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bbh’s birthday countdown → 6 days ♡

the meaning of baekhyun
e is for the emotion on his face when he looks at his fans 
(also for the way he makes me emotional with the way he treats them)

my personal biggest takeaways from this event:

1. victor likes squishy yuuri on the off seasons (i havent stopped crying for hours)
2. victor’s solution to everything is to get naked (somehow in roundabout ways, it works)
3. they are…….. disgustingly in love with each other. i love them
4. “i could search the whole world, nobody is better than you”

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Give me apartment hcs. I live for that shit. Give us all apartment hcs. Give the people what they want amalas

Hip Hop Au - Random Fact

Iwaizumi lives in a cheap 2 store apartment complex where he rents a little one room apartment at the ground floor

It’s a more poor neighborhood placed on the border to downtown and the city’s “China Town” (which is a more mixed than actually only Chinese district).
The apartment is small and cheap.

He doesn’t own much. Never had lots to bring with him from his uncle’s house when he moved out and never were able to afford many new things.
His place is small but he keeps it organized and well sorted. However it’s not a real nice place. Due being on the ground floor and not having many windows it’s more dark. The apartment block itself is worn down and not in the best condition. The floor of his apartment is some run down old linoleum and every once in a while the warm water of his shower is acting up.
At least the apartment complex has some washing machines and tumble dryers in the basement which he can use for some coins so he doesn’t have to go to a laundromat.

Oikawa’s living situation is different and way better.
He lives in an old but nice brick apartment house where he rents a cozy 2 bedroom apartment.

The neighborhood is to be gentrified in the future but for now still authentic, diverse and not really expensive. It’s an old blue-collar worker area with lots of brick houses and small shops and pubs and a more early industrial look.
Slowly more students and artists move close to the area as they love the mix of affordable rents and nice old buildings.

Oikawa has a bedroom and a spare room which he uses as a living room/music room. The kitchen is small but cozy and the bathroom doesn’t have a shower but an old bathtub with a shower head.
The rooms (not kitchen and bathroom) have old timber floor board. They are a bit worn down and could use some sanding but they still add to a nice and cozy atmosphere.

Although Oikawa doesn’t own a washing machine so he has to spend time at the laundromat or just drops by at the youth center and bugs Kuroo to use the washing machine there.

Oikawa’s apartment is about 48 m² so really a nice amount of space for him where as Iwa’s apartment is only about 28 m².                                

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Tony becomes really good friends with Bucky even tho he's wary of the rest of the team. The hang out and talk about things and have a good understanding with eachother they're also very tactile since both of them are pretty touch starved. Steve starts getting jealous and lashing out at Tony when Bucky isn't around and Tony keeps it a secret. Steve complains to the team the Tony is trying to take Bucky and they take Steves side and all start being mean. Bucky is so fed up with everyone's shit.

A+ Anon. You know me well!

“C’mon man, sparkles? Really?”

Tony hid a smile behind his mug. “Twilight is very important when it comes to understanding today’s youth,” he said with as straight a face as possible. “There are lots of teen girls who want to be Bella.”

Bucky stared at him. He looked back at the screen just in time to see Edward crawling into Bella’s room to watch her sleep. Then he looked back at Tony with a horrified expression. Tony couldn’t hold it back any longer. He cracked up.

“Asshole. Now I know you’re shitting me,” Bucky said, nudging him in the ribs. He was smiling though, mouth twitching up at the corner.

“I was actually being serious,” Tony said, still laughing, especially when Bucky’s face became even more horrified.

“Why are you like this?” Bucky said to the screen in complete despair.

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