my wondergirl

I was doodlin and finished reading The new issue of Red Hood and The Outlaws. I am really enjoying it and love Artemis and her becoming a mainstay in the WW fam. Can we get an animated series with these four? Or at least a Wonderfam series with these girls? I think it could be such a fun and interesting concept.

Detective Comics spotlight the Batfam and has been successful now give me a Wonder Woman series where Artemis, Donna Troy, and Cassie Sandsmark are standing right next to Diana Prince.

Give it to me DC please! If you do btw I don’t want New 52 Cassie. She’s dead we don’t know her.

Sometimes a family is a sidekick that wears tights and has a perky attitude, a kid with super speed and a huge appetite, the clone of a demigoddess, Atlantis’ biggest emo, and Green Arrow’s somehow bigger emo teenage heroin addict sidekick and that’s valid


throwback to 2008:
mbc gayo daejejun ☆ wonderbang special stage

Kory and Donna in Amazon armor! Donna’s is a mix of some past ones and my own ideas. I always loved the idea of the Titans visiting Themyscira and thought maybe Kory even got her own personalized set of armor. :))

(I STRESSED A LOT ABOUT ADDING GOLD BUT THIS WAS SUPER QUICK & I NEED TO LEAVE) *** sorry about Donna’s neck I did this really fast and wasn’t paying attention!


Continuation of my Batman!AU and my TeenTitans/YoungJustice!AU

STARFIRE AKA JUVIA ARRIVES ON EARTH with quite an entrance. The Team gets a report of destruction in the city, and quickly gather to find the alien princess, in restraints, causing a scene. Gray steps up to try and help her- and to communicate in Earth’s language, she literally takes the words from his mouth.

Featuring SuperSmooth and WonderGossip caring about the really important details what great friends [Gray’s probably gonna chastise Lucy for using his real name during fieldwork] [But the question is WAS IT HIS FIRST]