my wally is back

***EDIT****  Whoops sorry this would make it Caryl, the reunion 3. 0.

Thanks for pointing that out. 

I had so much more planned for this picture but I ran out of steam. :(

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dctv ladies appreciation week: day six
favorite scene 

2.12, fast lane - what? no good luck?


↳The Flash Family + tumblr text posts 

[caption: seven different images of DC comic panels with a screencap of a Tumblr text post placed over them. For all but the 7th image, click on them for a more detailed caption. 

Image #7 is a panel featuring several Flash Family speedsters together, looking like they’re preparing for a fight. The text post over it reads: “I like the idea that there are no longer such things as casual groups of friends. No, you’re in a squad. Weaponize your friendships. Battle other squads for social dominance. Who wants to fucking fight.“]

my young justice 3 demands

.Bring back Wally West (speedsters vanish all the time and come back)

.Give Aqualad a boyfriend (he is gay in canon !!)

.I need more Tye Longshadow (I just always found him interesting)

.Give Tim Drake more screen time!! (i beg you)

.Bring back Jason Todd (its about time yo)

.Make Bluepulse canon (why not? they would be good together)

.Superboy needs his leather jacket (90s superboy!!)

Things Rebirth have confused me on
-Was Ted Kord the Blue Beetle at any point before now
-does Barry now remember that he caused Flashpoint, and does he remember the entirety of his previous life in pre new 52
-Does that apply to the Titans as well, being Wally gave them back their Wally memories
-Where is my son Booster Gold
-Did events like Blackest Night, Brightest Day, and things like Guy becoming a Red Lantern, Hal becoming Paralax and destroying central city, and all the other pre new 52 lantern things happen
-Why is Bruce a shitty dad lmao you forgot ur child’s birthday


There’s this song lyric I like. “All the broken hearts in the world still beat.” Mine’s beating, but bruised. Hopefully not for long.