my yarn stash


I always like to say that I never win anything, but look look! I won something!

I took part in Nerd Girl Yarn’s knit-along-athon last year and was picked out as a winner of a skein of whatever I want. I picked out a skein of Stellar in “Safety Lights Are for Dudes”, because, well, because Holtzman. Can’t really see it in these photos but it has a very slight shiny sparkles woven in! Going to knit a shawl out of this!

It’s been a while since I started crocheting something. (Med school as been stressful as always and keeping me busy, but luckily this *should* be my last semester and will finally graduate and test for my license soon this late Summer). I will be moving out of my parent’s home and out of state closer to my boyfriend and have my own place, so I had the need to start on another crocheted blanket that reminds me of home.

I’m using up all of my yarn stash [that my mom and I both hunted down skeins of yarn over the course of a couple years] as much as possible to create this traditional granny square blanket. This will be a nice memento to take with me to California on my move away from Illinois, and it’ll be something nice to cuddle into whenever I feel homesick.  ♥

Once the blanket is finished I’m thinking of adding a soft fabric lining on the other side for extra comfort. Exciting~

Guess what!

I got mail today.

- Great! What is it?


- Oh wow. What is it?

Lace yarn.

Gorgeous. How much is it actually? Is it 100g?


It’s more.

Woah. Who made this?

@gamercrafting of course. ;)

Thank you so much! I love the yarn, the colours are amazing and shipping was superfast, as usual. Now I need to find a pattern for a big stockinette shawl ….

P.S.: I love that you pull the knot of the tag tight enough so it doesn’t come off but loose enough to remove it easily for weighing. That’s great.

I am sorting my yarn stash for wardrobe storage.

(Please to be ignoring the parts of the room that are still a mess because I have not funished all the unpacking/putting away)

Some people might say I have a problem.

But I think I have every color I could possibly need of yarn, here, and that is the OPPOSITE of a problem.


YES, the colours are that bright! :)

@gamercrafting , thank you so much, it’s absolutely fantastic!

This is Portal-coloured sock yarn, and definitely not a lie! Simply wonderful, I’ve been raking my brains what to knit with it do show it off best since I got it this afternoon.

Sprint Over!

How did your sprints go? What did you guys work on tonight? 

I decided to take a break from writing and that led me to…organizing my yarn stash. Of course, given the size of said yarn stash, organizing it will take days, but I did manage to locate everywhere I’ve stored yarn in this apartment, and to collect all the loose skeins and sort them by project. So that’s a job well done! Hopefully I can finish it this weekend, and then get started on The Great Destash Adventure (there will be crying, I can already tell). 

Thank you all for sprinting with me! I’ll do one Sunday morning for sure, and then probably one that night – but feel free to sprint whenever the spirit takes you! <3

underguesstimated your yardage for a piece and don’t have enough of your first color to finish something?  lost the other skeins of that colorway somewhere?  a good way to hide the fact that you’re a terrible fucking planner is to make the color change look totally deliberate with a couple of stripes before you totally switch colors

it looks way more intentional than a sudden color change and also is kinda neato in general designwise

Oizys wip. Digging through my yarn stash to find her some suitable hair. Heavily filtered image as there is a little thunderstorm going on and it’s dark as Hel. Thanks, Thor. Made with some vintage navy dress wool, calico, vintage buttons and a bit of pretty ribbon from the flea market.

Okay but I just realised that all the knitting/crochet work I’ve been doing has been in “feminine” colours and I wonder if I subconsciously chose those yarns because I felt like I was having a girl?

[Realistically I only did it because I wanted to use up my yarn stash before buying more, so I was making hats and baby socks left right and center to use up scraps…but WHAT IF.]

Also I’m just super stoked that I get to keep the little dress, cardi, hats, socks and booties that I have made for her, I was gonna give them away as baby shower gifts when we thought we were having a boy.