my writing: wadanohara

This was originally written for a kiss prompt somebody requested, but it ended up including a lot of stuff so it covers multiple requests. Ended up longer than I intended.
P.S - Also, just pretend Wadanohara now has a room to herself instead of sharing with her familiars.

- Stay

She isn’t quite sure how they got there, but somehow the pair of them are running through the Sea of Stars, hands intertwined as stars fall in the waters around them.

Face bright with a smile, she turns her head to glance at him, only to trip at the last second over a rock.

“Ah!” Letting out a cry of alarm, the young witch collides against the floor, hat tumbling off to the side.

When she lifts her head however, Samekichi is continuing on.


He keeps running.

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eagerladybug: Please. Samewada. I’m prayin’ for it since Jesus was born.

Wow, it’s a miracle. I actually wrote happy Samewada. No angst or anything remotely sad about it. 
Time for a ‘everyone is human’ AU!
Links for Wadda and Samkeichi’s outfits are here and here, might want to wait until they’re mentioned in the actual fic until clicking on them. Warning: They’re both awful.

- Flippers and Feathers

“Samekichi! Are you ready yet?” Wadanohara knocked on the young teen’s bedroom door, ignoring the multitude of ‘do not enter’ and ‘go away’ signs plastered over it (most of which had his twin brother Sal’s name scribbled on in addition).

After appearing at the end-of-school-year costume party, the braided girl had been rather disappointed to not be able to find her childhood friend anyway downstairs. Everybody else was having fun, so why not him too? She’d even picked out a costume for him to wear!

The only reply she received was a grumble from inside.

“What?” Pressing herself against the door with her ear beside the wood, the young brunette tried her best to hear what was going on in the room on the other side. “Samekichi?”

The door suddenly vanished beneath her body as it was opened, her eyes widening in surprise as she abruptly fell forward.

“Wha!-“ Catching her in his arms before she could do a face-plant on the floor, Samekichi stared down at the girl with surprise. “What are you doing?”

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