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Hello, fellow Phans! If you haven’t yet seen it, this is @butchhartman‘s “tour of the Ghost Zone” linked straight from his official YouTube channel. The first six minutes (or up to 5:54, to be exact) are mostly a recap of what loyal viewers already know, with a few comments that might be good to take note of. After that, Hartman gets into some interesting ideas that are not seen in the show itself. The key points will be covered below the cut with references to the times they are mentioned in the video, for those of you who can’t watch it right now!

I apologize in advance for being overly wordy, I am very very excited about some of this (most. all?)!

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Imagine a stand off with God!stiel...

“Cas, come on, snap out of it, you’re killing people!” You said shaking your head in disbelief. He was definitely far from the sweet angel that you knew now… He was a monster. The kind you usually put down.

“So?” He said with a smile that made your stomach churn.

“Damn it Cas. It’s taking every ounce of me to not… not…” You stuttered.

“Not what? You really are wasting my time.”

“Not slap you round the face you arrogant little shit.” You felt your eyes go wide at your small outburst. With Cas in this state, who knew what he could do?

“What a brave little ant you are, but you know what more evolved species do to ants?” He rotated his foot a little in emphasis.

“I’m not an ant.” You half snarled as you carefully reached into your pocket for any form of weapon.

“Hm. Maybe not… However, I’m God and you, Y/N, are a nuisance.”

            he’s been working hard all day. while there’s a
few days before he needs to go to the theatre again,
the books need tending to and he’s practically making
himself sick from the lack of sleep. this cough isn’t the
first that he’s let out — though it sounds worse than the
rest have. shaking his head at the other, he waves his
hand a bit vaguely. ❛ i don’t need to rest. and if you’re
going to keep insisting, i’ll do my work elsewhere. ❜ a
pause. ❛ perhaps you’ll have to make me. ❜

I get such warm and fuzzies when I think about Chris and Darren adlibbing that scene. And no, it’s not like adlibbing means they stopped being Kurt and Blaine, it’s not like I think I’m literally watching Chris and Darren - they’re still actors, they’re still acting

What it means is that they are are so comfortable and in tune with each other within the realm of playing those characters that they can bounce off of each other so effortlessly. 

It means that the people on the crew and whoever else pulling the puppet strings recognize that and allow them that freedom, that Chris and Darren are trusted with Kurt and Blaine and with each other. They have the right spark and chemistry and level of wit and quick-thinking to be able to do that, and everyone around them recognizes how fundamentally capable they are with each other. 

They seemed more comfortable with each other adlibbing than reading lines on the script, less restrained and more open and more intimate and god that just blows me away - the potential there is so amazing. 

Tackling YouTube and copyright

Hello friends,

I’m sorry to start off on such a serious note after a long pause but here we go again. I’ve previously discussed matters of copyright in a more generic manner and focused more on blogs and Tumblr users posting art without permission.

Today I’d like to say a few words about YouTube. As most of you know, people love just googling images for their material (be it YouTube videos or blogs or anything else) and what often comes up first in the search results is deviantArt. Therefore, every single one of my dA submissions says I don’t allow the use of my work elsewhere without permission. Therefore, if you just take it and run, you cannot feign ignorance (even though not knowing about copyright does not redeem you of it either way). Lately I’ve been tackling these issues with YouTube video channels.

Some people ask me why I’m being so strict about this, where’s the harm? I’m loosely quoting one recent comment here; “…Put an awful lot of rules on people giving you exposure. If the post leads the view back here whats the problem?“

These are the reasons why it’s a problem

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I wanted to keep track of my progress in the acrylic/pyrography horse portrait so you could say “the hell, how does that work?” Stubbornness is the key ingredient, but you can substitute that for intelligence any old time. At least I am digging the new Golden acrylic glazing liquid I picked up yesterday. Yum yum.

I threw in some potential Aequis base tier color concepts for good measure: chances are good you’ll be seeing these within the month.

About the recent incidents of plagiarism…

Guys, this isn’t just a hobby this is my job so when you post my work, on tumblr or elsewhere, without my permission it is a big deal.

This has been becoming a bigger issue lately not only for me but other blogs. I have been seeing more stolen posts than ever before in the Astrology community which just isn’t right.

Plagiarism isn’t okay, even if you don’t intend it in a bad way or to use it for your own gain. Please do not post my work as your own, or post it at all for that matter. Even if you give me credit it is still not appropriate. It’s my property and I need to know where it’s being spread.

It is the same for all blogs. Their work is theirs.

If you ever have questions or would like to see my work somewhere else, tell me. Don’t post it yourself.

And I appreciate it greatly when you guys come to me and tell me when you see my work has been taken. It helps more than you know.

Thanks for reading, Lavinia