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bpd parse

so from a person w/ bpd, kp shows a lot of characteristics of it. so y'all get my hc’s for kp and bpd 

(under a read more bc damn this got long, also strayed simply from bpd kent)

  • jack was kent’s fp at the time (and could still partly be)
    • so ok we can sorta see how abruptly jack’s od ended whatever kent and jack had going on
    • so w/ jack’s od and how kent valued him it fucked him up big time™ even more so than it should, like he blamed himself for most of the shit that went down 
    • and trust me if u think you’ve fucked shit up w/ your fp you will split on them which makes u feel worse but u can’t fckn stop
      • that’s what my boy kenny did

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BTVS EPISODE POSTERS: 7.17 Lies My Parents Told Me

William/Spike: We’ll ravage this city together, my pet. Lay waste to all of Europe. The three of us will teach those snobs and elitists with their folderol just what–
Drusilla: Three?
You, me, and mother. We’ll open up their veins and bathe in their blood as they scream our names across–What?
Drusilla: You… you want to bring your mum with us?
William: Well, yeah. You’ll like her.
Drusilla: To eat, you mean?

My embroidery is rusty, but this was my weekend project over a rough couple of days. This is as much for myself as it is for the people who have helped me and sometimes struggle themselves. I hope you all know you inspire me and our stories are so far from over.

@dancer4813 @thejgatsbykid @bri-ecrit @aiyannadanielle @radio-crash @rachel-greatest @maddlyn and so many others, thank you


spoiler warning for ep 58 of the adventure zone!

my weekend project: an animatic of that iconic end cutscene from the latest episode

[disclaimer: i have never made anything like this before and i was sort of. making it up as i went along so please be gentle!]