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Bark and Bite | 01 (M)

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Summary: Since getting a new dog, Yoongi has started to grow closer to you, his neighbor. Little does he know that you have something to hide.

Word Count: 7.1k

Member: Yoongi ft. Min Holly and Taehyung, mostly Holly

Genre: Fluff, Smut, Werewolf!AU

A/N: Dedicated to Min Holly. Also technically a late Halloween thing, but werewolves are always in season, right? Inspired by a drabble I once did for @pjimns.

​Yoongi didn’t consider himself particularly a dog person or a cat person. Sure they’re both very cute, but he never had a particular preference for either. In fact he’s not sure if he considers himself an animal person at all. Which is why he is completely baffled when Taehyung asks him to come look at a litter of puppies. Apparently, someone his friend knows just gave birth to a litter of toy poodles (well his friend’s dog, not the friend).

Taehyung dragged Yoongi with him to supposedly help pick one out. Yoongi had assumed the dog was for Taehyung, but that day he comes home holding a dog of his own. He decided on the name Holly, and despite never really being the biggest fan of dogs, he can’t help but want to coo over this adorable creature. His adorable creature.

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Stiles “Scott is a beautiful precious unicorn and needs to be protected at all costs and if you even try to hurt him you’ll have to go through me first, because I will rather kill you or let myself be killed than let anything happen to him” Stilinski

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DM question! So I'm a Rogue assassin with a level of Monk.19 Wis. I got bit by a Werewolf and failed my save. I'm still before the first change. Can I use my monkly willpower and control it so I don't murder everyone? Werewolf Monk! Sounds fun

Now this comes down to what Edition you play and how your DM runs his campaigns. Personally I think that if you want to play a Rogue/Monk Werewolf who struggles to control his affliction, then all the more power to you.

But the DM needs to consider how this would affect the balance of his game. If you’re low level and you get a massive stat boost from this, does he decide to make the encounters more difficult and risk killing everyone else or stay the same and risk you steamrolling through everything.

It also comes down to how heavily your group focuses on RPing, don’t want your party to be driven out of town by the townsfolk because Werewolves aren’t allowed. But maybe the DM would enjoy having more to work with.

So in summary, I can’t tell you how to play your character. Nor would I want to. This character is unique to you, and that’s the best thing ever.

Somewhere in My Dreams


Finally!! I want to thank @percyyoulittleshit and @falloutside for doing a great job organizing the big bang. It’s incredible that we can get together and do things like this as a fandom. I also want to thank everyone who participated in the big bang this year! I can’t wait to look through all of the other things that have been posted!

On that note: this is a Percabeth Werewolf AU. This is Part I. There are two more parts that are going to be posted. This AU has been heavily influenced by both Twilight and the Law of the Lycans series by Nicky Charles. I took the aspects of the wolves and packs from both of those series, so if you’re really interested, go forth and check them out! If you have any questions or comments about this AU, just send me a message bc I would love to talk to you! 


Trees blur past as Percy stares out the window. The long, two lane road is near deserted and fully surrounded by thin, tall trees. It’s rare that they pass by any stores or homes other than just a few; even those seem to be quiet. The forest here is thinner than his home, which makes him nervous. He doesn’t like for the trees to be thin. It gives room for secrets to slip out and enemies to slip in.

He shifts his gaze ahead to stare out the windshield of the truck when Jason reaches out and turns the radio down. The atmosphere goes from peaceful and quiet to tense and difficult in one second.

“Hey,” Jason says, voice soft and slow. “We don’t have to do this.”

“What else are we going to do?” he asks tiredly. They’ve been having this same argument for days now. “Start a war?”

Jason shrugs, glancing over at him from where he’s driving. It’s just the two of them. Alpha and Beta. “We would win anyway. You know that the pack would follow you to war if we had to.”

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this ache
(i thought it was for sex, but it’s to tear everything to fucking pieces)

(all girls are werewolves)

tracklist:ginger snaps theme remix / jake n . werewolf / cocorosie . biting down / lorde . bad moon rising / rasputina . red tide / neko case . wolf like me / lera lynn . the killing moon / nouvelle vague . howl / florence + the machine . scratch / elysian fields . feral love / chelsea wolfe . low red moon / belly . she wolf / beth lucy . wolf / first aid kit . howling at the moon / phantogram . l’il red riding hood / amanda seyfried . lavender moon / haroula rose . laurie’s first time / trick ‘r treat ost

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im not sure what mod in my load order caused this, but while out doing some alchemy ingredient gathering, aela randomly transformed and stayed transformed for a good 10 minutes