my way of dealing with awkwardness


I have a way of dealing with situations where I come off awkward, or people think I’m purposely trying to make things uncomfortable. But normally I’m talking really slowly or there’s a lot of silence because there’s just nothing going on. I’m just totally freaking out, but from the outside perspective it looks like I’m in control.

It must be awkward to have one of those Monthly Cycles™ if you’re in space and are surrounded by four guys and two aliens who most likely don’t have to or know how to deal with that but tbh I’m laughing at the concept of Pidge asking if the castle has heating pads to help her with cramps and Keith saying “I don’t know but my lion can shoot lava so if you punch me it’ll be on its way here”

You are Not Your Characters

Anonymous asked: “I find myself creating main characters that are similar to each other. The problem is I put them in a situation and write about how they deal with it based on how I would react, because I don’t really know another way. Do you have any tips on diversifying my characters?”

I think writers have a lot more in common with actors than you might think. Really, writers are more like their shy, introverted, and awkward cousin - I say that affectionately of course, I’m a writer, not an actress. 

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A concept: Dex and Nursey go hiking. Nursey trips and falls into poison ivy and ends up itchy all over. Dex forgets sunscreen and gets burnt to a crisp. They have to rub lotion all over each other. It’s the only good part of the next few days that they spend miserable together.

Bonus: they’re not together and putting their hands all over each other stirs up awkward (mutual) sexual feelings. They’re too in pain to fuck as a way of dealing with them. They actually have to talk about their feelings instead.

Imagine if you will: it’s six months later in game-time.  Keyleth finished her Aramente, Hotis is dead, Taryon has paid the party and wandered on his way, so on and so forth.  There’s still a few Lingering Questions™ perhaps about that book and other things, but Vox Machina are prepared to take a well-deserved rest for a while.  Their keep is finally empty of refugees, there’s time to take a break from things like governing Whitestone, and everyone heads back to Greyskull for a little while to just enjoy their home and one another’s company for the first time in an age.

They send a message to Scanlan, an olive branch: we’re going back to Emon, back to Greyskull Keep.  We’d love to pick out a room for Kaylie, if you feel like coming by.

No reply.  Keyleth considers scrying on him in case something’s the matter, but finally decides not to intrude any further on his privacy.

The day arrives.  Bags are packed, they step through the Sun Tree and into their garden; the only familiar faces waiting are a few of their servants and Jarrett, but it’s still their good old long-lost home.  Emon is finally starting to really bustle again in the Conclave’s aftermath.  They consider a quiet dinner at home, but it almost seems like a waste; Vox Machina, as they’re wont to do, leave their things behind and head out to a tavern for a good time.

The one they pick is a big bustling place, and being the local heroes and all, they opt for one of the less conspicuous tables off in a corner.  They can’t really see the minstrels performing way over on the stage for all the heads in between.  (Well, Grog can, but he’s busy with his ale.)  The fiddler is uncommonly good, though, accompanied by an abrasively lively shawm and then an equally nimble lute.  It’s good music to get drunk by, so they toast and laugh and nobody thinks anything more of it until there’s a smooth tenor voice that they’d recognize anywhere:

“Let me tell you the tale,” it sings, “of Vox Machina.”

One of the group drops their ale mug, and the crowd whoops and cheers for Scanlan Shorthalt’s latest masterpiece, which of course he’s been performing here for days already to be sure the regulars know the words.  There’s a verse describing all the heroes, naturally, and Scanlan meets their eyes one after another with a small smile on his face.  Olive branch returned.

He looks different.  Less jewelry.  Somewhere along the line apparently he cut his hair, and now it’s half grown out again.  The only earring he wears is Tiberius’s, and the front of his shirt is closed.  He’s dressed like a man who’s decided maybe female attention isn’t that important to him after all.

The song is several verses long, glowingly detailing Vox Machina’s exploits.  It must have taken ages to write.  There are even some lines about Taryon Darrington, the end of the Aramente, the harrowing journey to the Nine Hells.  Things Scanlan wasn’t anywhere near, things which are definitely partially bullshit, but some of which ring startlingly true.  Perhaps Keyleth wasn’t the only person doing a little scrying.

The last verse ends with a flourish, proclaiming how Vox Machina triumphed through the power of their bonds, the strength of a family working as one.  Then amidst the raucous applause, he squeezes Kaylie’s hand and hops off the stage, leaving her considerable talents to finish the set alone.  He makes his way over to the corner with a smile, an awkward and old and honest smile, to buy everyone a drink.

(”So, little elf girl,” he starts, and Vex immediately punts him down the table.)

you’ve heard of bokuto being insecure,  but have you considered

akaashi also being insecure. 

akaashi being insecure about his relationship w bokuto, both as a teammate and not. Unless you’re childhood friends, there is always something a little tenuous about being the younger friend. And when bokuto leaves high school oh man, it must hurt to be left behind, even if there was no choice, and especially if Akaashi thinks bokuto will find a setter that can bring out his best better than he can, better than he ever had 

akaashi being insecure about how he looks. just because the fandom decided he’s pretty doesnt mean he knows he’s pretty. He’s a teenager, and I’m sure there are days where you think you look great and days where u feel you look like absolute garbage. Especially when he looks upon Bokuto, who shines when he gets a good hit in. How can anyone compare to that?

akaashi being insecure with his attitude. Akaashi seems like the kind of kid that tried to grow up too fast. he didn’t act childish because he was praised by ‘how mature’ he was at a young age. adopted this cool persona when he can be (and is) just as jealous and bitter as anyone else (maybe even more jealous even). Just as childish as anyone else. to someone like that, someone like bokuto, who is even able to express himself so freely (even if he gets reprimanded), is so admirable.

Now, I love my cool headed and maybe even suave akaashis, but he’s still just a kid. I want to explore an akaashi that is awkward off the court, who’s awkward when confessed to and maybe even around bokuto, (being awkward around a crush seems natural), i just wanna see some akaashi thats a little unconventionally attractive in his manner of talk. we dont gotta stop the really cool akaashis lets just spice our life up with akaashi that has no idea how to deal w anything that isnt bokuto or volleyball 

anonymous asked:

We know why Harry wore that furry jacket. Because Nadine Leopold was cold so he gave her his coat and took her jacket instead.

Nah, I was in California last January. It wasn’t that cold. I think more likely than not it was a ‘Who Wore It Best?’ walk off. 

“*inhaling through teeth* Ugh. Nadine. This is really awkward…But, I totally pull this off.”

“See? It looks way better on me.”

“No, you can’t have it back! That was the deal. Whoever wore it best gets to keep it.” 

“Jeff, tell this hoe that I look better in the jacket.”

“Harry, just calm dow-”


“Fine. You wore it bet-”

“No, you know what? Fuck y’all. Bai bitches. Baiiii. I’m taking my food and MY jacket and goin home to see my man.” 

“Fuck. Where the hell did I park?”


Lemme just take a moment to talk about my boys. Derek Malik Nurse and his doting, awkward, abrasive boyfriend, William J. Poindexter.

They love each other so fucking much, y'all. Here’s a small collection of things Dex has done for his favorite poet.

○ Brought him food because he knows how Nursey forgets to eat when he gets into “The Zone”

○ Woken him up with kisses all over his forehead and hot coffee on the bedside table because that’s the only way he won’t have to deal woth grumpy, groggy morning Nurse.

○ Wrote a bot on his laptop to send Nursey reminders to eat every 7 hours and to drink water every 3

○ caught the bug that scared him instead of killing it because, “it has a purpose, too, Dex!”

○ Just told him everyday how much he loves him.

Remind me to add more to this later. (Or add your own! We need more loving Dex and Loved Nursey)

soulrebellon  asked:

Wow. . . Um, well this is awkward *rubs back of neck* (I really need to investigate/update on everything before I say things) *grins* Can I still adopt Sansu River? I'm sure you'd love to have him off your hands for a while. Don't worry. I'll try not to "kill him with kindness"

* Try water, maybe he’ll melt.

* I got your last message, by the way. About my deal with Sanzu? Thanks for taking your time to do research. I hear far too many pithy proclamations from the grossly uninformed.

* -so I imagine you’d understand why I couldn’t put the responsibility of an antichrist on a babysitter, too.

The frogs and their awkward high school phases

insert the *you know I had to do it to em* pic here

Dex: He was a sad emo boy. Without question. if asked though he’d say he was punk but…no. All you need to do is just picture the awkwardest, lankiest fourteen year old with an oversized black hand me down tee with super bright ginger hair and there ya go: teen dex. I have so much more to say here.

  •  he wrote angry song lyrics all over the knock off converse his mom paid good money for. She’s very disappointed in you William thats so irresponsible. 
    • also: wrote song lyrics and little emo symbols all over his arms with sharpie whenever he got bored in school. You’re poisoning your blood billy your mother is concerned
  • Wore heavy wool beanies all the time. Like even in the summer. He did it to cover his hair and the tips of his ears because he didn’t think red hair and big ears were punk and he was embarrassed.
  • keep in mind that dex was an active hockey player during this time. Was probably the captain of high school team and everything, but that didn’t stop him from getting chirped to hell for showing up to practice with his nails painted black from the polish he borrowed/stole from his cousin. 
    • Not to mention that one time that his goalie found a super embarrassing picture of dex from when he was first starting to come out of his emo little shell. For a full month his nickname was guyliner.
  • His older brother thought that Dex’s emo/punk phase was the funniest thing ever. He’s make fun of Dex for it all the time. This lead to several instances where Dex would yell ‘it’s not a phase!’ ‘no one understands me’ etc and then he’d lock himself in his room for an hour and blasted bad punk music from the 70s. 
  • Whenever he raised enough money to pay for something hockey or school related, hed buy it, but he’d always get a little sad after the purchase bc he really wanted to save up to get an eyebrow piercing one day
  • One good thing came out of this emo phase though! he learned to play guitar and he got really good. He also tried to start a garage band, but he didn’t have the social skills to acquire member for that said band. To this day he often daydreams about how awesome this band would have been.  CHOWDWR AND NURSEY BELOW >>

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Now we have apps that can Photoshop anything and everything, which puts out an image that’s not realistic. Young girls see this image and think that’s what they should be and that’s how they should wake up. That was one of the main reasons that I wanted to be a part of that issue [People’s Most Beautiful] and especially proud to represent the section [with no makeup on]. I don’t wear makeup on a daily basis. I try to reflect that on my social media, too. When I do Instagram stories, I’m not all dolled up and glamorous, it’s a peek into my day-to-day life, which is kind of normal and average. I get pimples and zits all the time and I deal with them just like anybody else, with zit cream. Sometimes I walk out of the house with the zit cream and forget about it. And that’s just life, it’s unpredictable and awkward and we all feel insecure all the time but that’s completely normal and okay and everybody has good days and bad days. It’s especially important now to show young girls that and to make them aware that they are perfect exactly the way they are.

Manchester By the Sea is incredible in the most understated way possible. It seems like it should be this extremely dramatic over-acted film, and instead it just felt like invading someone’s actual life. I didn’t actually spend any of it laughing or crying, just feeling. I was brought back to my own memories of that kind of overwhelming grief that’s awkward and you have no idea how to even deal with it. Casey Affleck says a million words without speaking. There is such an understanding of real grief and it made the whole film so cathartic. It cut like a knife and was a relief at the same time. 

anonymous asked:

should i come out to my parent

if u think it wont put you in danger, yes absolutely. like it’s a personal choice but if ur askin my opinion, definitely do it if you’re able to. if theyre uncomfortable or unsupportive of it at first, it might be difficult to deal with til they warm up or get used to it (it’s been like that w my mom, it was rough at first but it’s getting easier) but in the long run it’s worth it.

like, the stress of bein closeted to immediate family is something that takes over waaaaay more of your life than you realize. if it’s safe to do so, it’s way more relieving than it is awkward. promise.

It has to be Jonas!

I freaking love this guessing game. Who knew Julie would turn out to be a riddler 😅 

 But this text has to be Jonas pov! 

  •  Firstly, the mom has to recognize the shirt at assume it was Eva’s. 
  • Secondly, Eva would have to find that a bit embarrassing. 
  • Thirdly the pov is very chill about it.

If it was Jente Chris, her mom would probably just assume it was one of her girlfriend’s shirt and not specifically Eva’s. And Eva would definitely not have reacted with that response… because why would it in anyway be weird for her shirt to be there?

If we were still on P-Chris pov (which definitely wouldn’t make sense, but I’ve seen people write about the option), he would NOT have responded that chill. He would probably have squeezed a heart in somewhere, and would probably find a way to call her his girlfriend. Like “oh my mom thinks her daughter in law has a great taste in shirts.”

It would make sense if Eva finds it a little awkward that Jonas mom found the shirt at his place, since it’s been so long since they were a thing. And it would make sense that his mom potentially could have had some kind of “are you back together” reaction… Aaand let’s not forget how much Julie loves a good parallel!

This text between Jonas and Eva in season 1 seals the deal for me. Jonas asking her, if he has forgotten his Wu Tang shirt at her place… And yes he had!

Chapter One

ch2║ch3║ ║ch4║║ch5║

Mystic Messenger High School AU

Word Count: 3,229

I’m so sorry this ended up being so long? But also, not sorry. lololol. Damn, I really really hope you guys like it so far. More to come!

      And there you were. Your shoulder had begun to sweat slightly at the weight of your bag straps as you walked from the classroom. Why had you thought it was a good idea to bring just your purse and carry your books? These classes were much more spread out than you had anticipated and your left arm began to feel like jello under the weight of all the text. Maybe it was time to start working out again? “Maybe…”

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Reckless and awkward teenage years

saemi-the-dreamer submitted:

“Asriel!” Chara called out from the top of the pillar.

Their friend scanned around him an instant before looking up, surprised.

“I bet I can do a backflip off of this!” Chara grinned, opening their arms already.

“R-really?” Asriel stammered, his eyes wide in concern.

“Easy.” the human teen winked, then added: “Make sure you get it.”

As they turned their back to Asriel, they did not notice his confused blink nor the way he seemed about to ask them a question.

“Are you ready.”

“Y-yeah!” Asriel’s voice shook slightly. “Whenever you want!”

Chara smiled, took a sharp breath in as they bended their knees then leapt backwards. Adrenaline rushed in their veins as their body spinned in the air, quickly joined by apprehenion when they realized it was not really happening the way they thought it would. But before they could panic or brace for the impact, they crashed on something warm.

Asriel had caught them in his arms, but lost his balance as he did and fell back with them.

“Ouch!” he complained, but did not let go of Chara. “Are you okay, Chara?”

“Y-yes.” Chara was a bit short of breath and bewildered.

“Next time you want to jump into my arms, do it with a  little bit less ardour!” Asriel joked.

“Very funny.” the other teenager retorted, but they could not suppress a small smile. Suddenly, they realized something and exclaimed "Oh no, the camera! Is it broken?“

“The camera?” Asriel blinked. “No, I put it on the ground there…”

Chara blinked in turn and glanced at the direction their friend had nodded towards. The device was indeed on the ground, intact.

“Oh. But when did you have the time to do it?”

Asriel looked more confused now.

“I did when you asked me to catch you.” he answered slowly.

A small silence followed this.

“I never asked you to do that.” Chara frowned slightly, feeling their cheeks warming up a bit.

“You did! You said make sure you catch me!

“What! Never!”

Chara’s face was now burning.

“ I said make sure you get it!”

“Oh.” It was Asriel’s turn to blush. “I had misunderstood…”

And the two finally realized in which position they were in, and their face became redder. With an awkward cough, Chara let go of Asriel to get up.

“Let’s not talk about it. To anyone.”

However, when the tape was played way later, they had to deal with Asgore and Toriel’s questions and giggles. Asriel would forever remember the glare his friend sent him then.


Little note: the misunderstanding is based on me when I saw page 53 on my mobile when it was posted, for a moment I thought Chara was indeed asking Asriel to catch him (awwww). I felt a bit stupid and embarrassed when I realized my mistake xD .

leahelizabeth89  asked:

So, I was thinking about how I have a tiny Vetinari in my brain who very deliberately Does Not flinch when Trump is mentioned, and this lead me to wonder how many words that Discworld/Star Wolds fic you were working on? Even if you aren't working on it any longer, I remember you saying it had gotten a bit longer than intended.

Oooh yea, I think it’s in my google drive somewhere. If I remember correctly it was about 4000 words. Might be less once I edit it down, but yea, it was…I mean now you’ve got me thinking of how Vetinari would deal with a man like Drumpf and:

There was an awkward silence around the table as the name dropped, all eyes swiveling toward Vetinari who sat perfectly still at the head of the table.

It was Mr Slant who broke the silence first, the zombie clearing his throat with a dusty cough. 

“Forgive me for saying so my Lord, but there are,” his eyes darted to Lord Downey at the opposite end of the table, the master assassin pointedly not acknowledging his look, “other methods, for dealing with this particular…problem.”

“Indeed?” Vetinari asked, managing to convey the polite interest of one discussing the weather. 



“My Lord?”

“There are no easy ways. Only those which are done in the shadows,” when he looked up there was a particularly Vimesian glint to his eye, “and men like that need to be brought into the light. There will be no other methods, there will be no back alleys, there will be no cake. Am I quite clear?”

Several people gave the impression of flinching without actually moving. Others, the younger members of the guild leaders, merely looked confused. 

It might have been Slant who had spoken, but it was Downey who nodded. 

“Good.“ The tyrant continued, holding up his hand and accepting a ledger from his clerk, “It’s time to do this, by the books.”

“Book,” Slant guffawed, “You mean the law? There are no legal means we can take against him, he has us at every turn. You can’t just send Vimes in to arrest him because the man’s a lunatic.”

“No,” Vetinari agreed, nodding slowly as he scanned over the numbers in front of him, “And I dare say we couldn’t prove it even if we could. No, what I am in fact referring to, is much neater. Drumknott, do send in Mr Lipwig, I believe it is his time to shine.”

“Lipwig?” Downey started, “that jumped up…what can he do?”

“Why, Robert,” Vetinari said, startling the assassin with the use of his first name, “he’s going to start taking taxes.”

Cap IM Rec Week 2017 (Monday)

All-New Monday, July 17th: Works newly posted this past year, after the end of the 2016 Reverse Big Bang

Fics are listed from oldest to newest :)

Place Your Bets by RurouniHime (@thegertie)
Summary: Steve Rogers may or may not have just picked up a prostitute. This may or may not be Tony Stark’s fault. In essence, Bucky proposes a bet, Steve is too honorable to ditch a guy just because he has a night job, and damn it, Tony, Rhodey is not the one who started this.
Comment: I already gave this fic a shout-out when I posted @hellogarbagetime​‘s lovely fanart, but it deserves another one, because this fic is just so amazing - the pining is gorgeous and kept tugging at my heartstrings, and how Steve and Tony connected from the very beginning is so beautiful to read about.

This Is Why We Fight by MemoryDragon (@memorydragon​)
Summary: Steve confesses his love to Iron Man but gets rejected because of Iron Man’s loyalty to Tony Stark. He starts to get to know the man Iron Man rejected him for, but before that, robots from the future could tear the whole team apart…
Comment: More identity porn! I love all of MemoryDragon’s fics, and this one was a standout for me because of the identity porn - it’s always interesting in fics when Steve gets along well with Iron Man but not Tony Stark, and this was a fascinating read.

But I Still Feel You by pensversusswords (@pensversusswords​)
Summary: Tony knows a lot of things about Steve. He knows that Steve is a stubborn pain in the ass, he knows that he’s got a heart of gold, and he knows Steve would rather punch his way out of a tricky situation than talk himself out of it. But the one thing Tony knows the most: he’s hopelessly, tragically in love with Steve. In which Tony is impulsive, Steve is confused, and they work it out in the end. Eventually.
Comment: So much awesome angsty pining, with a very oblivious Steve. I commissioned pensversusswords for a Steve/Tony Anne and Gilbert AU last year, and she delivered wonderfully. I adore the way she wrote their friendship and the way Steve slowly comes to his senses - Tony always breaks my heart whenever I reread this fic, but they figure it out in the end. 

Tied to You by ann2who (@stark-spangled-lovers​)
Summary: What does it take for Steve and Tony to get over their insecurities and denial? Being kidnapped and tied up together. Naked. Obviously.
Comment: I love all of ann2who’s fics dearly, but I thought I’d rec this one today because it’s a Post-AOU fic that deals with Steve/Tony’s issues really well, with bonus pining and awkward boners :P

Even Though We Know Love’s Landscape by lazywriter7 (@lazywriter7​)
Summary: But at the core, he’s the same brand of poor little rich guy that dot the shadowed corners of every charity gala, every award function. Sure, maybe it comes in a ‘genius billionaire playboy philanthropist’ package…but his mettle is common iron. A drop of sea water, a dash of air, and he’d rust right through. 
She, on the other hand, is made of better stuff. 
In which Tony compares people to weird things, Steph recites poetry and two dorks fall in love.
Comment: Everytime I rec this fic to someone, it usually ends with me flailing and yelling IT HAS STEPHANIE ROGERS RECITING POETRY TO TONY and begging them to read it. This is my favorite of Kiera’s fics, for many reasons - the gorgeous writing, the poetry, the way she just gets the characters so well… read it!

One Last Second Chance by Muccamukk 
Tony Stark, second newest engineer at Rhodes Labs International, is just trying to rebuild from the ruins of his failed company, vanished fortune, and struggles with alcoholism. His goals include keeping his head down, avoiding stress and convincing Dr. Rhodes to let him build a really cool robot, so why does the universe keep throwing Avengers in his path?
Comment: I had never heard of Earth 57289 before this fic, but it takes the premise and runs with it, and I enjoyed every single minute of this fic, from Tony and Cap at Rhodes Labs, to taking care of Steve in his apartment (with all the h/c goodness!). I wish there were more fics set in this universe.

Unmasked by Sineala (@sineala)
Summary: All the rifts of the Civil War have been healed, everyone is alive again, and the Avengers can finally relax… and party! It’s time for a marathon viewing of the Avengers TV show! Of course, Tony doesn’t remember what happened in any of the episodes that aired while he was the director of SHIELD, but he’s positive he wouldn’t have approved anything… inappropriate. He absolutely wouldn’t have. As it turns out, Tony shouldn’t think so highly of himself.
Comment: I love the way Tony’s feelings are revealed to Steve in this fic, it gave me so many feelings, and the way Steve reacted in the end was perfect.

It Might Almost Be Worth It by nightwalker (@onemuseleft​)
Summary: Tony couldn’t decide if this was more humiliating or frustrating, but either way it was easily the worst thing that had happened all week.
Comment: A sex pollen fic, except Steve is asexual and the team didn’t know. Fics with ace Steve or ace Tony are rare, and I really, really enjoyed this one, and I also loved how the revelation of Steve and Tony having feelings for each other was handled. 

A Budapest Christmas by shetlandowl (@shetlandowl​)
Summary: A Housesitter AU where Tony moves into Steve’s place, charms his parents, befriends his life-long friends, and repairs the relationships Steve ruined in the aftermath of his own heartbreak. Their relationship is a happy, loving, and supportive one; or, at least it was so until Steve showed up unannounced and was congratulated on a marriage he’d never heard of.
Comment: I beta-ed this fic, and it is FREAKING. AWESOME. Fluffy and angsty in turns, Steve/Tony’s relationship is so wonderfully written, and I adored Tony’s relationship with Steve’s parents and the whole town so much.

Stick With Me, Baby, I’m the Fella You Came With by Annie D (scaramouche) (@no-gorms​)
Summary: During the final battle with Ultron, Tony kisses Steve for the first time. Afterward, he makes it clear to Steve that he was just running on adrenaline and not thinking clearly. Steve seems to accept it, but the kiss nudges open a door of possibilities, and the situation escalates.
Comment: Post-AOU fics tend to be hit-and-miss for me, and this was a hit. I adored Steve/Tony’s dynamic and Steve’s characterization in this fic, The way their game grew from something to win at, to something with intent, and feelings, was really fun to read.

Noble Metals by Veldeia (@veldeia​)
Summary: Living together with the Avengers, in a relationship with Steve, Tony’s as happy as he’s ever been—until it turns out he’s dying of palladium poisoning. 
Unwilling to tell anyone, he replaces himself with a Life Model Decoy and breaks up with Steve, so he can hide and focus on fixing his arc reactor before it’s too late.Steve can’t decide if Tony is acting strangely or if that’s just his denial speaking. Tony Mark II struggles to figure out the best course of action, stuck handling issues he was never programmed to deal with. And Tony isn’t sure he can ever get Steve back, even if he survives.
Comment: So much awesome angst. This fic combines two of my favorite things: Tony building a LMD of himself, and the trope breaking up/getting back together trope, and it’s written brilliantly. 

small memory – jeongguk

Originally posted by marshminllow

genre: angst, fluff. 
word count: 3.7k

who would have known a simple conversation about who will be taking the window seat would lead to such a heartbreaking turn?

first week of school. he was timid, especially when you sat next to him at the school bus. he was so awkward, it made you feel awkward too. you spent mondays to fridays sitting next to him, and it was awfully quiet.

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“Better Hands” - Part 1

“Better Hands” - Part 1

My Masterlist - Here

Leonard “Bones” McCoy x Reader

Word Count: 2402

Key: Y/N = Your Name, L/N = Your Last Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: Heavy Abuse, Cursing, Talk of Injuries,

Summary: After being in an abusive relationship, you have been able to turn your life around thanks to the help of the team. But when you have to go back to your ex for some of your things, some shit goes down.

Originally posted by bilesandthesourwolf

Author’s Note: So this is my first Star Trek piece and I’m super fuckin nervous about it. I’m not a huge Trekkie, but I am a fan of the newer films. Those are what I base my fics off of unless stated otherwise. But yeah, I hope you enjoy!

If you would like to be tagged in any of my future pieces (All Works, Specific Fandoms, or Specific Multi-Parts), please let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


- DreaSaurusREX

Tags: @goodnightwife @theeactress @the-witching-hours12-3

It’s been about 3 years since you joined the Enterprise. Starting with an abusive boyfriend and a low ranked job in engineering, it was easy to think you would never really be good enough to be an important member. But you proved yourself wrong.

Within a few months of joining, Scotty saw potential in you and began to mentor you more. Through this, you two became very close friends. You were able to be yourself around him at work. This being said, you never told him about the abuse your boyfriend delivered. You had mentioned a few things that sort of raised red flags to Scotty, but you told him it was nothing and you two moved on.

It wasn’t until you came into work one day with a “sore chest” and slightly limping that he found out how bad the abuse was. You hadn’t been thinking and decided to roll your sleeves up while you and Scotty worked on one of the many pipes around the ship. He saw a huge dark blob out of the corner of his eye, turned to look, and was mortified. Your whole left arm was covered in bruises and there was a nasty one growing on your right arm.

He asked about them and there was no turning back now. You told him about your boyfriend and how he took out his anger on you some nights. And sometimes he would just place blame on you or manipulate you in ways you didn’t think of. From that moment on, Scotty became an older brother and helped you through everything. Cutting this asshole from your life, starting over, and creating a better life for yourself.

After hearing your story, he asked if he could report this to the Captain. You nodded in agreement. He went to hug you, but as soon as he put a little pressure around your torso, you were writhing in pain. Scotty decided to end work for today and to take you to the medbay.

There, you met the infamous Leonard McCoy, and found out that you had a fractured rib and wrist as well as a sprained shoulder. As Leonard began to wrap you up, the Captain came in. You attempted to straighten up, but fell back in pain. Leonard gave you an injection for pain relief and you were thankful. You then began to listen to the Captain about how your now ex-boyfriend has been demoted and will be facing consequences. He also informed you that he, Leonard, Scotty, and Uhura will be personally helping you grow from this.

You were overjoyed, relieved, and so thankful. Tears flowed as you hugged the Captain and began your new path of life.

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