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Thank you all

Hi folks! Welcome to the new tumblbees! And thank you all for loving and sharing my art! It’s very important for me, because art is all my life. It’s not easy every days, and I have to run everywhere to make a living with my illustrations.

But, how cool : we’re more than 300 here today! ❤ So, for this special post, I want to introduce you my top5 best followers I love following too :

@ellaelse-niniel : Blogger-friend and inspiring model I follow since many years, she’s also a feminist, a egalitarist, and the most crazy cat lady I know! :D

@rageusedesenfers : Sweet french singer and friend Enlia, who worked with me for some songs (”Les portes” and “The one eyed knight”) She’s also a great alternative ambiant dreamy pop music composer.

@elishasdream : She’s a beautiful red witch and also an amazing craftwoman, she draws and makes a lot of beautiful jewellries and witchy things! All my pentagram necklaces are designed and made by her!

@franciscocpinto : He posts and reblogs a lot of beautiful and various traditionnal art, and specially drawings of nature (which is very inspiring for me)

@eirwenette : French expat in Scotland. I love follow her adventure and inspiring reblogs!

@haticlesa : A very great ink illustrator, drawing wonderful dark and pagan art.

@lasimo74allmyworld : She’s an italian pagan girl who (re)post a lot of inspiring and fairy pictures. I love going on her tumblr to find wonderful photographies.

Well-well-well, in fact, it’s finally a Top7, it was very veeery hard to select my favorite tumblrs-followback! -_-

Have a nice day and also, I wish you a happy valentine’s day ❤

My version of Witchy Woman’s “Happy Af” jar. (I don’t know how to tag people on tumblr yet, I’m sorry). I used the same ingredients as she did, except instead of using the orange peel I put in some lavender to help with my anxiety. I got this necklace at Earthbound. Work has been pretty shitty the past few days so I figured I would make a spell that will help with both my anxiety and my depression.

I made my first spell jar and I’m still a bit jittery after it so I’m writing this to hopefully calm down!

I made this to my boyfriend, who is insomniac and suffers from nightmares, yes you guessed it, its Anti Nightmare Jar! I borrowed elements and instructions from two different posts. @justlooking1995 gladly helped me to my ingredients and @witchy-woman helped me with the whole process of making it. Thank you both so much for those posts. :-)

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