they’re worried about their boyfriends and passing their English exams while I realize that one day my skin will decay and my bones will turn to dust and sometime in the future, I will never have existed. one day, I will never be a thought or a memory, and just a name on a worn down headstone, and I believe that’s why humans decide to be cremated so they turn into a beautiful tree and not an empty soul.
—  And I agree because I’d rather wake up dead in the forest than dead six feet underground.

I love you,” she whispers, “but I don’t think you feel the same. Do you?”

There’s a long silence, and he appears to be thinking about it.

“I’m sure,” she says, her tone carefully measured so it doesn’t crack, “I’m sure that if you have to think about it, you don’t. So I believe we’re both wasting our time here.”

She turns to leave.

“Wait,” he says, his voice hoarse.

“Maybe I could love you eventually. Maybe we could be happy.”

She looks back at him, shaking her head.

“I can’t live my life on maybes, and you shouldn’t either.”

The door closes quietly behind her.
—  I can’t live my life on maybes.

Man, I know that Shiro and Allura have kind of been adopted as the space parents of Voltron, but god I really want them to have an awkward, over the top, cheesy, young love, messy whirlwind romance kind of start to their relationship. 

I’m talking like, frantic and sorta sloppy makeout sessions in a closet that they hid in when they heard someone coming down the hall. Why did they hide? Everyone knows they’re together? They weren’t even doing anything more than walking down the hall holding hands? Who knows, but Allura drags him into the closet and she’s giggling like a maniac and Shiro joins in even though neither of them know what they’re laughing at. They laugh against each other’s lips when they start making out, and it’s a fucking mess. They end up on the floor in a tangle of limbs. It’s dark. They’re giggling at nothing. When they walk out of the closet ten minutes later, Allura’s hair is a mess and Shiro has hickeys on his neck and collarbone. 

I want the two of them going on a shitty first date. Like they take a day and go to some planet that she remembers being beautiful from her childhood, but they get there and it turns out it’s the rainy season! The rain is not rain, it smells horrible and stains their clothes. They don’t want to go back to the castle and cut the day short, so they peel their clothes off and spend the day in their underwear in their little ship. They sit in each other’s laps and tell each other embarrassing stories about their childhood, get each other off, nap, go home. It’s technically a horrible date but they have an amazing time. It was just fun.

The two of them secretly holding hands under the table and teasing each other by suggestively touching the inside of the other’s thigh, and then having to bite back a laugh at their reaction. I want them to have stupid, ridiculous and raucous arguments that are essentially about nothing, and for them to tearfully make up even though they can hardly remember why they were mad? Who cares, they’re making out again. The team is sick of walking in on them making out. The team has to make rules. They consider an intervention for a bit, but then they figure that they aren’t hurting anyone, and they’re just glad the two of them are happy.

Them teasing each other relentlessly! Snarking at each other! Remember in episode ten when Shiro sassed her for firing her weapon the wrong way? More of that please. Teasing and playfully giving each other a hard time, please and thank you. 

I mean, I want them to have a serious, well established relationship too, like I really do. I want to see them fall in love and have tender moments together, moments where they have to be responsible and it’s not always easy. However, I’ve seen so much content where their relationship is built on them looking after the rest of the team, which is cool, I’m not saying that’s bad at all… but I also really want to see them having fun together. I want to see them being young and carefree and in love, being stupid and making stupid choices but it all turning out okay in the end. I want them to be giddy with how hard and fast they’re falling for each other, to the point where they hardly feel like themselves, but they are themselves. They’re just happy. Maybe they almost forgot what that feels like, but they remind themselves by touching and kissing and drinking each other in. This is what it’s like to be happy.

They just have so much baggage and responsibility weighing down on them all the time… I’d love to see them be able to loosen up and find peace with each other. They really, really deserve it.

Title: The Life and Times of an Alien

Author: kittytbh

Pairing: Harry/Louis

Where: ao3

Word Count: currently 1.7k

Rating: Explicit

Status: Complete but being released as weekly chapters

Summary: “Where you from then, Harry? Your accent is kinda funny. You talk real formal-like. Not anythin’ I’ve ever heard in real life.” Louis hops up onto the kitchen island and leaves his legs slightly spread. Harry can’t bear to lie to this amazing creature so he forces himself to maintain steady eye contact as he blurts, “I’m from out of this world.” Louis waits a moment before bursting into a fit of giggles, dainty paw covering his sharp little teeth.

Or the one where Harry’s an alien and thinks Louis is the leader of his kind. Louis just thinks Harry’s cute.

Thank you to @meggrins for the aesthetic post

headcanon that hinata does a tiny dance every time he catches a pokemon.

and so after a long weekend playing pokemon go with hinata, kenma returns to tokyo. as he and kuroo are walking around in the city, kenma catches his first pokemon since coming back home. kuroo freezes when he sees kenma do a tiny dance, and then kenma freezes when he sees that kuroo noticed.

1. you’re not gone and yet I already miss you
2. everyone’s telling me to live in the moment but the future is looming and it’s only getting closer
3. I can feel you starting to move on you haven’t said I love you in over 2 weeks when I say it you don’t reply
4. I can’t look farther ahead because I know you’ll be gone and I get a sick heavy feeling in my gut that doesn’t go away for hours
5. you haven’t said anything to me about it we haven’t ever had any serious conversations maybe neither of us is cut out for this
6. I’m starting to give up don’t let me give up once I’m gone I’m gone
7. I hate that we have an expiration date and I really wish we could figure this out but it might be too late what if it’s too late?
—  j.e.b. ((I can feel us crumbling can’t you see?))

Aaron puts his glass down on the table, reaching over to take Robert’s too. Robert’s thighs are tense where Aaron wraps his hands, drifting up, up.

“Thanks,” Robert says with a sigh, a dry hand dragging across his face. He looks tired and done; Aaron feels like the only thing anchoring him here.

“For what?”

“For… I donno, just bein’ here?” Aaron’s blunt nails dig in, and Robert covers them with his own. “If I was you I’d probably be enjoying seeing Andy go down for this.”


“I’m serious. He let you sit in a cell - he let me think that you’d tried to kill me - I -”

“He’s your brother,” Aaron says, seeing the doubt start to flicker in Robert’s eyes, the hurt. “And you and me, it’s not like we’re so innocent.”

Robert leans forward enough that Aaron can get a hand on his shoulder, in his collar. His fingers twist a little in Robert’s tie. “He wouldn’t - Andy’s not like me. He wouldn’t do this unless Lawrence had done something. He’s into vengeance not vindictiveness.”

“Then he didn’t do it,” Aaron says softly, a shrug of his shoulder. He’s not sure what he believes, or if it matters beyond whether Robert’s okay, so if it’s what he needs to hear then it’s what he’ll hear. “And you’ll help him. He’ll get through this.”

Robert’s smile is just soft, just small, but it’s tender and it curls warm in Aaron’s belly. He pulls Robert forward enough to kiss. Chaste. “Thanks,” Robert says again, and Aaron hears more than for being here. He hears for being you, being us, being with me.

“Look, I’ll be honest,” Aaron says, and their fingers are knitting together where Aaron still has a hand on Robert’s thigh. Heavy. “I’m gettin’ somethin’ outta this.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah. I’m gettin’ to see you in this bloody suit and tie. It’s mint, innit?”

Robert’s, “You’re a piece of work, you,” is lost in the pull of his tie and the catch of their lips and the hard, warm press of Aaron’s tongue in his mouth.

Eventually their laughter is left in their kissing and Robert’s tie is left on the floor.

Drunken Confessions - Part 3

Here’s the final part to my little drabble series! You can find part 1 here and part 2 here.

Once again, my eternal love and gratitude to @everlylark and @papofglencoe for their amazingness. :)

And thanks to everyone who read, liked, reblogged and took this fluffy little Everlark journey with me. I was shocked by the response and it gave me the motivation to keep writing. I have some ideas for future stories so stay tuned :)

Let me know what you thought of the final part!

Summary: When Katniss drunkenly confesses something to Peeta, he has to figure out what he will do with this information.

Peeta checked the lasagna in the oven before turning his attention to the French bread he had picked up that morning from his family’s bakery. He sat down at the counter and started to butter the bread. Given the mindlessness of the task, his mind started to wander to his plans for the evening. He was finally going to broach the subject of marriage with Katniss, possibly even ask her to marry him. It had been a week since her drunken confession, and tonight seemed like the perfect time to bring up the topic. She had spent the day with the girls getting their final fittings for Annie’s wedding next weekend. Hopefully, she wouldn’t be too burnt out on wedding talk. Okay, so maybe tonight wasn’t the best time after all. Maybe he should wait.

Peeta chastised himself for again second guessing his plan. Not that it was much of a plan, but he had to stop second guessing himself or Katniss was going to realize something was up. He had already been on edge for the past week—no need to prolong the torture. He need to just rip off the band-aid, so to speak, and ask her, or at the very least talk to her about it.

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anonymous asked:

what do you think will the seijou 3rd years study and/or what kind of jobs will they have?

  • Oikawa gets recruited for a top university on a volleyball scholarship but he still ends up getting a degree in business.
  • He figures that he’ll need a back-up plan in the case that he can’t go professional.
  • He can’t just depend on iwaizumi to take care of him until the day he dies although he knows that his best friend would.
  • He does end up going professional and even takes Japan to the olympics to win gold for the first time since 1972.
  • Oikawa never really makes any use of his business degree despite inevitably injuring his knee in the finals of the match against France.
  • He takes a long break from volleyball to travel the world.
  • When he comes back the next year, Irihata meets him outside the gates of Aobajousai and asks him if he’ll take the position of head coach.
  • It’s weird when he comes to practice the next day because he was just in their places about ten years ago.
  • Iwaizumi doesn’t go to college.  Instead he takes a class for training as an EMT.
  • He bulks up his resume and volunteers for a fire station.
  • The fire department is incredibly impressed when he passes their agility test in less than 5 minutes.
  • Iwaizumi works 24 hours on and 48 hours off.  
  • Oikawa visits the station more often than he should to deliver lunch.  All the other guys are envious of how pretty his boyfriend is.
  • Iwaizumi tells them to shut up but never denies it.
  • Matsukawa finds that he has an innate talent for writing, so he goes to college for creative writing in a Tokyo university.
  • He writes Oikawa and Iwaizumi’s “love story” on a whim to hand in as an assignment with the theme of “Unconventional Love Story”.
  • His professor is so invested that he asks for a continuation.
  • Matsukawa has to skype the two of them to ask for permission to continue writing.  Oikawa laughs at him for a solid five minutes while Iwaizumi is just so done.  But they tell him to go for it and to change their names because Oikawa’s kind of a big deal.
  • His final thesis is a printed copy of the love story he’s spent the last 4 years writing on google docs.  The first people he sends a copy to are the subjects of his book.
  • His book becomes a New York Times bestseller a week after it comes out.
  • It’s barely a year when he gets an e-mail forwarded to him by his editor from a indie movie director named Ennoshita Chikara.
  • Hanamaki majors in food science and takes on a part-time job at a bakery.
  • He and Matsukawa move in together.
  • He creates an endless stream of food to fuel the latter through his writer’s block on the months that Iwaizumi and Oikawa become super domestic.
  • He’s 27 when he finally opens a bakery that responsibly sources their ingredients and does all of their baking on the spot.
  • For the first couple of years he doesn’t get enough sleep.  He’s passes out at midnight and is in the kitchen by 4 am to bake.
  • He doesn’t really mind it though because Matsukawa does his best writing tucked in the corner at one of the tables all day.
BTS as Bodyguards

What would they be like as your bodyguards?

Jin – Physically he’d be perfect. Strong, broad-shouldered, keen eye. He’d put every effort into training and developing his skills. And there would be times he’d be deadly serious. But surprisingly there would be the other side of the coin when he’d be kind of goofy and you’d wonder how he could literally range to both sides of the spectrum. But it’d be charming that he was able to not let the job be his whole personality. Crushing on you he’d talk to you about various interests. Then if the stuff hit the fan he’d flip a switch and be scarily efficient, his whole focus on keeping you safe. After the dust settled he’d ask if you wanted to try his favorite snack.

Suga – Lazy does not apply to this man. However conservation of energy does. He’d watch everything around you, kind of like a lion overlooking the Serengeti. The slightest thing out of order would catch his attention. Yoongi wouldn’t react to every misplaced sound or sight, but he would be aware. If a threat did show itself, he’s not the type to handle it with half measures. Quite frankly he would unleash hell on their ass. He wouldn’t stop until the threat was decimated and there wouldn’t be enough left to bother you a second time. Even though he loves you deeply, he’d never reveal it through words. He’d express his love by being the best guard he could be and not letting anything hurt you.   

J-Hope – Despite his caring heart he’d have a ruthless streak when confronted with a threat toward you. He’s a very, very protective and loyal individual. He would have no problem taking the hit for you, sacrificing himself. Hobi has the heart, desire, and passion for the job. But he startles easily so having him carry a gun wouldn’t be the wisest choice. He would be super good at martial arts though. So the solution would be to have him as your last line of defense. Other guards may be assigned to protect the room or building but Hoseok would literally guard your body. Deeply in love he’d pine for you from afar, though he’d try to stop. If you wound up together he’d love and protect you fiercely because you are his world.

Rap Monster – Possessing a brilliant tactical mind, he’d be the perfect head of security. Imbued with an authoritative presence the other guards would naturally follow his lead. He’d be friendly most of the time but everyone on his detail needs to give one hundred percent. He would not tolerate half-hearted efforts when it’s your life on the line. As far as physically protecting you, he’d definitely step in but wouldn’t be the greatest fighter. His motor skills are a bit lacking. Despite his confident air he’d be shy about confessing. And the longer he waits the more awkward he would get. But he’d tell you eventually as he wouldn’t be able to hold his feelings in forever.  

Jimin – Although he is sugar sweet to you, when he switches to bodyguard mode he’s a force to be reckoned with. Athletic and strong it’d be hard for anything to get past him. Your safety would be on his mind all the time. If he wasn’t guarding you, he’d be training to improve his skills. But you wouldn’t know how hard he pushed himself because he wouldn’t tell you and he’d always have a smile. Once you found out and confronted him, he’d tell you hesitantly he couldn’t help himself because he loves you. It’d be a sad confession because he’d think you’d replace him. If you didn’t he’d be so happy he’d glow. You’d have to remind him about keeping up appearances in public and not get too affectionate. But he’d remain focused on your safety because if anything happened to you it’d kill him.  

Taehyung – I love TaeTae. But he would be the worst bodyguard ever. Although he’s intelligent and has a brave heart, he gets distracted easily. He wouldn’t have the focus necessary to continually scan his surroundings looking for danger without pausing to watch a moth that had entered the room. So he may start as one of the guards in training not handling anything strategic. Basically there as a warm body. You’d notice he was different from the others. Asking the lead guard about Tae you’d learn he was a great guy but not bodyguard material. You’d ask for a transfer to something more suited to him. But he’d end up surprising everyone when he happened to be there during an attack and risked his life for yours. He’d be the kind to not really notice you that way until he saved your life. But once he did, he’d be a gonner.  

Jungkook – He is a shy bun. But he is also strong, passionate, and dedicated. His life as a bodyguard might be a little rough in the beginning. But he’s a quick learner and would soak everything in like a sponge, quickly becoming one of the best. There might be times when a situation confuses him, but once he knows you’re in trouble he’d give his all. Anything coming for you would have to go through him first. It wouldn’t be long before he started gaining confidence in his abilities and get a little cocky. As for falling in love, he’d be sort of star struck by you. It wouldn’t matter how confident he became, confessing to you would be too difficult and he’d keep his feelings to himself.  ​

Apology to myself

I’ve called you horrible names, degraded your body and trained your mind to see every mirror as an enemy and I’m sorry. I’m sorry for always putting others before you; especially the ones that didn’t deserve your time. I seem to be falling in love with everyone else to avoid loving you but that’s all I’ve ever needed to do and I’m sorry it took me so long to realize this.

can you feel it right now? (11/?)

summary: When Emma Swan agrees to let her annoying neighbor Killian Jones join her to go to the grocery store, the last thing she could have ever anticipated is becoming his wife over the course of a conversation with some people from his past. (based off of this prompt: you asked me to the store with you and your child, and now my distant relative we met thinks i’m married with a baby)

word count: ~5200

also found on:, ao3

catch up here: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten


Emma’s only goal for the party at Granny’s is to not lose her head. She and Killian have gotten a little bit closer over the past day, despite a hiccup or two causing some minor setbacks, and while tonight should be relatively fun, she’s already anticipating at least some uncomfortable shifting.

Emma sits on the bed upstairs at the loft with Henry on the bed. He’s playing with one of his toys and chattering with her as she psychs herself up for tonight’s study in patience and acting for all of Killian’s friends and family.

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Blanche headcanons

I headcanon that Blanche’s pronouns are they/them and she/her. I used “they/them” in this post.

Blanche draws like a little kid. Their drawings aren’t that good and look adorably childish as if a child had drawn them. They are not artistically inclined, despite how people may imagine them.

Blanche isn’t good with needles, in fact they have a fear of them and they make them really squeamish.

Blanche does yoga, and as a result they have an impeccable sense of balance. They are very stable and hardly ever clumsy.

Whenever Blanche tells a joke, it’s usually a very bad one. Candela finds Blanche’s jokes “cute” however. Blanche actually does feel insecure about their lack of a “sense of humor”

Blanche clings to things when sleeping. In their sleep, Blanche tends to cuddle whatever is nearest to them, be it the pillow, or Candela or Spark.

Blanche has an immense vocabulary and often uses words in daily conversation that stump people. However, if you ask them what a word means, they will kindly explain it to you.

Blanche generally has a very cool, collected and unflappable demeanor. They are always calm under pressure and usually is the one analyzing the situation to a problem.

Blanche is very devoted to studying and research, therefore they are very book-smart and wise.

Blanche is also a kind of person who’s always ready to take action.

Even though Blanche may seem dauntingly fearless when it comes to things that can physically harm them, they can be timid when it comes to specific emotion-related things such as failure and negative attention.

Blanche cannot handle any sort of spicy food and doesn’t want to admit it.

In fact, Blanche feels uncomfortable mentioning any of their weaknesses or doing anything that would make them look less than professional. However, this is not due to them being egotistical, as Blanche does have a modest side. They hide their quirks simply because they don’t like attention and is easily embarrassed.

Deep inside, Blanche secretly wishes they could be more outgoing, more charismatic, like their friends Candela and Spark… Doing so is very hard for them.

Blanche DOES wear a diving suit under their clothes, and is usually the one member of the crew who is comfortable swimming out to the water to catch Pokemon. They are a strong swimmer and loves the water.

Blanche is very protective over their teammates, even if they have trouble expressing their emotions.

Blanche might seem unemotional, but inside they are in fact sensitive when it comes to things such as failure or things not going to plan. They are also very empathetic when it comes to people who are close to them.

Only Candela and Spark have ever seen Blanche cry; they refuse to even shed a tear in front of people they aren’t extremely close with.

Candela and Blanche once had a rivalry, but thanks to Spark being a peacemaker who suggested the two to get along, all three of them are best friends, as close as family.

Blanche’s two friends Candela and Spark mean the world to her. They are always there for her, and make up for the weaknesses Blanche does have, such as not being very charismatic.

Blanche does not have a problem with stage fright when it’s just speaking. However, they are very scared of performing in front of any sized audience.

Blanche is very shy and unsure what to do when in love. Even though they aren’t the type to get flustered and lose their cool demeanor, it’s exactly how they act when they feel in love with someone.

Wild Eyes

Pairing: Jon Snow x Reader

A/N: You can read the rest of my stories here!! 

Request: “do you think you can do a Jon x reader where she grew up with the Starks and confesses her feelings to Jon but he rejects her and was just really mean about it then later realizes he is in love with her till after the battle of the bastards”?

Prompt: You’re in love with Jon, but Jon is too wrapped up in his woes about being a bastard to actually take you seriously when you confess your feelings. Both of you go your separate ways, him to Castle Black and you to White Harbor to be married off to some heir to another great house. 

Jon Snow wasn’t someone girls usually drooled over. He was too quiet, he rarely smiled, and he was a bastard. Girls did not look at him the way they looked at Robb; all wide eyed and flushed. Jon Snow wasn’t someone you wanted to fall in love with, but you did anyways. 

He was the complete opposite of you. His reservation complimented your extensive wildness. Septa Mordane always said people only knew your name because they could hear her shouting it all the time during classes. And when Arya started disobeying just as much as you did, she started calling her your little shadow. It wasn’t like she was wrong about that, Arya followed you everywhere. Both of you always seemed to sneak off during needlework lessons and hide out and today was no different. 

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the air dances with the leaves
swinging branches
swaying softly

suspended in place
until gravity takes hold
the waltz ends with a curt bow

a curtsy to the ground
the branch bends and then breaks
making its mark on the soil from

where it was first planted
new life emerges from the ground
and reaches for the blue

using oxygen as a ladder
until the music begins
and the wind spins

breaking free its leaves
and watching them float
gently to the ground

—  Leigh, day 311

      They certainly don’t know humans.

They don’t know that Medea cried
while staring at her hands stained
with the blood of her children.

They don’t know the emptiness of Hercules
that carved a home in his chest that he carried
with him into immortality

They don’t know how Oedipus wished
he’d been born deaf and never heard
whispers of the word fate.

They don’t know that Achilles longed
to rip the divinity from his flesh if it
destroyed his destiny for greatness
and preserved his heart.

They don’t know how Helen missed
her daughter, or how she longed
for a home she never found
in Sparta or Troy.

They don’t know that Daedalus wishes
Athena had robbed him of his wits,
maybe then his son would have lived.

They don’t know the ghosts that drift around Cassandra,
who wonders if all of it could have been avoided
if only she could have loved a God.

They don’t know that Orpheus
would have traded places with Eurydice
if only to give her the gift of sunlight.
He thinks he could have charmed the dead
with his verse.

No, my dear, the Gods don’t know humans.

—  the Gods don’t know tragedy // L.H.Z

5-seconds-of-magcon-sausage  asked:

Hey Emma😂 I wanted to request number 8 of the prompt list you just reblogged with Peter Maximoff!! Lmao I read your tag and was like "you know it gurl" 😂❤️

Hello. This kinda sucks, sorry. 😂💖Also, I couldn’t find a Peter gif that would make sense, so I used a Kit Walker one. 😂

“It’s you and me against the world.” “Always.”

Peter and Y/N were from two different worlds; Peter was a mutant and Y/N was normal, human. They lived in a time when Peter’s race was considered the enemy of the eyes of Y/N’s race.

Due to this, the pair had to keep their relationship secret, Peter would often run from the mansion to her house at 3am just to be able to see Y/N. This put an obvious strain on their relationship.

They’d spend hours arguing, screaming matches that would leave their throats sore and eyes red. Peter wanted them to be public, he wanted people to know about their relationship whereas Y/N feared how her parents and friends would react.

“You care more about what others think than you do about this relationship. We can’t stay hidden forever, Y/N.” Peter hissed, tugging at the ends of his silver hair in frustration. He sped around the room, trying to calm himself down.

“Peter, stop! You’re causing a mess.” Papers were scattered everywhere and books were knocked onto the floor. “Peter, I don’t want them to take you away from me. They still think you’re some kind of monster.” Y/N whimpered, tears flowing down her cheeks.

Peter skidded to a halt, metres away from Y/N. His brown eyes bloodshot and red from tears, his nose running slightly. His hair was all over the place from constantly running his fingers through.

“Do you think I’m a monster?” Peter asked, eyes squeezing shut in fear of the answer.

“No, Peter, you aren’t a monster.”

“Then let’s tell everyone, if they say we can’t be together th-they can get stuffed. All I need is you, Y/N. You’re the reason I wake up every morning, I don’t need anything else.”

Y/N hesitantly stepped towards him, her nimble fingers weaving their way between his. She looked down out their joined fingers, smiling faintly.

“It’s you and me against the world…” Y/N whispered.

“Always.The world is wrong.”

Y/N looked up at him, the smile still etched on her face. She saw the adoration and love in Peter’s eyes that was for her.

She gulped, inwardly arguing with herself. Her heart said they should tell the world, Peter was right they should get stuffed. However her mind told her to keep it a secret, just until people were understanding of their relationship.

She nodded her head, telling Peter all he needed. His chocolate eyes filled with tears, this time happy tears.

“I won’t let them keep us apart.” Peter promised, cupping her chin. “Even the gods couldn’t keep us apart.”

Peter leaned down, capturing her lips in his own. The kiss was full of passion, love and fear.

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You're An Opening Act on SLFL and You Fall In Love - Ashton Irwin

requested: yes by @alltimelow12354

summary: you’re an opening solo act on slfl and fall in love with ash

triggers: none

writer: caitlin

word count: tba

a/n: hi guys (: so I have a few more requests that I will be writing and hopefully posting later on tonight. I don’t have my laptop with me so I won’t be able to link and update the masterlist until tomorrow night. thanks so much for reading xx ps: sorry for any mistakes

You step off the stage tiredly, a huge smile on your face despite the exhaustion. You had just played Madison Square Garden, after all. And you were immensely proud of yourself and of the band you were opening for.

When your manager told you that you would be opening for 5sos on their Sounds Live Feels Live Tour, you nearly burst with excitement. Not only was this your first tour, but you were a huge fan of the guys and their music had been a big part of why you were a musician yourself.

Waving to the huge mass of people, you step away from the stage. Heading back to your dressing room, you pass the four boys preparing for their set.

“Nice job out there, y/n!”

Ashton calls out to you, and you blush, knowing how sweaty and gross you must’ve looked,


You mumble, before closing your dressing room door and literally face palming.

“Really y/n?” You mumbled, “‘thanks’?”

Grabbing a water from the mini fridge, you downed it and got changed into comfy clothes.

You chill for a bit, checking twitter and snacking on some m&m’s until 5sos’ set was finished.

You scrolled through various tweets, congratulating you on such a good set and how good of a time they had.

But a particular tweet caught your eye.

@y/nandasharesunshine omg @y/t/n and @ashton5sos are so cute together #ishipit

You grin, clicking the hashtag of both your names and scrolling through, you were overwhelmed by how many fans shipped you both.

When you first met the 5sos guys, Michael was the one you felt most comfortable with, he seemed to have a chill vibe about him and you both liked the same video games. After a while of touring, you became closer to the other three and that was when your crush on Ashton began to develop.

There was something about his happy-go-lucky, and cute demeanor that drew you in. On days off, you would all go for drives, playing music and joking around for hours. Ashton always knew which songs were your favorites and, being the main driver, made sure they were being played often.

He became your best friend. Unfortunately, that was all you would probably be to him.

Suddenly, a knock was heard on your dressing room door.

You opened the door to reveal a smirking Michael.

“Oh hey, Michael,”

“You wanna get dinner with us? Maybe meet us there?” He offers, shifting from one foot to the other.

You agree and he gives you directions to the nearest Wendy’s.

You tell your manager you’re leaving to grab food, and grab your car keys.

“Maybe you should take one of us with you,” A security guard calls out as you rush past.

“I’ll be okay,”

You run out to your car before he can protest, flicking on the radio and pulling out of the secret parking lot behind the arena.

Ten minutes later, you pull into Wendy’s and wait for the guys to show up.

Finally, a truck pulls up, and Ashton jumps out, walking towards your car.

“Hey, uh the guys couldn’t make it, I guess Luke wanted to go to a club or something…”

You bite your lip, you were about to have dinner alone with Ashton.

“Is that okay?”

You lick your lips, nodding, “I don’t mind.”

You both walk inside, him of course holding the door for you and paying after you both order your food.

A few hours later, you’re laying in the bed on the truck, looking up at the stars.

Your head was on Ash’s chest, his heartbeat being the only sound your ears heard.

“Do you believe in soulmates?”

You forced yourself to concentrate on his words, your mind spinning from the skin-to-skin contact and his warm breath in your ear.

“I do,” You gasp, “Everyone has one person, romantic or platonic, that they belong with.”

He hums, his hand brushing up against yours before interlocking your fingers together.

“Have you found yours yet?”

“No, but I have a feeling I will soon.”

Flush of Fate - Chapter 7

Ship: Nalu

Story Type: Multi chapter, humour (I hope)

Characters: Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Levy McGarden, Erza Scarlett

Summary: Have you ever been stuck in a room with someone you hate? Try being stuck in a bathroom with that person…while the party of the year is happening downstairs.

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