my wolf children

Happy Mother’s Day to...

…the mother figures who never stop fighting for us!

[Bellemere, One Piece]

…the moms who support us no matter what!

[Inko Midoriya, My Hero Academia]

…the moms who make us laugh! 

[Misae Nohara, Shin-Chan]

…the wonderful moms out there who do whatever it takes for us!

 [Hana, Wolf Children]

…and to the aunts, grandmothers, mentors, and anyone else who stepped in when we needed them most: Happy Mother’s Day 💕

chef 1: *spends $8000 on a sabotage*

chef 2: i was hoping he would spend all his money. now he can lose. my powers are growing inversely proportionate to his lowering bank account. i feel the transformation edging closer and closer to the surface. during this challenge, i will be able to drain the remainder of his life force and sacrifice him to the gods so that i may win this competition. for my nine wolf children.

chef 1: haha now chef 2 has to cook with his feet