my whole dash is crying again

This morning my Uber driver and I got into a political discussion after seeing a Ted Cruz bumper sticker. As with all elections talk, the conversation quickly turned to Trump. My driver, an immigrant, told me about how his daughter was watching a Trump speech and began to panic, asking if he was really going to kick out all the immigrants and if she would be separated from her dad. He assured her he wasn’t going anywhere and then went to the garage to collect himself so she wouldn’t see him cry. He was tearing up again recounting it to me. Trump is such a joke that I never think of the reality he presents to others. A very scary reality.

Days before, my driver had given a ride to a well-to-do middle-aged man who was quiet the whole ride and upon leaving told him to “go back to [his] fucking home.” He caught it on dash cam, but didn’t want to put it online and draw any attention to himself or this guy’s ignorance. I imagine this asshole is a Trump supporter given his views on immigration, despite the fact that the driver is here completely legally.

🙏🏻 that our generation goes out and breaks some voting records since we now outnumber the baby boomers. Let’s silence this xenophobic rhetoric before it gains any more traction.

Hello, it’s me; your local grieving widow.

I’m just giving a little update.
First of all; thank you so much to everyone who has sent me supportive, encouraging, and kind asks/chats, you guys are so precious and I appreciate you all so much♥ I wish I could be here and help you guys through all of this too.
I’m still very.. I don’t know how to put it, about the whole situation. This whole experience has sort of given me an existential crisis, and yes I know how dramatic that sounds, but it’s true. Basically, I’ve always had this strong feeling of needing/wanting to use my creativity to entertain people, and tumblr has sort of given me a sense of that, but it hasn’t helped me achieve this in the Real world - and I’ve prioritized staying inside on tumblr and being creative here instead of working on something I can do to make a living. That’s the existential crisis for ya. (In all seriousness, I’ve actually been very traumatized by this. I like to joke away my feelings but I’m not really in the best of places yet. I can barely look at Lexa’s face without breaking down, it’s insane.)
NOW, over to what I’m actually supposed to say. Look at me (i’m saaandra dee) I’m rambling.
I’m staying on tumblr. *que a couple of claps and a wah-wah-wah-waaaah sound* But I’m most likely not going to continue watching The 100. AND. I will most likely not spend as much time on here as I have in the past. 
And I still need some time to get over this. I mean… in case y’all didn’t notice… which.. would be weird.. No character has ever been as important to me as Lexa. I’ve never loved a character like her in my whole 22-year old fictional-loving life. *Distant douchebag voices yelling* “she’s a fictional character!” YEAH WELL she’s been much more to me. So much more. In so many ways (I’m not gonna go into detail because I’m getting teary-eyed just writing this, look at me the emo nerd jfc) 

And to wrap this long post up, which could just have been a short “hey I’m staying lol sup fam hmu” - 
I will always love Lexa. I will continue to praise and make Lexa edits in the future. But I need more time (honestly, one moment I’m laughing at my own distorted face in snapchat filters and in the next moment I’m crying on the shower floor. It’s wild.) 
And.. you know what’s starting next month? FTWD. And I’ll get to gif everyone’s favourite zombie-slaying sassmaster Alicia Clark again. 

Kristina out~ I mean in~ Kristina in~ Wait that sounds really wrong.
Right. I miss you guys. I couldn’t even stay a whole week away from you. I hope you’re all well, or as well as one can be regarding the circumstances. *gives you all a big group cyber-hug*