my wr


there was a time when all i wanted
was to smack that pretty smirk
off your face.

then was a time when it was
just you and me that we’ve got.
there was no choice but to
stick there by your side.

last came a time where i let you
lean on me.
when i lend you my shoulder and
you’d let me catch you when you fall.
when you became the first i turn to.


maybe we’re all three in the end.

but maybe,
just maybe,
we’re also more than that.
maybe our late night talks
and our nights spent together


has a hidden message behind it.
maybe with every lazy smirk,
every angry scowl,
and every uttered laugh,

there is a,
‘you’re the only one i got’.

maybe after the chapters end,
there’s an epilogue.

there comes a time where we realize
that when we look at the same stars
above us,
we see each other.

( not that i’d ever tell you if i did.
but you wouldn’t tell me either.

but i think, that somehow,
we both know anyway.

and that’s always more than enough. )

—  deny it all you want, but we will always know each other best // k.s.

life goes on, doesn’t it?
once upon a time we were the best of friends, but life goes on.

not every friendship ends in a feud or a bitter, ‘you left me.’

some friendships, like yours and mine, never truly ends but will never be the same again.

once upon a time we were the best of friends,
but now though i call you my friend and you call me yours,
it’s never going to be what it used to be.

it doesn’t hurt.
i’ve moved on, and so have you.
some friendships just aren’t meant to last forever, and i at least had the honor to be a person you called your best friend — even if just for a few years.

but not hurting does not mean not missing.
there are times when i tell myself that i think you miss me as much as i do, but why do either of us never reach out for each other?

is it because we know?
or is it because we’re scared?

some friendships, like yours and mine, remind me of ice in the arctic. we don’t melt but break apart.
you’re still my friend and i yours, but i haven’t had the time to go beyond, 'hi, how are you?“ in far too long.

you’ve changed, and so have i,
and that’s alright.

it doesn’t hurt, but there are many memories of our friendship that would only be the same if i share them with you.

maybe one day i’ll reach out again and revisit those days with you.

—  mind the gap; for it has gotten bigger than i last remember ( but the word ‘friend’ will always hang in there between us ) // k.s.