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the wolf among us + colours:  episode 3  →  a crooked mile

you think i like being the old woman in these stories? the men are heroes, the ladies are whores…and the old hags like me get to watch everyone they love die.


snk fancast  the survey corps

chris evans as erwin smith | matthias schoenaerts as mike zacharius | dane dehaan as levi ackerman | carrie coon as hanji zoe | jai courtney as dita ness | ricky whittle as gunther schultz | devin paisley as erd jinn | tom wlaschiha as auruo bozado | rhian rees as petra ral | erika linder as nanaba | christian serratos as ilse langnar | luke newberry as moblit berner

C o r r i n  J o i n s  S m a s h (Feb. 03)

“I dare not sit idle whilst Roose Bolton’s star waxes and mine wanes. I must strike and show the north that I am still a man to fear.” (adwd)