Live and thrive and know that you are not only my daughter, but your father’s daughter. You are unstoppable.

    With all my love,

        Your mother

    You pace as you read the letter. You do your best to ignore the eyes on you until you’re done. Sighing, you fold up the letter and ask, “Who’s read it?”

    “No one, Miss Wayne. It came straight to my hands upon your mother’s death. I have kept it safe.”

    You nod, “But she told you what she wants me to do.”

    Alfred’s face never falters, “She told me her hopes Miss Wayne, but she would never demand it of you.”

    “The world does though.”

    “Not everyone is meant to shoulder the weight of the world as your parents did. And as much, as I would love for you to return home, I can see you’ve made a home for yourself here as well. You have found a second family, one who cares for you. Your mother would never begrudge you that.”

    Io answers before you can, “Because you know so much about our princess?” You shoot Io a warning look, but you should have known better. Alfred had never required anyone to protect him. He had always fended for himself, and the family.

    “Ma’am, I never claimed to know more about Ms. Diana than you. But I believe I knew her fairly well. She was a strong and independent woman who loved with her whole heart, and only wanted the best for those she loved. If Miss Y/N is happy here, then I see no reason for her to leave.”

    Your grandmother’s voice rings out next, “You knew my daughter well?”

    Alfred’s smile is gentle and kind, “Yes, your majesty, I did. I raised Master Bruce after his parents died. He was a lonely boy, very bright, and very secluded. He blossomed under the love your daughter gave him, and reciprocated it one hundred percent. As a result, I watched these children, including their daughter grow up. I’d like to think, that after all those years, we might know something about her as well.”

    Silence engulfs everyone there, and after several minutes you say, “I need to think.”

    Without another word, you walk away. You walk for several miles, until you’re out of sight. Assured, that you’re alone, you take out the letter and read it again, and again, and again.

    You feel their presence, but don’t speak until they sit down around you. Io, is the first to speak, “I’m sorry … I was out of line.”

You give her a small smile, “You were worried Io. It’s okay.”

“I felt anger at seeing them. They took your mother from us, and now I fear they’ll take you as well.”

You sigh, “My mother left of her own free will.”

“And what will you do with your free will?” Artemis asks. You hand her the letter and wait until everyone has read it.

There’s silence for several minutes before you say, “She made sure I was prepared.”

“I fear this may be too much for you to handle alone.” Calyce says.

You nod, “I know it is, but I’ll have the League and the Team.”

“And us.” Artemis states.

You spin around to face your friends, “I can’t ask that of you.”

“You didn’t ask, we are simply declaring our intentions.” Euboea states.

“We have already lost one princess, we will not lose another,” Io whispers.

Artemis smiles at you, “Man’s world is in turmoil. It will take more than one woman to fix it.”

You smile, and stand up, your friends follow suit, “Let’s just hope the manor is still standing.”

You return to the group on the beach, and the look in your grandmother’s eyes tells you she knows. She gives a small smile, “You are your mother’s daughter I would expect nothing less.” Her eyes go past you to your friends, “You understand this decision? The duty you are undertaking?”

They answer in unison, “We do our queen.”

She nods, “May your work be swift. Aid my grand-daughter, your princess in her mission. Lend her your strength.” Her attention turns to you, “Be strong little one, and don’t forget to visit.”

We went to the museum of medical history today and saw an actual iron lung! Pictures weren’t allowed but i had to take one anyways. Terrifying shit, i’m so glad i don’t have polio or any of the many other diseases we saw up close & personal (hopefully at least). They had so many preserved organs and fetuses and skulls too, it was great.

anonymous asked: know, when I first joined the fandom (end of MITAM promo) I knew nothing about how bad Simon is. I actually thought that the boys adored him cos thanks to him the band was formed and all that shit that Simon wants us to believe. So it's time for the last performance, the one on the X factor, and I figure they're all gonna be extra emotional and hug Simon tight and thank him over and over. Then I watch it and it was the most awkward thing ever, I thought "there's something wrong with this"

2. I just couldn’t explain why they, especially Louis (who even rolled his eyes!) were so stiff and why they looked like they wanted it to end as soon as possible. So I started to search on the internet, I saw all the Larry stuff and the closet, I read the X-Factor contract and I realized what monster Simon actually is. I hate that he’s got such an amazing reputation in my country, I hope that he will be exposed sooner or later.

Yeah, there have been many such occasions where how they really feel about him has been revealed, if only briefly. The best, of course, was Liam’s epic shut down of Simon at the Brits, my crops will thrive for YEARS on that moment :)

And he is getting exposed, slowly but surely. People are figuring out what he’s like, what the company is like, what they’ve done to their artists and contestants.  Unfortunately it’s not the mass explosion we hoped for where Simon is just taken out by everything being revealed at once, but in a way, this probably hurts him more. Slowly but surely losing the respect he once had while Sony executives joke about his leaky pecs before they take ownership of his company and his artists eyeroll at his bullshit.

He’s not what he used to be and he knows it, time will deal with the rest :)

Incoherent Ramblings About Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

Ok so probably spoilers ahead, you’ve been warned.

-Oh my god with a lower case g.

-It was groot!…I mean great… No I don’t, it was totally Groot!

-Trash panda is so much worse, yet so much funnier

-Laughter, so much laughter, this was not a children’s movie, go away 5 year olds, this is where my people thrive!

-Ego has a big ego.

-Ego, you’re totally not a jerk, *wink* aw dang I winked with the wrong eye and didn’t use my sarcastic voice font!

-I sincerely just wanted to punch ego in the face

-So much great character development *sobs* so many tears!

-I will always remember you Sony walkman, the true hero

-This is the 1st Marvel movie to make me cry since Spiderman 3 when Harry died and I did not expect to be shedding tears for a blue cowboy space pirate who threatens to eat people, but it was even worse that his funeral had all the little toys from his dash and just no, I can’t handle it.

-Kraglin is my new precious character, he’s lost all his friends, he’s lost his captain, he can’t whistle, but hopefully the guardians become his new friends and family and just he is mine now, and all the other girls will be like oooh!

-Other: That’s why you don’t like hats? I am Groot. Pacman! No racoons or tree creatures were harmed in the making of this film, but the same can not be said for the handlers of said raccoons and tree creatures.

-Why are all these new creations named Adam?? (Like I know it’s Adam Warlock, but still)

-Teenage Groot! Mr Blue Sky! So much more but this is already too long so it was just beautiful… on the inside! Omg Drax and Mantis!

eltrkbarbarella  See that little spray bottle in the middle? That’s…

Breaking news: Jared is a cute plant nerd

I love them! I have 6 and a plastic one and I got all their containers at thrift stores for super cheap! I’m trying to take good care of them!

New Studyblr!

Ah hello! I just wanted to introduce myself to the community (since it’s super cool and everyone is so nice!). I’m Caz (my main is @hentying ) and this is my studyblr!

I’ve always been scrolling through the studyblr tags and to be honest, I never really wanted to make one until recently since I noticed my concentration’s been slipping (due to some mental health issues) and maybe, having a studyblr would encourage me to be that little more productive ahaha

Here’s some facts lol:

  • Taking Maths, History and Computing at A-Level
  • Loves kpop and absolutely adores BTS, Pristin and Twice
  • Wants to spend a year travelling at some point
  • Thrives on coffee

Ah my favourite studyblrs are @universi-tea @studyign @studypetals @studyquill @studybuzz @apricot-studies @zeestudies @izzystudies

Please take care of me! (。・・。)