my weekend will be better than yours

Go for the thing you actually want to do.  

Many students, teachers and family told me studying 2D animation in school from 2009- 2013 was foolish because there were already no more 2D animation jobs, and that I should study 3D animation. But I hate rigorous, technical work, I honestly hate computers all together. I’m not built for that kind of thinking, and I’m not interested in it. I was and am far more interested in drawing and film making than mastering technology. I’m almost four years out of school now, and have now had far better career opportunities than many of my 3D classmates because I am passionate about what I do.

My senior year of college,  I narrowed the parts of the animation process that I am most interested in to writing and storyboarding. But, I was afraid to pursue those jobs because I knew from interning in studios that they were highly coveted positions. So, I went for cleanup and animation jobs, hoping to work my way up. I even got lucky and landed character design work down the line, though I’m not particularly interested in design. It was only when i started taking storyboarding classes, making storyboards in my spare time, pursuing storyboarding jobs, calling myself a storyboard artist, that those opportunities started to become available to me. And it turns out, I’m far better at storyboarding than I was at those other positions, because it’s the thing I enjoy the most. This is not to say “don’t take that cleanup job that pays the bills.” Take that job, and do online storyboarding classes at night, and read storyboarding blogs on your lunch break, make storyboard samples and comics in your free time on nights and weekends… Then, ask for storyboard tests, and test and test and test. It might take a while, no worries. Go ahead and put ‘storyboard artist’ on your website in the meantime instead of ‘illustrator’ or 'cleanup’ or whatever your more accurate fallback job is.

Don’t work in a studio in your fallback job and wait for someone to give you the opportunity. You might think because you are hard working at your compromise job, the management will reward loyalty with the job you politely asked for, or maybe were even too polite to actually ask for. They won’t give you that job. They probably won’t even help you get that job. So test within that studio if they’ll let you, and apply other places in the meantime while you keep paying the bills with that job.

There’s no excuse to me. Even people who want to direct can direct their own animated shorts in their spare time and build up a commercial directing portfolio from those shorts. You can do the same thing making crappy live action films with borrowed equipment in your spare time. It’s costly and time consuming, but you can throw your musician friend a couple bucks for the score, get a compositor buddy to throw effects on your short in exchange for some animation she needs, and buy a bunch of friends pizza to help you clean up scenes or hold lights or whatever. I’ve done it before.

I used storyboards as an example above, (read blogs during lunch, etc.) but apply that same tenacity towards whatever you want to do: vis dev, character design, comic penciler, stop motion fabricator, 3D modeler, whatever. I want to be a writer now, that’s the next hurdle for me. I’ve written two pilots and I’m taking it seriously, going to writing events, talking to people, refining my work and writing new material, and generally conducting myself as a writer. I have no idea how long, or even if this will take, but I’m pursuing it like it’s real because I enjoy writing, so I think I’d be good at it. Please don’t be one of these people that talks about all the stuff you’re “working on”, when you are really just thinking about working on that stuff. Too many of those in the world, please just go and get things done. “There are those who write, and those who talk about writing.” An adage I like. Apply it to whatever you like “There are those who design characters, and those who talk about designing characters…”

So please, everyone, go for what you want, don’t stop short now. You’ll be a lot better at your job when you’re doing the thing you like.

It is in small, fleeting flashes where I fall in love with life:
how my dog leaves his toys by my side
when I sleep so that I’m ready to play when I wake,
how there is no better weekend recipe
than warm coffee and singing in the shower,
how some songs are exactly what you needed to hear,
or when there’s no better feeling
than the Sun simply kissing your skin.
I apologize to my body
for ever wanting to leave this.
It took a long time to learn
I deserve every moment.
—  Schuyler Peck, A Lesson in Deserving
Breaking the Rules - part 8

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary:  Modern!AU You hate James Barnes with a burning passion and the feeling is entirely mutual. Just when you think things can’t get any worse, you are tricked into attending his sister’s wedding as his girlfriend. Stuck with a bunch of strangers, you come up with a set of rules that are not going to last long.

Word Count:2,439

Warnings: the usual

A/N: Happy birthday @marvel—fangirl ! Hope you had a great day :) this is unedited bc I’m exhausted 

Breaking the Rules - Masterpage

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“Hello? Earth to Y/n! Are you still there?”

You snapped out of your musing and your two co-workers started to come into focus. Maria and Jarvis were standing next to you, both of them looked worried.

“You’ve been staring at the coffee pot for the past ten minutes,” Jarvis said as he put a hand on your shoulder. “Are you okay?”

“Oh, she’s not okay. She’s sick,” Maria laughed. “She’s been bitten by the love bug!”

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Goodnight, Carl

Pairing: Carl Gallagher x Reader
Warnings: a lil sad, cuteness
Description: The reader was kicked out of their house and under the circumstances, Carl helps them out
A/N: I meant for this to be full of fluff but lordddddd oopsies

You had tears running down your face the second you left. You had nowhere to go, no one to help you. Who could you call that didn’t like you anymore? You rub your nose as you look down at your phone. You had a text message from Carl.

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self control (part 2) - steve harrington

Steve Harrington x Reader

part one

Warnings: inner conflict i guess??

Summary: You’re finding it harder and harder to resist Steve.

A/N: Part two ya’ll! I’m pretty proud of how this turned out. I know it’s A LOT shorter than part one but I think I like it like this. I appreciate everyone’s feedback and support - I love hearing from you guys! :D Keep telling me what you guys like or don’t like, I love it. 

Not my gif, credit to the owner


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Monday morning rolled around and you were still all torn up.

Steve had really screwed everything up, and despite the fact he called to apologize, you were still angry. You were angry at him for not controlling his temper, you were angry at Tommy for being such a jackass, but mostly you were angry at yourself for letting your guard down. You knew better than to let Steve in, to fall for him. Yet here you were, having spent the entire weekend thinking about him, and you felt like someone had ripped your whole body in half.

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So yesterday, September 28th, marked the first anniversary of Skyfox and also the end of my self-imposed challenge of updating EVERY SINGLE DAY for a whole year.

Whilst it’s been a very rewarding challenge (it’s definitely have a good effect on my confidence! :D) it’s also been insanely stressful at times, and very straining when it comes down to coming up with ideas and whatnot!

So from now on I’d like to take weekends off! This will help me not only get a chance to just unwind and recharge my batteries, but also keep the idea pot fresh and nurtured to come up with better stuff for the future!

So Saturdays and Sundays will now have no real updates, but instead I’ll reblog old ones or share sketches and small things like that! There’s still going to be “something” even if it’s just a reblog but yeah, I’m taking a break on the weekends like I think I deserve ;w;

With that said, I also will be a bit more lax on my updating schedule. As in if one day I absolutely can’t update for whatever reason, be it personal or needing more time to do a better one I won’t chastise myself over it and just skip that day.

I think having this mindset will help the quality of the content~

FINALLY, in the future I want to work on different things! More specific: I’d like to make full fledged animations of Skyfox! Make actual episodes of Skyfox and friends and their adventures and stuff the like! So I will take the time needed to develop them as I feel it necessary~

More on this last bit on Sunday though ;D

That is all! Thank you all for sticking with Skyfox for a whole year! The growth we’ve gone through has been tremendous! From like 50 followers to a whooping +17000!! That is INSANE in my books and it just keeps growing and growing and I’m just super happy you all like Skyfox so much ;u;

Let’s make next year of Skyfoxes even better! :D

TL;DR: I’m taking weekends off from now on, also going to be less demanding of myself and would love to work on big animated episodes! Oh and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! <3

To be honest out of my very mixed feels about Tron:Uprising I can tell you one thing. Paige is one of the best characters there (even if Able had +10 to awesomeness headstart because of my dumb association of him with Smok Wawelski at first sight ;D) and i so wanted to see her switch sides. 

Actually anyone have a good recs for fics with that theme? Or actually any good Uprising fics because I can’t remember if I read any >.< (as in any-any not any good ones)

Perfect Boyfriend

Characters: Reader (Erin, but I don’t think I mentioned her name actually), Chris Evans

Pairing: Chris x Reader

Warnings: Fear of getting older, nudity, implied smut (well maybe a bit more than implied but it is pretty tame) otherwise just fluff.     

Word Count: 1200ish

A/N: This is for Erin aka @blacktithe7. It’s her birthday today and this is me (and Chris) wishing her a very happy one. I love you Erin and I hope you had a great day today!

Thanks to @percywinchester27 for betaing this one for me (and Ana says: I love you too Erin).

Also sorry for the crappy title - hopefully the one shot is better than then that one.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

Chris had wanted the two of you to go somewhere special today. He had suggested one restaurant after another. He had suggested weekend getaways and vacations but truth be told, you hadn’t been in the mood to do much this year. You just wanted this day to pass and get on with your life. A birthday was just a day right? At least that’s what you tried to convince yourself as you laid in bed alone that morning.

You weren’t sure where Chris was, but him not being here had you kinda worried that he had not listened to you. You loved that he wanted to surprise you, and you loved him more than anything, but you had been serious when you had said you didn’t wanna go anywhere on your birthday. You knew however, that if he had made plans, that sweet smile of his would be able to convince you to do just about anything. You wouldn’t have the heart to say no to him, so you really hoped and prayed that your boyfriend had taken you seriously. That he was just out for a run or something, and not planning some huge gesture, like you knew he really wanted to do.

You groaned and pushed yourself out of bed, calling out for him with no answer. It was 10 am. It wasn’t like him to not be home at this hour, which only made you all the more worried.

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HEY EVERYONE who love 19 days and recognize my existence

I change the way I colored this little comic a little bit, especially on the lighting effect. Hope it gives a pleasant feeling while reading it. I drew this on Krita, and the text tool is shitty so I ended up writing the dialog with pen tab :(

I usually included some rant along the fanart I made, and this one is going to be a reaaaaally long rant (okay, maybe not, but still) so I’m putting a tab below to help you skip the rant lol

PS: I hope you’re not scared seeing He Tian’s body *sobs I had hard time configuring the body without references :’(

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BTS reaction to their S/O baking

requested by anon


Seokjin would be so happy! He would search for recepies the two of you can try out together. And with him cooking and you baking, the two of you would probably not eat out very often.

“Let’s try and make these donuts this weekend. Your pumkin bread was delicious by the way!”

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Yoongi would love that you are baking because now that you are dating he would always have something healthy and delicious with him at work. Nothing helps him think better than taking a break with some of your bread or some kind of pastry.

“I have decided I will extend my diet to Coffee and garlic bread. That’s like… almost healthy.”

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Joonie would be super happy because not only does he get pancakes every saturday, but he can also take some of the excess cookies and muffins you make to the dorm, so everyone gets to have a treat.

“You are an actual angel! Kookie asks if you will make the banana muffins again soon.”

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Hobi would probably see this as the golden opportunity to tell you all his baking puns.

“Did I tell you my friend’s bakery burned down yetserday?”

“What really? Is he ok?”

“Yeah, but his business is toast now.”

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Jimin would be so in love with your baking skills. He would always be amazed by what you can make out of so little ingredients. He would also snack every time you are not looking.

“Yah, stop making these delicious muffins! My tummy is getting so soft!”

“You could just stop stealing the chocolate chips when I’m not looking.”

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Taehyung would love your creations so much. Once you made too many cookies and he ate every single one of them. He did have a tummy ache for a few hours, but he would keep screaming “For love!”.

“I feel so full of your love!”

“Tae, what you are feeling are the cookies.”

“Same thing.”

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Kookie would love the protein rich breads you can make. They help him with working out and staying in shape. They also are really delicious.

“The boys are so jealous that I get to eat all your great food!”

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-Admin Krümmel

FP Jones/Riverdale imagines - The Whyte Wyrm

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AN: I strung a few requests from you guys together to come up with this. A lot of you requested smut so here we go.  Also if you like this make sure to go check out my FP series ‘Oh Dear’ if you haven’t already, 

PS. I will have a better smuttier fic than this one coming up next weekend but this is just until then ;)

Summary: FP walks into the Whyte Wyrm one night and things escalate pretty quickly

Pairing: FP Jones x reader, Sister!Reader x Betty Cooper

Word count: 1,168

Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex (wrap it up kids), some strong language, FP being older than reader

You had come back to town about a month ago. It was a shock to everyone considering you were the Cooper daughter with the most promise to do something great with your life, especially after graduating Harvard last year.

You had been living in New York with your long term college boyfriend and you had a fancy new job with very good pay but after finding out your boyfriend was cheating on you, you realised that whole life was not what you wanted. It was what your parents conditioned you to want.

You had no idea what you wanted to do anymore, so you thought you might as well start from the beginning and move back home.

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Girls Just Wanna Have... (NSFW)

Wanda Maximoff x Reader

Warnings: Smut

A/N: So since this one inspired me to do the Jessica Jones one shot I thought it was only appropriate to write it first. I feel like today is going to be a girl love day for me, I have another Wanda request and an idea for a sub!Nat one shot. I’m not saying those are all going to get done today but maybe.

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i’m in love (m)

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in which you’re the sole person jungkook always gives in to. 

genre: fluff, slight angst, mentions of dirty stuff and implied sex

word count: 2207

― badboy!jungkook x reader [childhood friends au]

a/n: this is short and awful but oh well

     “I WILL GIVE YOU A BLOWJOB,” you whined, trailing after Jungkook like a lost puppy. Your friend of nineteen years stared down at you in horror, stopping in his tracks. “Please, I am begging you!”

“Y/N, don’t even joke about that. I’m literally going to hurl,” Jungkook said, disgust written all over his features. He lifted a hand and flicked your forehead. Hard. 

“Ow! Fuck, Kook!” You swore loudly at him, covering your forehead. “What the fuck is wrong with you? I just want you to be my plus one at my cousin’s wedding!”

“And I already said no like twenty times! I told you I have something to do this weekend,” he snapped back, swatting your hand away and examining the reddening spot in the middle of your forehead. He pressed his thumb into it and shoved you back. “Stop being fucking annoying and go run off like a good girl.”

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anonymous asked:

Bakugou finding out that hus gf has been taking his sweatpants. She borrows them when she sleeps over but she doesn't return them.

I didn’t know if you wanted Headcanons or a Fic so I’m answering with Headcanons! I hope that’s fine with you!

Admin G

Bakugou Katsuki + S/O who steals his Sweatpants:

  • At first, he doesn’t really notice since he has sO MANY OF THEM.
  • Bakugou likes activities that make him sweat and they enhance his quirk so sweatpants are a big deal for him.
  • The first time this happens, he’s taking a shower and you’ve been left alone in his room to probe to your heart’s content.
  • His stack of sweatpants just look so comfy so you pull one out and hold it in front of you to see if it would look alright on you maybe you’ll buy a pair for yourself-
  • Except, Bakugou is pretty much finished with his shower and he comes out of the bathroom in just a towel completely shocking you.
  • Your automatic reaction is to shove the sweatpants into your bag and act like nothing happened.
  • Afterwards, you’re waaaay too distracted by Bakugou putting on clothes without flashing you and then hanging out with him.
  • You don’t notice until you get home and pull out the sweatpants.
  • Who needs to buy sweatpants tbh? That’s what hot boyfriends are for. ;)
  • So how does Bakugou find out? Welllll…
  • It’s one of those lazy days at home when you’re absolutely not about to get up. You’re lying down in the bed when the doorbell rings.
  • You sO do not want to get the door but your parents are out on a weekend trip you couldn’t join them on because of school so you grumpily pull yourself out of bed and fling the door open-
  • “Hey.”
  • “K-Katsuki???”
  • “About time you opened the door. Have you even eaten breakfast, idio-”
  • “Uh, what is it?”
  • “Are those my sweats?”
  • “… yes?”
  • Hahahaha, in your mind you’re just like I am sO FUCKED.
  • Bakugou’s mind is doing terrible things lbh.
  • He honestly thinks you look much better wearing his sweats than he ever did.
  • “I can- I can wash them and give them back-”
  • “No. It’s fine. Keep them.”
  • “Really???”
  • Oh you think he’s doing you a favour? You’re doing him a favour by wearing them. *hums knowingly*
  • He loves when you wear his clothes, it shows that you’re his.
  • He will start volunteering more of his clothes for you to wear but stealthily.
  • “Are you cold?”
  • “I… Katsuki, I still have two of your jackets-”
  • “I’m not going to let my girlfriend get cold just because she hasn’t returned my jackets.”
  • His favourite loaned clothing is a jacket with his name right across the back in big letters like you can’t spell “TAKEN” any better than that.
  • When you ask him why he keeps loaning you his clothes now he’ll just say that you started it. 
  • He will never admit that he just loves you wearing his clothes. Ever.
Some trans!Zack Taylor headcanons

written with @tokis-little-world​ / @tokiwooki

- Zack comes out to the rangers during a bonfire session, a little bit after Rita’s attack

  • “So guys, I have something kind of important to tell you. And I get if it makes you uncomfortable or you don’t really want to associate with me after I tell you, but it’s something that I shouldn’t hide from my best friends so-”
  • “We know you’re trans, Zack.”
  • “….. what?”
  • “We’ve morphed before, bud.”
  • “Yeah and we share emotions through our ranger link, we can tell the dysphoria is coming from you.”
  • “It took us all less than 48 hours to figure it out.”
  • “And we don’t love you any less, you dork”
  • He cries that night and wont stop hugging them (except Billy, one hug was enough for Billy)

- Whenever somebody asks about Zack’s dead name he always responds with the first My Little Pony character that comes to mind (its usually Twilight Sparkle)

- Jason finds the syringes for his t shots in his room one day, but is too scared to ask him what it is

  • he texts Trini, asking her if Zack does drugs and all she says is “we eat pot brownies together if that’s what you mean.”
  • “Okay… not what I meant but we’re revisiting that subject later because I can’t believe you never invited me.”
  • The next time they’re at Zack’s house, it’s time for his shot so he goes and grabs a syringe
  • “Wait… the testosterone comes as a shot?” “you can use a pill or lotion too but yeah I use a shot” “I THOUGHT YOU WERE DOING DRUGS DUDE OH MY GOD”
  • “… Jason, no offense, but as a team leader I thought you were supposed to be smart.”
  • The rangers watch him give himself his shot, and Kim almost passes out because of how scared she is of needles
  • On months he can’t afford his t, the other rangers pay the difference so he doesn’t miss a dose

- His armor doesn’t bind his chest because fighting/exercising while binding isn’t a good combo; instead it has a special plate that gives the appearance of a flat chest

  • But when they’re training without armor on he always “forgets” to take his binder off
  • He inevitably gets punched in the ribs or trains for too long and can’t breathe suddenly
  • The first time is happens the rest of the rangers freak out, demanding that he take it off immediately. He waves them off with promises of “I’m fine, this happens all the time.”
  • One day Trini gets sick of it and just punches him in the face so hard he passes out. “TRINI WHAT THE FUCK??” Trini, shrugging: “homeboy wouldn’t take it off and this is the quickest way to get him to shut up. Now hurry up and help me carry him to Alpha before he wakes up.”
  • Zack has a long talk with Alpha about the constructs of gender after he asks Zack why the health scan picked up the presence of a “prosthetic” on his crotch
  • He then has to have an awkward talk with Zordon because of course Alpha told him about his fake penis

- Jason decides one day he wants to get him a better packer and starts looking at the ones from PeeCock and gets a bit… overwhelmed at all the variety

  • So he texts Trini
  • “On a scale from one to ten how weird would it be if I got Zack a new dick and should it or should it not be circumcised?”
  • Kim finds Trini five minutes later wheezing on the floor and stares at her for a few seconds until Trini shows her the texts and now Kim can’t stop laughing
  • So Jason texts Zack instead
  • “If you were to, hypothetically, choose a preference in dick size, what would it be” and Zack CHOKES
  • “I’m not having a threesome with you and Billy.” “THATS NOT WHAT I WAS ASKING IM JUST TRYING TO BE NICE”
  • Even though Jason bought Zack his new packer, he’s not used to seeing it in places he, well, shouldn’t
  • So when he finds it laying in his room, it’s safe to say he freaks out a little
  • Zack gets a text ten minutes later saying “you left your dick here” and he runs back to Jason’s house in record time

-He has a really bad binder tan because of that one day they went to the beach and he forgot to bring a swim shirt

- For his birthday, the rangers give him a customized black binder with a trans-colored lightening bolt in the center of the chest

- Jason, Billy, and Zack go to the mall and buy matching shirts that say “Pretty Boy” across the chest

  • Billy’s is blue, Jason’s is red, and Zack’s is black, with the words in bold, white letters
  • It started out as a long sleeve tee but Zack cuts off the sleeves and the bottom half of it to transform it into a muscle tank crop top
  • “Hey Zack?” “Yeah Billy?” “What did you do your shirt?” “I made it into a fashion statement”
  • “How is crop top a fashion statement?” “It’s a fashion statement on dudes!”
  • “Not queer dudes you idiot.” “Whatever Jason you’re just mad because my abs are better than yours.” “What?! No they aren’t!”
  • “I mean… they kind of are Jace.”Jason just pouts and mumbles something about Kim being too preoccupied with Trini’s abs to even notice anyways

- Trini and Kim come back from a spa day with manicures and Zack casually mentions how much he misses doing feminine things like that

  • The next weekend, Kim skips detention and takes him to a spa to get a facial and his nails done
  • He gets black gel polish with a lightning bolt on his accent nail
  • “Wow real subtle.” “Shut up crazy girl you’re just jealous”
  • “I think they look really nice!” “Thanks Billy, at least SOMEBODY appreciates me around here!”
  • A few days later Trini takes him to get his eyebrows done with her and he’s feeling bomb as fuck so she does his makeup too

{Vampire AU} They Bite You Without Consent- Part 2 (Jin, Jimin, Taehyung, & Jungkook)

*Authors Note: sorry guys I was going to put this out yesterday but school got a hold of me lol Im planing to write a part surrounded when you wake up after the bite so look out for Part 3! I hope you guys like this! :)


“____ dinner is ready!” Your best friend yelled from the kitchen. Jin wanted to try a new recipe out and invited you over to try his new ramen dish. “Jin, oh my god this smells so good” you giggles as you came up behind him to give him a hug. Jin jumped slightly at your touch but laughed when he realized it was you. Handing you the bowl of ramen he prepared you two went over to the table to sit. Usually he sat at the opposite end but today he sat in the seat to your left. You both hardly talked the whole meal since the dish was so delicious you couldn’t think of anything else. After about 15 mins you both were done with your food breaking th slience with a slight moan. Jin looked over at you while you laughed at his facial expression “Haha sorry Jin, the ramen was just so good” he giggled and took both of your bowls in to the kitchen to clean. Wanting to help you followed him grabbing the bowls and putting them under the warm water. Jin wrapped his arms around your waist and watched you clean the few dishes that were in the sink. Laying his chin onto your head he smiled “____ I’m really glad you came over” You giggled in response “I am too, I got amazing ramen out of it”. All of a sudden you heard Jin’s stomach grumble following with his grip tightening around you, you felt his hear lay on your shoulder. You looked over worriedly “Jin? Are you okay? You cant be hungry we just finished eating” His breath hitched while carefully moving away from you keeping his head down, “Hey ____-__, I think you should leave, I’m starting to not feel well” he whispered. You looked at him with a mix of confusion and worry, “Hopefully it wasn’t the ramen that made you sick, come on you should lay down and rest, okay?” You smile while grabbing his hand. His breath hitched again while his free hand grabbed yours, “____” he groaned leaning his weight onto you, nuzzling his head next to your neck. He groaned once more before wrapping his arms around you. “Jin?” You whispered as you felt something wet on your neck right before you felt something puncture your skin. “JIN” you screamed in pain. Your hands grab tightly onto Jin’s shirt as he swiftly pushed you against the counter. Few moments pass when you begin to faint, giving and to what you felt you became unconscious in Jin’s arms. As he felt you begin to fall that’s when he removed his fangs from your neck. He tightly held you against him and closed his eyes daring not to look at you. “Im sorry my princess” he whispered as he held you in his arms taking you over to the couch.


You and your best friend, Jimin, decided to go to the park to celebrate his groups new album release. “Jimin! Im so proud of you! And oh my god Serendipity was amazing!!” You screamed with glee hugging your best friend. He just laughed burring his face into you neck. For the next few hours you both sat on the swings discussing random things; his album, his upcoming tour, your school work, and food. Time flew by quickly as you didn’t realized that the sun had already gone down until you looked at your phone to reveal that it was passed midnight. “Oh my its late, hey Jimin could you drive me home?” You ask stopping the movement of your swings. “Of course I wouldn’t want you walking home all alone” he smiled. You both walked to his car and got inside. He turned on the heat to warm you up and began to drive. After a few minutes you start to realize that Jimin was driving in the exact opposite direction of your house. “Hey Jimin you remember that my house is Im the other direction right?” You giggle He looked over to you and smiled “I wanted to show you something, is that alright with you?” while grabbing your hand. You blushed as you responded “of course”. After a while Jimin pulled his car into a parking lot that was located at the bottom of a hill. You both got out of the car, he took your hand and walked you up to the top of the hill where you saw this incredible view of the city. You stood in awe, Jimin laughed and wrapped his arms around your waist from behind. “I’m glad you like it” you felt him smile against your neck. “____ focus on the pretty view please” he hummed. You slightly question why he said that but before you could finish your thought you felt a sharp pain in your neck. You tried to scream but Jimin covered you mouth with his hand. You felt your tears flow from your eyes as you fell unconscious. Jimin felt your body go lip beneath him. He retracted his fangs and gently layer your head in his lap as he sat himself down on the grass. His fingers played with your hair as he looked out to the city skyline. He took a deep breath and kissed your forehead “I really hope you wont hate me for this ____. I love you.”


You decided to spend the night over at your best ifriends dorm since you know the rest of the boys would be out for the night. You both were laying in his bed due to the fact the couch always hurt your back and it meant you would be woken up when the rest of the boys came home. “_____, you look cold, do you need a warmer blanket?” Your best friends asked while poking your nose. Giggling you respond while poking his face “No Tae I’m good. How about you? Your face is freezing!” All he did was laugh and make his way to the cabinet where he kept the extra blankets. Turning around he unfolded the blanket and threw it over the both of you. “Haha thank you Tae, it’s really warm” you exclaim. Taehyung laughed while poking you one last time on the nose “You’re welcome ____, now get some sleep. Goodnight”. “Goodnight” you yawned turning around falling fast asleep.

Later in the night you woke up to find that Taehyung had left your side “Tae?” You softly yelled thinking he was in the bathroom. You heard no response. You decided to check your phone to see the time, maybe he left for dance practice early and met up with the rest of the boys but when you looked at your screen it read “2:30am”. After seeing the time that debunked your theory. After a few moments of waiting you decided to head to the kitchen to see if he got up to get a late night snack, which he does often. As you walk down the hallway you notice the kitchen light on making you sigh in relief you turn the corner to find your best friend bent down with his head on the counter seeming to be in pain. You move closer and reach your hand over to his arm, “Tae? Are you okay?” You worriedly ask. Right as your hand made contact with his arm Taehyung’s head shot up to reveal pitch black eyes and his hand grabbing your arm. “TAE” you scream trying to pull yourself away but due to his strong grip you cant. “____” he moaned in pain as he pulled you closer, pushing you up against the refrigerator. You slammed against the door and screeched in pain when you felt something pierce your neck. As much as you try to push Taehyung off of you he would not budge. After about 30 secs Taehyung pulled away from you wraping his arms around you “_____, I-I’m sorry. I’ll explain” he whimpered. After hearing and feeling no response from you he pulled away slightly to find you unconscious in his arms, “oh no,no,no” he freaked while taking you back into his room laying you down on his bed. Wide eyed he sat next to you holding your hand, “____, please wake up”.


“_____!!!!” Your best friend yelled from your backyard. You got up from your bed and sleepily rubbed your eyes moving towards your window. It took you a minute to realize it was Jungkook who was calling for you. “Kookie what are you doing here? It’s the middle of the night!” you sleepily yell down to your best friend. ” Sorry ____ The rest of the guys are out for the weekend and I couldn’t sleep, so I thought what better to do than go see my best friend?” He smiled up to you. You leaned against your window pane and sighed, “ you’re not gonna leave until I let you inside are you?l” he laughed in response “ you know me so well ____”

You make your way downstairs to your front door and opened it to let-your best friend in. You were created with a hug and a kiss on your cheek. “Kookie” you laughed as you returned the hug. You both decided that instead of staying downstairs you both will go up to your room and lay down and try to watch a movie before you both fell asleep. Unfortunately for you about 20 minutes and you started to fall asleep using your best friend is a pillow. “Jungkook don’t do it, I know what you’re thinking” your best friend whispered to himself while brushing the hair off of your neck. Try not to give in he gently pushed you off of him and tucked you into bed. He turned off the movie and laid them self in your bed facing the opposite direction to hopefully stop his thoughts. As the night went on he couldn’t go to sleep, he ended up just watching your sleeping form as you shifted through the night. Unable to take any more carefully got on top of you and wrapped his arms around your waist, he buried his head against your neck and breathed in softy, he sunk his fangs into your neck which roughly woke you up in a Immense amount of pain. After a few minutes of yelling in pain your best friend removed his face from your neck looking deeply into your eyes as you fell unconscious. he just sat there for minute before what he had just done sunk in. Once it hit him his his eyes widened and he laid back on top of you engulfing you into his arms. “Fuck what did I just do” he whimpered against your neck “ i’m so sorry ____”

curlyxtomato  asked:

I need some well writen Angst in my life rn! Anything you can recommend? Especially cheating, betrayl etc. ?

Oh dear, there are so many. I love those kind of fics, even if sometimes they make my heart ache like hell. I’ve managed to gather some pretty great for you, I tried to focus on the kind of angst you might be looking for, but I’m sure there are much more!! ;) If you know some that there’s not on this list let me know too!!

Envolves cheating or some sort of betrayal (random order):

-         No Right by @eurydicerr

-          Wrong person by @winterdaybreak

-          My best friend’s girl by @mywritingsblog

-         Tequila tears by @littlemissavenger

-          Scarlet Savior by @minervaem (prepare your tissues)

-         Broken by @amrita31199

-         Don’t go by @letsrunwithdream

-          God Damn Liar by @bucky-take-the-wheel

-          Same Patterns by @annadier

-          Every other weekend by @amarvelouswritings

-          Perfect by @barnes-heaven

-          Calling it quits by @lysiasis

-         Surprise by @gimmebuckysloveorelse

-         A year and six months and Better than before by @prettiestsupersoldier

-          I don’t love you by  @therealjamesbarnes

-          Heartbroken by @cumonbucky (fluffy angst)

-          Proof in this hurts by @nataliarmnov  Ao3 version (with more details)

-          Comatose by @dretjie12

-          Misconceptions by @dretjie12

-         Enouement by @serzhantkris (prepare your tissues)

-          Betrayal- by @tomhollands

-          Secrets aren’t for keeping by chimaeracabra on AO3

It doesn’t necessarily envolve cheating or betrayal but is well written and angsty:

-          No regrets by @mar-gega (it’s about a very insecure angsty reader and I’ll never not rec this)

-          Punk by @buckyismyaesthetic

-          I can’t stay any longer by @nenyakj

-          The Darkness in Me by @imgettingmarriedtobuckybarnes

-          Worth the risk by @lowkeybuckytrash

-         Waiting by @4theluvofall

-          Mirror for the sun (fluffy and angst) by @imhereforbvcky

-          Mute by @tomhollands

I guess that’s what I can think of for now!!! Cry away dear!!!

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Little Sister - Request

Requested by anon:  Could you do like a Little sister? Maybe with Sherlock? Sherlock brought her with him and he loves her and stuff but little sister wants more attention?

Characters: Sister!Reader x Brother!Sherlock (no incest)

Word count: 840

Warnings: This is just a tiny thing I wanted to do.


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“Sherry, Sherry, Sherry…” (Y/N) repeated over again.

“I’m busy.” He stated, rolling his eyes and then focusing back on his microscope.

“Why did you bring me here, then? I want you to pay attention to me!” She whined.

“I brought you here because mom and dad couldn’t take care of you this weekend and Mycroft is out of the country doing some business.” Sherlock explained tiredly.

(Y/N), as dramatic as her brothers, threw herself on the couch with a hand on her forehead.

“Behold the disdain in which my brother treats me!” She chanted like she was interpreting some Shakespearian play, “I cannot live like this anymore! Without thy attention, without thy love! I shall die now; die of boredom for I am utterly bored! Good-bye, brother dear!” And with that being said, she pretended to die – coughing excessively, and making strange noises – letting her head fall off the couch.

Sherlock chuckled and walked over to his sister. “Come on, (Y/N), you are being dramatic.”

“I’m not being dramatic, I’m being dead.” She argued, opening only one eye for a split second before shutting it.

“You can’t be dead.” (Y/N) smiled, “Oh…” Sherlock laughed.

“Brother, bury me in satin and lay me down in a bed of roses, so my corpse can rest within the smell of spring.” She continued.

Sherlock rolled his eyes and did the unexpected: He tickled (Y/N) until she was on the floor, and even then he continued to tickle her.

“St-Stop!” She shouted as a tear left her right eye due to the laughter.

“I’m bringing you back to life, sister!” Sherlock cackled and continued to tickle her.

“NOOOOO!” She screamed and bursted in the most hilarious laughter Sherlock had ever heard. The detective laughed as well, forgetting all about the tickles.

Both brothers lied on the floor, laughing their arses off at (Y/N)’s sudden laughter. Their bellies ached and their eyes were covered in tears. They were red as the devil, and their eyes were surrounded by crinkles. Their teeth were visible and they looked like they were convulsing rather than laughing.

“I told you I was fun.” (Y/N) argued once the laughter ended.

“I must admit, you are funnier than Mycroft.” Sherlock agreed.

“Everyone’s funnier than Mycroft.” She snapped and then the two of them bursted once again in laughter.

“Ha-ha!” A third voice complained. The two brothers sat up on the floor and saw Mycroft standing in the middle of the living room with a bitter look on his face.

“What are you doing here, Mycroft?” Sherlock inquired.

“I came back early.” The man replied, “Turns out, the ambassador of Antwerp didn’t need my presence.”

“Such a pity.” Sherlock snapped.

“Yes, apparently someone made the appointment while being at my office.” Mycroft continued.

“Your workers aren’t as loyal as you think, then.” Sherlock commented.

“Yes, except they weren’t my workers but rather a man with a ridiculous trench coat.” Mycroft fumed.

“It’s not a trench coat.” Sherlock muttered, finally accepting his guilt.

“Sherlock!” (Y/N) exclaimed.

“I don’t know the reason of your prank, but I beg of you not to do that again. We don’t want more trouble, right brother?” Mycroft cocked an eyebrow.

“No, not at all.” Sherlock gave him a boyish grin. “Now, please leave, you are ruining the fun.”

“I always knew you were a softie for our little sister, but making me travel just to spend the weekend with her…” Mycroft shook his head and (Y/N) could have sworn his lips curved in a tiny, tiny, tiny smile.

“Does that make me a better brother?” Sherlock inquired.

“It does.” Mycroft stated, “(Y/N), when this cock tires you, know that your room is already set. Doctor John Watson left a perfectly useful room, indeed, but I believe you will be more comfortable at my house rather than this messy flat.”

(Y/N) nodded and instantly noticed Sherlock’s sad look. His face had changed in seconds.

“Thank you, Mike.” (Y/N) mumbled, “But Sherlock and I are planning on doing a slumber party.”

Sherlock recovered his smile.

“A what?”

“A slumber party… You know, the ones girls do with pillow fights and movies and loads of food.” (Y/N) explained.

“Then I’m glad you are not staying with me.” Mycroft confessed, “Have fun, kids.”

Mycroft waltzed out of the flat. Sherlock and (Y/N) remained silent until they heard him close the front door; then, they both giggled their nerves out.

“I thought he would make a drama, just like when we were kids.” (Y/N) spoke.

“He will make a drama, except he will not do it in front of everyone but rather in the privacy of his own room.” Sherlock said and then both of them laughed again.

“You know what else is done in slumber parties?” She asked and Sherlock shook his head, “Prank calls. And I happen to have a phone that Mycroft hasn’t registered yet.”

Sherlock smiled mischievously. “I was going to refuse to make a slumber party with you until this exact moment.”

“So is that a yes?”



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The toxicity that ran through the veins of our relationship was bound to bleed out at some point. We were just waiting for it, waiting for that one scream, word, argument, touch, the final pin drop that would destroy us. We had it coming. I had it coming.

What’s ironic about a toxic relationship is it’s not all bad. Two people can look madly in love but hide every thing wrong about each other below the light surface of their skin. I knew it, I knew in the back of my mind for months that something wasn’t right. There was thick silence between us too often, too many nights I felt so far away from you although you slept on my chest.

But I ignored it. I ignored it when you smiled at me on Sunday afternoons looking up from your notebook or when you fell asleep with an upturned lip because I couldn’t stop saying ‘I love you’. I brushed it to the side when you bought me sunflowers and apologized for the things you said. You shut your mouth when I said too much instead of telling me how you felt, even if I was to blame.

I still know you better than you think because you haven’t changed much. You can’t act like you don’t glance at me walk by in the clothes you never took off my body.  Or that last weekend when I took my sunglasses off to ask you if my pupils were big, that you did a double take at how blue my eyes were. You hesitated but asked me to take my glasses off twice to look. I looked at you too, I looked at the freckles I once knew on your nose and your pupils shrink in the heavy sunlight. I felt a strange feeling in my chest looking at you so close, but maybe it was just the drugs.

Toxic love and real love are not the same thing. We unfortunately had both, but the problem was that I confused the two. Both of us did, and even after the realization that we were slowly falling apart, it took both of us too long to let go, making the exit wounds deeper. Making the healing more painful, making it slower.

We bled out together, and part of me knows there’s still hidden wounds in both of us that need cleaning.

Fallacy [Jungkook]

{{ noun // a mistaken belief, especially one based on unsound argument }}

He’s probably more oblivious than Gilderoy Lockhart.

Fluff. Hogwarts AU. 1,134 words.

❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁

Slytherins may be a lot of things: ambitious, cunning, and intelligent. But no one ever told you how painfully stupidly oblivious they are. Or maybe it can be directed to the entire male population who’s usually unaware in general when it comes to feelings.

But a certain Jeon Jungkook in particular falls under this category.

You would think that after five months of shamelessly flirting with him, he’d say something about it. For god’s sake, how many times do you need to compliment him until he gets the hint? Well, he did say “it’s a date” when you asked about practicing quidditch together earlier today. That has to count for something.

Then again, you heard Jungkook say that to Jimin when he asked about going for butterbeers during the next Hogsmeade weekend.

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