okay, guys, referencing this post….

can we make “clustered” and “unclustered” actual terms that we use in the pd community?

like, if we ever need to refer to people who don’t have a personality disorder, we’d call them unclustered. and we, as people with personality disorders, are clustered.

we could even have an #actuallyclustered tag, and have “that clustered feel when” posts

can this be a real thing that we all agree on

over time
i have become magnificent
like an abandoned castle
on a hill
should i only be admired
from miles away
should there not be
who might dare to walk
the meandering distance
who desires to enter
the labyrinth of rooms inside
just one person
who craves reprieve
seeking shelter from life’s
most viscous storms

to create a home
within the chamber
of my soul

Brie •castle•

So I was rewatching the 2014 movie last night when I realized that these kids have seen what the foot clan does to people first hand. And that’s fucked up. 

The guy above is most likely about to die via two machine guns to the torso, but we can’t be too certain. Either way, all four of them saw it happen right in front of them. They would have been able to hear and see the whole thing. 

It gets better though!!!

This guy gets tossed out of a window. He might be pretty injured but maybe he’s –

Nope, he dead. He very dead. Which means whichever little turtle is standing behind that grate saw a dead body/someone die right in front of their eyes.

Yup that’s a dead body in front of a traumatized seven year old alright. But which one? Well…

jesus raph what is up with your face did you get the mumps or what

Can’t be Donnie, since no glasses. Leo and Raph both wear bandanas. Which means it was Mikey. Little goofball Mikey saw someone die right in front of his eyes before he even hit the double digits.

Looks like he was alone when it happened, too.

How badly do you think that messed with them? To be so young and have to watch people be terrorized and murdered right in front of them and not be able to do anything about it? These boys learned what the Foot are capable of first hand from a very young age. No wonder they were itching to take the fight straight to the Shredder. 

akumasakamaki  asked:

Hello! I've read that your tarot readings are closed at the moment. I was just wondering how do you do your readings? I read a few of the ones you've done, and I'm more curious as to how you draw the cards and how many? I've been meaning to do readings for a few friends over the internet, so maybe you could help me understand how to do it? Thank you regardless if you can help me or not. Your blog is very good too :)


How I do readings–

  1. I pick whichever deck feels willing or whichever I’m currently bonding with(spending time with).
  2. I literally whisper the question to the deck and then repeat the question out loud or in my mind over and over again as I shuffle the deck.
  3. I shuffle the deck three times every time I ask a new question. I shuffle three times because I love the number three and it just feels right to me. It feels balanced and symmetrical.
  4. I then draw one to three cards from the top for each reading. How many cards I draw depends on what the question is. If it’s something like “what does so-and-so think of me/so-and-so/(insert event)?” I’ll draw one card. If it’s something like “what will happen if I do (insert action)?” I’ll usually draw two. If it’s something like a general reading like, “How will the next year/month/day be for me?” I’ll draw two or three. Sometimes I will draw more. It just depends on the question! It also depends on if I’m following a specific spread.
  5. After I draw the cards I will focus on the feeling I get based on the cards. If I don’t get a clear feeling then I will look through the handbook the tarot deck came with to see the meaning of the cards.
  6. If I feel like the reading doesn’t make a lot of sense I will draw an extra card called the “clarifying card.” It’ll clarify the reading and help me understand it better.

Keep in mind this is just how I do it! Others do tarot readings many other ways.

Just do the reading however you like. If you feel like shuffling 15 times is right for you, do it! If you feel shuffling once is right for you, do that! If you prefer to draw only one card, draw only one. If you think drawing 5 cards is necessary, draw 5.
Follow your intuition and the way it all makes you feel. Whatever you choose to do is valid, even if nobody else does it the same way!

I really hope that helps! Feel free to ask me more questions if you’d like!

Blessed Be,
~*~The Moon Tea Witch~*~

will you stay with me.
will you watch me bleed.
you don’t need to carry me.
just stay with me. please.
i haven’t scraped my knees like this since i was thirteen.
tell me to believe.
i can’t breathe.
stay with me.
will you stay with me.
stay with me please.
—  untitled // s.j.h.
how can I still be tender
in a world that sought to make
me cruel?
how is it that I still manage
to love even when I feel
I have no more to give?
how did I get both blessed and cursed
with a tender strength that allows
me to keep living
even when I have killed myself
a thousand times ?

“tender strength” -S.O. 

part of my “Neptune’s Rhapsody” collection that I am currently working on. It’s a collection of poems centered around living and struggling with Borderline Personality Disorder- at least my struggle anyways. I dedicate it to my fellow borderlines; all of you are beautiful, valid and deserving of love, I promise.


S.O. aka kvltdoll, thetruthenlightensme

It was like I cared for her suddenly and I wanted her suddenly. But I learned to love her slowly. And that has made all the difference.
—  when someone says “tell me about her.”
Free Sigil Requests!

I need more practice on making sigils so I’d figure I’d take requests.

Sigils will most likely be created in Paint, so don’t expect amazing aestheticism with the sigils. I apologize in advance!

I still look for you
in every face I see on the bleachers,
in every office waiting room.
Sometimes, I hear your voice
in the old books of the library.
I flip through the pages trying to hear it again.
The pretty red head in my English class has your eyes.
I don’t know if I love them or want to claw them out.

I still look for you in hallways
hoping that by some off-chance,
you’ll actually want to see my face.
I check every parked car to see if you and I are in the backseat again.
We never are.

I still see you in his eyes,
and goddamn, that’s some guilt even Atlas couldn’t hold
His blue eyes are my favorite
but mossy green comes almost too close.
He smells like buttercream frosting
and you, like sulfuric acid
I hate myself for liking both.

I still look for you
but I know I’ll never find you.
I left you in the rain and you grew bitter with rust. 
I hope someday I stop searching for you, though.
Just like I hope to someday find whatever is left of me.

—  i saw your face today, tomorrow, and probably forever// hnl 2016
You made me feel dramatically good and sweet. You’re too wonderful. Everything else’s seems perfect. They say we’re made for each other. But things don’t always make way for the two of us. You found love for the other. Hurting, yes I am. But what else can I do. You’ve already given up on me. This is such a beautiful mess. You know why? Because it made me stronger. It made a better version of me. Thanks to you. 😳
—  Excerpts of an Elysian 🌸

sometimes i just really crave getting to talk about horseback riding

i love riding, man

i love horses

and i, like, never talk about it.

how many of y’all are horse people??

sometimes i think about foggy mornings, right after a night of heavy rain. i think about the buzz of an alarm going off at 5am, pulling a blanket over my shoulders, and feeling the numbness of sleep leave my feet as they touch the hardwood floor. i think about the smell of white wine, left overnight in a thin glass on my kitchen counter. i think about my best friends, following my footsteps: rolling out of my bed minutes after me, a blanket draped over their shoulders, mumbling “good morning” to nothing and everything. i think about dimly lit cooking sessions and breakfasts on glass plates… granola and peaches and almond milk on the balcony. i think about being huddled close with the people i love, all soppy eyed and drowsy, bare legs tangled, watching the sun rise. i think about many tommorows from now, where i’m content and happy and alive.

I’ll never regret being loyal, even if it was wasted on the wrong people. I’ll never regret it. I’m me. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I really can be naive at times and believe everyone has the same heart and intentions as me. And if I’m wrong, that’s okay because you can’t be right all the time. People are just people. Regardless of what I’m knocked with, I still wish the best for those who came and left. I truly do. I actually have no space in my heart to hate anyone.