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day 2

i know i know that today is valentine XP but for me it’s still a week dedicated for my prefer Au X3, after all i love this au and today is day of love so yeah   ◕ ◡ ◕.

i don’t know if you know or maybe i’m wrong  |◔◡◉|. but when the spirit of tree would create a body for nightmare and dream, she used as reference blueberry’body because this tipe of body was unique to be able to bear so powerful dream/nightmare energy/magic 🙃. lmao this is also the way their are soo smool O.O. 

drematale, spirit tree, dream, nightmare/ jokublog

swap sans/ lmao i don’t remember O.o

hi friends! to commemorate the official expansion of currentryanrossmood to the new and improved currentpatdmood (!!!) and because i’m stuck in upstate new york for college where winter still reigns and spring seems like a distant dream of warmth and sunshine and flowers, its giveaway time! there will be 15 winners so chances of winning something is high!


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I reread Cetaganda yesterday, and I am so, so cemented in my delight with Ivan as a character, like… he’s amazing:

“We volunteer nothing.”

“Never volunteer, yes, that’s the ticket! You’re catching on at last, coz!”

“Shut up. Get up.” Miles threw Ivan’s undress uniform jacket across his prostrate form. “This is important! But you have to stay absolutely cool. I may be completely off-base, and panicking prematurely.”

“I don’t think so. I think you’re panicking post-maturely. In fact, if you were panicking any later it would be practically posthumously. I’ve been panicking for days.”

Your Departure, My Nightmare

Genre: Fluff

Member: Wonho

Word Count: 1,131

a/n: For my lovely friend @winner-tomyheart :3 I hope you like it!

Originally posted by wonhuff

Your heart was nearly beating out of your chest as sweat trickled down the back of your neck. You panted loudly and swallowed, cupping your face as you wiped off your damp hair from your sticky forehead, “Thank God” you sighed, your mouth slightly dry. You let your arms fall on the bed at your sides, letting one of your hands roam over the empty space of the bed where his presence was currently absent. It was a very bad dream, he’ll be home today in one piece, you told yourself as your breath slowly went back to normal. After several seconds passed, you finally sat up and decided to get ready to prepare the rest of the day to welcome Hoseok back, after not having him home for four long weeks.

You scrolled through the newsfeed of your cellphone as you waited at the airport for the arrival of the group. Your leg bounced hastily as you waited, mindlessly knitting your eyebrows in impatience. “Y/N” you heard your name through a whisper in your ear, with an all-too familiar voice that made you jump in your seat as you turned to the source with eyes wide and startled. Hoseok grinned widely and quickly opened his arms as you gasped and stood up to hug him. “Jerk, you scared the crap out of me” you said, your words somewhat muffled because of the way you buried your face in his neck, arms squeezing around his torso tightly as he kissed the side of your head and swayed the two of you slowly. “I know sorry, you looked really out of it” he said lowly into your ear and you only breathed him in, letting the reality of his presence in your arms settle in just in case it was soon to be gone once again.

Hoseok pulled away despite your refusal to let him do so, leaving him with no choice but to only move away enough to cup your face in his hands as he pecked your lips. You savored the chaste kiss even in its quickness, not letting Hoseok go anyway as he spoke to you, “Let’s go eat something, I only ate snacks on the plane so I’m starving” he stated and you simply nodded and kissed the corner of his lips before finally releasing him.

“I friggin love this place” Hoseok stated with his mouth full as he licked his lips, “I know, you say it every time we’re here” you commented with a chuckle as you took a spoonful of the dessert between the two of you. He chuckled as well and grinned, “I can’t help it” he said and you instinctively took his hands as a sudden memory of your nightmare floated to the surface of your mind. You squeezed it gently and interlocked hands as they rested over the table. Hoseok smiled widely and brought your hand to his mouth, biting at your knuckles gently, making you hiss and whimper a little before he kissed the spot with a chuckle. “I missed you a lot” he said and rubbed his thumb over the spot he bit.

You knitted your eyebrows together and giggled, “So you bite me cause you missed me?” you said and he offered you his signature grin with a nod, “It makes me anxious because I just want to- like, squeeze you and-” he said, adding a groan of frustration as he took both of your hands to his face and squeezed them against his lips. You sniggered before him, feeling yourself already overwhelmed with the idea of having to say goodbye a week or two from now.

You tossed and turned in your sleep, a few moans escaping your mouth that made him flinch as he went in and out of sleep at your side. He finally turned to your figure, squinting in the dark to make out if anything was wrong because to him you didn’t sound like you were having a bad dream, but more so like you were in some type of pain. He rubbed his eyes with his palms and let out a sigh, sitting up and watching you grimace in your sleep. It went on for a few seconds before he began feeling too guilty for letting you go on with your nightmare. He pressed his hand on your shoulder gently and shook, “Y/N” he said, too soft because his voice was just as needy of sleep as the rest of him.

With no response other than the ongoing battle you seemed to be having in your sleep, he tried again, this time squeezing your shoulder a little harder and raising his voice a little higher, “Y/N, hey, wake up” he said. Suddenly you shot up into a sitting position in bewilderment through heavy pants, startling him and making him grip your arm tightly. “Hey, hey are you okay?” he asked, concern overtaking his mind as he scooted closer to you and took both your shoulders. You turned to him with eyes wide and teary, too confused to make out a coherent sentence.

“Are you okay?” he asked again and you sniffed a little, cleaning off the wetness on your cheeks lazily, “I just- I had a nightmare” you croaked out and Hoseok scoffed lightly, “Yea, no kidding, you scared me with all your whimpering and moving” he said, still holding you as you sleepily chuckled out an apology. “Let me get water” he added, rubbing your arms a little before standing up and heading into the kitchen. You ran your hands through your face and let them drop on your lap. Hoseok came back with a cup of water which he handed to you as he sat in his spot once again and checked the time. “It hasn’t even been that long since we went to bed” he said and you frowned, taking a gulp from the cup and setting it on your nightstand.

“Sorry” you said sheepishly, snuggling back under the sheets and Hoseok did the same. He brought you into his chest and scratched your head while he wrapped his other arm over you, “What did you dream?” he asked softly. You took in a small breath and closed your eyes, “I don’t know… you get into an accident the day you’re coming back home” you mumbled and he moved away slightly to look down at you, but then scooted closer, his chin on your head. “I’m fine though, I’m here, so go to sleep thinking about that” he said almost through a whisper and you chuckled. “I’m aware of that, but my brain works differently when I’m asleep” you stated and he flicked the part of your head he was previously scratching, “Way to go and ruin the moment” he commented.

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