my waifu is gorgeous

Reason why Kung Fu Panda 3 is important right now...

Po’s back being an adorkable hero again…

Po having serious amount of daddy issues…

Po facing serious emotional moments…

Mr.Ping being all over-protective about over his babu Po

Shifu having good amount on screen timing again…

Return of the Jesus Oogway…

Tigress in a new outfit (aka; my beautiful waifu)…

The drop dead gorgeous animation… 

New Villain “Kai”…

Furious Five team power…

More adorable Pandas…

Po…Tigress…Shifu…Ping…Oogway…Furious Five…Li (aka; Po’s bio-papa)

Kung Fu Panda….


Okay, this is my first follow forever! So hold on tight, friends bc I have a lot to type!

First I will start with my #1 baes:

urzascarlet You were the first person I became actual friends with on here and ily even tho we don’t talk as much but I know you are busy slaying with your cute hair and outfits, and I hope you have an AMAZING SENIOR YEAR BABE!! 😘

sixpathsofdick you were my second follower <3 I adore your art and you are so swaggy!

officialgodzilla WHAT?? YOU AREN’T ON THIS LIST???….. I HATE U……… Oh my god tbh you are my fave even tho you are very problematic & most likely eats ass on the daily

kishigod I LOVE YOU OMG IS THAT WEIRD TO SAY we have so much in common and I like how we can be super deep and talk about whatever. You are SO sweet and very cute!

princessp0ssum YOU WERE MY FIRST FOLLOWER I know it was bc I was stalking your blog and liking everything but I am glad we ended up talking bc you’re so down to earth and very positive and I like that about you!

peinintheass ummm bro we have these deep ass analytical conversations about stuff and we have similar taste in music and both love dogs, I think you’re so cool!

shisuithegreekgod My 3rd waifu <3 let’s see you are so gorgeous and nice and I’ve yet to get back to you on the gif thing my bad! And as soon as i learn french I will read all of your fanfics i promise!

tentailsjinchuriki my frank 😘 anD SHINO WILL BE MINE, FIGHT ME. real talk, you are a cool nerd and have made me laugh many times bro, its true

memecityactor SLAYERRRRRRRR uh you are my best bud on here and we have the same meme sense of humor! you are hecka cute too like damn and super funny as well :) WORLDS GREATEST SENPAI <3

kirschteinbemine I think I followed you bc you added something to a post and I was dying laughing omg and then you followed back and we ended up talking! (still have to make a kik oops) but ily and you’re so funny I hope any of the shitty advice I’ve given you so far has been helpful

shisuies MELISSAAAA uh we started talking bc we like dogs but you also have some nice ass hair and are incredibly funny (you are the shisui to my itachi tbh)

naegay & nawnami I’m gonna combine you guys bc you’re kind of a package deal, ya know? Both of you are ADORABLE and we had some good times playing cards omg if I ever see cross marian again

absolpx I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU and all the stuff that’s happened lately! We don’t talk but I love your blog and all the pics of deer and the memes and you have PERFECT HAIR AH & are extremely cute tbh

lildebbiethornberry i guess its I’m obligated to add you……. LOL my irl bitch uhhh lets see i known you since like 6th grade and you are an asshole but ayyyy lmao

kakashinojutsu just talked to you recently! you are super cool and TALENTED AF WTF Speaking all these languages and instruments and shit like damn wow you’re a prodigy bro

raamenboy you aren’t on here very often, but when you see this, you are SO FRCIKI CUTE OOOOMG & your naruto cosplay is A+ for everyone else reading this, please go check out their cosplay tag ;) (ps I am still jealous your bf looks like itachi)

monkishdluffy YOU ARE SO GOD DAMN NICE ILY & I wish i knew what you look like so i can TLL YOU HOW CUTE YOU ARE! but we on the same page tbh and I would let nicki suffocate me with her ass

flatscreenhades I want to make you not sad :( I hope this will make you smile a little? you are sO CUTE TOO WTF and you’re also so nice :’) ily friend

kichonasan A D O R A B L E HAIRCUT I S2G and you are hella nice and pls come talk to me any time if your friends are dissing ya interests again >:(

sharingon NEW BAE I LIKE YOU ALOT OMG we have so much in common tbh and your blog is really cool I think i consider you a senpai idk how old you are tho lol

fallowshax another new bae 😘 You are really pretty and nice wow we need to play cards again tho and come talk to your senpai anytime ;)

thecelloprincess GORGEOUS GIRL SERIOUSLY and you always compliment me :)

kabuhoes My art senpai with the tightest kabuto cosplay ;)


inklesssand CUTIE CUTIE CUTIE WIT THAT COLORED SATANIC HAIR try not to get too stressed in school bae :( and i kinda think you me and noah are like a trio…

mechanaru yeeeee you gave me a cool url B) and you’re super cool and have really nice hair!!

THOSE ARE ALL THE PEOPLE I HAVE TALKED TO THE MOST! The rest of you are all my baes tho as well and I love you all just as much <3

k–akashi yugakures danzoluvr16 youshouldreblogmyselfie official-uzumaki dr-ramen sglightning onelazyunicorn cakeshi radkashi peacelovedanes mangaartsy-daylonnn falconknightcordelia zumoku harunosakura-senpai burn-the-night summertimesasuke naruto-fo-lyfe hokageswag hyotons minitsunderemia hashi-sen (just followed you!!) idrawduckies yuki-chan-san team7reunites sexgetsu heyakirahey lucasuchia uchi-zu-maki nagitourl getting-high-from-tea shinigami-kurosaki638 leeandgai yamatoesies PREPARE FOR SAI WEEK!!