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“Madame Vastra in Doctor Who could be considered a female equivalent of Sherlock.” - Mark Gatiss, Women of Sherlock at the Radio Times Festival (x)

Will we get the equivalent of her relationship with Jenny…?

It’s 2030. Fall out boy have now renamed themselves fall out man and actually turned into one giant meme. Just Brendon’s head is left and when Ryan was asked to be interviewed, he zoomed off into space. My chemical romance have broken up after thirteen years of a reunion era. Tyler has permanently kicked Josh out of the band and in retaliation Josh added Oakley to his Tyler tattoo. Pop punk is retro and the new trend is 2005 Pete wentz eyeliner. Sherlock is on its sixth season and in celebration of doctor who’s 100th season, Moffat told fans that there would be a wholock crossover, releasing posters and trailers but really was just trolling everyone. SPN mysteriously disappeared from existence and all we can say is that it is of supernatural causes. Tumblr has been taken over by Pepe and every blogger must wear frog masks and chant hail Pepe when they go outside. Everyone talks in emoji.


“Madame Vastra in Doctor Who could be considered a female equivalent of Sherlock.” - Mark Gatiss, Women of Sherlock at the Radio Times Festival (x).  

This scene from The Snowmen (Dec. 2012) written by Steven Moffat - thank you moriartys-minion (x) for suggesting!  See also scenes from Sherlock and Deep Breath.

Sleep No More - a meta

I was just discussing Mark Gatiss’s comment about never reach the last step at the end of The Final Problem with @misplacedscotty when I realized there is more evidence supporting the theories of either Sherlock’s dream (possibly in a coma?) or John’s dream.

First of all, Sherlock and John never take the last step as they run from the building. This reminded me of when you’re dreaming and you wake up because you take a step and feel like you’re falling.

As someone else said (@antisocial-otaku ), sometimes people wake up from a dream, but their dream stops in the middle like the way the last scene paused.

Martin Freeman said before Series 4 aired that the end does seem like a pause. It seemed as though he was speaking metaphorically, but he meant literally. The show paused like a video pausing.

What if this was all a literal video in the show’s universe that was paused or even edited? What if Series 4 was found footage?

Then, I remembered that the episode of Doctor Who that Mark Gatiss wrote was a found footage episode called “Sleep No More”.

Sleep No More is about dreaming, or rather the lack of them, because it’s about a machine that makes you only need to sleep for a very short amount of time, but it reminded me of all the theories going around about Series 4 being either Sherlock or John’s dream.

Also, I know there was a post comparing the found footage from Sleep No More to Mary’s DVDs. Plus, Sherlock did mention to Ella that he was having a reoccurring dream.

TL;DR: Mark Gatiss wrote Sleep No More, a Doctor Who episode that has many parallels to Series 4 of Sherlock. This could be hinting towards the series being either found footage or a dream, further supported by and ending when the show is paused as Sherlock and John run from the building at the end of TFP. Either way, something’s fucky.

Update: Here’s the Sleep No More Post:

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So ive been reading a great wholock fic, cant remember the name right now (Of time lords and men) but it has +40k words and 8 chapters…. so far i ve just finished chapter 5.

The only thing is johns traveling through time with the doctor and occasionaly meeting sherlock….the only thing is sherlocks not had johns first visit yet and all im thinking, all im praying is that thw author didnt fully follow throught with the doctor who references and didnt include the “your future is my past, your firsts are my lasts” part so the last time sherlock sees john is the first time john sees him (fyi its after TRF so on johns first visit to sherlock he punches him)