my work tvd


i. i’m dying ii. could barely tear my eyes away, i clutched my life and wished it kept iii. i hold my sleeping breath for secret hidden truths that live beyond my death iv. has the grave won again? all my friends, i forgot how to be her again, i can’t be what you lost v. solitude stands in the doorway and i’m struck once again by her black silhouette vi. living souls around me, they don’t see, just staring, closed faces vii. i wear a mask of smiles and hope i last a mile viii. and just beneath the perfume on your neck is the faintest smell of death ix. ophelia’s shadow is haunting the humans, ambushed by ghosts and other aspects of her lonely heart


This life gets bitterly cold. Sometimes you just need to cling to the person you can claw your way out of the dark with.”