my words fall upon deaf ears



Suffocation is a creation of too much
As such I have lost plenty of earnings
Always when concerning you
I could’ve held back
I could’ve said less
I could’ve pulled away the strain of my depth
Your drowning became my learning
Something which came much too late
Hating my regrets
Regretting my failures
To see all the warning signs that flickered before me
Your words did fall on me
Upon my deaf ears
They rained so hard
Discarding them became my pastime
When last you tried to flag me down
I was already sinking into my own thoughts
Wondering how else to keep you
All the time
You wanted nothing
But to seep through to another world
This foetal curl
Now my favourite position
I’ve no disposition
To win the battles of the mind nor heart
What I started
I cannot end
This stitched up body is yet to mend the way I have hoped for


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Questions     By: Y. Black

If I told you id walk 1000 and 1 miles to find your love

Would you believe me?

Or would my blistered soles be my testimony?

If I told you my love for you knows no end

Could you take it at face value?

Or would you let me wander in this vast field aimlessly amiss?

If I told you that you’re constantly on my mind

Would you process it?

Or would thoughts of me thinking of you be superseded by trivial things?

If I told you I’m happiest when you’re near

Would you step closer to me?

Or would you ponder a million other places you’d rather be?

If I told you I desired to meet you where you wanted to be met

Would you accept my words?

Or would you position yourself to be out of reach?

If I told you I wanted to give you my all

Would your love be a pillar for mine?

Or would you let my love crumble and fall?

If I confessed all these things to you

Would I have your full undivided?

Or will my passion fall upon deaf ears and a cold heart?