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In a Past Life - MadaSaku

In a Past Life

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It is said in ancient mythology that humans had two souls once. They were peaceful creatures, full of joy and warmth and love. But the Gods grew jealous of humans and ripped them in two, cursing them to forever wander for their other half through this life, and then the next.

Many of the Gods found their suffering to be of great amusement, but one Goddess took pity on the poor humans. She could not reverse the damage that had been done, but she granted them the only help she could offer: The Mark.

Much of the legend has been lost to time, but the old stories say that every person has an imprint, unique to them and their missing soul. It is hidden in plain sight, only to be revealed once its twin has been discovered. Only then will one know they have found their other half, their missing piece - their soulmate.

If one believed such myths…

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i have my citizenship interview tomorrow and im kinda nervous?? not about the civics exam or w/e but just. what if i misremember something i wrote on my application and my case gets denied bc it counts as lying under oath or something this is so gotdamn STRESSFUL

anonymous asked:

WOAH can we see more of your project schedule?! thats so much work how are you getting this all done?

Little tiny chunks, my friend.  I get it done in little tiny chunks.  I do personal projects for an hour in the morning, and usually most of my weekends.  Each project gets spliced up into very detailed post-it notes checklists!  I am VERY motivated by checking off checklists.

It’s best to set small, manageable goals (draw 10 boards, write for 20 minutes etc) celebrate when you hit the goal, and then try to do 50% more!  The hardest part is just getting started–once I get start rolling I’m an energizer bunny!

And the project schedule helps me a TON!  I’m my own boss on these so I can move the deadlines however I want

Watching movies: fun
Analyzing and understanding the science shown in movies: not so fun

Thinking about future yard projects…

There’s a little hill in our backyard that would be perfect to hang a hammock on.  Put some brick and gravel stairs up to it, maybe find a cheapy outdoor table for drinks and stuff.  Have lazy summer afternoons, reading in the hammock.  Yeah…

I’m so ready for the weekend! Held my graduation project presentation yesterday and now I’m freeeee 😻 Well, only until my final exams towards the end of the month, but still 😉 So let’s celebrate with another Padme pic. Thank you all for the love this cosplay has received, I appreciate every like and every comment so much 💕

Padme cosplay made and worn by me.
Photography by the wonderful @selfmadecosplay
Editing by me.