my woodworking

anyone else’s dad do that dad joke where every time someone asks them what kind of wood something is and they can’t identify it, they just say “firewood”? 


The Crown Dreamcast (2/?)

Josie Woodwork- Kiernan Shipka

“Josie had given up on elaborate hairstyles and excessive jewelry. She’d abandoned heavy makeup and showy gowns. Looking at her now—hair slightly curled, the hint of gloss on her lips, and an age-appropriate blue dress—it seemed she was finally stepping into her shoes instead of mine.” 

well…it was last-of-last-minute prints time, I saw how many people had come out of the woodwork over my last ax drawing, and thought “oh to hell with it……..Animorphs it is”

this (and all of my recently posted prints) will be available this weekend at Anime Boston table R19 with @mykenbomb and @greiison!  I’ll have a post up with a table map/more info ASAP!

“Neil Josten, what can you tell us about the Minyard-Josten rivalry?”

“Andrew?  He’s an ass and he hates me 200% of the time.”

come send me drawing/headcanon prompts!

The Selection Pairings: Carter & Marlee

Maybe you stole me. Because I distinctly remember belonging to myself once, but now I’m all yours.


LARPing means so much to me. It may seem geeky or lame or have a nerdy rep, but let me tell you, since beginning this crazy hobby? sport? cult? I have become fitter, stronger, and more outgoing. I’ve made countless friends, furthered my skills (like sewing, woodwork etc), and it’s given me a reason to get excited about something every week. It allows me to get away from the stresses and pressures of real life, which is a rare kind of blessing and I’m happy with the person I’ve grown to become. I’ve finally found ‘my thing’ and I’m never gonna give that up.

Swordcraft. Melbourne, Australia.
Waghorn Photography.