So @kuueater made another excellent audio post for overwatch so I tried my hand at animating it!

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Hello! Finally finished it all! Three pages worth of awesome and beautiful prom goers ^^ Yesterday, an anon ruined my mood but today I’m back to being positive and I finished this with a smile. If I missed anyone or if you had wanted to be in this, message me! I searched through all sorts of tags to find pics haha, I did my best. I hope you enjoy this and have a good day ^^

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I’ve read the Vol.5 nearly a week ago, but no time for making this.

SPOILER: OMG, Wade put his max. effort (he was nearly dead, his wife was angry with him) to correct what he did, I am shocked this Merc with normal skin is hot as HELL (what if Peter looked at this HANDSOME face?), the Deadpool little doll with the touching love letter are so damn cute and Hurt!Peter is adorable too. I can’t wait to read Vol.6 and see how these two break the ice (and become more than friends?).

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bullets pt.2 (c.h.)

part one


he was probably an A student, when you thought about it. you remember seeing him at school in the courtyard with his friends, a far less menacing smile gracing his face than when you had encountered him, his eyes squinting while audible laughs shook his upper half. you had even maybe had a conversation with him one or two times, asking for a pencil or if there was any homework in your classes together, and he’d reply in a kind, helpful manner.

but that was five years ago. and things were different now. he was different now.

you never knew what made him drop out until the rumors started pouring in. despite the several mug shots that were also leaked and swam around your school, you couldn’t bring yourself to believe he had truly become someone like that until you walked across the stage at graduation, and his name wasn’t called. it was as if he never existed, he was just a character out of a book, a good story to tell, or a frightening one at that.

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I’m not sure why I did this.

Original comic by @reddverse
Song used: Junes Theme - Persona 4
Voices and editing done by: Me


I read poems and I sketched out another tattoo today. ((bottom half of the tattoo design based on another artists work on here. Forgot the source if you know feel free to tell me and I’ll gladly give credit))

anonymous asked:

hey!! Can you do carrying wonwoo's child pls!!!! xx

oooo ofc sweetheart!! my bias (?) also i am very sorry this is late, I still hope you like it!!

carryning wonwoo’s child would include…

  • *blank face for a second* “wait… really?!”
  • put his hand on your stomach all the time
  • like before your bump shows he will be rubbing small circles in your stomach and imagining his child growing in there
  • very very careful with you
  • “jagiya don’t do that it could hurt the baby!”
  • “wonwoo i am just bending over to get the cereal”
  • “still!!”
  • calls a meeting with the members to announce the news
  • them all teasing you because “you had sex” and youre just like “yo i got these mood swings i will not hesitate to rip your dick off”
  • and they just ease off and congratulate you
  • wonwoo confiding in hit hyungs/dongsaengs
  • “listen, I know i am your dongsaeng but please help me with Y/N.”
  • asks for help from all the guys
  • like since he can’t drive (?) he will ask Mingyu to drive you two to your appointments and (eventually) to the hospital
  • all of the guys are happy to help you
  • if you ever wanted to visit the practice room or visit while they are working, one guy (probably vernon or chan bc maknaes) would grab pillows or towels and stuff to pad your seat and someone will let you use their arm to lean on if wonwoo is working
  • wonwoo probably always has a camera out, taking pictures (or videos, most likely videos) especially when your bump starts to show
  • talks to your bump all the time
  • “our baby has to know his fathers voice, jagi.”
  • when it is time he is very calm, calling mingyu and grabbing the bag you two prepared
  • he would be calm all throughout your labor until you started yelling at him
  • lets you hold his hand but thinks “I won’t be able to use that hand for about two months”
  • when he sees your child he literally jumps with joy, calling the members in because you are asleep and he needs someone to talk to about his precious baby.
  • “I am so proud of Y/N, I love her so much.”