my water dish is empty

This is Rex! Even though he is very old, he likes to keep us updated on the latest Cat News. His favorite topics are “Why is my water dish empty(even when it’s full)” and “Why doesn’t summer come during the winter?”. What are the stickyfrog’s favorite topics?

Hi Rex! 😊🐱🐸
Tiny sends you a big hug and a friendly squawk! 🐸
He is glad you keep your warm trees updated on the latest Cat News! It is very important! 😀
Tiny likes your lovely black coat with white socks - very fashionable!

i always know when a rich dude does something in the office bc he runs over to tell me he did something helpful!! “i turned off the speaker phone!” “i replaced the empty water bottle!” “i put my dishes in the dishwasher!” “i brought back the bathroom key!”

um. no one cares. your poor wife probs has to give you a cookie for putting the seat down.