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i’ve been getting a lot of messages lately (and unsurprisingly, considering how unrepentantly i’ve been reblogging stuff from them) from followers asking me for podcast recommendations - and i love getting those so thank you, guys! - and i thought i’d make a masterpost of what i’ve both a) finished and b) enjoyed since i’ve started bingeing them.  and, as an extra added bonus, what has canonical lgbt+ representation (since i know what you guys are into [waggles eyebrows]).

1. the bright sessions

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  this is definitely the first podcast that i’ve fallen in love with as hard as my original gateway podcast: welcome to night vale.  it’s so well-written, the characters well-drawn, the premise fascinating - atypicals, or people with some sort of special ability, in therapy - and it’s such a positive story and experience that i can’t help but feel better on days i listen to it.  it really believes in humanity and that’s such a wonderful thing in this day and age.  plus, the voice acting is killer.

2. eos 10

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  i don’t think it’s been officially confirmed that dr. dalias is, at the very least, bisexual (in fact, the official channels seem to be dancing around it, possibly so as not to spoil anything in the upcoming season), though it’s been hinted at plenty in story.  especially as i don’t know how else you can explain a supposedly “straight” male character getting called out on repeatedly thinking about a naked man during a group mind-link experience.  that aside, it is freaking hilarious.  the premise is doctors in space, one formerly drug-addicted doctor helping to stabilize a currently alcoholic one with amazing side characters including nurse jane johns and levi, a hypochondriac alien and deposed prince who seems to have a personal vendetta against wearing pants.  it’s well-acted, cleverly written and a freaking joy to listen too.  so funny and so smart, i can’t recommend it enough!

3. the penumbra podcast

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  so much queer representation it’s bananas.  this ask the creators got is actually pretty representative of their approach to the show, slyly funny and very gay.  our main character is a genderbending queer private investigator who’s lost his heart head over a sweet-smelling thief with a heart of gold and more aliases than jennifer garner, all set against a noir backdrop.  oh, and on mars.  yeah, you read all of that right.  there are a few awesome side stories as well, including a couple of horror ones (that have no effect on the main juno steel story line, so can be skipped - and the creators are VERY GOOD about warning what’s to come in the episode notes), as well as lesbian outlaws and a disabled knight.  there’s literally nothing not to love.  EXCEPT FOR HOW JUNO STEEL WON’T LET HIMSELF HAVE NICE THINGS.

4. the black tapes

hey, hi, if you’re into horror, suspense, creepery or demons, this is so very much for you.  the premise is that alex reagan, our host, begins a podcast to interview people with interesting professions.  she starts out with dr. richard strand, a paranormal investigator whose mission statement is to debunk all things paranormal.  he even has an institute that offers a one million dollar prize for proof of the paranormal, which he has never even come close to having to part with.  while alex is interviewing him, she comes across a handful of black vhs tapes: the only cases that strand hasn’t been able to definitively solve yet.  the technology to disprove these incidents simply hasn’t come far enough, in his opinion.  needless to say, she never moves on from dr. strand and the mystery of the black tapes.  each episode, alex investigates another of the black tapes and much later on realizes it’s possible that they’re all connected.  oh my god, i almost got chills just writing that, it’s so good, it’s so real, because dr. strand is such a good anchor to reality.  alex will occasionally lose her skeptic’s perspective; dr. strand does not.  and once alex starts experiencing intense insomnia, making you realize your narrator might not be so reliable?  things somehow manage to get even murkier.  i really, really adored this one.  it’s paranormal set in the most normal of normal worlds, only making it that much spookier.

5. wooden overcoats

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  okay, well, if you’ve ever watched black books?  this is kind of like black books, aka one of my all-time favorite shows.  rudyard funn is just as incapable and universally disliked as bernard black, which was all well and good when the village of piffling vale (which is very nearly a town, you know!) only had one funeral home to choose from.  unfortunately, that’s not the case anymore.  eric chapman has moved his funeral home right across the street and stolen all the business from rudyard, his embalmer (cum part-owner) and twin sister, antigone, and georgie, their assistant.  to add insult to injury, he’s charming and universally adored by everyone except those at funn funerals.  very british, very ridiculous, and very funny!  WE GET THE BODY IN THE COFFIN IN THE GROUND ON TIME.  (well, like that one time they did.  [coughs])

6. ars pardoxica

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  i listened to this one pretty slowly, for me.  it’s very much plot over character, at least in my opinion.  which is fair since there’s quite a lot of plot and set dressing to establish.  we’re following (dr.) sally grissom, a scientist from the twenty-first century who accidentally creates time travel and ends up stuck back in the 1940s.  think a bombs and eisenhower.  it was always interesting, and the paradoxes created by the time travel experiments they kept doing were fascinating (i love time travel stuff because of the paradoxes it creates) but i didn’t get really ravenous for it until season two, which is when i really felt it picked up speed.  you’ve got anthony stuck in a literal CAGE - a “blackroom” bubble set outside of time, sally trying to garden (oh god), a gang consisting of a veteran, a (former) widow and time doubles trying to bring down ODAR (the company sally used to work for, and that anthony still does) and esther sliding down the ladder of morally unsound one determined rung at a time and it makes for a REALLY grabbing audio drama, eh?

7. the strange case of starship iris

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  i’m already in love with violet liu, all right?  she’s a science officer on starship iris–well, what was starship iris.  when we first join violet, every single one of her crew mates has just died in an explosion on the pod they were traveling off ship with and the starship iris is in its last throes as well.  luckily(?) a passing ship comes along with a plan to get her to safety.  this has a real illuminae vibe to it (which is an amazing book btw) and all the characters are already so freaking likable.  it’s only on episode two and already shaping up to be a favorite!

8. the orbiting human circus (of the air)

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  if there’s a more heart-warming podcast out there, then i haven’t run across it yet.  first of all, julian koster’s voice is so vulnerable and soft that i would use myself and everyone i know and also puppies as a shield against everything terrible in the universe for him.  second, the rest of the cast - leticia especially - is just as freaking talented.  the premise is that julian is the janitor at a radio show that broadcasts from the top of the eiffel tower and has strange and impossible acts every night, from tale-telling crickets to singing saws to the orkestral, a bird that can play every orchestral instrument (except that it refuses to play the viola, because reasons).  it’s fun and cute and breaks your heart with happiness regularly and often!

9. alice isn’t dead

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  this is a horror podcast about a truck driver who is looking for her missing wife.  jasika nicole has to have one of my favorite voices around and having it be so heavily dependent on that makes me ridiculously happy.  throw in the story-telling of joseph fink, the depth and cohesiveness of his writing, and there is nothing not to love here.

10. within the wires

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  this is really sufficiently creepy considering it’s not often overtly creepy.  this is set up as a series of relaxation tapes, which progressively get more and more interested in helping the listener break out of the facility in which she’s being kept.  super chilling at times, because the voice is so calm and the action so dangerous.

11. welcome to night vale

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  okay, well, what more can be said about this at this point?  if you’re not listening to it, you’re wrong.  why wouldn’t you want to visit a town that can’t be visited and where every conspiracy theory is real and a part of everyday life?  yeah, everyone knows about the vague yet menacing government agency, steve carlsberg, you’re not hitting on anything new there.  there’s a dog park that doesn’t allow dogs, angels that are never to be identified as angels, mountains that aren’t real, a glow cloud that–ALL HAIL and a love story so complete and perfect that it can and will utterly steal your breath at times.  go, listen, inhale.

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Headcanons for Link, Sidon and Revali finding out that they're S/o is a deity but isn't well known anymore [like by seeing their shine or something]

S/o is a deity 


  • Link will find out when he is out on horseback, the two of you are riding around and he decides to separate from you and the path
  • Epona will take him to an area heavily overgrown and begins to see ruin with statues missing heads and broken begin to line up to a stone path
  • Link will leave Epona behind as it becomes too dense to travel through and comes across a temple carved in a cliff face
  • Link ventures inside, there are huge monuments lining the walls and when he sees the altar at the end he can’t believe his eyes
  • It is you in odd robes, the statue is worn and moss has overgrown on your face, but it is undoubtedly you
  • Link takes a step closer when you call out his name, your call echoes hauntingly.
  • Link doesn’t know what to think, but he comes over to you and grabs your hand
  • You reluctantly follow him and he’s gesturing to all of it
  • You tell him that Hylia left you upon Hyrule to look over all her creations, but in time like most things, you became forgotten, and decided to live life as a normal person
  • He will stand there and observe you, and when the two of you leave he maps where this temple lies
  • When he brings you back, the temple isn’t in the old shape it was. Sure it was still ruined, but most of the foliage has been cleared and within the temple he spruced up your altar and your statue.
  • He upkeeps the temple from then on out and you can’t find the words to thank him, but he knows what it means to you


  • Sidon and you will be swimming around a new waterhole he discovered, but he doesn’t understand why you seem nervous and try to tell him you would like to leave
  • He’s being hardheaded and as much as he wants to abide by your wishes, he has the urge to stay. He is able to convince you, but he notices you do not venture some points of the waterhole.
  • He decides that to make you feel better by going underwater to find any treasures travelers might have left behind, but he sees an opening and swims in.
  • What he discovers leaves him breathless. Upon breaching the surface he is greeted with a huge cave and on the land he sees a circular columns.
  • He makes his way and sees that the columns are actually statues worn down by tides.
  • But the statue at the highest point of the circle was spared from the water. Sidon whispers your name when he sees how similar it looks to you.
  • Sitting before the statue at the bent legs lies a dried up basin and Sidon did not understand why, but he knew he had to fill it.
  • The moment water touched the basin, the surrounding area felt more alive
  • Sidon looked above him and saw you sitting on the statues forearm. Your form looked different and surrounded by a luminous glow
  • ”My love, I knew you were out of this world, but I was not aware just how much.” 


  • Revali somehow convinced you to fly upon his back and it was the most fun you had in awhile. Although it was scary, you trusted Revali and he performed tricks
  • But not too long in this adventure the sky begins to grey in the distance. Revali suggests to find shelter from the time being seeing as lighting strikes the lands ahead
  • The two of you get caught in a downpour and you cannot see, but Revali seemed to have no issues navigating the heavy rain
  • He sees an opening on a cliff and as he flew closer noticed worn staircases that had crumble. It lead to a large entrance and he quickly flew in
  • When he flutters to the ground and helps you off his back, he takes in that the two of you are in a temple
  • He is confused, however, when you gasp and freeze. He turns around and takes in the massive temple, tall statues of different poses decorate the hall and he went to inspect them not seeing you attempt to stop him
  • His eyes widen when each statue looks like you and at the end of them all was an altar with relief of you depicted in the sky
  • He looks at you and even though you’re a bucket of nerves he makes his way to you
  • ”My goodness, [Name]! Why did you not tell me?” He questioned and you tell him that when the stairs had fallen, people eventually forgot who you were
  • ”What an outrage! You are a living blessing and your temple is in shambles! As soon as this storm is over I am personally dragging every heathen back here! What sacrilege!!”
you should see the other guy (spideychelle)

Okay. I couldn’t stop myself. I wrote Peter Parker/MJ fanfic.

also on ao3

words: 1265.

summary: MJ gets kidnapped. She’s not having any of it.

The first thing MJ thinks of when she wakes up is murder.

It takes her less than a few seconds to figure out what’s going on: the rough burn of rope around her wrists are the biggest clue before she’s even opened her eyes, and if nothing else, the man with a balaclava and a crowbar are a dead giveaway.

And honestly? She’s pissed. 

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Hi ! I really like your writing, so I thought about sending you a request as well! Would you be okay doing a Seventeen scenario of Joshua, where he isn't aware he loves you yet but realizes it after seeing another idol or a random guy flirting with you, but you being completely obvious to it. Lol, I hope it's not overly specific Thank you !

Cute Seventeen Scenario -  Joshua : “The Catch Up”

Hey! Aww thank you! Here’s what I came up with! Hope this is okay <3 Luna 

Theme : cute, angsty kinda 

Prompt : You and Joshua had been friends for years, but with their growing popularity you two hardly saw each other anymore. When you two meet up again things were normal, until someone else made Joshua realise something he hadn’t before. 

Words : 1004

*Gif by me do not reedit!*

Y/N sat across from Joshua, a smile on her face as she brought him up to speed on the situation with her roommate. “I swear, if she’s stolen my towel again I’m going to burn her clothes!”

Joshua couldn’t help himself but to burst out laughing at the insanity of your proposal. He always laughed at everything you told him, you kept him grounded, providing a happiness he couldn’t understand. His laugh deepened, covering his mouth ever so slightly, as he stared at your confused expression. 

“I’m serious Josh! I mean everytime I get back she’s stolen something off me…I’m serious.”

“Of course you are,” Joshua teased, nodding his head slowly and avoiding the packet of sugar you had aimed at him narrowly missing his head. “Watch it!”

Joshua loved these moments with you. Times where you two could just sit together, with a cup of coffee and simply talk about anything and everything. Whether it be your crazy roommate, or his adventures on tour. One of the things he loved about going on tour was the feeling he got when he came back home. No, when he saw you again. He didn’t yet understand why, but he was always excited to see you again.

Joshua grinned widely at you, an expression he couldn’t wipe away whenever you were near. He watched a stray strand of hair fall delicately down your cheek and in that moment he could picture his fingers smoothing it away. A small movement, calm and completely at ease. That was until you asked, “How long are you back for?”

It was a question Joshua didn’t want to think about, but one he knew would come up at some point. “A month and a bit, if we’re lucky.”

He couldn’t understand why his stomach dropped at the acknowledgment that he only had a month with you. Scratch that, less than a month since he still had to work. Guilt was all he felt as he watched your smile fade ever so slightly on your face. Joshua knew you were trying to disguise it by sipping your coffee. He knew you all too well.

“Hey we’ve still got a month!” he said quickly about to reach for your hand but something stopped him, an awkwardness lingering in the air for a moment. Why am I scared to hold her hand? Have I always been awkward holding her hand? Why can’t I picture myself without her?

“Hey Y/N!” a familiar voice called from across the canteen. Mingyu was striding over, his dark hair falling ever so slightly, he was all confidence, smiling widely at the mere sight of you. Joshua could feel his heart beat quicken, his stomach dropping. What’s going on? Mingyu had been friends with you through me! Why is he looking at her like that? I’m the only one who can look at her like that…

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I love you and you're wonderful. Your blog always brings a smile to my face, no matter how bad my day has been:) Thank you for that. And you're writing is A+++ I use it as a reward for studying:)

Anon, you are the most actual sweetest, and this comment brought a smile to my face after a rubbish day.

Study hard~

“But I don’t want to,” said Ereinion Gil-Galad, pouting his most appealing pout. 

“You cannot be king of a realm you do not know,” said his father. “Now name the seven rivers that feed the Gelion in Ossiriand.”

“But!” said Ereinion. “But how can I come to know our lands through books and scrolls? To know a country one must walk its roads, drink from its rivers and lay down in its green fields. One must talk with a land’s people on matters great and small.”

“That is an excellent point,” said High King Fingon. “For all that you stole it from your Uncle Maglor’s verse. Well remembered all the same.” He glanced at the bright diamonds of green forest and blue sky shown through the mullioned windows of his study and tried to quiet the longing in his own heart. “A king must also know when to compromise,” he declared at last. “Go pack your saddlebags; it’s time to introduce you to your realms.”

Three weeks later, Fingon and Ereinion stood in that same study, endeavouring to take their scolding with an appropriately kingly mien. Fingon’s husband, who was sat behind Fingon’s desk with his flesh and metal fingers steepled and his eyes shining disconcertingly, cleared his throat. “Well?”

“When you were Ereinion’s age, your father would vanish into the wilds with you at the drop of a hat,” Fingon said defensively. “He wouldn’t even trouble to leave a note.” He gestured to the scrap parchment he had left pinned to his desk with a hunting knife, almost a month before. 

“In Valinor,” said Maedhros. “Do you know what’s interesting about Valinor? There are no dragons there.”

“The dragon was unanticipated,” Fingon said, rather wishing that he were back in Ard-Galen, facing the beast again full grown. His husband’s fangs were as sharp as the dragon’s and his tongue was sharper still.

Unanticipated? So unanticipated you had no choice but to engage in personal combat? He could have died. You could have died!”

“I drew you a picture, Da,” Ereinion said sheepishly, which halted Maedhros’ tirade as abruptly as a volley of arrows halted a dragon’s charge. 

“Thank you, Ereinion,” he managed, the fell light in his eyes dimming as Ereinion held up his gift in nervous, taloned hands. 

“I highlighted the interesting anatomical features and potential weak points,” he said proudly. “Also I drew me with a flamey sword and Papa in a magic dragon helmet and the long one is you.”

“It’s very good. Is that your Papa’s bow? And is the structure of the patagium accurate? That’s excellent. Go call for a bath, Ereinion. You both stink of sulphur.”

“I am sorry,” Fingon said, when Ereinion had left the room. “But no harm was done.”

Maedhros smiled ruefully. “I suppose I of all people can’t criticise you for strolling in and out of danger. Just leave our son at home next time.”

“I will.” Fingon tracked sooty footprints across the carpet as he strolled around the desk to kiss Maedhros’ cheek. He left an ashy smudge there too. “We must place a better watch upon Ard-Galen.”

“Agreed. And distribute copies of this-” Maedhros held up Ereinion’s picture “-to every unit.” Running his fingers over the scrawled, clumsy lines, he added; “We’re pining the original up in the pantry.”

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I really like seeing happy stories about JD were he isn't insane! And its rare to find actually good stories but yours are amazing! I really liked the one about buying gifts for Veronica's birthday, so can you please do another story on that but at the birthday party when Veronica receives the gifts? I would really appreciate it if you did! But you don't have to, only if you want to do it!

Thank you so so so much! I’m so happy you like my stories I work really hard on them hahah. I’m so happy you liked that story! I worked especially hard on that one, I remember it took me a while. Sure you can have a sequel! I hope you like it!!!!

Read the last one here!

“Open this one first because it’s better than what anyone else got you.” Heather Chandler threw Mac out of the way and handed Veronica a box. Veronica rolled her eyes and laughed lightly, taking the gift from her friend.

“I can’t believe you guys set up this whole party for me!” Veronica gushed. Mac gave her a big hug and Veronica ripped the wrapping paper off Heather’s gift. “Oh my god, Heather.” Veronica broke off laughing, falling back. When the others saw the gift they laughed too.

“What is so funny?” Heather asked. The gift for Veronica was an outfit, identical to Heather’s, only in blue instead of red. “I thought you could use some hot clothes. And I dress the best out of anyone here, so you’re welcome.” She gave Veronica a little wink.

“I love it, Heather. It’s funny, but I love it.” Veronica assured. “I’ll wear out tonight.” She assured.

“I don’t get what’s so funny. I mean it’s no secret that I dress the best.” Heather sat down and crossed her legs.

“Here, Veronica, open ours.” Kurt handed Veronica the pink box that Martha picked out. “We all put stuff in there.” He smiled.

“Martha! We had this same box when we were kids!” Veronica gasped, looking at it up and down. “Oh my god! It’s exactly the same!” She gushed.

“I know! I saw it and had to get it.” Martha giggled. Veronica opened the box and smiled at the pretty blue bracelet Martha had gotten her. “How do you like it, Ronnie?” She asked, with a hint of nerves. Veronica gave her a hug.

“I love it!” She smiled. She looked back in the box and took out the small football. “Oh my gosh! You guys all signed it.” Veronica laughed, looking at all her friend’s signatures.

“It’s our own game ball!” Ram grinned.

“This is so sweet and thoughtful and-” Veronica cut herself off. “Kurt, what the hell is this?” She asked, pointing to the lewd picture he drew along with his signature on the ball.

“Oh. That is a picture of a naked woman’s large breasts, you see.” He explained.


“Because that way, I signed across the picture of her boobs. So it was like I was signing her boobs. Like rock stars do.” He explained. “It’s actually pretty clever if you think about it.” Kurt assured. Veronica looked at the ball for a moment longer.

“I’m gonna put this side facing the wall.” She decided, earning a laugh from her friends. Except Kurt who just threw his hands in the air, shaking his head.

“Ronnie, this one’s from me.” Heather Duke handed Veronica a little box, pushing the football out of the way. Ram made a face at her and they bickered for a moment before Duke urged Veronica to open the gift. Veronica took out the gift and immediately shook her head and sighed.

“What the hell, Duke?” JD put his head in his hands.

“What?” Duke asked. Veronica was holding a blank prescription pad. “She was blessed with the gift to copy handwriting. The least she can do is copy a few doctor’s.” Duke shrugged. Veronica was shaking her head, but laughing all the same.

“Where did you even get an entire prescription pad?” Veronica asked.

“My doctor gave it to me.” Duke bragged “He’s sort of in love with me.”

“You need to find a new doctor.” JD spoke with a bit of a frightened tone.

“I’m not writing any more prescriptions. Remember how much trouble we almost got in when the pharmacist found out last year?” Veronica reminded Duke. “We only got away with it because the pharmacist knew Mac’s dad, and she begged him not to tell.” Veronica finished the story. “God we were so dumb as juniors.”

“What were you guys even trying to get?” JD asked.

“Diet pills.” Mac responded. This caused the boy to break out into laughter.

“Diet pills? You went through all of that for diet pills? You weren’t even trying to get high, you just wanted diet pills?” e laughed until Veronica hit him in the shoulder.

“Well I got you a legal gift, Ronnie.” Mac grinned and handed her a little box. Veronica opened it and gasped.

“Oh my god! Mac, this is gorgeous.” She fussed, picking the glittering rhinestone hair comb out of the box. It would looked amazing keeping her hair together, and the stones had a bit of a blue tint, so they would go with her regular wardrobe.

“Oh I’m so happy you like it! It’s new in the jewelry catalog in my dad’s store.” She explained. “It’s not in stores or anything yet, we’re getting them in next month. So you’re the first to have one!” Mac gushed. Veronica gave her a big hug.

“I love it!” She told her. The girls finished hugging and JD tapped Veronica.

“Mind if I steal you for a sec?” He asked. Veronica nodded and he handed her a box meant for jewelry. Veronica opened it and a very sweet and sincere smile crossed her face as she looked at the necklace with the sapphire on it.

“How did you know this is the one I wanted?” She asked, very excitedly. “Oh JD it’s so pretty! I love it so much, thank you!” She grinned, throwing her arms around her boyfriend. JD hugged her back and gave her a fast kiss. “How did you know?” Veronica asked.

“I know my girlfriend really well.” He lied.

“You did not!” Heather Chandler hissed. “You had no clue what to get her and were stressing out, so I picked it out for you!” She grumbled. Veronica burst out laughing a JD shrugged.

“I could have figured it out.” He lied again. Heather shook her head. “Well I wrapped it.” He then added, crossing his arms smugly. Veronica shook her head and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“You did a wonderful job, JD.” She assured. Heather shook her head and sat down.

“Unbelievable. You help a helpless boyfriend out and this is how I am repaid.” She spoke. “And by the way, Mac wrapped it! You gave up after five attempts. Veronica, did you know your boyfriend can’t work tape? He just can’t do it. He had this necklace in a big ball of wrapping paper and tape. It was awful.” She continued.

“Yeah, I learned that last Christmas.” Veronica smiled and put her head against JD. “But I love him anyway… even if he has trouble understanding the science behind tape.”

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So, in the roman verse, since twins are in Ren's family and the two are twins ( although identical isn't in genetics, that fraternal but oh well!) would there be more than just two little heirs?

YES and I didn’t even think of this, so thank you for putting it into my head (yours was the first ask I got about it!). It made me want to write a short future ficlet and I did, see below.

(back to regularly scheduled WIPs after this, thanks again to all who let me know they enjoyed my take on this a/b/o craziness!!)


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Big mouth and still alive

For people who claim white privilege is a myth because they never got nothing handed to them, they were poor too/ had to work hard for what they got. You are indulging in the greatest fallacy- that privilege is some kind of financial indicator and not something as simple as never having to fear that your mere appearance could be used against you.
Let me give you some examples of what having that privilege is like.

When I was younger i had three distinct factors working against me, in terms of having a peaceful, non-arrested kind of life. I drank whiskey, was a righteous crusader and didn’t believe in shutting up when you should. With a side of anti-authoritarianism. The following events happened, and I’m obviously still alive.
(All these events took place around 30years ago. The results probably wouldn’t be that different now.)

I lived in the suburbs outside Detroit while going to university in the late 80s. (Royal Oak). One night I was walking home from a friend’s house(drunk) about midnight. A cop car passed me, slowing down and circling back. Now, I was a young long haired white kid in black jeans and Docs wearing my leather jacket and war vest. Fitting the local profile of “up to no good”. I turned on the attitude as soon as he turned to double back.
He hit me with the spot. Kept walking.
Calls to me and asks if I’d mind stepping over to the car. I say yes I would mind and keep walking.
He pulls his cruiser up in front of me. I walk around it and keep going.
He tells me to stop. I stop but don’t turn around. He tells me to turn around. I do, with my hands in my coat pockets. He asks me if I’d mind taking my hands out of my pockets. I say I would mind. It’s cold and I don’t have gloves. He says take them out. I do, show him my empty hands, then stick them right back in my pockets. He asks for my ID. I lie and say I don’t have it. He says “No license?” I ask him if now there’s a walking license. I was surly and unhelpful. I was eventually told to just go home.

Another incident. I was heading to a friend’s house on a Friday. We had a fifth of Jim Beam and some pot in the car. Unbeknownst to me my friend (only 20, too young to drink) had opened the fifth and had a shot. His piece of crap car gets pulled over in a bad neighborhood because he has only one headlight and a loud muffler. THEN he tells me about opening the bottle. I try to stuff it out of sight next to my seat. Cops notice. They approach. Tell us about the headlight. Ask what I was trying to hide. I show them the bottle. Cop takes the bottle, both our licenses and both go back to call it in. Returns. No ticket for my friend, but one for me for open alcohol in a vehicle. Then smirking cop hands me the now empty fifth and says have a good night. I say, quite clearly “God you’re a DICK.” He asks me what I said. I repeat it. He asks me if I’ve been drinking. I say yes but even sober I’d call him a dick. They LEAVE.
My ‘friend’ then informs me he’s not gonna pay the ticket because it’s MY ticket. I got the ticket because a) his car’s a piece of shit and b) because he opened the fucking bottle. He repeats that it’s MY ticket. I get out of the car and start yelling. Somebody calls the cops. Same cops return.
Boom. Spotlight hits me. I hear “turn around with your hands where we can see them!” I don’t. I shout “How fucking bored ARE you?” Request is repeated. I turn around. Dickhead cop starts shouting “Where’s the knife? Where’s the knife?” I have no fucking idea what he’s talking about and tell him so. My friend calls out that he has it.IT being a 3" folding Buck knife that I hadn’t seen but the cops had that was in the console of his car. Cop shouts to move away from the bottle (which I’d thrown out on the ground). I say “What are you fucking retarded?”
Cops eventually move in. Put me over the hood and pat me down. Dickhead cop says now he’s gonna write me a ticket for littering. I say (quote) “I’d tell you you’re a fucking pathetic asshole but I don’t wanna sound like your mom.”
Cue head being bounced off hood.
I get cuffed. Am told being arrested for disorderly conduct. Also maybe resisting arrest. (I am 6'3",225 lbs. Cop is maybe 5'9" 140lbs.) I say “I’m in cuffs and you’re not bleeding. Who’s gonna believe your bullshit?”
Cue having feet swept out, me hitting ground. Neutral cop tells buddy to cool it. Tossed in back, taken downtown. Car pulls into basement. I’m walked to an elevator. Put inside. Dickhead cop can no longer resist.
“You’re gonna be here til Monday smartass. Yeah. You have a lovely night asshole.”
I can’t resist either.
“I’m gonna have a better night than your wife. She’s gonna wake up to see your ugly ass walking in the bedroom door? That or jail? Jail wins.”
Cue being bounced off the walls of the elevator.
Neutral cop says “Hey hey hey!C'mon ease up! You don’t wanna bruise him all up.”
Again, I can’t resist.
“That’s what his dad told him about how to treat a woman. He don’t listen to him, why would he listen to you?”
Cue nightstick across the back of the neck. Neutral cop says" I actually think that’s kinda funny, but my partner don’t. So maybe just pretend you have a brain for a few minutes and shut up. Please.“

Well. He said please. I shut up. Got booked. Got arraigned on Monday. Disorderly conduct. $35 ticket. That was all

The privilege? At no point during either of those encounters did I fear for my safety. Never crossed my mind that my mouth could get me killed. Was not the least bit concerned that the pissed off cop might fabricate charges to get back at me. I wasn’t afraid EVER. Because I KNEW they weren’t going to shoot me. Knew they couldn’t get away with trying to paint me as a thug. I was a white punk with a big mouth. That’s annoying but not a crime. And, on other occasions, I was just as confrontational when I believed I was in the right. Nobody pulled me aside and said “Hey, you can’t do that. One of these cops will waste your ass.”

That. That’s white privilege. Being able to never have to wonder if that cop is gonna let you live.

Mercury in retrograde: how it influences your Mercury sign
  • Aries Mercury: your communication skills are aggressive as is, combined with retrograde your will be good at getting your point across, but not so good at showing empathy and keeping your opinions unbiased. You may be disorganized at this time.
  • Taurus Mercury: your organization is about to be A+, but your goals may be a bit hazy. Your may loose sight of the finish line and get discouraged, loose ambition. Surround yourself with uplifting people.
  • Gemini Mercury: say hello to stutter city. You are going to be all over the place. This is going to be a good time for slowing down, chilling out, and going with the flow. Don't get ahead of yourself.
  • Cancer Mercury: you are going to be pretty bad at making decisions. Everything will have emotional influence. Try not to base your decisions on everyone else's opinion. Focus on yourself.
  • Leo Mercury: please please please keep yourself in check. You're probably going to have a major ego boost, but you may not always have the best ideas. Think things through a bit more thoroughly during this time.
  • Virgo Mercury: you're going to get messy, but you're going to have amazing ideas. Write everything down, EVERYTHING.
  • Libra Mercury: your eyeliner isn't going to be on fleek for a while. You're probably gonna fall into a funk. I prescribe maximum pampering at least once a week, so you might feel a bit more like yourself.
  • Scorpio Mercury: your gonna feel like nothing is going your way. Your grades might faulter some, but your social life might spark. Embrace new relationships, and try to censor yourself a little more.
  • Sagittarius Mercury: you're going to want to talk... A lot... About everything. You're probably going to say a lot of stuff you shouldn't. Go with the flow, keep apologies ready, and try to think before you speak.
  • Capricorn Mercury: everything is going to jumble together. You might loose track of yourself, que the existential crisis phase. Just because time isn't real and work is meaningless in the scheme of things doesn't mean you can gorge yourself and binge watch breaking bad. Try to sort yourself out.
  • Aquarius Mercury: this is basically a 3 week long period cycle for you. Mood swings af. All these emotions might confuse you, so try to calm down. Try to sleep more.
  • Pisces Mercury: you're going o worry, about EVERYTHING. Homecoming is coming up (will my dress fit? Does my date still like me?) quit questioning everything. It'll all work out.

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I have so many shiro questions. and if it's okay if like to break them down into parts? 1) in S1e10 we see shiro in his cell timing the galra soldiers and were told thats how he escaped. But in S2e3 we learn that Ulaz set him free straight from the torture chamber. so is that a continuity problem? a hint that shiro isn't really shiro (I'll come back to this)? or heavily implying that Shirk has fake memories implanted? 1/3.

(2/3) Also there’s something off about shiro that I didn’t catch until my 3rd rewatch. For all the other characters, we know them as people (aliens?) well enough. Their families are talked about or mentioned, even Coran’s grandfather, and we know what makes them happy e.g hunk and food. But Shiro is closed off. He may be a main character but we know next to nothing about him. Even the memories we’re shown are in the moment/ situation based memories from the past year.

(3/3) Even as everyone else talks about their family or going home in S2e10, shiro doesn’t say anything about that. I could be wrong but I think he remains silent. Like he has nothing left after Voltron (Shiro ain’t Shiro/ he’s a clone?). At first I thought that the lack of personality was due to the role he took on and his trauma etc, we get to know he has a light hearted side and dark humor, we learn about his severe PTSD and Galra memories, but not a single sentence about his personal life.

ohhOOO you’re asking the real questions here, anon!

For your first point about the escape memories, I think the continuity problem is in Shiro’s brain. We see the same kind of thing happen with the memory of Matt. The scene where he remembers timing the soldiers could have been a previous escape attempt, or just another piece of the Ulaz-aided escape that he hasn’t pieced together yet. In S1 Shiro often repeats something along the lines of “it’s all scrambled,” or “it’s all a blur,” as if the memories are pretty much there as far as he knows, but he doesn’t know what goes where.

You brought up another good point with the implanted memories idea, and the fact that it was actually mentioned in the show is a pretty big flag. In the episode where they meet Ulaz, Hunk suggests that the Galra might have implanted fake memories of the escape in Shiro’s brain. The creators had to write, record, and animate every single frame, and I’m a big believer in the idea that nothing shows up without a reason. (This also goes for Slav’s constant ramblings about alternate/parallel realities, and then Shiro mysteriously disappearing. I will bet this entire blog that Shiro either was teleported–his lion’s power–or ended up in an alt universe, but I digress). Shiro very well could have been implanted with fake memories, while the real ones were wiped out.

And yeah, Shiro mentions absolutely nothing about his family or past, which is kinda shady. What is going on with him? What happened in that year he was gone? Is Shiro the real Shiro or a clone? I don’t have the answer, but I can give some food for thought:

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Hi there, I was wondering if you knew any ideas for a tattoo for me that isn't culturally offensive? I wanted the lotus flower since I know it symbolizes strength (I had a rough childhood and dealt with mental illnesses/ a child of an alcoholic etc.) but I realize now that might be culturally insensitive. All the other symbols I found I feel might also be culturally insensitive. Any ideas that may help me? Thanks!

I’m not sure that I have an answer for you, but I do have a story about my tattoo. Maybe, after reading this story, you’ll decide that I’m the wrong person to ask.

I have a tattoo of the seal and signature of Chiune Sugihara on my left forearm. I pulled them from an image of a Sugihara-issued visa.

I got this tattoo following a miserable placement for my miserable and abortive degree in Social work, where the (very good, very kind) people I worked with were often forced to make decisions which harmed people to protect their own personal liability. I didn’t want to ever become like that, so I got the patron saint of “fuck personal liability, I’m going to do the right thing and save these people” tattooed in a very visible place, facing myself, so I’d be reminded of this value every day.

I agonized a lot over getting this tattoo, mostly because it would, in some sense, constitute a “kanji tattoo” and I didn’t want to be seen as *one of those guys*. Worse, I didn’t want to *be* one of those guys. Still, there are several factors that led me to decide that getting this tattoo was “all right” for me. I’m hesitant to talk about this so publicly on this hellsite™, but I feel secure in my decision, so I’ll go ahead and explain my reasoning:

1) I speak Japanese and lived in Japan. I had the linguistic tools to look at the above image and pull out the significant characters, including doing a little cleanup of the image myself.

2) I have several very close Japanese friends, including a Japanese-Canadian friend, who like the tattoo both in concept and execution.

3) My adoration for Sugihara mostly comes from my Jewish heritage. I’m not Jewish myself–that was whitewashed away by the USA, very slowly, over time–but ever since I first learned about Sugihara in my Modern East Asian History class, I’ve felt a deep sense of gratitude towards him and I hope that I would have tattooed his seal and signature on me even if he hadn’t been using Japanese characters/seals

4) Which is all to say that Sugihara, as a person and a symbol, has personal meaning for me. I wasn’t shopping across different cultures to find a symbol which meant what I wanted *and* was pretty, I was looking for something from *my* life and *my* history which meant what I wanted *for me*. Sugihara is Japanese, but he’s also a part of European History, Jewish History, and Christian History.

5) Finally, and this is important: The Kanji in my tattoo (the ones immediately above the red square seal, in the picture) are quite ugly (the only time I’ve ever gotten a negative reaction from a Japanese person about the tattoo was to point this out to me, worried that I was unaware). It was important to me that the essence of Sugihara’s quickly scrawled signature be preserved, including the absolutely terrible balance of the penultimate character and a stroke missing from the final character. I hope that even people unfamiliar with kanji will recognize that this is not “beautiful writing”; it’s something else, and as such will recognize that the tattoo was not selected because of the aesthetic value of Kanji divorced from their cultural context. Because for me, ultimately, that is the problem with “Kanji tattoos” and a whole host of other “oriental” symbols that people settle on.

Since you want a tattoo which symbolizes the way you’ve been strong and survived incredibly difficult things, I’d encourage you to think about what, to you, symbolizes that experience. When you find it, it’ll be something you know, something that was always important to you; not something from somewhere else that you found.

I’d also remind you that half of everybody who sees the tattoo is going to ask about it, so make sure you have a story in mind for when you don’t want to get into your dark history. I have about ten versions of Sugihara’s story and how it relates to mine, depending on my mood and the audience.

But like I said at the beginning, maybe I’m not the best person to ask.


The Snape Dialogues: Our New Celebrity
  • Time: Harry's first year, after that first Potions class before dinner
  • Place: Gryffindor common room
  • Students: Harry, Ron and Hermione sit around a square, low table where they are doing their homework - Hermione is studious but Harry is brooding, and Ron is doodling
  • Hermione: You've been studying the flames in the fire forever, Harry. What are you thinking of?
  • Harry: Potions.
  • Ron: *looks up* Snape hates you mate.
  • Hermione: *indignant* He does not, Ron!
  • Ron: Yes he does, Hermione. He was picking on Harry all through class and if looks could... *Harry is standing, stares a bit more in decision* Harry?
  • Harry: I have to go talk to Professor Snape. I'll meet you later at dinner. *before Ron can stop him or Hermione can protest he has gone through the portrait door, and vanished*
  • Place: Down in the dungeons, Professor Snape's Office.
  • Snape: *glances up from his paperwork as there is a knock on his door* Come. *as the door opens he is surprised to see that annoying first year Gryffindor that has plagued his thoughts since the boy's impending arrival* Potter...
  • Harry: I'm sorry to bother you, Professor Snape, but I think we need to talk.
  • Snape: *points to one of two ladder-back wooden chairs in front of his desk - Harry sits then squirms to find a comfortable place* Stop fidgeting, Potter. That chair offers no comfort to my visitors. Now, why have you interrupted me?
  • Harry: *hesitates as he clasps his fingers tautly in his lap* I'm not a bad student, Professor Snape. *the older wizard does not answer other than a raised eyebrow which tells Harry his teacher does not believe him* I know I couldn't answer anything in class but... *lifts his book bag to his lap and starts rummaging around in it then takes out his Potions notebook - he pushes it across the desk* First page, Sir. It's new.... uhm... please look?
  • Snape: *picks up the notebook and flips the cover to reveal the first page - Harry has written upon it with somewhat blotchy letters but a steady hand* That is my speech word for word. Did someone write this down for you, Potter?
  • Harry: *sighs and shakes his head* No, Sir, that's my writing. Your speech was brilliant and I wanted to remember it.
  • Snape: Indeed. *closes the notebook and puts it down upon the surface of his desk* Then perhaps you will enlighten me as to why you had not read the first chapter of today's lesson.
  • Harry: *hesitates and shifts even though nothing can make him feel comfortable - the Potions Master simply waits - finally he speaks in a soft voice* My... wouldn't... read...
  • Snape: *scowls* Potter, speak up or I will send you away for wasting my time.
  • Harry: *nods nervously, then blurts* My Uncle wouldn't let me read any of my textbooks. He locked them in the basement after I came home from Diagon Alley.
  • Snape: That sounds a bit extreme. Were you being punished for some infraction, Potter.
  • Harry: *knows that his teacher is thinking the worst of him* Always, Professor Snape. My relatives don't like me and they like magic even less. Headmaster Dumbledore sent my aunt and uncle a note with my letter telling them I had to go but they still tried to stop that from happening.
  • Snape: *leans forward and puts his elbows upon the surface of his desk - he is intrigued, now* Tell me, Mr. Potter, of the day Hagrid was sent to fetch you to take you to Diagon Alley.
  • Harry: *shifts again, coughs once nervously, and is surprised to find a glass of water hovering in front of him - he takes it and drinks* Thank you, Sir. *a wave of his teacher's hand and the water is Vanished* Well, when the first letter for me showed up by owl my Uncle burned it. It just kind of exploded at that point. By the end of the day there were lots of owls outside the house and letters were exploding through the windows and down the chimney. My uncle grabbed me and my cousin and we got in the car where Uncle Vernon drove us all the way to the ocean and rented us a tiny cabin practically out in the ocean. Aunt Petunia was sure no one would find us and my cousin and I were sent to bed. *he drew in a deep breath and then related how he woke at midnight to celebrate his birthday and then Hagrid arrived, yelled at his aunt and uncle, gave Dudley a pigtail, and took him away to London* Diagon Alley was just brilliant, Sir! *he smiles*
  • Snape: For any first year, be they Muggle-born or wizard-born it is a truly magical sight, Mr. Potter. Now, relate to me what happened when you returned home.
  • Harry: *sighs knowing he would have to reveal things he didn't even want to think about* Uncle Vernon locked me in my cupboard and locked my new trunk and all of my stuff in the basement. Hedwig, my owl, got away and I think she flew to Hogwarts. So, you see I would have read all of my textbooks just like Hermione did but... I couldn't.
  • Snape: You had a few hours before classes began today, Mr. Potter. Why did you not read anything in that time?
  • Harry: *fidgeting once more* I don't want to get my new friend in trouble.
  • Snape: *sits back and unclasps his hands* Then, there is no more to say, Potter...
  • Harry: *grimaces* Fine! All right... I was going to read some of my textbooks and Hermione even suggested I could read with her but Ron took my books and hid them and told me we didn't have to do anything until we got homework. Please don't punish Ron, Sir, he'll stop being my friend.
  • Snape: *peers at the boy* And, that is important to you, is it not? Having your friends. *Harry nods miserably - sure that Ron will never be friends with him again* Technically, your friend is correct in that you really need not do anything before the formal start of term. *leans slightly forward* However, we teachers suggest that you prepare for classes before term starts which is one of the reasons we send your letters a month in advance of the term's start. *Harry is about to interrupt but his teacher holds up his hand* Yes, Mr. Potter, I do understand that your guardians were averse to you even having your Hogwarts things near. And, I should like to understand more about this 'cupboard' of yours.
  • Harry: *looks down at clasped hands* Uhm... you heard me say that out loud, huh?
  • Snape: *smirks* My hearing is quite good, Mr. Potter. The 'cupboard' issue aside for now, allow me to ask you this... if you liked my speech before class, what did you hope Potions would be like before you attended.
  • Harry: *brightens* Well, that's real magic, isn't it? Hermione told me that Potions isn't just stirring a bunch of ingredients together. It's using your own magic to make the potion what it is. I told her it was like the Chemistry I saw on television. It's science. It's discovering how to make neat things to help others. *deflates visibly* It... uhm... sorta doesn't seem that way now.
  • Snape: *rises from his desk* Follow me, Mr. Potter.
  • Harry: *obediently and curiously follows his teacher through an inner door to the Potions classroom - the Potions Master indicates to the Boy-Who-Lived to sit at his work table while he Summons a book from his desk* This is Daimon Grayling's Book of Potions. It contains recipes for a variety of potions I use beyond the textbooks in all of my classes. I should like you to turn to page 94, Mr. Potter.
  • Harry: *takes the book, notes that it is stained and well-worn, and then he turns to the requested page* Hush-A-Bye Elixir. It sounds pretty. What does it do?
  • Snape: It was created by a young Hogwarts student for her NEWTs in 1977 and it is intended to be a gentle sleep aid for colicky babies. I would like for you to brew it, perfectly, without my input. All the ingredients are in the cabinet and the recipe details precisely what you need to do as you are brewing. I have lesson plans to go over so I will be at my desk. Only call upon me if you are in serious need of help. Begin, Mr. Potter.
  • Harry: *watches as the professor leaves his side so he reads the recipe, picks up the book, and gathers the ingredients he will need - soon he is brewing*
  • Time: An Hour later
  • Harry: *a smile fills his face as his potion fades from a muddy blue to a soft - pillowy - blue*
  • Snape: Very good, Mr. Potter.
  • Harry: *his head jerks up - he was not expecting his teacher behind him* I did it, Professor Snape.
  • Snape: *actually smiles - sort of* Indeed, Mr. Potter. You did acceptably well.
  • Harry: *beams and looks at his potion* Thank you, Sir. Uhm... Professor? I know I've never heard of her but who was it that created this potion?
  • Snape: *sighs wistfully* A very talented potions student, Mr. Potter. Her name was Lily Evans. *Harry's jaw drops, and his teacher stretches out a finger to tap the boy's mouth closed* Your mother, Mr. Potter. *he hands the happily shocked student a note and Harry takes it slowly* You have missed dinner. This gives you permission to receive your meal in your common room. Clean up and then you are dismissed, Mr. Potter. *returns to his desk*
  • Harry: *quickly cleans his work table and then bottles the potion then takes it to his teacher* Can anyone use this potion, Professor Snape?
  • Snape: *takes the large bottle* I will put the Hush-A-Bye into single dose ampoules which I will send to Slug & Jiggers in your name. That should provide you with a tidy allowance for whatever you wish to use the gold for.
  • Harry: *beyond over-joyed* Thank you, Sir. Uhm... yeah... really... thank you! *turns and trots to the door of the classroom but then he stops, turns, and turns a serious expression upon his face* You aren't going to change towards me in class and stuff, aren't you, Professor?
  • Snape: *shakes his head slowly* I cannot change, Mr. Potter. However, you are invited to bring questions and concerns to me before dinner. Use a Disillusionment Charm, though, and no one shall ever know.
  • Harry: *nods - and then leaves*
  • Snape: *studies the potion then looks towards the closed door* I will know about your 'cupboard' next time, Mr. Potter.

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Thulaz with the word prompt 'moon' perhaps?

This was really challenging! Thank you for this one, I hope it’s what you wanted! I turned it into a pretty lengthy fic, oops. I might be a little slow to reply but please keep sending me prompts!


The Blade of Marmora was an enigma even to its own members sometimes. They had the most advanced cloaking technology in the universe, and yet the officials still insisted that the only way to infiltrate Zarkon’s ships undetected was in the smallest craft possible. So that was how on his first mission, Thace had ended up in a repurposed escape pod, with barely one seat to himself, next to the masked pilot who had not shut up about artificial limbs for the past four vargas. 

“All I’m saying is–and this is just my cover, I don’t really care about any of this, you know that, right?–but there’s so much untapped potential there, for surveillance purposes, for quintessence manipulation–”

The stream of scientific jargon was interrupted by the ship jostling and veering to the side. “What was that?” Thace asked.

The pilot checked the readings on the control panel. “We’ve been hit!” he yelled in alarm. “There!” He pointed out the windshield to a Galra drone that was just leaving their field of vision.

“Do you think they know who we are?” Thace asked, voice low with concern.

“No. We’re in Galra controlled space, so they’re probably just programmed to shoot down any unidentified craft,” the pilot said confidently. 

“Very reassuring,” Thace mocked. “How is that going to help us now that we actually got shot down?”

“We will be fine. I can pilot us to that moon,” the other agent insisted.

“No you can’t. We lost the engine! The best you can do is crash land us on that moon,” Thace argued. 

Thace hated to say I told you so.

The engine, which had been sputtering since the blast, exploded just as they neared the moon’s surface, sending the pod into a double flip and bouncing it off the ground upside down. It would have looked like a cool trick to anyone but the two Galra inside it, who were holding on for dear life. Finally the ship skidded to a stop on its side. Thace had braced himself against the ceiling and managed to avoid any serious injuries, but the pilot didn’t seem to have been as lucky, hanging limp in his restraints. 

Thace unclipped his own restraints and crawled across the seat. He knew he wasn’t supposed to do this, but the other agent looked badly hurt and he didn’t know any other way to help him. He pressed the button to remove his mask. 

The mask dissolved, and Thace paused to catch his breath. Not because of the clearly unconscious expression or the bleeding wound on his forehead, but because he was so strikingly attractive, with the razor sharp cheekbones of a conventionally handsome Galra and pale lavender skin the likes of which he’d never seen before. His pointed ears perked out a moment after the mask came off, and Thace resisted the urge to touch them. That was not what he should be thinking about in this situation at all, he scolded himself. Thace removed his own mask to wipe the sweat from his forehead, which had appeared there due to stress and perhaps other reasons. 

He quickly shook himself out of his distraction and reached for a compartment in the ceiling that held a breathing mask. He affixed it to the pilot’s nose and mouth, and then searched the cabin for some gauze to press against the wound on his head. After that, he panicked, unable to think of any other way to help him. If he had been the one who got knocked out, he trusted that the other agent would know what to do. He seemed to know a lot about medicine, after all. Thace’s area of study had always been more focused on military strategy, and while that was useful for many things, first aid was not one of them. All he could do now was wait, and try to keep himself from staring at the pilot’s pretty face in case he woke up and caught him.

He was just wondering which of his ears Kolivan would rip off for letting a fellow agent die on his first mission when said agent opened his yellow eyes. The first thing he saw was Thace smiling at him and saying with a flood of relief, “You’re okay!”

“I think I have a concussion, but yes,” the pilot rasped through the breathing mask. It was hard to see, but it looked like he was smiling too as he said softly, “You saved me.”  

Thace’s heart jumped into his throat. “I, uh… you’re welcome. I’m going to call for help now, yeah, should have done that a long time ago,” he stammered.

Thace called central command while the injured agent rested. When Thace signed off the communicator, the other had taken off the breathing mask, revealing all of his stunning face once again. “They said they’ll come and get us in a quintant,” Thace relayed to him.

“I suppose we’ll have some time to get to know each other, then,” he said. “Since we’ve already seen each other’s faces, I might as well tell you my name. I’m Ulaz.” 

Ulaz had just crash landed on a moon, been concussed, and found out he would be stranded there for a long while, and his first thought was about getting to know Thace?  Thace’s mouth forgot how to form words. “I’m Thace,” he managed to get out.

“Hello, Thace. It will be good to know my ally once we start our undercover mission in the Galra Empire,” Ulaz said. “Since we’re going to be stuck here for a quintant, may I finish telling you about my theory?”

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I actually wish you would write a whole rambling post about gay!kara because I just... don't... see it... I totally see the gay!Lena thing I think even if McGrath isn't trying to play it that way that's definitely how it comes across, but with Kara, try as I might I just don't see her being anything but straight. I just get a real hetero vibe from her. But please! convince me! As much as I don't need non-canon ships I sure do need ships in general!

yeah thats like, what i meant by for me it being more of a “kara SHOULD be gay” thing instead of a “kara IS gay” thing. she’s pretty tragically hetero in the show, but i do love the idea of kara being gay because of how it would play out with uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh good writers lmao

cause when you think about it, for a really really long time (and especially in school) kara would be hyper aware of herself compared to other humans her age. so you know, she gets a crush on a girl when she’s 14 or whenever, and then looks around and realizes that that’s not normal. its wrong on earth. maybe she brings it up to alex who is going through her own crushes and she shuts kara down as a reflex. tells her girls like boys. kara gets the idea that she has to suppress that part of her too to blend in with the crowd. 

after a while its one of those things that’s just a habit to push away. in season one cat asks kara something about where was she during an earthquake two years ago. kara had the ability to be supergirl but she remained kara danvers even when people needed help because she’d settled for that reality. so in college when kara starts to realize its okay to be gay, she doesn’t really let herself explore that

but then you know, she comes out as supergirl when she does. and clearly it changes something for her in a really huge way because all those powers she kept hidden start to slip out more and more. she’s being herself for the first time in forever and we’ve seen her get a little reckless with it (using heat vision at catco for example)

and then AND THEN ok so she tells winn about it right?? and what does he say! he says “oh my god you’re a lesbian”! and kara swears her brain short circuits cause nobody’s EVER called her gay, she’s never given anyone enough reason to. she plays the role of a straight girl as well as she plays the role of a normal human girl. she like barrels through it and just says “im not gay” so she can get to her point but like, its on her mind a little bit for a while. 

and then its on her mind A LOT when lucy lane rolls into town……..

do y’all see what i mean

Of Tea Parties and Princess Duties

for @cakeandpi as part of the @yjficexchange

Prompt: “Kaldur having Very Serious Princess Tea Parties with his goddaughter Lian, absolutely straight-faced, teaching her important lessons about ruling and politics. While Roy is a bit concerned that Kaldur seems to be teaching his four year old how to conquer the world.”

Basically ignores season two bc fuck season two am I right?

So so sorry this is a day late! I was having some issues with word on my computer and the fic’s file kept getting corrupted but I hope this is what you wanted!! (pls enjoy my attempts at pre-k playground problems lol)

Kaldur shifted on his feet as he waited in the cramped entry way to the small fourth-floor walkup. Early morning light attempted to seep through the shoddy blinds that covered the window across the room. He wanted to appear casual, but his tense shoulders and rigid posture betrayed him. Roy had not noticed, fortunately, as he maneuvered around the tight space, collecting his scattered things.

“Roy,” Kaldur tried, searching for words, “I… am not sure that this is the best course of action.” Roy moved in and out of Kaldur’s view as he quietly stepped, “Surely there must be someone else-“

Roy tossed his pack onto the coffee table in the center of the living room and began to shove his gear into it, he looked up at Kaldur and shook his head, “Afraid not.”

“What of Cheshire- Jade, I mean,” Kaldur pressed, “Or Artemis? Or Mrs. Crock? Ollie and Dinah? Even M’gann would jump at the opportunity to- uh, babysit.”

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thatgirl-who  asked:

"v" for horror/scifi meme. authors choice for characters :)

V - Making deals with demons AU

(slight warning for dub/noncon)

“Sit down, Eggsy.” 

Eggsy obeys, taking a seat opposite of Merlin’s desk. “Is this about my mission in Brussels? I mentioned in my field report that—”

Merlin silences him with a short glare. “It’s about Harry.”

Even though he had expected this to come up, Eggsy still tenses. “Harry?” he asks, as innocently as he can. 

“Eggsy,” Merlin says, “I’ve known Harry for the past few decades, and that is not Harry.” 

“What do you mean that’s not Harry?” Eggsy asks, trying to hold onto his faked ignorance for as long as he can. “Yeah, he’s different, but that’s because he was shot in the fucking head.” 

“Which, as we all know, has a slow survival rate, especially since the Statesman confirmed him dead. His brains were blown out—”

“Guess they got it wrong, then.” Eggsy shrugs, beginning to get out of his chair. “Look, I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth, and I don’t see why you’re bringing it up months later. If you excuse me, I have a lunch appointment with him in a few minutes, so…” 

Eggsy.” Merlin doesn’t stand up or raise his voice, but his tone gets steely, as deadly as a weapon in his hand. “I may surround myself with science and technology on a twenty-four-seven basis, but I was raised for a brief time in the Scotland highlands with my grandmother who used to used to leave milk out for the fairies, along with a consistent environment of Catholicism, the you will burn in hell kind. In another case, I’d call it a miracle. But in this case…I suspect you’ve had your suspicions.” 

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Like Father, Like Son

AO3 Link

Genre: Oneshot, First meeting AU where Phil is a primary school teacher and Dan is a single parent.

Summary: Fiction. Phil is a good teacher, he is. He just can’t control Samuel Howell. And turns out he can’t control Samuel Howell’s single dad, either.

Warnings: Nothing if you’re cool with single dads and cute teachers

Word Count: 4381

A/N: This was written for the lovely @theinsanityplays for her birthday! I hope you like this and have the lovely day that you deserve. Love you <3

Reminder that I don’t know Dan or Phil at all and I’m not suggesting this in any way reflects reality. This is a work of fiction

Phil’s head had never hurt quite this much before.

The ceaseless screaming of children outside his classroom window probably shouldn’t bother him quite as much as it did, but just then, Phil could honestly say that he’d never heard a noise quite like it before. Three weeks into the new term, and he thought he’d be better prepared.

He wasn’t, though.

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anonymous asked:

Would you write Shirayuki and Obi encountering Torou again in Torou's POV? Thank you!

Her last job takes her to Viande and leaves her there, which tells her something about working with the Viandese. Which is: never again.

Those cunning, backstabbing bastards. She’d almost like them for it, if they didn’t strand her in a small boat off of Mialto with the guard on her tail.

As she said: never again.

Well, unless the coin was good enough.

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Flowers for Touko

Kitamoto returned to his classroom, drying his hands with his handkerchief. His eyes drifted toward Natsume as he scanned the room, noticing he wasn’t slumped over and napping as usual, but slumped over his desk. Something was in his hands.

“What are you up to, Natsume?” Kitamoto asked, approaching him.

His friend jumped in surprise, the object falling out from his hands. Kitamoto bent over to pick it up, frowning as he examined it. “What’s this supposed to be?”

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