my winston is better

Kipling Family Musings #2

While doing this rewatch, I’ve been thinking about all the adults on this show and I think that Winston Kipling is probably the best Dad in the show but also a Cool Dad™.

Like he plays the sax and is in a band and has a cape and snazzy suits and showers his wife Adele with love and affection and he’s also most likely a sci-fi geek like his sons. (Winston: Planet Xenon! Boo: I’m going to project my aura to Planet Wakoobee! Winston: *handshake* You better be careful on your surfboard son!)

And judging from the dinner scene, I feel like Winston’s relationship with Dizzee might be a little rocky right now, but it’s only because he doesn’t want Dizzee to get in trouble. I really don’t feel like he isn’t supportive of his eldest’s artistic talents/endeavors. He seems too artistic and free spirited himself to want to get in the way of his son creating art and expressing himself. I think he’d just prefer it if Dizzee could find a different way that won’t potentially get him arrested, again.

(I think Winston is an interesting contrast to Ramon who objectively sees Mylene’s talent but wants to have complete control over it and tries to stop her from singing when he realizes her interests lie with secular music rather than the religious music he wants her to sing.)

Also I feel like Winston loves his kids equally but that Yolanda is still The Favorite™ lol, that’s his princess. 👑