my war fell off

Cure (3)

Bucky x reader

Notes: trigger warnings! Implications of sexual abuse, mentions of torture, swearing, injuries, memory loss, recuperating, fluff, angst and obviously, eventually: smut.

A/N: Here’s part three! Bucky finds out about his past and wants to see his files, shit happens. 

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“So.. what you’re saying is: I was captured during World War two, after I fell off a train to my death, but I wasn’t really dead of course, and then brainwashed and tortured into killing a shitload of people before you found me again and snapped my crazy ass out of it”

Sounds about right.

“Yeah, Buck” Steve shifts a little, looking helpless and worried, sharing glances with Y/N and Sam.

I don’t think I can take any more of this. It feels as if it’s true, I know it is; but how the hell was I still sane after that?

Are you? Really?

Shut up.

Honestly. If I’m anything like the voice in my head, claiming to be me, I’m a real asshole. 

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I’m not saying there was a point to it, but I might have spent a little too much time making a transparent Bucky Barnes as he runs into battle… and you know… I’d already made it… Sooo waste not want not? I guess.


Came out of Star Wars. Ten years of my life fell off and I was right back into the thick of the magic, with the new and the old in a constant dance; plotlines, situations, environments, characters, all masterfully borrowing from the best and discarding the outdated.

A movie fondly looking back, but fiercely moving forward.

Torrent of art incoming as expected. Kylo Ren was everything.

Just Like You (1)

Summary: You are an experiment, the first of its kind.One day you escape and are living a normal life when you run into a perfect stranger or was he? 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2837 (Sorry)

A/N: This is my first time putting my writing on Tumblr. I also got all of the translations off of Google, so sorry about that if it’s wrong (the English is posted next to it). This is also all written in first person because that’s really the only way I have been able to write, it feels more personal when I am reading it and trying to put myself in the story. Italics is memory or a scene from the past.

Warnings: fluff, cliffhanger, Implied smut (?) (You probably won’t even call it that) (I also don’t swear, so that won’t be a thing)

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One year after Captain America: The Winter Soldier

2015. I wish I would just die already. March 10, 2015. I am 114 years old today and in a couple of years I will, unofficially, be the oldest person to have ever lived. 114 years and who knows actually how many years to show for it.

Currently I live in Bucharest. I wanted to be in Moscow but I am too scared that they would find me.  So I chose the next place on my places-where-Y/N-can-live list. I still didn’t feel completely safe, I mean I only had the whole country of Ukraine between me and them, but I wanted something I was familiar with and the Romanian culture and language was perfect.

I had only been here for a couple of weeks, but I already had a great apartment close to the city, I was fluent in the language, and I was working with someone who could get me some fake documents, so maybe I could get a job and live a normal life.

Today I happened to be in the city, exploring of course. I walked into my favorite bakery and bought a loaf of bread. There was this man, Florin,  that worked there, he had tried to talk to me, let me know that he liked me, even though I had no feelings for him. But he liked talking to me and let me sit behind the counter with him while he served customers. And he wasn’t scared of me so it was nice to talk to him.

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