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Holy shit I love your analysis' of Jimin and Namjoon!! Would you mind doing one for Jungkook as well? I know a lot of people were confused as to why Namjoon put him in Ravenclaw over Gryffindor/Slytherin.


It’s really weird for me that you guys actually care about and value my opinions  on this whole business so thank you so much for giving my ramblings the time of day omg

for those who are wondering about my thoughts on gryffindor!namjoon and slytherin!jimin here’s the links to those:

Namjoon as a Gryffindor || Jimin as a Slytherin

So like, I really. really. really. love the idea of Ravenclaw Jeon. (But listen… I used to be a hardcore Slytherin!Jeon person okay, so I understand your feels on this. I do.) 

 here goes nothing

Ravenclaw Jungkook confused a lot of people. And I really get it because Ravenclaw was so fucking shafted in the books. 

We had so many Gryffindors and Slytherins to relate to, and we had a fair share of badass Hufflepuffs (TONKS) to base our opinions off of. But there were only a few Ravenclaws that were given the time of day in the books, and only one of those was a major character. We had Luna, Trelawney, Lockehart, and Cho. Cho’s amazing character was wasted by JK – she was written with the personality of a dish rag and didn’t really get the spotlight she deserved. Trelawney was presented as a crazy old lady who sometimes ?? served a purpose. Lockehart was an idiot. All we really had was Luna.

But it wasn’t just the characters. Ravenclaw has a really weird reputation. Before I wrote this, I asked a bunch of my casual and hardcore HP fan friends to tell me the characteristics they associated with each house. And I got pretty much what I expected:

  • Gryffindor: Leaders, brave, courageous, brash, strong
  • Slytherin: Cunning, resourceful, calculating, perfectionists
  • Hufflepuff: Loyal, kind, hard-working, determination, cheerful
  • Ravenclaw: Smart…?? they are… smart people?? They do things…….smartly……

Like for real. Whenever I asked people what traits they associated with Ravenclaw, all anyone was ever able to tell me was that Ravenclaws were supposedly smart. And that’s got a lot to do with the fact that when the sorting hat sings off about all the houses, it lists all these great traits for the other houses, but when it comes to Ravenclaw it says this:

Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
If you’ve a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind.

And then the books go on to say that Ravenclaws are,

characterised by their wit, intelligence, and wisdom.

So maybe you’re like me, and I am REALLY guilty of this, but when I first read this in the books I kinda just thought these all meant the same thing. So maybe that’s where we got this idea that all Ravenclaws are good for are being smart.

But it wasn’t until I looked up the actual definition of each word that I realized these were all saying really different things:

Intelligence - the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.
Wit - a natural aptitude for using words and ideas in a quick and inventive way to create humor.
Wisdom - the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise.

^^^^this is just webster dictionary definitions here. The bolded words are the ones I want to focus on.

Skill. See – Ravenclaws are supposedly smart. But this doesn’t always have to mean BOOKSMART, and I think that’s where we had a lot of trouble with Jeon. No one is saying he is dumb or anything, but he’s no Namjoon.

Notable examples of this trait include Lockehart, who was pretty shitty at a lot of things, but had the street smarts enough to pass off his big whole scam for years and years, and was especially gifted in certain charms.

Then there’s Luna, who while shown to be really good at solving riddles, was also portrayed as really physically skilled. In Dumbledore’s Army, while being taught how to conjure a Patronus by Harry, Luna was the first to get it right. She was fourteen at the time, and was such a skilled witch that she was able to perform an incredibly difficult charm - that even adults had trouble with - after like…….mere minutes of teaching.

Does this sound like someone you know?? I’ll give you an example: Observe this VERY determined Hufflepuff not give up on his dreams and finally have all his hard work pay off… only for someone to come in and get it right almost instantly.

Or maybe… “Hey guys, this dance move you made up looks pretty cool – mind if I watch you do it like once and a half and then nail it instantly?”

And if you’re ever in doubt about just how skilled Jungkook is… remember that he turned down seven other agencies to join BigHit. That’s how many people were after him and recognized his talent. (This also ties in to my thoughts on the part about good judgement – Jungkook obviously saw a lot of potential in Namjoon and BigHit in general, so much so that he turned down tons of other companies to be there. He saw something a lot of other people did not… and it ended up being the best decision he ever made.)

But I think another really telling aspect of Jungkook’s Ravenclaw personality is that he isn’t always perfect at everything. He’s not always good at something right away – but that won’t stop him working really hard to get good

In Rookie King he was shown to be at the most pretty average at bowling. He wasn’t terrible, but he was about as good as you and I would be after playing a few rounds with a little luck. Well, Golden Maknae Jungkook could not stand to not be the best at something, so he mentions sometime later (13:10) that he’s hired a coach to teach him how to bowl…. and then just a few months later uploads a video of himself getting a strike like it’s no god damn big deal at all. And he looks pretty proud of himself too.

But all the major Ravenclaws were also shown time and time and time again as being a little…. scatterbrained. Luna, Lockehart, and Trelawney especially, and to an extent even Cho. And Jungkook is no exception. He’s… pretty gullible. And DEFINITELY scatterbrained.

But wit, intelligence, and wisdom are not the only three traits associated with Ravenclaw. There are a lot of other traits you may not really know about, because again – Ravenclaws were woefully under-represented in the series. There’s quite a few others listed for this house:

  • Creative
  • Individuality
  • Eccentric
  • Quirky
  • Jealousy/Envy
  • Competitive

So imma just go down the list because I’m really tired and I can’t made good word things rn


it’s no secret that Jungkook is a pretty talented artist. He’s a pretty damn good photographer too. (This will always be one of my favorite photos ever of Jimin – and Jungkook took it.) And he’s a talented lyricist as well. He’s an extremely good dancer and has a beautiful voice too – but you guys know this already.


Take a look at how he expresses his individuality through his song covers.

Eccentric & Quirky

You guys thought the fact that Lockehart, Trelawney, and even heckin Luna were all in the same house was a coincidence? Ravenclaws are NOTORIOUS for being Extra™ . I’m not kidding! This is literally a personality trait of Ravenclaws that we overlook so often from these weirdos. And Jeon fuckin Jungkook invented the word eccentric:

you’d be here forever if i kept going so… you get the point. eccentric is jungkook’s middle name.


Jeonlous exists in this god forsaken fandom, and I ain’t gonna link it and open THAT can of worms, but if you’re feeling so inclined and care to enter the seventh circle of hell, feel free to look it up… but tread carefully.


When I got the first ask about Ravenclaw Kook I had woken up at 3am and sleepily looked at my emails. I saw the ask and immediately had to jot down my ideas to keep for the next day, and all I managed to write in my sleep stupor was this

and then i promptly fell back asleep.

I was referring to this, and if you don’t feel bad for poor Jin in this situation I don’t know what to tell you. Jungkook is intensely competitive, even over small things like board games. He was so intent on winning that game that he literally assaulted someone five years his senior to sabotage them.

And then this is him trying to win a dance-off… doing the most, as usual.

And also?? He was literally banned from the gym because he was getting too buff. And look at him take out that guy in wrestling… and then demolish poor Jimin, the smallest member of BTS in arm wrestling when he could have… you know… let him win or something……

It’s a pretty well known meme within the fandom that Jungkook is competitive and always trying to outdo the others.

But when it comes down to it, Ravenclaws are still known for being smart, right? We can take all these other traits and apply them to Jeon but what about his brain?

He’s actually kinda smart. He is able to cover a song in perfect English even though he doesn’t speak the language all that well (but well enough to constantly correct others’ English and he’s good enough to tell you he’s really not all that interested in participating in English Time anyways)

And I mean…. he can outsmart the other members pretty well…………..

But I think one of the most important things to note about Jungkook being in Ravenclaw is to look at who sorted him, Namjoon: Namjoon himself gave Jungkook the nickname “Golden Maknae”. He is constantly saying that Jungkook can do anything, or watch this Jungkook can do this, or wow look at him go, or he’s so talented this and that. Is it really any surprise that Namjoon would put Jungkook in to a house known for being highly skilled when he believes no less of the kid?

Jungkook has some pretty Slytherin-like qualities – but tons of canon HP characters and the BTS members themselves have traits that are shared by all four houses. It’s just a matter of where he fits best.

I mean TL;DR, Jeon says it best himself:

gif credit: bwiskook

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Haunted house with the twins and MC and it's pretty tame but MC still gives a little scream/giggle to play along? Saeran however goes to protect her as a knee jerk reaction to not wanting her be afraid?

Countdown to the Cake: 10

Worth it

Saeranx MC


Ugh. That is so stupid! What is Saeyoung even thinking? How did he manage to make Saeran leave the peace of his room to go to this haunted house wannabe? The mold in the wall is obviously a paper wall, for fuck’s sake!

“Thank you for coming, Saeran. I’m glad you’re here.” Ah yes, that’s why he’s here. You and your annoyingly adorable smile convinced him to join you and Saeyoung on this tour. His brother is an idiot, he’ll probably get scared and hug you, and you’ll be the nice little thing you are and tell him everything is fine, pat his back and smile in reassurance, ugh… you’re so predictable.

“I…” he feels like saying he’s glad to be here, but nah, too cheesy. “Watch your steps, there must be one of those moving tiles here somewhere.”

“Yep, just found it.” Ugh, Saeyoung… he almost forgot his brother was just a few steps ahead of you two.

He keeps walking by your side, hands on his pockets and quick glances at you. Does he really think he’s being subtle? Aw… time to show him what being subtle is all about. That tile looks loose, if you step on it… the creak echoes down the hallway, you gasp a little and stop walking.

“I told you to watch your steps.” Saeran says with hints of annoyance.

“I’m trying! It’s just… so dark here…” you look around, squinting your eyes. Ugh… it’s not that dark if he can see you doing such a cute frown.

“Here, grab my hand.” But he can’t waste time, the sooner this ends, the bet…oh, your hand is so soft, how does it smell like? Wait… what?

“Guys, in the kitchen!” Saeyoung’s voice reaches you ears.

“Come on, Saeran!” you tight the grip and run a little, making him run too to keep it up. Does it smell like your hair, perhaps? You hair usually smells nice…

“Check. It. Out!” Saeyoung points to the table where this pink mesh of meat shines. “ A brain!”

“No. It’s a meatloaf.”  Saeran states bluntly. “And the entrails are spaghetti.”

“Oh… right… FOOD WAR!” Saeyoung picks a little of the meat and threats to throw in you direction, you giggle. He’s…he’s not serious, right?”

“Don’t you dare throwing things at her.” He says bluntly, and Saeyoung immediately puts down the meat. “Do you want to go upstairs or whatever?”

“Yeah, I would love to.”

“I was talking to her, actually.” You giggle, Saeyoung smirks at you, he knows what you’re up to, doesn’t he?

“Fine. You two can go. I’ll stay here and see what mysteries the fireplace holds. Probably some old photos of a kid who died here a long time ago? How come the photo didn’t turn to ashes? Buuuuuuu…” his voice echoes as he steps out of the kitchen. Idiot.

You two climb the stairs, still holding hands. Why is it so warm? Or is his hand too cold? Ugh… it must feel like holding a corpse’s hand…  see? That would be really scary. But he doesn’t want you to feel scared.

“What is your thing with my brother?” wait, what? How thinking of a corpse led him to this?


“Are you guys… dating?”

“No.” you scoff, the way you deny it is kinda amusing. “We’re friends… no, not friends with benefits, if you’re wondering.” Damn it!  How did you know ? “Why do you ask?”

“I thought you liked him.”

“And I do, but as friends. I… like someone else in that… way.”

“Ah, the actor or the rich guy?” why does he care?

“None.” You giggle. Your laugh makes him want to laugh, but your laugh isn’t funny, so what the hell? “Uhh… a stair to the basement… what secrets does it hold? Buuuu…” why it isn’t that annoying when you do it? “Can you hold it while I climb up?”

“Okay.” Oh, your skirt… it’s bouncing… it bounces when you switch your legs to reach a new stair, he’s seeing…  black panties? Nice…

Wait! No! That’s not nice! Don’t girls use shorts behind their skirts? Wait, how does he even know that? Ugh… why being close to you makes him act like his brother?

“Hurry!” that’s all he can say, looking away. Or at least trying, but there’s that little bare skin of your thighs between your pantyhose and your skirt… is it as smooth as it looks? Pervert.

“Meh. What a disappointment… there’s nothing here.” You get down while he’s still holding the stairs. Why… why is he not moving as your turn your body to face him? “What?”

“W-wear some shorts.” He looks away, what is that? Is he… is he blushing? Aww… how can you resist to the urge of hugging him?

I’ll tell you how, listen to Saeyoung’s scream coming from downstairs.

“Ugh, what is this idiot doing now?” he growls in annoyance. Didn’t he like being interrupted? But interrupted in what exactly? “Let’s go.”

He grabs your hand again and leads you downstairs, stomping. He really didn’t like being interrupted, huh? Good to know…

“What the hell are you up to, your fool?” no answer in the living room. And no Saeyoung either.

“Saeyoung? Come out! That’s not funny!” nothing. Fucking idiot, if you ever talked to him like that, he would come immediately, your assertive tone is actually kinda scary.

The power goes out, now it’s dark for real. You let out a low gasp and move towards Saeran your arm touching his.


“Don’t worry. It’s part of the show.”  Hopefully…

Then you hear steps, but not regular ones, it’s like a whole bunch of feet tripping over themselves, almost like centipede ones. Okay, Saeran must admit, this is kinda cool, finally some action here and… oh shit!



A scream. A flashlight. A face. A punch. A hug.

“What the hell, Saeran? Why you did that for?” Saeyoung says, his voice is whiny and sound like it’s coming from the floor, like he’s lay down.

“Turn the lights on, asshole, or I’ll punch you again!”

“Fine, fine…”

The lights are back. Saeran sees his brother squirming on the floor and you… arms wrapped around his neck, shaking, your face buried in his chest… he doesn’t even think, his arms must be around your waist.

“I-it’s fine… you’ll be fine… T-there, there…” There there? What the hell, Saeran?

The night ends up in the ice cream shop. Your treat, since this was all your idea. Ugh… why do you have to be so nice? Neither of them deserve it!

“I still don’t know how this makes me feel better…” Saeyoung mutters.

“Ice cream shops have ice, ice for your black eye.” You say carefully.

“So do hospitals.”

“Don’t overreact, it’s not that bad, you can put make up or whatever.” His brother’s eyes gleam.

“Make up? Oh… you do know how to make me feel better, bro!” fucking weirdo…

“Whatever. I’m going to the bathroom. You… you can have a taste of my ice cream if you want to.” He gives another one of his quick glances, a light pink across his cheeks who insisted on staying ever since that hug. He opens his mouth to say something else, but gives up and goes to the bathroom.

“This was not part of our plan, MC!” Saeyoung pouts “It was hard getting those steps record in good quality, you know?”

“I know, I’m so sorry, I had no idea he was going to punch you.”

“And you had no idea he was going to hug you back either?” your time to blush.

“Uhm, now I know I should never follow your ideas to getting closer to him! I knew it had to be my way, but no, I had to give it a shot to your plan, and look how it ended! An expensive bill in ice cream and a black eye!”



“Worth it.”

Saeran stares at his reflection in the mirror. What was that? That need of hugging you back? That urge of holding you and never let you go?  For one moment, he felt like your fears, your doubts, your vulnerability, all of that was his. Ugh… but he punched his brother! He shouldn’t have done that! Why did he act so impulsive? Why the only thing in his mind in that moment was protecting you, no matter what?

Ugh, but he hurt his brother! This was bad! No, you know what’s really bad? Now he’ll have to… ughhhh, apologize. But then, he smells the collar of his shirt, it smells like you…

“Worth it.”

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What I like about your sign?

I’m a Gemini by the way.

Aries: I love Aries so much, they’re just all round amazing. Like they've got this ability to just go their own way and lead people, truly admirable. Also, they’ve got this personality that I personally think is so hot  like you can be a complete asshole but you’re a kind hearted asshole whose kind just looking out for yourself and everyone that you love. Okay so you my gentle asshole needs to be my friend okay? You’re like Heath Ledgers character in 10 things I hate about you man.

Taurus: Lemme tell you, that you sir are fascinating because you’re rather opinionated, like I’d literally sit for hours and have debates with you honestly. I love Taurus people as they’re always there for you whether it’s a mid-life crisis or you’re just out of food. Also, you’re super chill and it relaxes me, kinda calms me down when I’m around you guys. SO yes, much love for you babies. You’re like that guy/girl whose asleep and everyone thinks they don’t know what’s going on. But turns out you do know what’s going on and you’re uber charming. 

Gemini: I love everything about you because we’re the same. Bat-shit crazy and amazing. All my love. I can’t say too much I’ll sound biased, whoops. 

Cancer: Cancers, you’re my buddies. You help me in life man, you’re all just so sweet. I’d just hug you all one by one. I love how you’re all about family and sticking it out with people, it’s great. I wish I was like you. I wish I loved as hard as you guys do man because it’s honestly so beautiful and novel worthy. You guys are that cute kid who doesn’t say much but when you do everyone’s like “holy shit let me hold you you’re so cute”

Leo: I’m gonna start off by saying, literally all my best friends are Leos. I love Leos so much, they’re so sassy and like “yes I’m hot, fight me” and that to me is like yes, you slay baby girl. Also, ya’ll bitches are some loyal as hell, you’re ability to stand with people throughout anything is phenomenal. Also, I’d like to give a shout-out to all the Leos who holy the other crazy ass signs hands and tell them when they need to pipe down and get their crap together. It’s probably because of you that most of your friends with other signs are still alive right now tbh. You go Leos, you keep milking everything you can outta life. 

Virgo: Beyonce. Virgos are the bomb, they’re so driven and focused and literally don’t stop till they’ve got what they wanted. Teach me your ways cause you’re all mad successful and amazing at whatever it is you’re doing. I’m jealous tbh. I know I can always count on my Virgo babes to tell me what is really up, you feel me? You guys inspire me to get off my lazy ass and do something with my life and you’re also the people that are there for a cute warm hug and pick you up when you’re down. SO MUCH THANKS. 

Libra: When I think of Virgos I think of endless partying and junk food on one day and crazy studying and working-out the next. Shout-out to all the Libras who taught me how I gotta balance shit out in my life. You guys are such peace makers, many thanks for doing you babe. I love how you can just kill arguments and handle things in such a classy way. I would straight up beat a bitch but you guys just hash things out civilly with the ability to beat a bitch and that’s great, fabulous. Also, lastly you guys literally have some of the best date ideas and I’d volunteer myself as a tribute. 

Scorpio: Okay, you know Scorpios are mad sexual and can literally make anything they do sexy okay. I’m attracted to you so much, it’s wow. And I dunno if this is all Scorpios but my friends have dated a few and I have so, you guys get like crazy jealous and then kind just jealous make-out and its amazing. You’re so talented in that area, you need an award. But you’re also so smart and like to do all these new things, I could spend hours with you and not regret a thing. Also, you’re always so sweet to other people. You also have a jackass but nice cutie thing going on and people love it ok. YOU GO BOO! 

Sagittarius: Have you ever been in need of a good, fun cheering up? Well go to a Sag because they’re optimistic and always ready for a goof time. I love Sag, I love chilling with because you’re so energetic I feel like I don’t have to hold back. And I’m not the only one who is able to let loose and be free around you. You’re such a fun little party animal. Also, if I was in a fight I’d definitely want you on my side because you can literally chop people in half with the words that come flying out of that mouth for hurting you or someone you care about. You’re a top bloke. Much love.  

Capricorn: Fear this person. Fear any Capricorn you meet, they’re like the whole package. Your self-confidence is wow, even if I didn’t think you were amazing, I’d still think you’re amazing. You catch my drift? You’re so sweet and kind to people, people just tend to always love ya. You know what to do when to do and you let loose but also you know how to responsible and not go home with a sleezy guy from the bar just cause you’ve had too many shots. This makes sense so… I love how to tend to love the classics and how you keep every single little even in that beautiful brain of yours. Wow, I’m gonna stop before I fall in love. 

Aquarius: You know how in movies there’s always that one person who does things different and people kinda make em out to be a bad-ass with no future. BUT in fact you’re so frekin’ intelligent and hot with a hint of dorkiness and it’s a perfect combo. You’re like a breath of fresh air, that makes people want to know more. For me? I’d definitely run away with you because Aquas tend to have such a different outlook in life, it’s attractive. You’re the type of people I dream about travelling the world with. You’re just so exciting and not everything has to be dead blank serious, you just go you’re way and it’s fairly admirable. I love you so much. If you’re an Aqua hit me up ;) 

Pisces:  Little weirdos with zest and so much spirit for life. You’re kind of like a run on the edge of a sun lit lake. You’re so full of love and life, you keep everyone together because you’re the glue of almost every group you’re in. People love hanging out with you, it’s calming and you’re just so easy to get along with! One of my besties are a pisces and I can literally talk to her about anything I’m going through and she knows exactly how to make me feel better because she’s just so warm and loving. Guys you’re all gifted and any Pisces lemme know who you are because I like hugs from Pisces you cute teddies! 

A Fear of Falling (1/1)

Pairing: AoKise
Words: 6096
Status: Complete
Read on AO3

Society says that your soulmate is supposed to be your destined romantic partner.

Kise knows this isn’t the case.

Aomine doesn’t.

Notes: It’s AoKise day, which in my opinion, is the perfect day for Soulmate AUs, thus my third AoKise day soulmate AU.

Happy AoKise day everyone! don’t ask me about my wips i’ll get to them i swear

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My Husband, Kim JunMeow

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Chapter o3. The Nudist  

“Alright!  Let’s go!” I grunt and attempt to drag the kitty out.  A long streak of scratch marks run from my living room floor boards to the door frame.  He clings on as if his dear life is really up for grabs.  “Crazy cat, I’m bringing you to the animal shelter to find you a new home!”  

“MEOW~~~@@~#~!#@$@$@%@%” the feline grouchily fusses and digs his nails into the cherry wood.  GREAT, another chunk of my non-existent paycheck.  

“Come on!  I researched the place; the shelter is a no-kill.” I grunt, “People like cats, alright?  You will find a home really fast,” I try to persuade, lift my leg, and step down another step of the stairs.  The length of this cat’s torso and the pure strength from that tiny being amazes me.  “Do you have a gym membership or something?!?!!?”

“MEOWOEWEWEWEWWWWW~” he shrieks.  Floor tenants swing open their doors to check out the business.

“She’s just playing violin again,” one of the neighbor’s son, a bratty 9 year old boy exclaims.  I almost face palm and run back into my apartment out of embarrassment.  Opening my mouth, I brainstorm a good counter attack because I’m petty af sometimes, okay?!  But I didn’t know which is worse: admitting my musical talent is equivalent to a dying cat or admitting that there might, in fact, be a dying cat here, because I’m just seconds from strangling this crazy, stubborn monster.

“ARGH!” I groan, let go, and collapse against the welcome mat.  I surrender, Oh my God, I surrender.  My arms are sore, my legs are sore, my muscles are sore, my bones are sore.  The kitty’s belly rest against my thigh and it’s fuming like a hot potato from all the energy he exerted.  Huffing and puffing, I pick him up and head back into the house.  Gently, or as gentle I could be in my state of fury, I place him against the cold stone kitchen counter so his body temperature could be brought down.  

“Meow~…” the trouble maker purrs in jubilation while I claw at my hair.

Distaster!  Distaster!!!!  Pure Distaster.  This is exactly why I keep my guard up because the moment I drop it, this happens.  I let a crazy monster into my life and now he won’t go out.  

“Chillax, Girl,” Lila laughs through the phone.

“I HATE CATS,” I repeat for the -umph time.

“I’ll be right there.  Hehehe,” my friend’s voice fills with so much excitement and anticipation, I almost feel bad for her.  Just wait until she sees how similar this feline is to the Devil’s spawn.  

I glance around and eye the sleepy kitty.  “Should I cover up for you?” I pat his behind and invite him to be my accomplice.  It’s pure friendship betrayal but if it saves my white walls and pleather sofas… I begin to hide the scratch marks on my wooden floor by dragging my rug over to the spot.  

“Meow?” the cat lifts his head up and narrows his eyes.

“I’M HERE!  I’M HERE!!!” Lila hops up and down as she rings my doorbell.  At a speed faster than light, I fling open my door.  


“OH MY GOD!!!!!” the bubbly cat lover squeals and rushes into the apartment.  As if this is some drug dealing heist, I slam the door shut and check that all the blinds and curtains are down.  With my heart sending excess blood through my system, I traipse my way behind Lila.  My lower lip swells from my lip biting.  

“What’s his name?!” she asks and gazes in awe.  I swear, from her eyes, I almost think it’s a mystical unicorn in front of us and not a feisty cat.  

“Uh…Kim JunMeow…” I say the first name that comes into my mind.

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So Much Potential In The Night

Description: You can’t sleep, so you decide to hit the hotel gym and run into Roman, who’s needed to talk to you.

A/n: Was working on this and started looking up pictures of Roman and next thing you knew what I had written wasn’t what I planned on… It was even better. Part of a series of oneshots I’m doing- “I Can’t Sleep”, following the theme that the reader can’t sleep.

…Now please excuse me while I try and find my regular thoughts where they are currently cuddling with my fangirling ones.

Warnings: Language, some (light) dirty thoughts.

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I really enjoyed writing this. Btw, I am getting around to requests and I really appreciate that you guys like me stuff enough to make requests. 

Yata wiped the towel over his damp face as he stepped forward from the drum kit, lining up with his band mates to bow for their applauding audience. Stepping down from the stage, he thanked all the staff members that helped to make that night happen.

To him it was just the same shit only a different day. Nothing was new, even when you were constantly on the road. Different province and different town, it didn’t matter everywhere just blurred together.

At least that night was the last for a while, Yata was home sick. He ached for his family and a sense of familiarity, but most of all he wanted to sleep in his own bed.

Yata tapped a tune out against the window, fingers drumming against the glass. Tall grey buildings gave way to long expanses of green and slowly turned back to grey.

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“You’re a very lucky man, Mister Lim.”

I’ve been avoiding homework all week and this is all my brain has been able to produce.

Part 1

Genre: Gang/Mob!au, kinda fluff, a lil angst, crack

Word count: 1.6k

Characters: Jaebum / Reader (all of Got7 in the future)

Warnings: Mild gore, injury, brief drug mention, dumb flirting I couldn’t  help myself

[Fuck, he’s bleeding…why the fuck is he bleeding? 

He’s either really clumsy or someone’s out to get the fool.

“H-hey there” is what he manages to get out before clutching his stomach and groaning. Standing there dumbfounded, you wonder whether you should let him in or not. From a moral standpoint, you should help the poor bastard, but how do you know he’s not involved in some crazy gang shit or something?

“Come in.”


And you’ve made your decision, you kind idiot. You can only blame yourself for whatever repercussions your generosity is going to bring you.]

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Bad Day at Black Rock - Part 3

Word Count: 3083

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, drug use

A/N: I don’t even know what happened. I was gonna keep it light. I didn’t. 

Series Rewrite Masterlist

Sam was rocking back and forth in the chair, bored out of his mind, when suddenly the air conditioning unit in the wall made a bunch of clunking and grinding noises. Smoke started to pour out of the unit and Sam threw his head back in annoyance. “Oh come on, I – I didn’t – I wasn’t…” He sighed and stood up, cautiously approaching it.

As soon as he got within a few steps of it, it went up in flames. Sam grabbed a comforter off one of the beds and started beating on the unit, trying to smother the fire. When the fire in the AC unit was out, Sam stood up with a victorious look on his face until he realized his jacket sleeve had caught fire. He panicked and tried to smother it with the curtain, ripping the curtain away and falling backwards, knocking himself unconscious on the floor. Two men, Kubrick and Creedy, stared through the window and smiled as they watched. Kubrick looked to the sky and said a small thank you.


“You’re gonna give it back.” Dean smirked at Bela.

“Sweetie, no I’m not.” She laughed.

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The Science Behind the Sibyl System WARNING: Slight science and geekness ahead

How does Sibyl work? How could such a mechanism work in real life? 

“Hey Frank, isn’t this just a pointless thing to think about? After all, isn’t it all just a setup for the story, and aren’t the brains in the jars are just a reference to Gulliver Travels?(In case you didn’t know) Is there any value in this question?” 

You may ask.

Well, you’ve got a point. But after some research I came to the conlusion that as unthinkable an idea as it may sound today, In a 100 years worth of Biometric science advances, the technology of Sibyl is easily a real possibility (!!!)

Before you stop reading and start thinking the PP fandom has waaaaay to many weirdos (ha!) let me dive a little deeper.

First off, we have to understand the difference between A hue check and a psycho pass check.

A Hue check is a measure of your real time stress by a cinematic scan. It’s been said that it doesn’t aim your spine to measure it (whatever it might be), but sybil can take measurements of your cinematic scans and come up with your psycho pass number but not in real time since it’s too much to process at the time. (this can only happen with a dominator.)

it’s been said that the reason Senguji didn’t get a high PP with street scans but got blown up by Kogami’s dominator is that the dominator points directly at the brain and spine, so we know the cinematic scans do two things

1) Mesure your stress and mental stability.

2) Do not aim at your spine.(it aims at your body through your clothes…)

So, is there a technology in real life that might be able to do a similar thing? Well kinda…

Enter spectophotometry….

Basically, it measures the concentration of particles in fluids, by calculating the absorption  rate of said particle to a certain wavelenght of light.

Why would we want to measure the concentration of particles in fluids? Stress is caused by a biological response to danger, and provokes a fight or flight response. Biochemically the body segregates the hormones adrenaline and cortisol to the bloodstream to help us deal with the stress signal…

Blood is a fluid, Cortisol and adrenalin are particles. If the cinematic scan was simply a DAD Spectrophotometer (it means it can measure concentration in a full wavelength spectrum of light and tell particles apart)  then we could know the concentration of Cortisol and adrenaline. If we know the blood stream concentration of those hormones then we could get a hue/stress check.

Couple of cons;  Spectophotometry needs a receptor of the light which we don’t see in the anime (might be another scanner who has a double function as a receptor.) and spectophotometry can’t go through clothes or even go through the body to go to the receptor of light that will give the measurment.

But maybe it just measures the blood at a capillary level and it has ways to compesate from the clothes and light rebound. (plausible in 100 years from now)

And a pro side of Spectophotometry… you don’t bombard people with cancer producting radiation, like I suspect the dominator does. (more on this later.)

But let’s be clear on something. Blood concentration levels of Adrenaline or cortisol don’t prove anything by themselves. There are other factors that also matter when measuring how stress affects a human. For example, cell receptor sensitivity to stress hormones, genetic predesposition to stress and genetic stress managment predesposition. All of this can’t just be measured by a cinematic scan… (also free will and values, but sibyl does not give a damn about those.)

But fear not… I have a theory for that. Remember Shougo’s plan?

Destroying food crops so that immigrants came to Japan and rendered Sibyl useless. Basically bringing immigrants ‘cause Sibyl can’t measure immigrants’ hue…

Why would that be? And also remember how Kagari was determined as a latent criminal at age 5? Sibyl does scans and checks to its population.

So that’s how it works. I imagine that every legal citizen of Japan is required to do an extensive biometric data analisis check when they are young to measure all the things I talked about (genetic predesposition measurments can be measured nowadays, and I don’t think we are that far from cell receptor measurments, maybe 15 years from now.) So that when a cinematic scans hits, it will always have comparative data to get its hue scan results right.

Now that we cleared that out, let’s talk about the dumbest weapon ever invented, the dominator. Not dumb only because it’s not %100 percent efficient, doesn’t care about the user’s will, or because it takes a a long ass time to make it’s mind. It’s really really really dumb because of the ridiculous biohazard the lethal eliminator represents.

Doctors have been known to get AIDS and hepatitis from the blood splatter on eyes, or other mucous membranes during surgeries. So imagine shooting that thing while the target is in a crowd. Not only will it raise their stress levels, but if the target had an infectious disease, you’ll be like “Hey,  guys don’t worry I killed the bad guy, sorry about getting you all infected with ebola though.”

Anyways, how the eff the dominator works? I think it’s a more direct method than photometry, but I’m pretty sure pointing that gun at someone is pretty unsafe. The working mechanisms I can imagine is comparative analisis of neurotransmitter electrical activity (the most important activity of the spine) by bombarding someone with ionizing radiation or magnetic radiation. Radiation (I don’t know exactly what) will make structures resonate in a way that can be measured and the brains of sybil will make a comparative analysis of the phsychology and decision of killing or not. (Also more brains would means a more clear comparative analysis. More on this later.) 

Also consider this, the radiation used in the analysis could be used in a more concentrated way to knock the spinal activity momentarily (non-lethal paralizer) or even more to make every water molecule on the body go nuts and make somone explode, just like a microwave does with water. (biohazardous lethal eliminator.) Also Sibyl might be able to measure the activity of electriclal circuits to determine a threat in a robot and activate the Destroyer decomposer. It really doesn’t seem that far fetched. 

But every kind of radiation might be damaging to cells, especially neurons. So perhaps it’s only reserved to dominators which won’t be pointed at someone for more than a few seconds so most scans are spectophotometric.

Anyways… fear for your grandchildren, the “future” might be a dystopia after all.

As parting words, let’s talk about Shougo and Rikako.

If my theory is correct, then it would mean that Makashima would have a complete stress and neural control of himself and also has a very profound rationalizing nature that would help him keep it that way. If you look at wim hof, you’ll see that is not complety impossible for a human to do so. It would also mean why he would be such a good candidate to be in Sibyl, since he can really give meaning to measurements.

Rikako on the other hand, while she doesn’t seem to stress a lot, she isn’t as delusional and detached as Shougo to completely master her body’s response. She knows to a more or less degree that she’s evil and she even showed fear before getting killed. Something Shougo did not. Think about why that matters ;)

Anyways that’s my theory. In case you are curious, I’m a chem tech for all it’s worth.. but whatever, this is just pure speculation.

Don’t forget to hate on immigrants. They render Sibyl useless. Just kidding :)

Not Kansas - Part Two

Find part 1 here.

Guys, you made my day! Thank you so much for all the love Not Kansas Part One got! Seriously- my week was bad but knowing that I gave you guys a little ray of sunshine really helped. Thank you so, so much. I honestly thought, when I posted it, that it was bad and that I’d need to rewrite it eventually. Thank you for proving me wrong! :D

…Honestly I CANNOT believe that I got this done this quickly. Usually there’s a two-month wait.

Tagging: @wwejess, @xxfolwer-childxx, @silentnight22, @hiitsmecharlie, @residentdemonqueen, @dandelionw1shes, @silverrawrs

Summary: A bad attempt at matchmaking from a relative has you annoyed- and confused- and Enzo panicking. A pelican may or may not add to his stress level and Cass is only certain of one thing. 300% fluffier than before!

Warnings: Minor language (I think; maybe?). Fluff. Long part 2. Seriously- this thing is like twice the first part’s length. Allusions to a Carly Rae Jepsen song.

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Hannibal Rewatch: 1x06

Season 1, Episode 6: “Entrée”

**Warning: rewatch blogging, written with knowledge of the full series

“Entrée” is basically about as far as everything currently happening on Hannibal got before it turns on its axis in the next episode, the literal and figurative center of season 1 and, arguably, the entire series.

Yeah, we’re going bold here. I hope you are enjoying these Bold Proclamations.

The reasons for why I hinge PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING on Season 1, Episode 7 “Sorbet” will be explained in full on that rewatch, so for now let’s just talk about what we’re nearing the peak on here in ep. 6, some of which will continue at this level, some of which will crest here and never reach these heights again.

1. Will’s Horrifying Kill Reconstructions


I can hardly watch this sequence, not gonna lie. It’s far & away the darkest murder scene in this season, and I think a lot of it’s because every ounce of clinical remove Will usually tries to maintain in his narration is gone, for his entire narration is gone. There are no words, no “this is my design” no “I [murder action here],” he just does, and it’s deeeeply upsetting. Even later at his most Monster Husband-y, even just in his imagination, it doesn’t even approach how disturbing this scene is. The casual easy way he moves around the space, unhurried, because he knows exactly what he’s doing. Surety. Utter surety. So so so different from the Will Graham we are about to see, and what makes this SUCH A FUCKING PERFORMANCE by Hugh Dancy.

2. Will Destroyed By His Kill Reconstructions


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Rich Kids Blues - A Chasescott Fanmix [Listen]

“ Daddy says I’m good for nothing
Mama says that it’s from him
Manic sister thinks I’m cracking
Brother says it’s in my genes ”

1) Lykke Li - Rich Kids Blues
2) Soho Dolls - Bang Bang Bang
3) Fall Out Boy - American Beauty/American Psycho
4) The Vaccines - Family Friend
5) Youth Lagoon - The Hunt
6) Robyn - Don’t Fucking Tell Me What to Do
7) Youth Lagoon - Daydream
8) The Vaccines - Weirdo
9) Stars - The First Five Times
10) Laura Marling - My Manic and I

Lyrics breakdown (where possible) under the cut:

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Fell for you

Request: Can u do one where pan tries to kill you but you still think he has hope and then he falls for you -ANON

A/N: I’ve never had a request like this one so was may have fangirled a little… just a little when I saw this;) I’m such a weirdo. Normal is too mainstream…

Y/N POV   

     I gasped. Why does he always have to be like this. I was pinned against the tree, unable to move. It’s not that I couldn’t but I know he would kill me. He stared right into my eyes, anger glossing over them. I was terrified. What if he really does kill me? He pulled an arrow from one of the boy’s hand. He pulled away from us, afraid of what Pan would do. Peter held the arrow head just above my heart. If I wanna change him and not die, I gotta do something now.

     “I still believe in you…” I whispered, loud enough for only him to hear. He stood back a little. He didn’t let me out of his tight grip. He held tighter to my wrists and I was certain it would bruise. “What?” he asked, his accent thicker than ever. It was like he was at a war with him self. Several emotions travel throughout his eyes; pain, fear, anger… another I couldn’t figure out. “I still believe there’s hope for you.“ I tried to look as if I had never been more hurt, “Why can’t you see there are people who care about you and want to save you from all this? Don’t you get how that makes me feel?”

     He squeezed his eyes shut then let go of my wrists.When he opened them, I saw nothing but guilt and hurt flash through his dark eyes. He looked back at me then walked away as if he would forget it if he left it.


     I could have killed her. Why does she have to go and do that every time I… I walked into my tent and layed across my bed. I needed to get my head straight and right now, I was so close to losing it completely. I shifted so I was on my side. I couldn’t stop thinking about what she has said. Why would she care about me? More importantly, why do I care if she cares? I wish I could just close my eyes and forget about it all. Like it never happened and everything was stay the same.

     I’m still up and it’s already been two hours. It’s about 11 now. I can’t get my mind off of her. No matter what I think of, she pops up. There was this one time when I was nearly about to slit a boy’s head clean off of his shoulders, but she stopped me. All it took was a hand on my shoulder and it was like all the urge was eradicated. The way her hand felt when she touched my for the slightest moment, well, it was like the most fragile thing I have ever felt. Her hands were soft and small. They would fit right my my palm.

     Now that’s all I can think about. I wonder what it would feel like to have her hand laced between my fingers… I turned on my other side. from here I could see the camp. And across the camp, was Y/N’s tent. I had a desire to go in there and just see her. I didn’t have to say anything; I just want to make sure she’s okay. I shifted back onto my back, looking up to the top. Will my brain stop thinking so I can just go to sleep?

     We all know the answer to that… no. Maybe I’m… in… what’s the word? Love! I’m in love with Y/N but she is not with me.


     I can’t believe he tried to kill me! I don’t understand why I’m so surprised by it all. I mean, he’s tried to kill other plenty of times before. Thank God I could stop him.Why am I still thinking about him? Oh that’s right. Because I have been in love with him since the minute I got here. That’s a lie. I hated him at first, I still hate him… for making me feel this way. It’s just everything about him. His eyes, his hair, his smile. Man his smile. It may be evil but it makes your heart stop every time. Why won’t thoughts leave me alone?


     I felt the sun peer through the tent, I knew it was time to get up. I really don’t want to. Can’t I stay in bed all day? I kinda don’t want to see him. “You’ve already slept in two hours… I think it’s time to get up.” I heard that all too familiar voice whisper beside me. So much for that… “Five more minutes…” I mumbled, not carrying the energy to speak. “Come on… I need to talk to you…” I could feel his eyes on me. He sighed and I felt the bed dip down. Great now he’s sitting on the bed and my heart is racing. Marvelous. “What you gunna try to kill meh again?” I could tell my voice was sloppy and unenthusiastic but I’m tired. “That’s… uh… kinda wanted to talk to you about…” I heard the guilt and pain that flowed through his voice. (DID THAT MAKE SENSE?? IT DIDN’T TO ME… HMM) I sat up and rubbed the sleep from my eyes.

     “Okay wh-”My words were cut off my Peter’s lips. Was this really happening or am I dreaming. I sat there shocked for a while then melted into it. I wrapped my arms around his neck. I broke the kiss when I couldn’t breathe anymore. I took in a breath of air, pressing my forehead to his.

     “I’m sorry Y/N. I’m really, really, really, really sorry. I can’t tell you how sorry I-” this time I cut him off. I cupped his cheeks and pressed my lips to his, letting him know I didn’t care about that  anymore. I should, but I don’t. His hands wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer to him. I didn’t bother to protest. When he pulled away, he took my hands in his. He pulled them down to his lap, his thumbs brushing over the purple bruises on my wrists.

     He placed a kiss on both of them, “I’m sorry… I’m an idiot.” I quickly kissed his cheek, “I love you.” “I love you so much more. Please forgive me?” You should always take that apology because it’s rare and right now I already had. “Accepted.” I whispered, pulling him down so he could layed down with me for just a little longer.

Here is a look into my brain.

I was watching Iron Man 2 over breakfast, as one does.

And I noticed something as the opening credits were going by. The production design was done by one J. Michael Riva. Now I don’t know if this name means anything to anybody, but it certainly does to me. J. Micheal Riva, or John Michael Riva is the eldest son of one Maria Riva formerly Maria Sieber also known as the daughter of Maria Magdalena Dietrich or Marlene Dietrich, as most people know her. 

This is how my mind works. I go to watch a superhero movie about a dude in an iron suit saving the world (or America, same thing) and I spend the whole time thinking about Marlene Dietrich and her grand son. 

This has been a random post.

Fireworks, A NaLu Piece

“Where is he?” Lucy leaned against the trunk of the big tree in Southgate Park. The sky was already burning a dim orange. This morning, Natsu had asked her to meet him. What was taking that boy? She sighed.


“Hey, Lu-chan!” Lucy turned her head towards the voice. Her heart sunk a little when she saw it was only Levy, accompanied by Cana. “Are you waiting for a date? He didn’t stand you up, did he?”


“Yeah, ‘cause if he did, just know we have your back.” Cana cracked her knuckles, making Lucy shakily giggle.


“That’s not necessary guys. Besides, it’s just Natsu.” Biting her lip, Lucy thought back to the last time Natsu had asked to meet her here. She had gotten all dressed up and he had wanted to dig a hole. She definitely would not get her hopes up. But a date with Natsu would be nice. Not like that would ever happen.


“WHAT?” Levy’s shriek sent a jolt through Lucy, launching her at least two feet into the air. “You and Natsu are going on a date?”


“No! What?” After Levy voiced her suspicions, Lucy’s eyes widened and none of her words could make it past her throat. “H-he just asked me to meet him at the park.” Crossing her arms over her chest, she propped herself against the tree once more. She waited for the pounding in her chest to slow before speaking. “He probably wants my help with a prank. Something like sticking fridge magnets on Gajeel or pissing off Laxus or pushing a watery Juvia into a pissed-off Laxus.” She pulled at her bottom lip with her teeth and scrunched up her nose. Natsu sure as hell better not drag her into one of his stupid schemes.

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Part 25 - Gail & Holly - Texting saga continues

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Hey officer, whatcha been doin this morning?

Up until a few minutes ago I was playing with Dov.

U can stop laughing u weirdo.

I was doing no such thing!

So what were you “playing” with Dov?

He installed a painting app on my iPad yesterday so we were “blind” drawing.

Are you any good?

At blind drawing? Probably as good as u are when your eyes are open.

Hey!!! Give me longer that 30 seconds and I’m sure I could draw something better!

Prove it.

I fucking will and it will blow your delusional mind.

Don’t try too hard, okay? I can see u spending 24 hours on this and that can’t be healthy.

Speaking of and seeing as I now have the best meerkat fridge magnet on the planet, I thought it only fair u got something in return.

Lunch? I’m starving.

Lol. I will think about it, but no. I painted something for u for your office on my iPad last night.

Is this the kind of painting that will have to be shoved into a drawer every time someone enters my office?

Trust u to think I would draw erotica.

I seriously wouldn’t put it past you lol

You’re right, because the margins of my paper work read like 50 Shades of Grey.

When will you be sending this masterpiece? I am so bored sitting here waiting for some test results. My brain needs some stimuli.

I don’t want u to get fired for trying to grope the next person who walks into your office. My stuff is pretty hot.

I think I can handle it. Besides my assistant won’t mind I’m sure. He checks out my ass all the time.

Don’t say I didn’t warn u.
[1 image attached]

OMG, Gail!

Pretty perverted, hey? Lol.


Did I make u fall out of your chair from all the sexiness?

Must have. Lol.

Sorry! I had to print it out! I love it!

I am one sexy lab coat-wearing meerkat.

U are.

I didn’t know you could draw.

Just something I did to pass time in junior high. Though my mother thought I should have been concentrating on more important things like PE than spending all my time in the art room.

Was she getting you fit to become a cop?

At that point I think she was just trying to get me fit, period. I was kinda the fat kid.

Really? Must have been puberty because I have never seen someone with metabolism like yours.

Except for u.

Actually, as much as I would like to sit and eat ice cream all day, I have to work hard for this body.

I wish I had your arms.

Aww, but I like your noodly arms.

I can barely hold up my gun lol.


You know this painting of yours reminds me of the day we first met.

It’s what I was going for (minus your ugly green puffy jacket thing)

You’ll be happy to know I can’t find that jacket by the way.

Oh really? I wonder what happened to it……..

You stole it? Of course you did.

This is why we get along so well. You answer your own questions.

That expression on your meerkat face is pretty much how I remember you. All smirk and eyebrows u were.

I was totally flabbergasted by your awesome ability to deadpan.

I have had a lot of practice. It’s how I deal with my mother. Well that and my other awesome ability at walking backwards.

Ha. I have to meet this mother of yours. Though to be honest I am a little uncoordinated. Not sure I could walk backwards with out falling on my ass. It wouldnt be graceful either.

Don’t worry, I will have dragged your ass backwards out of there before there was any chance of that happening.

But your noodly arms?

I could drag Jabba The Hutt outta there if meant escaping from my mother.

What were u thinking about?

Not sure I understand…

When u first met me. In that moment. Honestly.


Don’t worry, I can take it.

Yeah, the wrong way maybe.


Ok. Honestly, my first thought was this beautiful woman has the most soul-destroying eyes and I was kinda jealous of person who got look into them every day.

U were attracted to me?

If you hadn’t noticed you were very pretty.

Were? Lol.

I meant are! Always are. Lol

But the more you opened your mouth (to pick on me), scratched your ass and picked your nose on the way back to the morgue, I very quickly got over it.

Certainly sounds like something I would do.

I enjoyed the awkward company though.

You wanna know what I thought of u?


Why the hell not?

I already know what you thought of me because you couldn’t stop yourself from telling me every time you decided to open your mouth.

Hey now…


Shhh… I’m thinking.

I told u I was a cat.

That you did.

So that should tell u something.

It does.

Did u wanna come over tonight? Dov and I are gonna watch some movies. Something about transformers?

Sorry, I have plans tonight. Maybe another night?

Sure. So u want some lunch then?

Why exactly is it always you that is bringing me food?

The alternative would be u bringing me salad and I can’t be havin none of dat shit. Besides I have been trying to fatten u up for the past month.

What on earth for?

You’re too muscly. Your hugs are hurting me. I’ll see you around noon.

Ok. I’ll make sure not to hug you then.

At least not until after the fried chicken.

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