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Dallas Winston x Johnny Cade

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Kipling Family Musings #2

While doing this rewatch, I’ve been thinking about all the adults on this show and I think that Winston Kipling is probably the best Dad in the show but also a Cool Dad™.

Like he plays the sax and is in a band and has a cape and snazzy suits and showers his wife Adele with love and affection and he’s also most likely a sci-fi geek like his sons. (Winston: Planet Xenon! Boo: I’m going to project my aura to Planet Wakoobee! Winston: *handshake* You better be careful on your surfboard son!)

And judging from the dinner scene, I feel like Winston’s relationship with Dizzee might be a little rocky right now, but it’s only because he doesn’t want Dizzee to get in trouble. I really don’t feel like he isn’t supportive of his eldest’s artistic talents/endeavors. He seems too artistic and free spirited himself to want to get in the way of his son creating art and expressing himself. I think he’d just prefer it if Dizzee could find a different way that won’t potentially get him arrested, again.

(I think Winston is an interesting contrast to Ramon who objectively sees Mylene’s talent but wants to have complete control over it and tries to stop her from singing when he realizes her interests lie with secular music rather than the religious music he wants her to sing.)

Also I feel like Winston loves his kids equally but that Yolanda is still The Favorite™ lol, that’s his princess. 👑

Rain, Continued

I got several requests to continue this ficlet so that’s what I’m gonna do. Don’t worry, other people who sent in prompts! I’ll still do them! It just didn’t feel right leaving the SpiderByte fans off on a sort-of cliffhanger.

Some Gency in the beginning because -John Ralphio voice- These couples were initially part of a much longer fiiiiiiiic I had planned!


It was 4 AM when Genji’s comm rang.

Antworte nicht darauf,” murmured Mercy, more than half asleep with her arms and legs tangled around him. He had half a mind to listen to her but he glanced over at his comm on the bed stand and noticed a regrettably violet light emanating from it and sighed. He gently pulled himself out of her arms, got out of bed, picked up the comm and held it to his ear.

Hola, Sparrow,” Sombra’s voice came over the comm.

Genji rubbed his forehead and walked out of the bedroom, giving one glance over his shoulder at Mercy pulling all the sheets tight around herself before stepping out the door. “It’s 4 in the morning,” he muttered.

“Remember when I said I would call you in for a favor one day?” said Sombra.

“I feel as though I am about to regret answering this call,” said Genji, with a yawn.

“Since when have I ever given you reason not to trust me?” said Sombra, and then she quickly added, “Don’t answer that. Look–I need a transport. I need a safehouse. And I need a doctor.”

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Beautiful, you have no idea how long I've wanted this

Requested by: anon (thank you for waiting, love)

 Prompt: “You’re so beautiful”, “You have no idea what you do to me”, “I’ve wanted this for so long" 

 Word count: 2542 (it’s a lot longer than I expected it to be)

 Warnings: Cursing, Cringe prompt-mashup title,  

 Dallas Winston. I’ve heard a few things, been warned, told not to get involved with him. Now, sometimes I let other people’s opinions get in the way and others? Well, other times I prove them wrong. Lucky me, I took my chances with him and it got me to this point. 

Dally caught up to me on the street. I was speed-walking trying to get somewhere, anywhere but near him. I know, I’m not sounding so lucky right now but just hear me out. 

 He reached for my arm and I immediately pulled away from his grasp, "Don’t touch me!" 

 "Y/n, just…let me explain!” We had both started off yelling. It was a fight, making a scene. 

 "I don’t want to hear what you have to say, Dallas. Move on.“ 

 "I’m sorry, y/n. I screwed up but you’ve got it all wrong.” I sighed heavily and turned around fighting the urge to scream. 

 I closed my eyes, attempting to calm down. “You have thirty seconds." 

 "I need two minutes.” He looked desperate but I didn’t care. 

 "You better cram all that into the remaining twenty-five seconds.“ He went to grab my hand and I pulled it away. 


 He was pleading, "Twenty-three." 

 "Fair enough.” He licked his lips and looked up at me. Dally took a deep breath wasting two more seconds of his precious time. He usually talks pretty slow so I didn’t expect him to get through very much. “Look, what you saw back there. That wasn’t me. I- I didn’t know you were coming-" 

 That made me angry, real angry. "So that’s an excuse to criticize me in front of your friends? Tell them about my insecurities? Things I told you in the privacy of-” I took a deep breath because I felt the tears burn my eyes and the back of my throat felt strained. I heard the change in my voice. “You know what, forget it. You’d never understand. You’re never going to change.”


 "No! Tonight was a mistake. Being with you was a mistake, a huge one. We’re done.” I started walking away. 

 "Let me finish, doll face!“ I whipped my head around for one last response. 

"Your time is up.” With that, I stormed off. He didn’t come after me and I didn’t look back. I thought was the end I really, really did.

For a while I just stopped hanging out with the guys. Then, I ran into Two-Bit at the store and he told me Dally hadn’t been coming over either and I was always welcome. It’s not that I thought that they’d hate me because Dallas had introduced them to me while we were dating because that’s not what I thought. I knew the boys were my friends too I just didn’t want Dallas to be around and to make things awkward or for him to try to get me back. The truth is, I missed him but there was no doubt in my mind that I deserved better than for Dallas Winston to tell others my dirty laundry. Especially when he only felt remorse when because he got caught. 

 I was looking through the beauty section of the drugstore when Two-Bit approached me. “Hey, y/n.” I turned around after making a few scrunched up facial expressions. 

 I opened my mouth to say something but I couldn’t so I dropped the foundation I was l looking at and gently pushed past him. Instantly, I regretted it but I had no clue what to say so I kept walking. 

 "Hey, wait.“ He gently placed his arm on my shoulder. "It’s okay. I’m not here to talk about Dallyas. I wanted to tell you we think you to come around sometime.” He let out a small, quiet laugh. “Turns out ol’, Dally had the same idea. Haven’t seen him in weeks." 

 I stared at him with a hopeless look, "Hey, listen. It was real nice talkin’ to ya but I gotta get running. I have um-” to think of a lie that he’ll believe. “Practice.”

  "No ya don’t, y/n. I know you. Tennis on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from four-thirty to six and on Tuesday and Saturday you have soccer practice from three thirty to seven because you didn’t have time to take an extra day so you stay an extra hour and fourth five minutes after all the other girl and after tennis Monday and Friday you go straight to play practice.“ I was stunned I didn’t know he memorized my schedule especially not the reason why I stay late some days. 

 "Yeah. I know…it’s been that way since I was eleven.” I thought I had won.

 "Darlin’, you must be mistaken. Today is Thursday. Your day off, the one your mom forced you to take because she doesn’t want you to strain yourself. It’s not in the middle of the week to destroy the active mindset but just late enough that you don’t tire out on Friday.“ There was no point in lying anymore. 

 I shook my head, disappointed I tried to lie to Two-bit. Of course he’d see right through me we’re so close, ”Two-“ I turned around and hugged him as hard as I could. 

 He hugged me back, "I missed you." 

 "I missed you too.” I said pretty much in tears. 

 He pulled back, holding my shoulders. “Come over tonight?”

 "Deal.“ He pulled me back into a hug and then walked me home. 

 I walked up onto the porch of the Curtis house. I didn’t knock, nobody ever does. The boys all got up and hugged me, told me they missed me and that they were so excited to have me back. I smiled, thanked them and told them I missed them too. It felt good to see everyone. All was right with the world. 

 That all came crashing down when Dallas walked around the corner, arms open with a smile on his face. "Hey, baby. Good to have you back.” He rose his eyebrows “Come here." 

 I backed up to the screen door horrified that they managed to trick me. I knew I should’ve trusted my instincts when I second-guessed showing up. "No, I-I don’t want to talk to you.” I stumbled around turning to the door. “I can’t believe you guys lied to me. Two-bit lied to me.”

 Steve jumped forward, “Aw, Come on, y/n…it’s not like that." 

 "No, I think it is. I’m just gonna go home. I’ll see you guys later.” I didn’t have any intentions of coming back I felt betrayed. 

 I pushed the door out with all the boys protesting, “I’ll walk you.” It was Dallas.

 "No! I mean…no that’s fine it’s not gonna be dark for an hour I’ll get home in six or seven minutes I’ll manage.“ That’s when I noticed how concerned all the boys were. 

 "It’s been weeks, we need to talk… clear things up, doll. Go back to the way things used to be.” Dally walked toward me but I just pushed the door again. 

When Darry spoke up, “Lay off her, Dal." 

 "Yeah. Come on, I’ll walk you.” Soda gave me a weak smile. I felt better, accepting his offer. 

 As we walked, Sodapop tried his best to stay off the topic of Dallas but he failed. I tried to not get mad at him because his heart was in the right place. “Look, Dally’s awful sorry you heard what you heard but the truth is you just came at the wrong time.”

 "Look, its really sweet you’re looking out for your friend but I’m not up for this conversation. Dally really hurt my feelings and I can’t get over that. It’s incredibly insulting that you’re on his side but the gang is the gang I get it. The boys always come first.

 Soda put his arm out in front of me and turned to face me, “Y/n, you really do have it all wrong." 

 “Ya know, I’m getting awful tired of people telling me that.” He tried to speak but I kept talking. "I’m sorry…I have it wrong? I have it wrong? Really?” I shook my head, I was offended that he was trying to convince me that all the shit I heard Dally talking didn’t mean anything. 

 "Yes. This entire thing is a huge mix it and I love you and Dally way too much to see your relationship end on a misunderstanding.“ 

 "Misunderstanding, huh? Explain it to me then. I want to understand.” No, I didn’t plan on timing him.

 "I’d love to, doll but it’s not my place. Only Dallas can tell you.“ 

 "YOU’RE WALKING ME HOME! I don’t want to talk to Dallas, he said everything he had to say and I don’t have anything else to say to him so just… drop it. Okay?”

 "Please. Give him another chance.“ Sodapop begging me to do something? Now, that’s interesting. Normally girls are begging him to give them a chance.

 "Fine but if and when it inevitably crashes and burns, you owe me a sundae.”

 "YES!“ He threw his fist in the air. "And it’s a promise.” We shook on it and turned around. Just a few minutes later I was on the same walk with Dallas. 

 "I’m giving you this second chance so don’t ruin it.“ He nodded. 

 A smile spread across his face, I motioned for him to talk. "What? No time limit?” He laughed. 

 I took a few quick steps with my hands up in the air “You know what-” He ran after me.

 "Hey, hey, hey! Where ya going?“ What did he expect? 

 "I’m giving up, Winston.” He took a deep breath. 

 "Alright, alright. When you came around that day…the boys brought up concerns that had.“ I was confused.

 "Concerns? What concerns?”

 "…about us.“ Oh, great he was spilling all my secrets I was mortified. Every single thing I had ever told him was running through my mind, every secret was on the line.

 "It’s not up to the boys to tell you how they don’t think I’m right for you and it’s never up to you to share personal information. If they don’t like me, why don’t they say it to my face instead of acting like we’re best buddies?” I sighed. 

 "Y/n, they-“

 "And if we’re such good friends why can’t they come talk to me? You guys all just talk shit about me behind my back, huh? Is that it?” I wanted to cry.


 I screamed in the middle of the street, "You can go tell Two-Bit I don’t need his pity friendship. He doesn’t give a damn about me. None of you do!" 



 ”THEY WANTED TO TELL ME THEY WERE CONCERNED ABOUT HOW I WAS ACTING.“ He had both hands pointed to his chest. ”Okay? Not you.“

 I didn’t know what to say, "Oh.” He shrugged. 

 "I love you, I don’t want to fight. We were talking about that night I came home drunk and the next day you were super pissed because I didn’t call you.“

 "I was only so mad because I’m always terrified that something is going to happen to you. I know you say you can take care of yourself but you’re not exactly a saint.” Dally looked down at me, eyebrows raised. 

 "Yeah…I know. I told them what happened and they all yelled at me for doing that. Two-bit gave me the scolding of my life and it didn’t help when I told them I said to you ‘don’t be so emotional, you always do this’. Johnny went crazy over that and Soda nearly chocked me when I said I didn’t understand why you got offended.“

 "Well, you made me feel like you said I was stupid for caring.” We started walking again I hadn’t noticed we stopped. 

 "I know and they tried to explain that to me. You tried to explain that to me. I really do love you, y/n. I’m glad you’re giving me a second chance. I swear you really did just catch me at a bad time.“ He opened his arms for a hug. 

 I didn’t hesitate. "I’m sorry, Dallas.” I mumbled into his chest.

“I’m sorry too, y/n. I should’ve fought harder to get you back but ya know somethin’?”

 I didn’t know what to expect, “What?”

 "You’re so beautiful…especially when you’re angry.“ We both laughed. "And I’m glad to have you back, doll." 

 "It’s been three weeks at most, relax.” He turned to me and gave me a really intense stare. “Woah, darling. You are a beauty.” He actually sang the word beauty.

“Shut up.” I pushed his shoulder, turning away to blush in secret.

 "Are you blushing? That’s adorable. I’ve been waiting a really long time to kiss you again.“ He didn’t wait for me to respond he just kissed me. He had this sudden burst of energy after that, his eyes lit up. "Oh wow, I’ve wanted this for a really long time. 

 "My love, we’ve kissed a million times before it’s not very new.” He moved his head to the side and made a funny face. “What the hell are you doing?" 

 "I love you so much. Where have you been all my life? I’m gonna come back and pick you up later.” We were still two blocks from my house. 

 "What are you talking about? This isn’t my house.“ He turned his head and smiled. 

 "Look, its killing me. I gotta let tell you that you have absolutely no idea what you do to me.”

 "We’ve been together for a while I-“ I looked at Dally one more time. "What are you-” I looked behind me then back to Dallas. “Are you kidding me?” I saw a Cadillac with a for sale by owner poster on it.

 "You know I’ve been wanting one of these for a really long time.“ That whole time he was talking to the damn car. I giggled and punched his shoulder playfully.

 "You had me going. I guess I’m walking the rest of the way by myself while you flirt with the car and offer to buy it drinks." 

He laughed and rolled his eyes. "I’ll at least exchange numbers with HER first. Seriously, rude. Oh, and I’ll at least go on a couple dates first… the bar scene is sooo overdone.” He took out his phone wrote down the number they left. 

 "You’re not actually going to buy that car are you?“ 

 "Yes, I am. If I stole it the fuzz would take it away and hey, today we’re walking tomorrow we’re driving." 

 "It’s a five minute walk and you always go back to the boy’s house when you drop me off." 

 Picture the whiniest voice ever. Now, read this dialogue, "Why can’t I just treat myself? I work so hard I just wanted one thing to make me feel pretty and loved.” That’s what Dallas sounded like.

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“I do, I promise, Ty,” he said with a small smile and crinkle of his nose at him. “Just not all that used to eating normal foods still,” Nate hummed. But he smiled at the quick kiss, unable to help the soft blush. “I’m with Theo and Andrew. My best friend and his caretaker, boyfriend – whatever. Winston will be better there. I’ll be better there, I promise,” he hummed softly. “We? Do you.. are you sure you’ll want to be with the guy you hooked up with in jail in five years?”