Sinking in the Clouds of Daydreams

I catch myself thinking of you,
lost in thought,
walking through…
wisps and tufts of fluffy clouds,
on a sunny day;
I feel like tumbling,
tossing and turning,
in this mayhem of fantasies,
foolish possibilities;
Biting my lip, smiling,
as I lay,
on the sofa, in the veranda or on the beach,
a forgotten book beside me,
whereever I maybe;
An imagination taking hold of me;
It is a new feeling,
like a freshly laundered handkerchief,
smelling of jasmines,
and prim roses,
tempting me with a day dream.


(Bottom to top: image from Girl At the End Of the World by Mike Lyon, closeup by Bill Haw, and post-performance image by Carrie Riehl)

 Im gonna talk about my performance at Haw, Girl At the End Of the World, since so many of u have asked!

 A lot of my work lately has been about approaching human ritual imagery and aestheticism from a potentially far future or even non human perspective with a focus on unusual, even arcane expressions of femininity ! In this performance I constructed a sand circle around me and my setup. Inside the circle was a small wooden table and a basin filled with water. On the table was a pile of a few dozen quartz crystals coated in a solid, dried layer of mud baked on, which essentially initially read as small rocks or maybe dirt clods! 

 Anyway the performance consisted of me washing off the layer of dried mud on each crystal in the basin with my hands, occasionally making brief but semi intense eye contact with viewers ! After about two hours i finished washing all of the crystals, got up, and exited the gallery space

NaLu week- Day 5: need

“You promised that you would never leave, so where are you now that I need you?”
-a couple quotes I meshed together

I made a more somber piece this time; it’s a depiction of Lucy weeping at Natsu’s grave. This fan art is somewhat inspired by luckybachi ’s fanfiction for NaLu week day 1, wander.

Song of the day:


Come Morning Light by Moffnat

Sansa Stark is the key to the North should her brother fail in his quest for vengeance. The Lannisters have a plan, but Sandor Clegane has sworn himself to her protection through the many horrors she is made to face. Tyrion and Shae watch her with care until the King in the North comes to win freedom for his people. However, with each advancement, Joffrey tightens his grip on Sansa. The vow to save her happiness and the North soon stands upon the edge of a knife. Intermission ends on 11 July, 2015.

Park Rivalry (Part 1)

Pairing: Owen Grady x Reader

Prompt: This post

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  “And we’re moving!” Some guy’s voice announces from the video a couple of interns have been gathered around. With my arms crossed and a scowl across my face, I try to get their attention by clearing my throat. It doesn’t work - instead, I’m met by a chorus of shushing. 

  “Hey, don’t give me that shit!” 

  “Hey, don’t give me that shit!" 

  I finally get the attention of the small group when, much to my dismay, I speak in unison with the man on the video. 

  "What could possibly be so engrossing that you can’t do your jobs?” I growl, snatching the phone away from the youngest worker, James, and pause the video. 

  “Somebody, another intern, I think, from the sister park posted a video of this really attractive Velociraptor Trainer. It’s gone viral!” Lilly, one of our newest workers, tells me, and I sigh. 

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Night As A Footman (Mr. Lizard)

Author’s Note: Hello!!! Apologies about the long wait! I’m slowly getting back into writing mode, and I hope you guys will consider this as a good starter :) I had a lot of fun writing this, even though I know nothing about writing from an animal’s point of view. So perhaps it is pure rubbish, but I did try! It was requested by anonymous and you can find it here

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