I’m really excited (and equally terrified) to be moving to Sydney in July for three months to start an internship/mentorship under the guidance of editor Emily Royal for Oyster magazine :) 

I’ve been reading Oyster for years and it’s probably one of the few Australian fashion magazines that continues to produce amazing editorials, as well as focus on things that I find important. I don’t think I would want to do this anywhere but there. I had to jump through many hoops even to get this, but I’m thrilled that it’s happened: Oyster haven’t run an intensive intern program for a number of years. A quick google search reveals that 2012 was the last call-out. It’s an honour and I’m very grateful.

I actually found this out ages ago but forgot to post here…so here it is. I suppose the reason I’m doing so is to ask for info on finding places, and to see if anyone is looking for a room-mate! I also want to “”collaborate”” and work with as many people as possible while I’m there, and generally do things that fuel me and inspire me. There’s not much else I can add to this post.


for everyone who is so eager to learn my height…


Pairing: Mark Fischbach/Sean McLoughlin

Word Count: 840

Warnings: Major Character Death


The only thing Jack hears now is his broken, cracked sobs, echoing throughout his empty, desolate apartment.

It feels as if a part of him was torn away from him, like a bright fire that he needed desperately for warmth was extinguished.

The incident had happened nearly a year ago, but it felt like only yesterday that Jack had gotten the news.

A/N: I don’t really know why I wrote this. I usually write to show other people, to please others, but this felt different. It felt like I was supposed to write this, if that makes any sense. It’s pretty short, and obviously not my best one.. but I’m oddly proud of this one.

Listen to the song Shattered by Trading Yesterday (the shortened version) if you want something in the background to play while you read.

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Four Steps

To my Followers


AU - Sirius is a proud centaur and skilled monster slayer. After shattering his leg trying to kill Fenrir, Sirius is made human by an old hermit in order to restore his mobility. Sirius is appalled with his new body, but is given the possibility of becoming a true centaur again if he completes one task: protect Remus, an escaped werewolf, until Fenrir is dead. 


Remus/Sirius, James/Lily

Can also be found on AO3

Let me know if you would like to see more! 

Read the Prologue below: 

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my finished fruitbowl! lasercut from 4.5mm acrylic, lovingly sanded, then warmed up and moulded into a gentle curve.