my wes

hey im marley ; im a 14 yr old afro latina girl who is unable to get a job atm and i live with my mom; it’s just me and my mom and since i’m unable to work and she doesn’t have a good job, we’re really poor- and now that it’s the summer we’re going to be struggling even more with money. every donation helps, even if it’s just a dollar

the boy who lived


Well, no doubt you have more dashing heroes in your past. If there weren’t I wouldn’t be here. To heroes, then. And to the one as yet unsung hero who has saved me over and over again.

to-do list for when i find you (u know who u are)
- hold your hand a lot
- kiss your knuckles, both absentmindedly and purposefully
- hug you. always.
- press kisses to the top of your head
- sneak up behind you & wrap my arms around you
- lend you my favorite books
- knit you a scarf
- probably write you all sorts of sappy letters
- definitely drown you in pet names 24/7 to see if i can make you blush
- watch ghibli movies with you
- leave hickies on your wrists
- make you a mixtape
- be ridiculously, hilariously, absurdly in love
- never let you feel lonely ever again


Something something symbolism

Tried out a new painting style! Something I can use on pieces that shouldn’t be as time-consuming to me as they usually are.

I’m also jumping on the Speedpaint train! You can watch the process for this video here! More videos to come, hopefully.

The scene with wynonna and nicole breaks my heart because nicole is just trying to explain that waverly has changed and it gets interpreted the wrong way and you can just see nicole give up in the end because she has no fight left in her after the day she’s had, and wynonna is just trying to look out for waverly because she’s the only living relative she’s got left and she’s completely broken after killing both her sister and her father!! Give these two a break 2k17

panlie week day 6 - future life

this one was kinda hastily thrown together and i think that shows in the piece, but i tried to at least do something interesting with it (the ring, the shadow) so i hope that makes up for it .・゜゜・(/。\)・゜゜・.

as mentioned yesterday, i also made a speedpaint to acompany this which you can see here !