my wednesday fix

Fareeha Amari is drowning. She drowns in her fear. She drowns in her guilt. She drowns in these expectations placed upon her shoulders. Looking back at the new recruits she can’t help but wonder how she is meant to lead them. She remembers feeling as lost as they do. She had tried to block out the rest of the world as she tried to deal with the loss of her mother. Later, Gabriel and Jack joined Ana in a supposed death. Their deaths might not have been real, but, by god, the pain had been. Jesse and Genji had jumped ship before Overwatch crashed, Gabe had been dropping hints at everyone to get out of dodge and save themselves. If only she had listened. She drowned then too. The grief had been almost too much without her family and the memories still drag her down, but it won’t stop her from doing her best. The position of strike commander is daunting, one which she could never have dreamed of filling. And yet…. And yet, here she is. Fareeha Amari, Strike Commander of Overwatch. 

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