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Can I just say that Namjoon is a fucking gem, even though multiple of those DJs tried to fish out dirt about ARMYs and make us look like a bunch of crazy, psychopathic idiotic fangirls. He defended us and not once did he consider us as those weird people. He told them about the good stuff we do and how they’re not weird and insists on telling them that we don’t do crazy things and that we don’t hurt them, he protects us from receiving a bad name and look like lunatics. We don’t deserve him 😭

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it is a great injustice that such a small portion of the wlw community is talking about Disobedience (premiered in 2017 but will release in the US and UK in 2018), a lesbian film, about two childhood friends who shake up the Orthodox Jewish community by reconnecting and being v gay

it’s starring Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams folks

Regina George is finally going to let go of her internalized homophobia and be the lesbian that we deserve and if that isn’t something to rile you up then im sorry but you’re wrong