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Alec tries to keep his voice down as he calls out for his boyfriend. His gaze flickers from the kid’s show playing on the TV in front of him to where Madzie is soundly sleeping curled up in his lap.

It isn’t the first time they’re looking after her, but Catarina has an overnight shift at the hospital last night and they agreed to have Madzie stay over.

They got up a few hours ago after a fairly long night’s sleep, but watching Winnie the Pooh and having someone lightly play with your hair is apparently enough to make a five-year-old fall back to sleep.

“Yes, my dear?”

Alec looks up at where Magnus is leaning against the doorway to the living room, looking way to good in his silk pyjamas and ruffled bed hair. “Help?”

Magnus chuckles, clearly amused by the confused look on Alec’s face, as he makes his way across the room to the couch and settles on the armrest. “What do you need help with, Alexander?”

He runs a hand through Alec’s hair, scratching lightly at his scalp, and Alec can’t help but lean into the touch. He almost forgets why he even called for Magnus, when he notices the fuzzy feeling in his thigh.

“My leg is numb.” He pouts as he says it, but instead of the sympathetic response he had hoped for, Magnus laughs. It’s light, it’s warm, and it makes Alec heart beat just a little bit faster.

“What do you want me to do about it? Magic it away?”

The teasing tone in Magnus’ voice makes Alec pout, even more, earning him a quick peck on the lips. He shakes his head, a small smile spreading on his lips.

“No, but I really need to use the bathroom and I don’t wanna wake her up,” he explains, looking back and forth between the two of them, “but I’m pretty sure my leg would give out if I stood up right now, so please?”

Magnus agrees, placing another soft at the corner of Alec’s mouth before helping him get up without disturbing the sleeping girl too much.

When Alec comes back into the room a few minutes later, he’s met with the sight of Magnus lying on the couch with Madzie sleeping on top of him, and it’s hard not to imagine a future where this soft, lazy kind of Sunday with his boyfriend and maybe a few kids of their own could be a regular part of his life.

BTS Reaction: Them finding out that they’re your first boyfriend even though you were very popular in HS and got proposed many times(request)

Hi everyone! I’m Admin Cloud and I’m a new admin to Nothing-but-kpop-dreams. I’m sorry that this took so long to write this is also my very first reaction. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. 


Rap Monster / Kim Namjoon - You were at home cleaning up your closet and Namjoon decided to come over to help. Your room was a complete mess when he came over. There were clothes everywhere and it took you a bit of time to answer the door.

“Took you long enough” He chuckled walking into your small apartment.

“Sorry.” You apologize.

Leading him into your room, he laughs out loud at how messy your room was. Although it may sound embarrassing, it didn’t bother you at all since you’ve already seen how messy his room can get. Rolling your eyes, you go back into your closet taking out more clothes that either didn’t fit you or didn’t suit your liking. Looking up, you see one last box at the top of your closet. Curiously, you tippy toe up and reach for it, you hands barely grazing the side of the box. You jump up a little and still couldn’t reach it. You turn around lips pursed together as you look at Namjoon with pleading eyes. He laughs before walking over and grabbing the box for you.

“Geez, What’s in here? Rocks?” He asks as he sets the heavy box on the floor.

“Hmm, let’s find out” You reply, sitting down on the floor and opening the big box.

Your eyes widen as you realize that it’s a box full of your old high school things. Namjoon sits down next to you grabbing your senior yearbook.

“Oh wow I haven’t looked at this in so long” You thought out loud, as Namjoon flips through the pages.

You recall memories you had in high school to Namjoon, mostly about old friends and teachers. Suddenly he turns to the sports and clubs section of the yearbook and notices you in almost all the clubs and sports.

“Wow. Cheer captain?” He marveled.


“I’m guessing you were really popular back then. How many guys did you date?” he asks curiously.

“None.” you smile.

“Wait. How many exes have you had?”


“So–I’m your first boyfriend?”

“Yes. Namjoon. You are my first boyfriend”

He chuckles to himself as he wraps an arm around you and kisses you on the cheek.

“So looks like the nerdy guy gets the beautiful cheerleader in the end”

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Jin / Kim Seokjin - You are a famous idol part of a rising girl group from a small company almost unheard of. After the release of your debut song, your group gained so many new fans that you felt the need to do a vlive to interact with your fans. A few months before, as trainees, your group got the chance to meet BTS. Giving you guys encouraging advice on your upcoming debut, at the time, you’ve gotten close with Jin. The connection you two had, was indescribable. Soon after, you and Jin started a relationship, that only grew stronger as the days turn into months. When he publicly announced your relationship, the backlash was almost unbearable, making your company second guess the group’s debut date. Luckily another scandal bigger than your relationship with Jin sprouted making everyone turn away from your relationship to focus on other news. When your group debuted the song, it was almost as if all the hate turned into love, as your groups follower count gained more and more.

So here you are sitting in front of your iPhone camera, and answering questions being sent in from your fans.

“Hello everyone! Thanks for joining me today while I eat my dinner” You say into the camera, pulling out a bowl of jajangmyeon.

Putting some of the noodles into your mouth, you keep an eye on the live comments as people commented on how cute you looked. You smiled with cheeks filled.

“I’ll be answering questions now, so send in your questions!” You announce as you stuff your mouth with more noodles. Reading some of the comments, you notice a bunch of “Will you marry me’s” and “I love you’s”.

Smiling, you put up a heart, “I love you too!” you say.

Going through as many questions as you can do, one comment sticks out to you.

“Is Jin the most handsome boyfriend you’ve ever had?”

You smile widely, blushing at the thought of your boyfriend.

“Of course he’s the most handsome boyfriend I’ve ever had, because he’s the only one I’ve ever had”

The comment section over-flooded with cute reactions. Mostly fans fangirling about your relationship. Suddenly, Seoyeon (One of your group members) rushes into your room hold up her phone to your face.

“Yah! Y/n, Sunbaenim’s on the phone!” She exclaims handing you her phone.

Taking the phone from her, you put the phone on speaker, getting closer to the camera.

“Yah! Jagi, Of course I’d be your first boyfriend! You were waiting for someone as handsome as me to claim as your first.”

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Suga / Min Yoongi - Late nights with Yoongi was a typical thing for the both of you. You thought instead of parting Yoongi away from his music, maybe you should just join him at the studio. After the first couple of nights, it became a routine, for you to go to Yoongi’s studio right after work. One night after work you picked up some coffee for the both of you and immediately went straight to the studio. Walking into the room, Yoongi spins around on his chair facing you.

“Were you expecting coffee? Cuz I originally wanted to surprise you with this.” You laugh lifting up the cardboard tray.

“No,” he started “I just needed you”

Smiling, you place the coffee on the side table and walk over to Yoongi giving him a soft kiss on the cheek.

“I need your help with something” Yoongi said with a soft smile.

“What do you need help with?” You ask curiously.

“I’m stuck with this one song I’m working on. It’s about a break up, and I feel like there isn’t enough emotion in it.”


“When you and your ex broke up, how did it feel? Did you feel any kind of hurt? Was the hurt painful?” He asked

“Oh,” you say shyly “Uhm, I’ve never had a break up”

“I should’ve expected that you were the heart breaker” He sighs chuckling.

You start to blush at his assumption.

“No… uhm I’ve never been through a break up,” you stated “ever.”

Yoongi’s eyes widen in shock.

“So that means?”

“You’re my first boyfriend.” You smile shyly, as you pull on the sleeves of your hoodie

“Wha– How? You’re one of he most beautiful girl’s I’ve ever met. Other guys must’ve fawned over you”

“Well…Maybe I didn’t like the other guys”

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J-Hope / Jung Hoseok - It was one of those days where you and Hobi would stay at home and do absolutely nothing. You and Hoseok were sitting on the couch watching TV when your phone started to ring. You get up from Hoseok’s side and walk over to the counter to reach your phone. Looking at the number, you tilt your head to the side, not knowing who it was. Answering the facetime call, you see your old friend Doyoon pop up on the screen. You scream in excitement, frightening Hoseok in the process.

“Doyoon! It’s been forever!!” You exclaim

“I missed you too Y/n” he replies smiling at you.

After hearing a deep voice reply, Hoseok rushes over to your side curious to see who you were talking to. Engulfed in your conversation, you didn’t notice Hobi walking toward you, until he wraps his arms around your waist.

“Oh! Hobi, This is my old friend Doyoon” You say showing Hoseok the screen.

“Is this your boyfriend?” He asks

You nod, smiling.

“Y/n and I have been friends since we were in high school. You should’ve seen how the guys worshiped her, she got asked out left and right,” he laughed “Even I asked her out!”

You feel Hoseok tighten behind you.

“But she always rejected everyone! You’re a lucky man” He laughed

You smile as he loosens up. Hoseok lets go of your waist and goes to the kitchen to grab something to drink. You and Doyoon continue to talk, as Hoseok listens quietly.

“You’re modeling now! I saw your photos in a magazine not too long ago!”

“Yeah I’m living the dream! Anyways I have to go, my manager’s calling. I’ll talk to you soon boo-boo”

As you end the call, you see Hoseok leaning against the counter looking down at his drink. You walk around and stand behind Hobi, wrapping your arms around him.

“What’s wrong?” You ask, leaning your head against his back.

“I don’t understand why you picked me for your first boyfriend” He sighs

“Why would you say something like that?” You questioned, frowning as you let go to face him.

“Your friend. He’s a model.”

“Hoseok, I couldn’t date him even if I wanted to. Besides I don’t want to be with him, I want to be with you”

“Y/n  you are so beautiful, it’s a miracle that you actually said yes to me. Why wouldn’t you want to be with someone who’s as good looking as you are, like Doyoon?”

You roll your eyes.

“Because he’s gay.”

Hoseok’s cheeks burn red as walks over and hugs you burying his face in your shoulder as he laughs in embarrassment.

“I love you too Hobi” You laugh.

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Park Jimin - After visiting your home town, You and Jimin were on the train heading back to Seoul. While you were there, Jimin learned more about your childhood and where you grew up. The second you stepped off the train, you bumped into many of your old classmates, who revealed to Jimin your soaring popularity in high school. Upon hearing this, Jimin was shocked to find out that he was your first boyfriend and questioned how lucky he was to have such a beautiful girlfriend like you. Here you both were sitting side by side on the train back home enjoying the last few hours you had together before going back to the busy city and back to the busy schedules of reality.

Suddenly a random man probably a couple of years younger than you appears by your side, smiling widely. You shift uncomfortably in your seat.

“uh…” You say awkwardly

The guy gasps. You notice his ears starting to get redder and redder by the second.

“You look just like a fairyyy,” he started “Will you marry me?”

Your eyes widen in embarrassment.

“Oh…Uhm I’m sorry, I don’t know who you are” You say in the most polite way you can.

“Oh gosh. You actually said something to me”

Almost immediately, someone you assumed was his friend, pulls him away apologizing as they walk in the other direction. You quickly turn to Jimin. Your face heated.

“Did that just happen?” You ask confused.

“Trust me, I can’t believe you’re talking to me either” he laughs.

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V / Kim Taehyung - It was midnight. You and Tae have yet to fall asleep so here you both were sitting cross legged in front of each other on your bed. You two started off talking about your day at work, but soon after that you talked about almost everything. As soon as you started a new topic about politics, Taehyung groaned falling over to his side and laying on your bed. He takes one of your pillows and props his arm on it, leaning his head on his hand.

“I don’t wanna talk about politics, that’s what old people talk about.” He whined

He sits up again, scooting even closer to you.

“Let’s play 21 questions” he suggests.

“Tae,” You laugh “You already know everything about me”

“Not everything!”

“Fine” You sigh in defeat. “You first”

“Hmm,” He chirped “If you could have any name besides your own what would it be?”

“Uhm…maybe (whatever name you like) because I like the way it sounds” You replied

He smiles, nodding his head.

“Your turn” he says.

“What is something you want to improve on?”

“I want to improve on my drawing” He smiles.

You’ve seen some of his drawings and it always impresses you. How talented this man is, you never understood.

“How many boyfriends have you had?”

“One.” You reply casually.

“I know you were popular in high school! How can you have had only one boyfriend?”

Your cheeks burned a rose color, as you played with your hair.

“I didn’t date anyone in high school”

Taehyung’s eyes widened.


“You’re my first one” you say hiding your face.

“Jagiyaaaaa” He says hugging you tightly, kissing the top of your head. “Why didn’t you tell me??”

“You didn’t ask” You laugh.

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Jeon Jungkook - It was a nice day out. You and Jungkook decided to go out on a walk around the nearby park. Enjoying each other’s company, you two walked in silence. Hand in hand, you lean your head on his shoulder when you hear someone calling your name.


Looking up you see a girl around the same age as you running up to you two. You smile politely at her, not knowing who she is. Jungkook looks at you confusingly as you shrug at him, confused as well.

“Y/N!,” The girl exclaims “Hi! It’s been so long”

“Hi” You reply politely with a hint of awkward.

“It’s me! Jihyun, we were both on the cheerleading team in high school”

Your eyes widen as you remember Jihyun, she was one of the cheerleaders you were acquaintances with in high school.

“Jihyun! You look gorgeous! How have you been?” you say.

“I’ve been good!” she smiles, and glances over to Jungkook. Her eyes widen.

“Is this your boyfriend?”

You smile widely at Jungkook, as he pulls you to his side.

“Yes,” you giggle “He is.”

“Oh my gosh! I wish you were in the same high school as y/n and I,” Jihyun starts “She was soooo popular. Almost all the boys asked her out. She even got proposed to”

You feel Jungkook shift uncomfortably next to you.

“How did you get y/n to say yes?” She asked

“Huh?” Jungkook asked confused.

“Yeah! y/n would reject guys left and right.,” she beamed “She even rejected the most popular guy in school”

You look down, shyly as you feel the heat rushing up to your cheeks. Jihyun’s phone buzzes. She looks down at her phone and her eyes widen.

“Oh, It looks like I gotta go,” she apologizes “I hope we could meet up again y/n it was nice running into you.”

Jihyun walks the other way, waving as she left. Suddenly you turn to Jungkook with blushed cheeks. He looks at you adoringly, as his smile grows wider.

“Why didn’t you tell me that I’m your first boyfriend?” He asks.

“You never asked.” You reply laughing.

“So I guess that I’m better than the most popular guy at school”

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“There he is” || Shawn Mendes

a/n: honey moon! Shawn is here! sorry for not being as active, I’ve got a queue going so bare with x || based on those god awful Brazil pics amirite or amirite


warning: nsfw 

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ink-stained apologies // reggie mantle soulmate au pt2

Ink-Stained Apologies (Part two to Ink-Stained Skin)

Ink-Stained Masterlist

Words: 1.6k

Summary: Reggie thinks he’s found his soulmate. (Y/N) insists that it’s not her.


“It’s you!” he exclaimed, rushing over to her.

“I don’t know what you’re on about, Reginald. I found my soulmate a long time ago.”

“Oh, really?” He smirked at the girl “Who is it? Don’t try to say that it’s Keller because we all know he’s Moose’s soulmate.”

“I don’t need to prove anything to you, Reggie. If you don’t mind, I’ve got a lesson to get to.” (Y/N) forced a smile before walking off.

Almost as if it was instinct he followed her, quick on her heels. “Don’t bullshit me, (L/N). Prove to me that I’m not your soulmate.”

“Reggie, I really don’t want to disappoint you, I’m so sorry that I’m not her.”

“Then prove it to me. Write something, pinch yourself. Whatever, just prove it to me because God knows how long I’ve been looking for my soulmate.”

(Y/N) frowned, looking up at Reggie. He looked down at her, seeing the remorse in her eyes. “I’m so sorry, Reginald, but you’ll find her soon.”

Reggie watched as (Y/N) walked off, feeling more determined to figure out who his soulmate was. He wasn’t going to give up that easy.

There were three moments of weakness that led to (Y/N) almost revealing herself to Reggie. The first was when he wrote to her on his birthday, claiming that his parents had argued and that his birthday wasn’t the same as when he was younger.

‘i know u dont reply but its my birthday :D’

‘my mom and dad argued in front of all my friends, soulmate. it was so embarrassing! i want it to be like my eighth birthday :(’

Looking down at her arm and the pen that she held in it, she fought her urge to reply to his message written on the back of her left forearm. She could feel the sadness that ran through his body. She could feel the pain in his chest as he wrote the words on his arm.

“Mom, he’s hurt” she frowned “He’s not allowed to be sad. It’s his birthday. Mom, it really hurts. I can’t breathe.”

“(Y/N), sweetheart, you’re worried for him. It’s what comes with soulmates.” Her mother paused for a while “You and your soulmate are not only soul-bound but you’re also physically bound to each other. You have a rare bond and never, ever take it for granted because it’ll, one day, be useful to you.”

The second time it happened was during freshman year, when Reggie had sprained his wrist so bad during training that the pain of it had woken (Y/N) up from her nap. She held her wrist as if it was on the brink of snapping off, fighting the tears back. Reggie had written multiple apologies, her arm was practically covered in his messy writing.

‘oh my god! im so sorry, soulmate.’

‘im so so SO sorry!’

’:( i hope i didnt hurt u too much :(’

She felt the pain that rushed up his arm with every apology he wrote. She picked up a pen that lay on top of the books that sat next to her on her bed, clicking it before dropping it and walking towards the bathroom to erase the proof of her soulmate.

The following day, she approached him, with all intentions of wishing him a speedy recovery, in the hallway as he stood leaning against his locker. She noticed and felt that his arm had been wrapped up tightly in a bandage or maybe it was just the pressure of the bandage on her own arm “Twinning?” he raised his eyebrow at her, as he noticed “What did you do?”

“Oh, I-I, kinda, fell down the stairs?”

Reggie let out a small laugh “Is that a question or is that what actually happened?”

“God, I cannot stand you, Reginald. Hope your arm gets better soon. Don’t want number fourteen off the team for too long.”

“Was that a compliment? You know what, I’ll take that as a compliment.” He smirked as she let out a scoff

The final time was on her birthday. No one had remembered it and she was sat in her room wallowing in self pity. There was no writing on her skin, nothing. Not even Reggie could feel the emotion running through her veins. She picked up a pen and pressed it against her skin, ready to write:

‘hi, can we talk???’

but instead she dropped it and crawled into her bed, pushing the space bar on her laptop so it would play her scratched DVD of ‘A Walk to Remember’.

(Y/N) frowned as she sat on the bleachers watching the bulldogs train for their upcoming game. Her eyes were locked on Reggie’s form, watching him as he caught the ball from afar. “God, (Y/N), you’re so two-faced. I love it.” Veronica exclaimed.

“One minute, you’re all ‘Reginald, don’t be so egotistical, I hate you.’ the next you’re drooling over him and can’t even take your eyes off him.” Betty added.

“Oh my God! I’m friends with a group of idiots!” (Y/N) exclaimed. “He’s my soulmate, I’m allowed to drool over him.”

“Who’s your soulmate?” Reggie asked, including himself in the conversation. “I’m pretty sure that’s me. Talk to you tonight, (L/N).” He winked as he made his way back towards the field.

“Don’t count on it, Reginald!” she shouted back, a grin spread across her face.

“God, just fuck already.” Kevin shouted after him.

The tickling sensation grew on her left forearm, meaning only one thing. Reggie was at it again.

‘so, ready to admit that ur my soulmate?’

She rolled her eyes, ignoring the ink on her arm and continued to solve the algebraic question in front of her.

'ur not writing back b'cos u know im right ;)’

Ignoring him once again, she picked up her makeup remover and rubbed the ink off.

Reggie groaned after seeing the ink disappear from his arm. “What if (Y/N) is telling the truth? She’s probably not my soulmate. I mean my soulmate hasn’t written back.”

Moose and Chuck looked at each other before smacking Reggie around the back of his head. “Don’t be such a dick, Mantle. D'ya know how unlikely it would be for your soulmate and (Y/N) to hit their hips at the same time, unless your soulmate is, maybe, I don’t know, (Y/N)?”

The trio sat in silence, for awhile as Reggie took in the words of his friends, until Chuck broke the silence with the words “Dude, she literally calls you Reginald.”

“And?” Reggie said, confusion laced in his voice.

“You’d punch me if I even attempted to call you Reginald.” Chuck frowned.

“I’d punch you because you’re a dick.”

The following day, (Y/N) tried her hardest to avoid Reggie, but with their clashing schedules it was practically impossible. She sighed as she once again caught him looking in her direction, a smile tugging at the corner of his lips. “Need something, Reginald?”

He shook his head and turned back to face the front, before turning back to face her again “Actually, yes, I do need something from you, (L/N). I need you to prove to me that you’re not my soulmate.”

Just before she could reply the bell had rang, signalling that it was the end of the school day. “I’ll see you later, (Y/N).” Reggie shouted after her.

She sat at her desk, tapping her pen against it, as she, yet again, procrastinated her biology questions. Her phone vibrated, signalling an incoming call from Kevin. As soon as she answered, she was met with her best friend screaming down the phone. “I’m on my way over to pick you up! We’re going to Moose’s party.”

He picked up a grape before throwing it in the air and attempting to catch it in his mouth, failing as his eyes locked with Archie, who was stood next to (Y/N), his arm around her shoulder. Reggie pushed himself from the couch and strode his way over to (Y/N) and her red-haired friend.

“Hey, Andrews. Mind if I borrow (Y/N) for a second?”

“Sure, dude. Just don’t do anything stupid!”

Reggie took (Y/N)’s hand in his, pulling his hand away from hers when he felt a spark at the skin to skin contact. He looked at (Y/N), instantly apologising. Her mind flickering over to the time he sprained his wrist and covered her arm in ink-stained apologies.

“What do you want, Reginald?” she said, sending a genuine smile at him for the first time in weeks. Reggie positioned himself in front of her so he could face her. He noted down everything about (Y/N). The way her eyes shone almost as if they were a spotlight and the way she would crinkle her nose every time she let out a laugh.

She looked into his eyes and nodded. She didn’t need to know what he wanted to ask, she already knew.

“I want,” He paused, inching closer to her “you to,” He was so close to her, she could feel his breath on her cheek “prove it.” By now, there was no distance between them, everything around them seemed to disappear. The smell of alcohol and cologne on him intoxicated her, if she were to pull away now, she would’ve craved the scent. If she pulled away now, she would’ve craved him. Using his right arm he tilted her head up, their lips meeting. She was taken by surprise at the softness and warmth of his lips, she had expected it to be horrendous, something that she would forget in later life; how could she when everything he did was near-perfection? As they pulled away, they stood, their foreheads leaning against each other, eyes still closed.

(Y/N) smiled at the boy in front of her. She looked over at the coffee table, picking up the pen that lay underneath the pile of red solo cups, writing on her arm:

'It’s me. I’m your soulmate.’

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Sasuke never kissed Sakura. Why?

Because you misunderstood the manga. Why? T-T

Exhibit A: Sakura touching her lips, blushing, while remembering one of her kisses with Sasuke:

Body language is important to remember especially on manga dear anon.

Exhibit  B: Sakura then remembering something “even better/nicer”. In order for Sakura to know which is better/or nicer she would have needed to experience both. Which is why she knew “which” memory she treasured most because she experienced of both.

Exhibit C: How could Sasuke not have ever kissed the woman he knows is a strong medic ninja that heals; but he still worries about regardless:

Exhibit D: How could Sasuke not have ever kissed the woman he loved so much to the point they created a daughter. Basically impossible. And those are his words. Not mine.

“How can you say that for sure?” = “How can you be so certain that you love her?”

In which Sasuke responds with:

“Because you exist Sarada” = “Because i love your mother so much you came into existence Sarada” and that equals to= “because i made love to your mother, out of the incredibly strong love that i had for her, you exist sarada”. What is not understandable? (making love equals to kissing everywhere, including on the mouth/& or lips)

Exhibit E: If Sasuke had never once kissed Sakura before then why was Sakura so casual about receiving one almost as it were something normal she’d ask him and she’d casually expect of him to do? Oh, i know! That’s because they have had kissed before!:

Exhibit F: If Sasuke has never kissed Sakura then why was Sakura so confused and surprised at getting her first rain check in a long time of seeing him almost as she didn’t expect one from him. Emphasis of that is on the: ??! 

(take note that the only reason why Sasuke couldn’t bring himself to kiss her there was because their daughter was right there watching. That’s why kishi drew Sarada there. To make sure we understand why he couldn’t kiss her.)

Exhibit G: If Sasuke does not like or has never kissed Sakura before because he found it weird, unnecessary, or something he couldn’t see himself doing, then why was he so happy that she asked for one anyway?

Update: Oh, i know! That’s because he enjoys teasing her and knows that he will give her all his love once he comes back! He enjoys teasing the fluff out of the woman whose heart is connected with his!

Update: I just realized that miswrote what i was trying to say on that last paragraph. What i mean’t to write was that he is happy that she asked for one anyway because he is happy to have Sakura in his life. Even though he couldn’t kiss her because their daughter was watching he loves her so much that he appreciates every single gesture coming from her. If he didn’t want to kiss her he would have shown a disgusted face; but instead he showed a smile and took a hold of something she made for him. He took a hold of something someone special to him made for him. His wife.

I just meant to write the teasing part as a small joke. But i wrote that first and forgot to write this. So sorry T-T i was sleepy when i wrote this and that’s why.

GOT7 React: Realizing They Have Feelings For You

Request: Hi ! Could I request a Got7 scenario/reaction in which they realize they have feelings for you? Thank you, I really enjoy your writing !

I am so sorry for taking so long to post this! I have three more requests to do after this, but I am still busy with more projects and I am planning getting on a job soon, so I will probably be even more busy if I get hired.

I hope you all like this reaction! It might be a bit messy and rushed, but I tried my best


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I don’t think he would acknowledge his feelings at first. He always loved to make you happy, your smile always made his day better anyway.

When he first realized how he felt about you, he was slightly in denial because it was an embarrassing thought. He didn’t think that him wanting to always hear your laugh and see your smile meant that he liked you, but then Youngjae caught him staring at you, a fond, toothy smile on his face. Youngjae whispered in his ear that he was staring and he became flustered, biting his lip.

The days kept going on and on and Jaebum was beginning to be more obvious about his feelings for you. Of course, he didn’t notice how obvious he was being, and sooner or later, all of the members began to notice how Jaebum started to nearly stick to your side whenever you were around. You noticed it too, but didn’t think much of it at first, you just thought that he missed your company all the time.

The other members would giggle behind their hands if they saw Jaebum get upset or jealous when another guy made you laugh or blush, but he can’t help it ): He wants to be the only guy that makes you laugh and smile like that.

Eventually, he does confess his feelings towards you. He was going to keep it secret for a little while longer (who am I kidding, like a year @ least) but Jackson got tired of his pining and convinced JB to tell you he liked you.


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The quiet bean would be even more shy around you. Whenever he saw you, he would get excited and give you a little wave. You two were nearly inseparable. While you were a great talker, Mark was always a great listener.

This is where I believe he realized his feelings for you. You were talking about your day as he listened to you with genuine interest. You had your head in his lap while your legs were flung over Junior’s legs. Junior was on his phone during this so only Mark was paying attention to you. His elbow was propped on the armrest of the couch with his chin in his hand and he watched you with a little smile on his lips.

You were moving your hands in wild gestures, your eyes staring at the ceiling. Suddenly you laughed which caused Mark to zone out and stare at your face for a second before he snapped out of it when you clapped your hands with another laugh. Embarrassing enough, Junior caught him staring at you for that one second

Mark felt his stare on the side of his face and turned his head, only to have Junior giving him a look and a fleeting smirk before going back to his phone.

He would still be subtle about his feelings for you whenever you came around to hang out with him and the guys, but even though you were oblivious, the other members found it a little obvious since he begins to pay much more attention to you and asks for your opinion on things more often than not.

Fortunately, Mark confessed to you before Junior had to tell him that he was hiding his feelings from you for far too long.


Originally posted by gotloveforgot7

On the outside, he would be indifferent, but his heart would beat so much faster if you smiled at him or you shouted his name in excitement.

He would get more bolder with you also, with his arm around your shoulders in a casual way as you both looked at your phone screen, scrolling through a social media app.

He would hug you tighter and give you more high fives when you passed by, but overall, I don’t think anyone would catch onto the fact that he really likes you.

Even you wouldn’t notice because you were thinking that he’s just been in a better mood these past few days. You couldn’t complain though because you really did enjoy his warm hugs.

He confessed to you after three weeks which caught everyone off guard because ??? wtf since when bro ?? why did u not tell ur fellow group membrES


Originally posted by jackseunie

Jackson would be all over you. I mean, sure, there are moments where he’s shy around you because ur too cute, but the skinship between you two would be burSTing through the roof.

He didn’t even realize you were PRETTY AS HELL?? He only noticed because there was that one time where he was taking a break in the dance practice room and you were just there? somehow  you ended up taking a nap with your head resting in his lap i don’t knoW. He was going to wake you up because his break was over, but he saw you with your hair framing your face and you just looked so comfortable and soft napping on him. He didn’t have the heart to wake you up and ended up getting scolded when he told the members he would skip practice just this once.

After accepting the fact that he has a crush on you, he would be extra extra touchy with you because ur just ,, such a soft bun.

His arms would always be around you whenever you were around and he would always pull you into a hug if you ever walked past him. Your circle of friends almost thought you two were dating since they kept noticing how Jackson always has some part of his body pressed against yours, whether it’s his cheek against your shoulder or his hand encircling your wrist.

You didn’t mind how Jackson got more affectionate because that’s just how he is, and rejecting his hugs would be most terrible thing to do because he’s such a sweet bun.

Jackson would occasionally scream your name whenever he saw you, even if it was just a picture of you on your social media. He always ran to you when you came to visit and he would give you plenty of compliments whenever you looked particularly lovely (which is like, everyday).

He confessed to you two weeks after because he’s actually really nervous about being honest with his feelings, but fortunately, you accepted his confession because you already figured out that he liked you and well - you like him too.


Originally posted by yjarssunshine

He is trying so hard to not make it obvious. With that said, it’s kind of obvious.

Youngjae laughs at nearly everything you say and whenever he’s texting you, there’s this sweet smile on his face or he’s trying his best to suppress a giggle. At first, it wasn’t even a crush. You both had hit it off so well that you became best friends like a day after you two met.

He sometimes got a little distant when you were around because he was either busy staring at you or he was trying to not be busy staring at you. You probably weren’t even oblivious to the fact that he had a crush on you, but you weren’t going to tell him that. The members knew too, but let Youngjae think it wasn’t obvious that he liked you.

(Seriously, it’s so obvious. He clutches his chest subconsciously whenever you smile at him.)

There would be a few little brushes of his fingers against your arm or back if he was brave enough, but his legs would feel weak if you ever initiated a hug or held onto his bicep.

He would confess the same way Jackson did and you would laugh because you waited nearly a month for him to tell you his true feelings.


Originally posted by seoulostboys

I think he’d be pretty proud of himself for falling for a girl like you. You’re not only cute, but extremely funny and your laugh is somehow the cutest thing in the world??

He definitely likes it when you wear pastel colours, but is most fond with your comfortable look. Your clothes look so soft, you could probably use them as pillows or blankets as a substitute.

Bam Bam would still be a little shy around you, but would frequently make more ridiculous jokes just to hear your laugh. His smile would be extra wide and he would even laugh with you. He also noticed that you laugh harder and really bad jokes so he throws those in a few times so that he can watch you slap your knee and clutch your stomach.

He teases you a lot more just because he can and you’re really cute when you get flustered, so.

After he’s done being shy around you (for two days), he would confess right away and hope for the best.


Originally posted by chattyang

O’ so very shy this boy. He was very comfortable with you at first, occasionally wrapping his arm around your shoulders or ruffling your hair, but when he started to see you as more than a friend, he touched you less and covered his face with his hands whenever you gave him a charming smile.

He giggled shyly if you ever initiated a hug or said something dorky. He stares a few seconds too long when he witnesses you smiling or doing something that you love to do and he lowkey loves it when you play with his fingers.

He’s super tall too so !! height difference is cute (unless you’re not that much shorter than him or you’re taller) but still height difference is cute because when is it not cute. I think he would accept that fact that he likes you fairly quickly and would go back to his normal self where he gives you surprise back hugs and pinches to the cheek,

He would tease you by hooking his chin on top of your head to make himself taller (really it’s just a silly excuse for him to be vERY close to you, slow down speed racer).

He probably confessed a week after he realized he liked you, and he just hoped that you liked him back even if you started liking him a day or months ago.

i was ready to come here and gush about yoonmin in ep 3 of bon voyage 2. like how they sat next to one another in the van and then how they were walking together on the hiking trail leading the group. then once again by each other in the van sharing looks (i swear jimin prob had his hand on yoongis leg). 

then when they were ordering food yoongi told jimin to say “to go” (always wanting to help him) and jiminie..this cutie remembered to say it(seriously the whole part about him ordering food had me SOFT) and i thought okay ive had enough yoonmin surely the rest of the ep will be dry BUT NO they still sat next to each other after getting their food. and then they went to the rocks yoongi did that thing where he rushes to catch up with jimin…

then THEN they’re talking about goals for the year and jimin wants to sing better and everyone is praising him saying he should release a solo and yoongi min fucking yoongi comes and says “he promised to be in a unit with me” exCUSE me sir?! literally me and jimin had the same reaction “he’s been saying that for 2 years” but like what made him say this like sir, SIR.

guys im not done. then they were eating at the picnic area or something and yoonmin were across from one another and they were going to do the cute bon voyage thing and yoongi was like “jiminie should do it last” before anyone could speak and i - guyyyyysssssssss.

listen you know im not done. but they get to this new house (i didn’t even realize they were going to a new house but okay) they’re just picking roommates and im like wait omfg omfg oMFG and off jin and hobi go and then … THEN we have yoongi and he’s like okay i get a room and then jimin and and AND OMFG they’re roomed together but they’re so CHILL about it. no jumping around just kind of like okay good this is great. (me on the other hand im having a heart attack) 

then they’re in bed together. and they’re facing each other and soft. yoongi is already asleep and there are pillows between them and wine on the night stand (yoongi bought it didn’t he that sly dog) but frfr guys GUYS .. 

they were prob talking about their day even though they were together the whole time and yoongi was trying to stay awake but he was so tired he fell asleep while jimin was talking and before they could get to the wine. and jimin just waits until he can get up and turn off the light and…yoongi is the little spoon okay!

sorry this was long and messy and prob out of order and i might be missing stuff but im emotional and in love with their love and how soft they are for each other and subtle and just beautiful . like i came here ready to talk about one thing then two things but i ended up having so much to say and then yoonmin shared a bed!?! write it down ep 3 is gold. guys i just… wow.

It’s almost the end of Alyanette April and I hadn’t done anything??? Anyway they’re married now

Moonsun Claustrophobia AU

i tried ok

rated: T for language? and uh awkward children

  • kinda hostile towards one another after first meeting
  • byulyi is a new employee and yongsun is (attracted) so she decides to be nice and holds the lift door open for byulyi but byulyi gives her this sneering look that makes yongsun fell like she’s been scalded
  • takes the stairs instead and doesn’t even talk to yongsun for the rest of the day
  • yongsun decides that she hates her (she doesn’t actually but she doesn’t tell anyone that, not even herself)
  • they have banter
  • wheein calls it ‘sexual tension’, yongsun calls it murderous intent.

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incandescentlysilver  asked:

Hi there, I've noticed a lot of the booklr blogs I follow have been inactive for a while now :( if it's not too much trouble, could you recommend some of your fav blogs to follow?

I feel you my friend! Lots of people have disappeared over time, but there are still plenty of lovely blogs out there! <3


Good lordy I should really alphabetize this or something but instead you just get this messy ass list, I’m so sorry everyone lmao if I got anyone’s gender pronouns wrong I AM SO SORRY i wasn’t entirely sure and not everyone has them listed, or I may have just messed up, just let me know and tell me I’m awkward.

anonymous asked:

Hi! So I absolutely love your writing style, and I really wanted to alter mine to seem more neat, and yours fits perfectly to my expectations! I was wondering, if you could write the alphabet (capitals and lowers) with numbers (from 0-10 as an example) so I could finally have neater writing. If you don't feel comfortable with this it's okay! Just delete this ask :). Thank you in advance if you do this!

hey there! thanks so much for this cute message!

and yeah sure, i’ve done a handwriting sample for you below. lots of people have been requesting this so here it is :)

p.s. i’m sorry if it’s a lil messy - i was rushing it a little bit and my hand was weirdly shaky lmao. 

p.p.s. pen used: pilot g2 0.5mm, highlighter: dark blue mildliner


Done with the artbook pieces, a self-rewarding quick doodle for me :’) Choi twins Mafia AU! If I’m not mistaken I’ve read on @promiscuous-jalapeno ‘s writings that Seven always carry guns everywhere plus wearing a hat. So why not make Saeran to double the fun <3 (Gonna draw a serious piece of them, kinda similar to this pose on my personal artbook later)

Sorry for the messy quality and if it’s not exactly like your writings bby ; v ; It just crossed my mind that I want to draw something after finishing the artbook piece. Gonna post the preview of kagehina piece + some of coloring tutorial which will be included in the artbook = v = /

Off to bed we go. Omg I can sleep at 2 AM this is a miracle :’)

Oh and before I forgot, I’ve reached 444 followers on IG;; Thank you guys!! *tumblr and IG huggies* I’m opening an art raffle soon, so be sure to check my updates on instagram 

Never mind

Synopsis: Peter wants to ask you to the dance, but can never quite finish what he has to say. 

Words: 1.8K 

Warnings: Nothing! This is quite fluffy :) 

A/N: Hey! This is my first fic so please excuse how messy it is! I just kind of came up with the idea for this suddenly and just rolled with it. Hopefully, it isn’t too bad :/. Any feedback would be much appreciated! And if you actually like my writing then I’ll be taking requests :)

“So- I was wondering- if you’d- well- maybe- uh gotothedancewithme?”  

“I’m sorry what was that Peter?” You said as you looked up from your phone. “Michelle was just sending me pictures of her biology notes.”  

Peter sighed and shook his head.

“Don’t worry about it (Y/N).” He mumbled and quickly away from your locker.  

You looked at him walking away, confused. For the past few days, Peter had been talking to you at the strangest of times.  

Firstly, in History on Monday he leaned over and whispered something in your ear. You had only caught a few words so you had turned around and asked him to repeat what he said. He just shook his head. You shrugged it off and turned back around.  

Next, on Tuesday, you were in Gym class playing dodge ball. Whilst trying to avoid flash’s deadly throws Peter had wandered up behind you.  

“Hey (Y/N) can I ask you something?”  

“You just did.” You said, smiling. “But anyway what’s up?”  

“I was wondering if I- well if you would- only if you want to-” Peter began.  

“HEADS UP!”   

Your hand reached up to your head automatically at the memory. Flash really needs to learn how to throw softer.  

 “Oh my goodness (Y/N)! Are you alright?” Peter exclaimed, hands reaching up to your face.  

“I’m fine, I’m fine Peter.” You replied, walking away to sit on the bench.  

“Are you sure? I feel like Flash meant that for me.” Peter said.  

“Peter don’t worry about it. I’ll be fine!” You assured him.  

You sat down on the bench and Peter sat beside you. His hand reached up and touched your cheek lightly. You looked at him and smiled.  

“What were you saying before Peter?” You asked.  

“Oh right! I was going to ask-”  


Peter sighed and got up and walked back into the game. You wondered what he was going to say when a sharp pain shot through your head and you forgot about Peter for the moment.  

Peter’s sweet words and acts always surprised you. You had been friends since the start of high school and he had been nothing but kind to you. You never argued with him, never got annoyed by him. He was the one you could go to with any problem. And recently he was making your heart flutter. Over the past few weeks, Peter’s touch always caused your cheeks to turn a light shade of red. Whenever you heard his voice you look up automatically in order to find him. His laugh was one of the sweetest things you’d ever heard. Oh, and those eyes. You could just lose yourself in them.  

The bell rang and you were pulled out of your thoughts. You walked down to Chemistry. The class that Peter had tried to ask you something once again.  

Yesterday, on Wednesday afternoon, Peter had partnered up with you in Chemistry to complete the experiment your teacher had set. It was a particularly complicated experiment and you were glad Peter had paired up with you as he was much better at Chemistry than you.  

Halfway through the experiment whilst you were holding a beaker of some kind of dangerous chemical, Peter leaned over and attempted to ask you something once more.  

“Could you have me that beaker you’re holding (Y/N)?”  

“Sure thing Peter. What even is our end goal here?” You asked in a confused voice.  

“Well once I get the right amount of Hydrochloric acid to add to this sodium hydroxide solution, I’ll be able to neutralise the mixture. Cause you know, the hydrogen ions will join with the hydroxide ions to produce water.”  Peter stated confidently.  

You raised an eyebrow and smirked. This boy was way too smart and he knew it.  

“Right… I’m just going to let you stay in charge of this experiment Einstein.” You said.  

Peter blushed and quickly turned back to the experiment to pour the contents of your beaker into the one on the table. The blue mixture turned green which indicated that the experiment had worked. You knew that at least.  

“Well done you two! The first pair done!” Your chemistry teacher said as she walked by your table.  

“I have to say that it was mostly Peter Miss. I’m just his glamorous assistant!” You replied.  

Your teacher chuckled before walking over to the next table. You looked over to Peter to find him already staring. Now it was your turn to blush.  

“What’s up Peter?” You asked quietly.  

“I- um- I’ve been trying to ask for a while but now seems like to the perfect time to ask.” Peter whispered, looking down at his shoes.  

You placed your finger underneath his chin and lifted his head up to he was looking at you properly. He opened his mouth to speak before being interrupted by the sound of smashing glass from across the classroom. You both turned to see Flash and Ned standing in front of your teacher, having some sort of disagreement over whose fault it was. You rolled your eyes and turned back to Peter.  

“What were you saying, Peter?”  

“Nevermind.” He muttered. “I’m going to go help Ned clear up the mess.”  

Peter walked away from you and over to Ned, who had unfortunately been the one your teacher had deemed responsible for the accident.   

You sighed. Now you could only think of the possibilities of what Peter wanted to ask you. Clearly, something important if he kept trying to ask you. Last night your imagination had created so many scenarios of what it could be. You had woken up this Thursday morning from a dream of Peter asking you to homecoming. You shook your head at the thought of the dream. Despite the fact that you would happily accept his offer you were sure Peter only saw you as a friend.  He was probably going to ask you to help him create a plan to ask Liz Allen or Michelle to homecoming.  You thought of asking Ned about what Peter keeps trying to ask you. He probably knows.  

As you approached the Chemistry classroom you saw Ned walking up to the classroom as well. You rushed forward and tapped him on the shoulder.  

“Oh hey (Y/N)!” Ned greeted you.  

“Hey Ned. I was wondering if I could ask you something about Peter?” You said.  

“Sure go ahead.” Ned answered, a slightly puzzled look on his face.  

“Well since Monday, Peter has been trying to ask me a question. But I don’t know what that question is because whenever he tries to say it to me something happens and he never finishes what he was going to say.” You explained. “So, I was wondering if you knew what he going to say so I could just give him an answer  when I next see him?”  

“Oh yeah, he wants to know if you’ll go to homecoming with him.” Ned replied casually.  

“WHAT?!” You exclaimed.  

Ned’s eyes widened suddenly, realising what he had just said. You felt your face turning red. Peter wanted to take you to homecoming? He actually wanted to take you? You took a deep breath and looked at Ned, who was looking at you nervously.  

“I was not meant to say that. Please do not tell Peter I told you that!” Ned blurted out.  

“Tell me what?”  

You and Ned both looked around and saw Peter standing beside you a confused look upon his face. You turned around instantly and rushed into the classroom. What on earth were you going to say to him now that you knew what he wanted to ask you? If he wants to take you to homecoming… does that mean he likes you? You sat down in your place and rubbed your temples. This was way too much to take in.  

You froze as you felt Peter take his place next to you. You pretended to be looking down at some random notes in your chemistry book.  

“Are those notes really that interesting?” You heard Peter ask jokingly.  

You shook your head, not looking up. Peter sighed. He needed to ask you to homecoming before the day ends. He had tried to ask you this morning but you hadn’t heard him once again. Something always happened or got in the way of him asking you. He wanted to take you so badly. It could be the night that he asks you to be his girlfriend. Peter had wanted you to be his since the day of decathlon nationals. Neither of you could sleep the night before the day of the competition, so you decided to take a midnight swim in the hotel pool. That night was one of the best moments in his life. From the moment you walked out of your hotel room in a deep purple swimsuit that accentuated your body in all the right places he hadn’t been able to look at you without the feeling of butterflies in his stomach. He remembered when you had been too scared to let go of the edge of the pool at the deeper end, so he placed his hands around your waist and held you close as you floated in the pool. Peter replayed that moment in his head more than enough times. He wanted to hold you that close again. He had to hold you that close again.  


“What is it (Y/N)?” Peter asked, turning to you.  

“My answer is yes.” You said, your cheeks heating up.  

“Huh?” Peter looked at you with a puzzled expression. “What do you mean?”  

“The question you’ve been trying to ask me over the past couple of days. My answer is yes.”  

Peter’s face turned as red as you imagined yours currently was. His mouth hung open slightly and his eyes were wide. You smiled sweetly at him, hoping that he hadn’t changed his mind about taking you to homecoming.  

“How did you-” Peter began.  

“Ned. You know he can’t keep a secret.” You interrupted him, laughing lightly.  

“I don’t know whether to thank him or punch him right now.” Peter glared over at Ned who was currently having some sort of heated discussion with Flash, whilst Michelle filmed it.  

“I- uh-  hope the offer is still available.” You said.  

Peter turned back to you, a huge grin on his face. He grabbed your hand and brought it to his lips. Peter kissed your hand gently and you felt your face heat up. You lowered your hand down from Peter’s face and leaned in slowly. Peter froze, as you pressed your lips against his. Peter’s eyes were wide but they quickly closed as he felt your start to pull away. He placed his hand on your neck and held you in your place. You tasted a mixture of peppermint and apple on Peter’s lips whilst his free hand made its way to your waist. He pulled away and rested his forehead against yours.  

“The offer is definitely still available.”