my whole life is like vice city

an old friend that im catching up with: hey, so you know that girl you spend 100% of your time texting and calling and talking about and thinking about and you said she knows you better than anyone and you’re always retelling the jokes you have with her and you want to move to her city so you can spend more time with her? is she your girlfriend?

me: wha– how could you say such a thing?? no, of course she is not my girlfriend. how– i don’t even know how you got an idea like that! that’s crazy! she is my Best Friend In The Whole Entire World™ and yeah, i want her to be the most important part of my life forever until i die and vice versa, and like. i want to move in with her so we can spend all our time together. but we’re not lesbians! that’s just like a roommate situation. that’s just how deep our friendship is. is there a female equivalent of the term “bromance”? because that’s exactly what we have!!!