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“Fine! Do you really wanna know?”

“Yes!” She barked back, unable to contain her anger.

Whether it was anger or disappointment, though, he wondered.

“The reason I told you I didn’t want to be friends was because I was afraid. I was afraid of how close we were getting, yet how far away we stayed. I was terrified of the thought of you, the thought that a month from now I could be very much in love with you. You terrify me!”

But the answer just didn’t seem enough. She didn’t understand.

“Which are you more scared of, loving me or losing me?”

She wanted eye contact; she wanted the answer she needed to hear.

“Both.” He whispered, keeping his eyes shut tight.

-the more I love you, the harder it will be to lose you | a.m


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The solarpunk!Luigi and steampunk!Mario piece from the stream today - thanks to everybody who dropped by!! took me ~7hrs not counting first sketch to finish this piece. what am I doing with my life