my what shitty art you have

stuff that was (probably) overheard in the haus

holster: dude, which of these ties for the banquet?

ransom: well, I’d say this one looks better with your suit, but that one brings out those beautiful baby blues, bro

holster: …bro


nursey: how can you not appreciate this? it’s ART, man! it’s a huge fuck-you to society’s standards, to their rules, to their total control over how we all have to look and talk and think!

dex: just admit that you put your shirt on inside out by accident


shitty: as she simultaneously tackles and proves herself in yet another field of art, this is clearly some of ms. duan’s most inspiring work yet. the composition, the lighting, the sheer beauty of the subject-

lardo: all i asked was if you thought this selfie was good enough for instagram


bitty: what the HELL, jack. i thought you were my FRIEND. i thought you had my back. i thought you were my captain, i thought i could trust you…but you betrayed me. get out of my kitchen. i can’t look at you right now. i need to be alone

jack: bits, all i did was accidentally buy margarine


farmer: i was super into yu-gi-oh when i was a kid

chowder: damn that’s weird because i’m super into YOU-gi-oh right now

farmer: that was terrible and i love you


jack: where are a double double and a box of timbits when you need them, eh?

ransom: ugh i know

bitty: what language is this


holster: if i staged a one man production of legally blonde the musical would you come see it

ransom: yes but you have to come to my one man show of wicked

holster: deal


lardo: if you could have dinner with any person who died who would you have it with? i think i’d pick frida kahlo

shitty: whoever invented weed


jack: when i was little i used to have nightmares about global warming because i was afraid the ice would all melt so i couldn’t play hockey anymore

bitty: that is simultaneously adorable and heartbreaking


dex: okay so you literally know how to knit but the minute i play any journey music I’M the old man

nursey: i’m classy old. i’m a gracefully aging angela bassett. you’re a white dad at a barbecue whose secret spice is pepper

Gently throws this post at you

Stop telling young/novice artists ther art is “cringy” and “shitty” and “only fun to laugh at” it’s stupid and gross and just makes you look like a douche canoe.

If I had been harassed at such a young vulnerable stage of my art career I would have quit without a second thought.

To all young/novice artists:
I am here to support you! If you want tips or help with ideas or critiques I’m here to that

Don’t let anyone make you quit what you are doing

You don’t have to be prefect yet but it’s okay to make that somethin you strive for

It is okay to be PROUD OF YOUR ART even if it isn’t of highest quality compared to others

I’m so proud of you for sharing your art and being creative and I love what you do keep it up.

I love to follow novice artists the always surprise me with their improvement.


just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…

;;OOC - ( So you know that thing I did earlier today? Yeah, @cyber-pop-star dared me to doodle that. I can’t resist a good dare B) )


I have a lot of feelings about the latest chapter of “Flowey is Not a Good Life Coach” and this sums up most of them

Bonus ending!

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SO guys i have over 4,000 followers!! (yikes) And I was like, I want to celebrate but Idk what the hell to do. Remember when I said I was gonna do a Duke contest? Well I’m doing a Jason one instead cause my Jason design is my signature thing(and what got me to my first 1000) Details under the cut!!!-

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Shitty picture of little drawing I’ve been working on. This dedicated to Rebekah @quietlyprim . I’m so incredibly thankful for all the time you have spent making your fabulous videos and contributing to the community. Tjlc is such a kind, caring community, and has helped me, and so many others in figuring out and accepting our identities. It’s something I will forever be grateful for :) ❤️🏳️‍🌈
Happy Johnlock eve!!!


orcaputtt have this really cute school au idea. Where zevran teach chemist, alistair is a PT, all DA2 crew is fuckin kiddos.

peridot is gay.

late entry for yesterday’s @lapidot-tuesday prompt!: (x)

Calibornia Dreamin'
Calibornia Dreamin'

Okay so first I say to myself: “Hey, Ilan, you know what’s funny? Calibornia Dreamin’” I chuckle. Then I realize. I have Garage Band and shitty editing skills. So I scour the internet for an illegal download of California Dreamin’ and probably give my computer a virus or too, but I finally find one. I then add in The Lordling and discover that…they actually work kind of really well together? So what the fuck basically.

Long story short I spent actual time on this. Like twenty minutes maybe, but still time. Also check out the track art I stitched together. It’s horrendous.

This is my life now. 

Arrangement of Caliornia Dreamin’ by the Mamas and the Papas and The Lordling by Toby Fox. Apologies to both.


If you’re being bullied at school, please stay strong and if you can’t stay strong, then talk to someone or maybe even with me. I’m open for everyone. But if you don’t wanna talk and if you’re having a bad day then hopefully this quote help “If people are trying to bring you DOWN it only means that you are above them.” Or just go watch a cute puppy I don’t know. Just something that makes you smile, let’s just put up that :)

Btw I had a very hard decision on what the text should say. But hopefully you don’t mind if the text is shitty :/

{If you don’t like this or my account, DO NOT comment any negative things about this. DO NOT steal my art unless you give credit or my permission. Thank you :>}

This is how you remind me
Of what I really am
This is how you remind me
Of what I really am

It’s not like you to say sorry
I was waiting on a different story
This time I’m mistaken
For handing you
A heart worth breaking
And I’ve been wrong
I’ve been down
Into the bottom of every bottle
These five words in my head
Are we having fun yet?
Basically the only nickelback song that makes me tear up.