my work is my life


“The bible had a plauge of locusts, we have a plauge of pensioners*” - 5.06

Every ‘Shrixie’ moment 💖💛💖 (5/??)

your hands all over me
are my new drug
i know i should stop
but i only crave more
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #105




not gonna be living in the street then 

… which, you know, i wouldn’t actually have had to but being broke and not able to afford anything all the time is no fun either

Decided to eat my mango all by myself while no one was home. (Yes, I didn’t want to share.) Was aware of the GIANT ASS SEED in it this time.

Look isn’t that beautiful. Last time I just ate it like an apple. Then I decided to go all in and see if the glass thing worked to peel it.

Holy shit it worked

Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!! This is amazing!

What an adventure! Bon appétit!

The shit people say to me at work. I said I’m going to write it down so I am. Today I had a boy come to my counter and ask how I felt about spaghetti as I was ringing him up. I don’t have any real opinions, it’s spaghetti, it’s dinner. After saying this he goes into a story about how him and his roommate have been trying to coordinate a spaghetti dinner for weeks. Like they work different schedules and are having a hard time figuring out a night where they’re both home at the saw time. Then on the night where they manage to make a big ol’ spaghetti dinner is the night where roommate gets an emergency call from a friend to pick them up from the airport cause their ride bailed. Either way, roommate asked spaghetti boy to wait on cooking and eating until he got back. But that didn’t happen, apparently this spaghetti was too good to wait. So roommate got back and was absolutely crushed and felt betrayed that he would do such a thing. Now I’m invested in this story so I suggested why not just cook him another meal? Surely making a meal for him will make up for this utter betrayal? But no he told me, it wouldn’t be the same. But roommate did ask spaghetti boy for something to make up it. And apparently all would be forgiven if spaghetti boy would get my number for the roommate…..

This is the point where I feel betrayed. I was fucking invested in this story! It was playing out like a work of Shakespeare! Like man, if all you wanted was my number, why not ask? Why the dramatics? Was I to fall for your roommate over a tale of spaghetti and betrayal?


being loved by my soul means
yours will never die
it will keep living in the words
i leave behind me
like a trail
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #107

i ended up making a twitter account so feel free to follow me if you want (and if you don’t mind seeing some bts and me venting half of the time while being really boring the other half)??


My heart is pierced by Cupid;

I disdain all glittering gold.

There is nothing can console me

But my jolly sailor bold.

I’m trying to fight my art block and I received some lovely suggestions I’m going to draw.

Mer!Hanzo and Pirate!McCree was one of these.
@rebeza and @finchworks are my inspirations and I look up to their designs and AUs ‘cause wow.

Have you ever seen a prettier Hanzo?