my wig's not done either i have to straighten it

A little #hairshare: For ye who like my fluffy hair in my last few photos, yes that is ‘all me’ and I achieved it by doing a roller set on my 100% chemical free natural hair. I have no relaxer. No color. And I NEVER use a flat iron. What is that?! If I want my curls smoothed out, I ONLY do a roller set. Every blue moon I’ll entertain a round brush and a blow dryer, but I don’t recommend any of that if you’re a curly girl trying to maintain your curl elasticity & definition. For me, SOMETIMES smoothing out my hair using a non-direct heat method is worth it for me to achieve a look I want. It is a struggle. Especially as an actress. I have sacrificed roles because I no longer straighten my hair. I’ve had casting directors make negative comments to me about my fro. But ‘I am not my hair’. Anyone who can’t be imaginative enough to picture me in a wig or adjust their vision of a character to potentially have curls, doesn’t have the creative capacity of the type of person I want to work with/for. It ain’t easy but getting your hair straightened on a set 20 times a day for months at a time ain’t ideal either. I’d rather not watch all my hair break off over time. Been there. Done that. Which is why I’m at my current curly state of embracing myself and frustration at the fact that my industry only wants to see me with straight hair. I have to live with ME forever. I want to continue to be happy playing many different characters, but I also have to be happy with ‘her’…’me’.- Logan Browning

Such a powerful message from a black actress.