my wild saturday nights

so happy with my room right now! some pretty wild things happened on saturday night, and i couldn’t concentrate at all on sunday. needless to say something that only needed a couple of hours of work ended up taking 6 hours. still, very thankful for some of the distractions, like having dinner with my country mates, a productive student council meeting, good people and good conversations. so important to have amazing friends who always forgive you for the stupid things you do.

I Missed You.

This is my first attempt at writing a reader-insert piece so I hope it’s decent? Ish? It was definitely enjoyable to write! Let me know if you’d like to see more Sam x Reader drabbles. This is more of an experiment than anything but I’ve already got a lot of ideas for these two if the interest is there.

Y/N- Your name. F/N- Friend’s name. 

I have buried you every place I’ve been. 

You keep ending up in my shaking hands.

You miss him. You hate yourself for it sometimes, but shit, you miss him.

It’s been years. Fifteen years, actually. That’s more than enough time to forget about someone; plenty of time to pick up the pieces and “move on.”

And to be fair, you had moved on, or at the very least you can say that you gave it your best shot. You moved to different cities, met new people. You buried yourself in research and spent holidays with familiar-enough faces. It got easier, too.

You don’t think about him everyday anymore.

But you can never really erase him completely. What’s worse is that you never wanted to in the first place.

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ok so i’m in target grocery shopping cause ya know my saturday nights are so wild and literally out of nowhere i just get this overwhelming desire to have a boyfriend?? so we can do boring stuff together like grocery shopping because idk doing the little things together is cute but then i’m like bitch? get it together? what do you need a boyfriend for? you can go grocery shopping by yourself

anonymous asked:

Imagine Steve getting asked to host an episode if Saturday Night Live

It’s Pepper, actually, who picks up the call, given that she does a lot of PR for all of them. She asks Steve before saying yes for him, which is great, because honestly, he doesn’t think he’s that funny.

He’s actually really close to saying no, but then he gets a call from Dan Aykroyd, who promises him that it’s not as intimidating as it seems, and then he’s getting calls from all the classics: Steve Martin, and Bill Murray, and Jane Curtin, and they’re all telling him that he should definitely do it, so he does, and all his friends are there in the audience, and during commercials Bucky makes kissy faces at him and Steve almost passes out under the hot lights and—

He’s never going to do it again, okay, but it was fun. Once.

I just woke up my birds because I yelled at the rom/com I was watching for having the worst medical medical inaccuracies I’ve ever heard. 

  • “He’s in cardiac arrest! He’s tachycardic at 120!”
  • “Your EKG shows you have a blocked artery” as a nurse in the background hangs bright red IV fluids, none of which are actually connected to anything.

  • “You need to exercise after having a heart attack. Sex is great exercise!”

  • “We always say in the medical field, if you’re healthy enough to climb a flight of stairs, you’re healthy enough to have sex.”

That’s not how you…no… no…sTop

spent my wild saturday night scouting locations with my director and 1st AD for the senior thesis film i’m producing! productivity [ron stoppable voice] boo yah!