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Could you write Sebastian worshipping Ciel's feet?

I like your request, Anon. I hope I don’t disappoint.

Ciel sat on the bed, his hands at his sides on the covers, one leg over the other. He was naked except for his knee-high socks and garters. Before him, Sebastian sat on his legs on the floor. His hands were on his knees, his pants open but he was still hidden inside.

Watching him with studying gaze, Ciel tilted his head to the side. His eye fell upon the fat bulge between the butler’s legs and he smirked. “That looks uncomfortable.” Sebastian’s cheeks were light pink. He swallowed a little, looking up at his master. No response came from the man so Ciel brought down the leg that was resting atop the other and straightened his foot. He pressed the back of his foot to the demon’s crotch and lightly rubbed the mass up and down. Sebastian closed his eyes and the corners of his lips tightened. Ciel had ordered him to get himself hard an hour ago and only now he was finally giving some attention to his needy servant.

Ciel rose his foot to the top of the bulge and placed the underside of his toes over it, rubbing the mass from side to side. Sebastian clenched his teeth and lowered his head. Ciel ran his toes down to the underside and stroked the butler’s balls with the back of his toes. The demon’s thighs flexed and he balled his hands into fists. “What are you feeling, Sebastian?” Ciel asked, a smug smile on his face.

The demon glared up at his master, his face looking a little pain. “…Torture.” He answered.

That only made Ciel smile more. He moved his foot up and dipped his large toe into the open pants, tugging them back a bit. “You have my permission to take it out.” With a deep breath and sigh, Sebastian reached into his pants with one hand and pulled out his red from arousal and neglect member and heavy balls. The member was wet with precum. It twitched at the sensation of the cold air in the room.

“That looks painful.” Ciel commented. He tilted his head to the side as he observed the twitching manhood. “Tell me what you want, Sebastian.” He pressed his toe into the leaking tip.

Sebastian growled and leaned forward, putting his forehead onto Ciel’s knees. “I want…” He panted. “I want to cum, master.”

“Mmm, I bet you do.” Ciel rubbed the head with the pad of his big toe. “But that’s not everything you want.”

Taking in a deep breath and exhaling slowly, Sebastian began to get into detail. “I want you to rub my length with the soles of your feet… I want to grind against your legs.” He lifted his head, looking up at Ciel. His hands came to hold the boy’s knees. “I want to kiss, lick, nip, bite, and suck every inch of your beautiful legs. I want to put my shaft under your knees and fold your legs over my length and fuck your legs.” Biting his bottom lip, he added one last wish. “I want to cum onto your buttocks and lick you clean.”

Ciel’s gaze shined with a certain kind of dark arousal at his demon’s honesty. However, the Earl wasn’t so innocent that he would give the devil exactly what he wanted. “Mm, I think you’ll have to make do with my shin.” He took his toe off the aching member and rose his leg.

Sebastian looked down at the offered limb. This was definitely better than nothing. “You are most generous, master.” He said as he stood up on his knees. He took hold of the thin leg carefully and brought it between his legs. “Thank you.” He rested his balls and dick onto the shin, then started to roll his hips. He rubbed against Ciel, grinding fast to get more pressure and friction. His precum wet the milky, flawless skin.

Ciel leaned back and smirked at he watched Sebastian hump his leg. “Just like a dog.” He commented. “Nothing but a heat-crazed mutt.” Sebastian looked up at Ciel, his expression of pain and pleasure. Ciel’s smirk grew. He rose a hand to stroke Sebastian’s hair. “Lean back, Sebastian.” That’s what the demon did. He sat back on his heels as he leaned back, propping himself up on his hands. Ciel placed his foot onto the underside of the length. “You have my permission to spend yourself.”

Sebastian’s eyes widened at the order. Spreading his legs and standing on his toes, he thrusted his hips, rubbing his cock against the sole of Ciel’s sock-clad foot. His mouth opened a little as he panted softly, watching his member slide up and down. The roughness of the fabric definitely added a little something to the overall sensation. Then Ciel moved his leg up and down, rubbing Sebastian’s length downward when he went up, and upward when he went down. The sudden change of friction was what drove the demon over the edge. Sebastian threw his head back, growling in pleasure through clenched teeth as his member pulsed through the ejaculation.

He slumped back to sit on the floor, panting. Ciel extended him the cum-covered foot. “Clean up your spunk, demon.” The master ordered and the butler obeyed. He got on his knees and leaned down. Holding the dainty foot in his hands, he took the licking up his own seed and sucking it out of the fabric.

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Cliff I hope you can help me. I've never been PIV orgasmic, never gotten off from just regular sex. I enjoy it, but not, you know, orgasmically. My current boyfriend is utterly confounded by this, He claims I'm the first girl he's 'had this problem' with. He feels hurt and upset and inadequate because he can't make me come, even in other ways (It's been a long time since anyone has; due to a long run of singleness and shitty BFs, I don't think my body remembers who to get off any other way) & --

(PIV orgasmic pt 2) I know he can get me there, but I feel like there’s so much pressure that I just… can’t. I don’t remember how. And he gets so defensive, no matter how many times I try to tell him these things, I guess it’s cool that he cares so much about me getting off (sure is a change from my exes) but he’s approaching it in this “What’s wrong with you/me that this isn’t happening” instead of like “what can we do to make this happen?” I can’t seem to make him understand. What can I do?

You can look into painting “THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU” in very large letters around your vulva.  Maybe then he’ll get it.

I mean, it really sucks that this involves you apologizing to him and comforting him and dealing with his feelings–when you’re the one who’s not getting off!

I think the thing to say to him would be something like:

“You can’t control whether I get off from intercourse.  It’s not about your performance or your skills or your manhood.  Please come to terms with that. Nobody can make me come from intercourse; that’s just not how my body works.

"What you can control is whether I have a good time.  I have a good time when we relax and enjoy ourselves in the moment and do some fun things besides intercourse.  I do not have a good time when you’re pressuring me to do something that’s physically impossible for me.

"If you really want me to experience more pleasure, boyfriend, knock off the pressure and the guilt trips, because having sex–even non-orgasmic sex!–without those would be a whole lot more pleasurable for me than what we’re doing right now.”