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Do you have any tips for painting backgrounds?? oh my god i am STUNNED by your work!


as for some tips…just…references LOL. look at pretty pictures. both photography and paintings of places u think are cool! they usually give me a good basis for starting palette and space, and then from there I kind of build my own place depending on the composition. (Because I’ve pretty much been using backgrounds as a supplement to the piece, secondary to the figures involved..)

It’s not hard though! I’ll walk u through… (the meadows) (ha)

… *puts bob ross wig on*

throw in a sky

some foreground elements

flesh out some middle ground. I specifically kept the hills under their shoulders for emphasis on their heads, yknow??

add some happy mountains.

sprinkle in some flowers

throw on some extra lighting (mine is coming in from the right)

maybe add some happy clouds

some extra foreground elements to put icing on the cake!

I’m always adjusting my colors and values with the HSV slider (CTRL/CMD+U)

For this one I wanted a really pink/red thing goin on for Valentine’s day so that was my goal~ Hope this helps a little bit!

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please talk about venezuela, the government is killing us for protesting against them. Yesterday (05/03/2017) my friend's brother was killed for protesting.

I am so sorry to hear about your friend’s brother. My heart goes out to you, your friend, and their family. 

As far as Venezuela goes, I think that the first thing needed here is exposure. Why aren’t we seeing this on the news? We are ignoring a genocide that is taking place right under our noses. And mere awareness isn’t going to save the country, that’s not enough. It’s time to hold leaders accountable, freeze their power, make solid moves to a stable economy, and build back the surplus that will bring Venezuela back to its once prosperous state. There is no plan of action, the big wigs claim to be working on rewriting their constitution, but what is that going to do? They’ve tried reforming via paper and here we are now. Venezuela doesn’t want words on a sheet of paper, Venezuela wants action.

Venezuela is hungry.

And all we’re doing here in the states is complaining about a shit for brains president and the number of times he’s played golf on the weekends. Completely unacceptable. 

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A friend told me she was doing Leeloo and that it would be funny if I joined them and did Ruby Rhod. Before I knew it we were thinking of ways to do his voluptuous wig and his unique outfit.

This cosplay first started with the leopard suit. Pretty simple except I had to make the head opening (forget what its called) a bit wider. After doing that, I started working on his puffy collar. To make it puffy I added batting to the inside of it. His staff was actually made by the same friend who suggested doing him in the first place, it was a pole covered with leopard print fabric and has a spray painted speaker on top so I can terrorize people with my robot voice and horrible music. As for his hair I cut up a old wig an inch away from root then added layers of batting to cover a wig, then took a bottle and rolled up many layers of batting to make his pompadaur.

Well right of the bat, I didn’t expect to have such a positive reaction from the attendees. The Fifth Element is an old movie and I didn’t think anyone has seen it, but I was very very VERY wrong. I got stopped for a picture before even entering the convention (which was awful because it was so cold) by a man I was sharing an Uber with. When I started seeing the parents who were chaperone or even people who didn’t even come to the Gaylord for Magfest recognize me and tell me how much they love the movie it makes me feel really great. This is going to sounds sappy but seeing people smile and scream Ruby’s lines from the movie made me really happy and it never got old

I got quite a few, but I’ll keep it too the 4 best ones haha. First one, I was walking through the lobby trying to get to the escalator and I heard a guy say something like ‘oh look a Ruby Rhod’ which was normal I heard that a lot, but right then and there this one guy ran up to me, pointed at my face, and just screamed. I, to this day, don’t know if he was screaming words or what was happening, but he didn’t ask for a picture or say anything after that he just left as soon as he came. The people around me who witnessed this were just as confused as I was. It was hilarious, really. For the second one, Somewhere there’s a video of me singing Yeah by Usher on a stage as Ruby because I was an idiot and raised my hand when Professor ShyGuy asked if there was anyone in the crowd who could say 'Yeah’ like Lil Jon. Apparently he’s a fan, who knew? Thirdly, One fan carried me up 2 flights of stairs as Ruby, which was awesome and I felt it important to share because I never get carried haha. At one point I broke the bluetooth speaker that was on top of my rod and to fix it I went to Tech Ops to see if I can solder the wires back to get it to work and Voi-la it did end up working and somewhere out it there someone has a picture of me as Ruby soldering my rod.

– CometCarter

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I'm thinking about making a wig that has LEDs, and I'm looking at a lot of different things on soldering and electrical currents and the like, but I can't find anywhere that tells me the best place to put a battery pack. I'm trying to think of a place that it wouldn't be too visible. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks a million, have a wonderful day!

For Ragyo, I sewed a little pocket into the inside of the back of my skirt!  I then had the wire trailing down my back, occasionally taped to my skin with fashion tape.  However that was a pretty extreme situation because Ragyo is backless; if you’re wearing a shirt you have a lot more options!  I’d suggest instead placing the pocket inside of your shirt so that the wires run a much shorter distance and are harder to see.  Alternatively you can use the method we used for The Beast and just clamp your pack to a necklace that you wear backward against your back.

If your wig is really big however, you can house a pack right inside the wig.  I did this for my Alien Queen because there was a big old hollow space between the cap and the foam in the back:

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Hi ducky, do you have any tips on how to make a wig cap stay in place? Mine keeps sliding off and that makes my purple hair at work visible...

  1. Right Fit
    First, make sure that your wig cap is a good fit for your head. Some are tighter than others and they can stretch out over time. Make sure you have a snug fitting one. They can also have different size “bands” around the base, I find ones with thicker bands are more secure. 

  2. Pins and Clips
    Hair pins can be used to attach the wig to the hair under the wig but can also be used to clip the wig cap to your hair. This works best with netted caps that have gaps for the pins.

    Some people use toupee clips, sewn into the wig, to help the wig grip the hairline at the front. This may also work for clipping a wig cap in place.  

  3. Wig Bands
    I haven’t tried these out, but they are bands that go around the front of the head and give a surface for wigs to grip on to. It might work to give extra coverage when the wig cap starts to creep back!
  4. Touch ups
    Even with a very secure setup, a heavy wig might slide back and with activity the pins might loosen. You may still need to pop into a bathroom to do some touching up.   

(I forgot to add this to my last ask, I’m so sorry!!) Are there any tips on how to make a wig less itchy? 

  1. Wig Cap and Wig Liners
    Wearing a wig cap will create a barrier between the wig and your head, that way it doesn’t rub against your scalp. If the itching is from rubbing then it can make a big difference. Lightweight wig liners give an even thicker barrier.

  2. Crimped Hairs
    Some wigs have crimped hairs along the netting to help give volume, but these crimped hairs can poke through the wig can irritate your head. Looking for higher quality wigs or wigs with less crimping can make a difference if these hairs are bothering you.
  3. Gaps
    Wefted wigs tend to have gaps between the wefts, especially at the back. These gaps can allow some of the hairs to poke through and cause itching. You can get wigs without gaps but if that isn’t an option, giving your wig a comb through before wearing and checking the underside for any pokey hairs can help alleviate the issue.
  4. Your Hair
    For a lot of people, your own hair can be the cause of itching, especially if you have itching while wearing a wig cap! If you have long hair then braiding or putting your hair up in ponytail can help prevent it from poking you, just make sure the ends are pointed away from your scalp. =For smaller hairs it helps to gel them down or use a bit of hairspray to hold them in place. I have shorter hair and find that putting my wig cap and wig on while my hair is damp relieves the issue. 

  5. Allergies
    It is possible that you could have allergies to either a product used to treat the fibers/ style the wig or even the wig fibers themselves. If you are getting a rash from the wig or other signs of an allergic reaction you should not wear the wig. You can attempt to wash the wig out at home or try different wig fibers to see if it makes a difference. 

  6. Used to it
    Sometimes itching just happens and it gets worse while wearing a wig because you can’t do anything about it! Sometimes it takes a bit of mind-over-matter to ignore the itching and the more you do it the easier it gets. That said, I am not above going to the washroom to take off the wig and give my head a good scratch when I really need to  ;)

Hope this helps!
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CC notes from 29th Jan

I’ve always wanted to write all about my experiences from Cursed Child but I don’t trust my writing to fully justify how amazing this play is. I’ve done some highlights from all my previous visits though which I will post (hopefully soon). Here are some highlights from last Sunday’s performance (not in any particular order)! I’m sorry theres been a delay as I’ve been on a roadtrippp

Under cut for CC SPOILERS

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It couldn’t be. It was impossible. Perhaps it was an impersonation, sent to distract him, and if it was, it was a very poor one; they hadn’t even got the hair right. Because, certainly, the 5′6″ man standing in the back, caneless, in a plain, unobtrusive suit, could not have been Oswald Cobblepot.

But he couldn’t help staring at him. “Ghosts aren’t real!” His own words echoed back at him, meanly. And, of course they weren’t, but then… Ed had to know. If this was a plot, a con, a trick, he had to unravel it. Because who would be stupid enough to throw the likeness of his dead best friend in front of him? Who would try something so patently, obviously fake, that they fooled themselves into thinking it just might work on shock value? Whoever it was was a high contender for his next victim.

He wasn’t doing a very good job of distracting him even. He was just standing there. Well, standing and screaming as the glass ceiling collapsed on everyone’s heads. But he was just doing what everyone else was doing, no more, no less, as if he were designed to blend in with the crowd. This made no sense as a ploy: the ceiling was already crashed, the bank robbed. If this mock-Penguin was supposed to distract him then he had failed. What was this about?

Ed followed him, deliberately keeping in eye-sight in case he did something, anything. Even if it was a bad, delayed plan, it would be a relief to know there was one. Practically standing in front of him though, there was no reaction, just panicked hurrying past, like everyone else. This was getting ridiculous. He finally grabbed him, the imposter gasping and staring up at him, wide-eyed with fear.

“I must say, whatever ruse you’re putting on is miserable stuff. Tell me, who do you work for?”

“Wh-what?” The small man trembled in his grasp. 

“Oh, don’t play dumb!” Ed spat, “The jig is up! You’re clearly NOT Penguin, how could you be, so make my life and yours easier and just tell me who you work for. I promise to give your bosses the reward they deserve for this performance.”

“I- I- I don’t know what you’re talking about, Mr. Riddler. I work for Finestein’s, the insurance company. Have they… angered you in some way?” the imposter gulped.

Ed’s eyes widened, his grip tightening. “Do you think I’m an idiot or do you just have a congenital condition of idiocy? WHAT could you possibly stand to gain by lying? Tell me who you work for and, I promise, you go free! Not a hair touched on your mediocre wig.”

The man frowned in confusion. “This isn’t a wig, it’s my hair.”

Ed grabbed it, his patience snapping. “Ouch!” The man pulled his hand off his… hair.

“You mean… to tell me you dyed and cut your hair to look like Oswald Cobblepot just to get my attention?” The gears in Ed’s mind sputtered.

“I didn’t do anything of the sort, it’s my hair,” the man insisted, scratching the place Ed pulled at, “And who’s Oswald Cobblepot?”

Ed stared. Then before he knew what he was doing, he ripped open the man’s shirt and lo… a bullet wound. Below the rib cage. Right where he’d put one in Oswald.

Ed released him as if he’d been burned, reeling. “O-Oswald?” Ed gasped, not daring to believe it.

The man whipped his shirt closed, rapidly doing the buttons. “WHO is Oswald?! I’m NOT him!” The man glared at him, tucking his shirt and storming off as quickly as his limping feet could carry him.

“Oswald!” Ed screamed after him helplessly. He’d stood before him, looked right through him, and didn’t know him. The blue eyes that accused him every night in his sleep, the face behind him in every mirror, the voice that whispered his every thought… could no longer recognize him.

If there was a fate worse than death, Ed imagined he was now suffering it.


AU where Oswald comes back, but has no idea who he is

my friend Nate is in a weird place right now

“I think I’ve officially lost my marbles”

“I’ve resorted to dressing up my son’s dragon in disguises. This is his kale wig.“


“ I don’t have a few years, wish to hell I did. ”
“ I’ve known you my entire life, you don’t have a violent bone in your body. ”
“ Given your lack of prior criminal conduct, I am inclined to a probation. ”
“ I find it incumbent that you see the inside of a prison cell. ”
“ As for the term of your sentence, I’m setting it at five years. ”
“ I’m telling you, the guards are the dirtiest gang in this whole place. ”
“ I believe in being part of the solution, not the problem. ”
“ Hmm. Be the change you want to see in the world. What? ”
“ You have a habit of answering a question with a question. ”
“ Uh, perhaps you’d be good enough to enlighten me? ”
“ Are you crazy? You think I wanna break out of here? ”
“ Man I oughta beat you six days till Sunday. ”
“ I had to test you. See if you could keep a secret. ”
“ You dig in my cell when I’m there and I’m gonna split your wig. ”
“ You know you’re going to get killed in here, right? ”
“ You see these hands? They’re digging machines. ”
“ You wanna protect your prison reputation, or do you wanna get out of here? ”
“ You have no choice. I’m one of the bad guys, remember? ”
“ This look like storage to you, you idiot? It’s a restricted area. ”
“ I’m comin’ along on this endeavor whether you like it or not. ”
“ Dump the phone, they’re tracking you. ”
“ I checked my balance online, it is looking seriously deficient. ”
“ I swear to God, it just gets deeper and deeper. ”
“ Keep talking like that, I’ll be forced to put a bullet in your head. ”
“ I don’t like getting attached to things if I know they won’t last. ”
“ Well, I’m a pack rat, I never throw anything out. ”
“ What’s that smell? It smells a little like… conspiracy. ”
“ So you’re just gonna make a run for it, in the middle of the day? ”
“ What you gonna do, blow the whistle on your own escape? ”
“ I told you, I didn’t burn him! I found him like that! ”
“ We’ll be like ducks in a shooting range, you feel me? ”
“ Rough night? I got your message, what’s the problem? ”
“ I heard you got fired a few weeks ago, what was it this time? ”
“ I don’t understand, all the evidence is lining up in a path that leads directly to you. ”
“ I’ve never seen one of these requests granted before….not ever. ”
“ Have you figured out how you’re gonna get the key to the infirmary yet? ”
“ I will not discuss morality with an addict and a thief. ”
“ I was part of your plan. Was it all an act? ”
“ Don’t you feel all warm inside now that we’re all working together? ”
“ Do you think he’s/she’s a genius or a whack job?
Wash That Con Right Out Of Your Hair! -- A guide to washing your wigs!

Hi everyone! 

So in light of a recent conversation, the topic of washing a wig came up! Being the ever helpful person I am, I decided to make a little tutorial on how I wash out my wigs. This can be used for getting out product that you may have used to style it, or it’s just really gross. (Summer cons, I am looking at you)

That being said, I do have a few disclaimers I want to address! First of all, this method is my way. I am in no way a wig expert. But this works well for me. Next, I am using a wig purchased from Arda-Wigs. Their fibers are high quality Hiperlon , so they can stand the heat! If your wig is Kanekalon , or if you just don’t know, do a little more hunting before using this guide! :3

It is also recommended to use an actual wig shampoo. But I am cheap…. SO here we are. Now lets get started! :D

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Welcome to the Finalizer!

Title: Welcome to the Finalizer!

Words: 3675

Summary: You are Hux’s wife and have two children together, they’re copying Phasma and Ren, you’re fed up with the rivalry between your husband and Ren and you really should learn to reveal your secrets properly.

Warnings: Fluff! Phasma and Reader are bros in this. Matt the Radar Technician makes an appearance!

Thanks to the brilliant @elenawrit who was my inspiration in this!!!

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She’s a little odd - Dylan O’Brien Imagine [Request]

A/N: requested by @loveislouder14. I hope you like it. I really like the idea, so I hope it turned out well.
Requests are always open!

word count: 1476

It all started off with one simple tweet. People got used to Dylan O'Briens girlfriend – the Teen Wolf super-fan, but things got strange once they learned about me shipping Stydia. The day it finally happened on show not only I went totally nuts but also questions over-floated. They always kept wondering how I could be so supportive, when it actually came to my man kissing some other woman and when fans hearts stopped as wishes and dreams finally came true, I was one of them. I felt it becoming one of the most discussed topics in fan groups or even Tumblr, but to be honest I never got their point.

First of all this was part of Dylans job, so there was actually no chance I got jealous about him kissing someone else. Well, to be honest at first I had to get used to it, but it didn’t took me this long. Apart from this I simply didn’t care as long as I knew who his heart belonged to.

Now that months have passed, each day advanced towards Comic Con. In fact Dylan offered me more than once to accompany him, but I declined kindly every time he asked.

To anyone else there haven’t been much of a reason for my behavior but to me and my best friend (Y/F/N), this has been our event for ages now and I wouldn’t want to break with this tradition for anything – not even Dylan.

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the return

Ideally, this takes place right after 02x03…all errors in the French language are my own, despite the efforts of many to help me.

He was in Scotland – he was sure of it. Mud, and damp wool, and heather. Far from the rot and foul odors that permeated these Frenchmen – did they not ever wash those damned wigs?

Murtagh stood on the small hill right behind the broch – watching smoke curl up from the chimney at the house – three fresh rabbits hanging beside his sporran. Should make a nice addition to supper –

The hairs stood up on the back of his neck. Someone – something - was watching him. Slowly he reached for his dirk, and whirled to face the intruder…

…only to grab a fistful of bedclothes and elbow the interloper - standing beside the bed - somewhere in the soft parts.

“*Merde!*” Fergus exclaimed, doubling over in pain, clutching his privates.

“*Qu'est ce que c'est, mon petit hérisson?*” Suzette sleepily rolled over to face Murtagh, hair all wild from sleep – and from how they’d spent a few timeless hours in the deep night. “*C'est le voleur?*”

“Eh?” Murtagh sat up, scrubbing at his face, squinting at Fergus, who was still half-stunned by the blow. “What the devil are ye doing in here, ye wee baggage? Does a closed door mean an invitation to ye?”

“It’s late,” the boy gasped. “He - Milord – he’s not awake.”

“*Envoies-lui dehors!*” Suzette’s lovely, calloused hands skimmed Murtagh’s side. “*Á moins que tu veux qu'il nous regarde.*”

Murtagh lay a gentle hand on Suzette’s, but turned to the boy. “What do ye mean he’s no’ awake? It’s past dawn – he’s usually in the sitting room by now.”

Fergus straightened, grimacing. “The door to his and Milady’s bedchamber is locked, and there must be furniture up against it – I picked the lock and still the door will not open. He has not sent for the servants this morning, either.”

Suzette huffed. Murtagh kissed her fingers.

“All right – I’ll see if I can rouse him. Damn fool has probably taken ill, what with all the drinking and carrying on wi’ the daft Prince and these French fops in this filthy, stinking city…”

He continued muttering under his breath as he lay out his plaid, pleated it, rolled himself into it, and buckled it in place – to Fergus’ wide-eyed surprise and giggles from Suzette on the bed. He raised a bushy eyebrow at her in question.

“Can ye no’ cover yerself, *a leannan*?”

She shook her head and wrapped the sheet around her shoulders, still laughing.

“It is all right – I have seen many naked women before,” Fergus said softly, giving Murtagh a helping hand to stand upright.

“Mmphmm.” Murtagh turned once more to face the bed – watched Suzette blow him a kiss – and grinned like a fool all the way down the hall from the servants’ quarters to the master bedroom, Fergus at his side.

It was just as the lad had said – the lock was open, but the door would not budge. He glanced to the clock on the mantle – dripping wi’ cherubs, what the hell had Jared been thinking? – and saw it was already half past eight. Very unusual – on nights when he stayed at home, Jamie was always up and dressed no later than seven.

“Do you think he is unwell?” Fergus asked quietly, nervously rocking back and forth.

“I hope not. He’s due to meet wi’ the prince again this afternoon - outside that damn brothel, for once.”

Murtagh banged on the door. Five hard knocks.

He waited. Looking over at Fergus, he saw the lad holding his breath in anticipation.


Five more knocks. “Jamie!”

Still nothing. Murtagh sighed. “Do ye think the butler is strong enough to break down this door?”

Fergus paused, thinking.

“Perhaps him *and* the coachman? The coachman actually uses his arms to earn his wages. The butler - he just chases the maids.”

Three more bangs. “Jamie, lad! Are ye all right?”

Now he was worrit. What if the lass had taken ill? Or - God forbid - the bairn inside her was having troubles? What if a burglar had pried open the windows overnight and killed them in their beds? What if an assassin had snuck through the house and slit their throats, for aiding the prince? What if -


Murtagh blinked harshly at Fergus’ whisper. Sure enough, there were heavy footsteps on the other side of the door - the sound of chairs being pushed back - and suddenly the door opened.

Jamie Fraser, Lord Broch Tuarach, stood before them, panting, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, naked. Grinning like an idiot.

“Dinna fash, I’m no’ dead. Far from it.”

Out of the corner of his eye, Murtagh watched Fergus’ jaw drop in utter awe.

“Are you all right, milord?”

Jamie pushed his wild hair back from his face, scratching the side of his neck. Murtagh counted seven love bites blooming on his fair skin.

“Better than I’ve been in a long time, lad. Is someone asking for me?”

“Ye worrit him sick, sleeping in like one o’ those dandies.” Murtagh tried his best to admonish him - but couldn’t suppress a tiny smile at the thought that perhaps love had finally returned to the Fraser marriage bed. “It isna like ye to no’ be up at the crack o’ dawn, writing out yer letters.”

Jamie crossed his arms and leaned on the doorframe. “I had vera good reason this morning, Murtagh. And I’ll ask ye a wee favor.”

“Which is?”

“I need ye to send a letter to Duvernay’s secretary, telling him that I canna meet today. God knows I’ve waited on Charles many times before - I can take today to myself. He can wait on me today.”

“All o’ that? What should I tell him?”

Jamie smiled sweetly - Ellen’s smile. Murtagh was powerless to say no - and Jamie knew it.

“Tell him I’m indisposed.”

Claire suddenly emerged from the shadows, wrapped in Jamie’s plaid. She leaned against him and his arm automatically settled around her shoulders, nestling her against his side. She turned her face into his neck - and Fergus counted five love bites of her own.

“And then I’d like ye to ask the servants to bring us breakfast, but to leave it out in the sitting room. I willna be disturbed today. Can ye do that?”

Murtagh nodded, incredulous. “Anything else, then?”

“Can you please write Mother Hildegard that I won’t be going to l’Hôpital as planned today?” Claire’s voice was muffled against Jamie’s chest as he slowly, gently drew his fingers up and down her bare arm. “The baby - ”

“Aye, I understand. I’ll see to it.”

“Thank ye,” Jamie said quietly. “And take a bath, please, Fergus. I can smell ye from here.”

Fergus’ cheeks pinked, but he said nothing - mesmerized, as was Murtagh, by the simple sight of Milord and Milady so - in tune with each other.

Jamie nodded - and picked up Claire - and kicked the door shut. The heavy oak was not too thick to prevent their laughter from echoing through the sitting room.

“It is so different when the house is happy,” Fergus said quietly, absently tugging at a string on the sleeve of his shirt. “It is true laughter. At Maison Elise - there was a lot of laughter, but it was not - not real. Not from love.”

Murtagh lay a hand on the lad’s shoulder and gently steered him back to the servants’ quarters. “Aye, I understand. Let’s leave them, aye? Looks like we’re all in for a day of rest.”

He shooed Fergus downstairs to bathe with the stable lads - and quietly shut the door to Suzette’s room, watching her doze on the bed.

“*Viens,*” she said softly after a long moment, her long, pale arm extended in welcome.

He took her hand - and he did.


Merde! — Shit!

Qu'est ce que c'est, mon petit hérisson? — What is it, my little hedgehog?

C'est le voleur? — Is it the pickpocket?

Envoies-lui dehors! — Send him out!

Á moins que tu veux qu'il nous regarde — Unless you want him to watch

Viens — Come

im still like??? really angry that my ex literally stole a bunch of my stuff. like if i EVER see them in that roxy lalonde cosplay im going 2 scream that was MY cosplay including a really nice wig and an official shirt that was gifted to me by a friend. plus my $150 long black wig. plus a dickload of my clothing. things i all bought before we even got together. not to mention the fact that i had to literally fight and argue to get my last check from our shared account and i got NOTHING from the savings account. and fuck just little things all over the place that i can’t get back like? my life is strange game is on THEIR xbox live account

what a fucking good deal on their end tho right???? they got their dick wet getting to fuck some pretty little new chick after being stuck with my scabby hairless ass for 3 years and it resulted in them getting to be single, getting my money, getting A Lot of my stuff, getting to keep their sweet well paying job i helped them get and getting to move one with zero problem and zero heartache

they didn’t have to lose their job, lose their money, lose their home, lose their last name, lose their friends. they didnt lose someone they loved they didn’t lose their best friend because i am really not sure if they ever like, really genuinely loved me or considered me their best friend. they got tired of playing house and didnt know how to break up with someone maturely so they literally went out of their way to specifically do the One Thing that would hurt me most to make sure i wouldn’t come crawling back. they knew exactly how scared and self conscious i was and they would get Angry when i would talk about it because How Dare I Not Trust Them How Dare I Question Their Self Control and yet…….?

Gay Life in Russia: Interview with Pavel Petel

What a thrill it was when my second-favorite Russian, Pavel Petel, agreed to talk openly about something that everyone right now seems to have an opinion about but few have any direct insight into: gay life in Russia. The dazzling Pavel entertains in clubs, on the streets, in parks — wherever his imagination takes him and his bodybuilder’s physique and model handsomeness play perfectly at odds with his vast collection of wigs, thigh-high boots, and lipsticks. No more a one man riddle wrapped in mystery inside an enigma, Pavel spoke briefly with me via email just before the opening of the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

MARK ADNUM: With the current situation in Russia, do you think your kind of pop-art has drifted into an area of political statement — protest?

PAVEL PETEL: I’m risking when I tell the truth. Everyone asks provocative questions, but no one is ready to provide real financial and legal help. I live in Moscow, Russia. I love life. I’m an actor! I am used to entertaining people and creating positively charged performances. I’m not interested in politics. I am a kind, trustful, naive and sincere person – there is no place for me in politics! I will benefit the world by entertaining people, not by organizing political protests.

However, I don’t have enough money to make all my creative ideas come to life. Recently an American digital magazine addressed me with a request to make them a free photoset and video with exclusive rights on the publication. They praised themselves to be the most popular digital magazine in the USA, but couldn’t send even a pair of shoes and wigs for shooting. I have a large audience in the West and my dream is to move to the USA. But I don’t want to lose Russian admirers either, so I will continue to communicate with them through my new project on YouTube.

MARK ADNUM: Your act is so delightful but there’s an undercurrent that you’re risking attracting very much the wrong kind of attention. What are your thoughts?

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Isabella wasn’t creative, and right now she had way to much on her mind and plate to come up with anything of originality for a costume party. The only reason that she came as Sandy in the first place was because Tj wanted her to be the Sandy to his Danny, and she had most of the stuff easily accessible. The typical Sandy after her makeover outfit and a pair of black heels. She did decide she was Sandy with a dye job because she didn’t have a blonde wig and didn’t care enough to find one. She just wanted to get drunk and have a good time with Aaron gone for the weekend. At least she didn’t have to worry about running into him. Looking around as she stepped into the house she couldn’t see Tj away so just made her way around the crowd looking for either him, booze, or anybody else she could stand to talk to at the moment.

✨Squad Goals Season 2 Episode 20 Pt. 2✨

“Babe you’re a fucking pro at changing diapers” Justin says in shock before picking up a freshly changed Zara and placing her in the carrier we’d decided to tote her around in while we toured the next house.

“I watched Louis change Freddie loads of times. I’m surprised this worked out so well since i’ve never actually changed one” Justin makes faces at Zara and I’m able to catch the exchange on snapchat before Meagan clears her throat and motions around the home.

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How to make a widows-peak hair extension

This is a rough tutorial of my process while making a clip-in widows-peak for my Equius cosplay. I want to use the wig also for a young Snape cosplay sometime in the future so I didn’t want to sew it in.

Aside from gluing down the hair it’s actually pretty easy.

• Measure and sketch out a template, leaving room for it to overlap the hairline so the wig clips have something to grab onto.

• Once you get a pattern you are happy with, cut it out and place it over the wig. If you are not satisfied try it again until it looks right.

• Trace the shape on fabric similar to the wig color. If the fabric you are using is prone to fraying, paint both sides of your shape with fray check or a similar solution and let dry completely.

• Cut out the shape and sew the wig clips on the underside with the open side facing down. |-v-v-v-|
This helps the teeth grab the hair and hold the hairpiece in place.

• glue hair onto the hairpiece starting from the back (top most part) and going toward the front. Make sure you are using a clear-drying glue. On the front-most two layers I used Mod Podge because it dries more clearly than my craft glue… But it takes a lot longer to dry and isn’t as tacky…


Place the clip on right above the edge of the hairline and gently pull down to thread the teeth into the hair. Close the clips. And wear proudly!

I will add a horn tutorial soon.

Friends, Romans, Cosplayers,

Let me share with you the magic that is 30 Sec Weave spray. This is my post-con Sailor Moon wig’s pig tail:

I’ve tried everything to de-tangle this thing. I’ve washed it and it frizzed right back up. I’ve used the fabric-softener+water spray and all it did was dull my wig and make it feel gross. So today I finally went to my local drag queen supply store and consulted the Very Old Korean Man who runs the place. Without a word he handed me this bottle and this comb:

But guess what?? It fucking works. Check out my post-sprayed/combed wig:

Here’s what you do.

  1. Get yourself this godsend spay that must be formulated from RuPaul’s tears, and this shark comb.
  2. Spray your goddamn wig
  3. Let that sit for a few minutes (I timed it by chilling out and listening to a Noisey song)
  4. Comb your wig–obviously do this the way your supposed to, you know start from the bottom, don’t pull hard, all that jazz
  5. Hit particularly stubborn tangles with another spritz from the To Wong Foo (with love)
  6. Carefully pull the tangle apart
  7. Spray the frizz that happened via knot banishing and comb through the hair again
  8. LOOK AMAZING???? (just kidding, you will)