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WELL! The amazingly talented @outlandishchridhe saw a quilt pattern and decided to make me a wee giftie. She made me pick out a few different options of sets of colors, and wouldn’t even tell me what she picked! Rude, right!? (I LOVE YOU ISH!)

Anyway, she teased me endlessly about what it looked like and all sorts of torture. But. IT’S CATS!!! AND ISN’T IT PRETTY!?

I put it on my bed and Wes was the first one to jump up there. And he laid down just like that. (I think he was posing for you @widchadidcha) Ish even made me record a video of myself opening the box so she could get my super squeaky voice. I’m so blown away that she would take the time and make me something so beautiful. I’m glad we’re friends, Ish! My life would be much duller without you in it!!

47. Metal Arm Kink

Word Count: 3,139
A/N: I got super carried away with this and I really hope I didn’t ramble and it comes off the way I want it to. Hope you enjoy it!
Summary: Bucky overhears Y/N talking with Natasha and Wanda about the things she wants him to do to her with his metal fingers. He’s happy to oblige. 
Written by: @mrssgtjamesbuckybarnes

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As you walked into the compound, a bottle of wine in each hand, you couldn’t help the excitement bubbling in your chest. When you entered the common room, you were happy to see Natasha and Wanda already there, pizza and chips on the coffee table, and wine glasses ready to be filled. They looked up when you entered, cheering when they saw the alcohol in your hand. You sat on the floor with the couch to your back and handed Nat one of the bottles.

 “I’m so glad we’re doing this.” Wanda said as you opened the bottle of white wine and poured yourself a glass. “It feels like there’s so much testosterone in this place. It’ll be nice to be just us girls for a few hours.” You kicked your shoes off and leaned back, drink in hand. The guys had all decided that they needed a night out to relieve some stress. We had decided that a night involving sweaty, drunken strangers wasn’t something we were feeling so we decided to enjoy the quiet and have a girls’ night in.

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The dragon and her thief.

Ok so. All this time I was under the belief that Niles was voiced by Yuri Lowenthal, but it turns out he’s voiced by Roger Rose. (who also voices Takumi and Hisame) My mind has been blown to dust. BECAUSE I REALLY BELIEVED THAT WAS YURI LOWENTHAL I WAS HEARING ALL THIS TIME. I have never felt so mislead. They both have such sexy voices it distresses me.

The Good Part: Young!Remus Lupin x Reader

Request:  Hey could u possibly do a Remus x reader where they are caught by the marauders and the rest is like fluffy and the marauders tease Remus so much and he’s super embarrassed n stuff? ty bb ilysm xxxxxxxx

A/N: I got so many ideas by just reading this request so I was super excited to write it. I’ve been having a bit of writers block for the past couple weeks, so I got super happy when I received all this inspiration for a single request. 

This did get a bit heated, so I hope that goes along well with what you were thinking for the request. 

I apologize if my writing isn’t fantastic right now, I’ve been under a lot of stress and it’s also been awhile since I written, so I’m sorry if it isn’t great.

Anyway, enjoy! ♥

Word Count: 1468

Warnings: Fluff, Little NSFW 

The once bustling common room was now dimly lit and vacant, the large stone fireplace crackled quietly in front of me as I sat on the over-sized red sofa in the corner. It was quiet, peaceful even, something I don’t get often.

The occasional breeze of hot air from the fire brushed my face as I lied back my head, resting it on the armrest behind me. Heaving a long sigh, I stared up at the dark ceiling, letting my eyes droop, hoping he’d show up soon. Just as I closed my eyes a small knock came from beside me, making my body instantly jump up.

Is that him?

Craning my head to the right, my eyes landed on a boy with a crooked smile leaning against the wall, a cream colored coffee mug in hand.

“Hey, Rem.” I whispered with a smiled, motioning for him to sit beside me. Just seeing him made my heart leap.

“Hello, love.” He whispered, leisurely walking over and setting down his coffee on the small wooden end-table to my right. Not saying anything else, he proceeded to stand directly in front of me. 

Pulling my eyebrows together, I glance up at him. As I was about to ask if he was alright, Remus took me by the hand and pulled me up, crashing me against his chest. Blinking a couple times I glanced up at him to see a small smirk playing at the corner of his mouth.

“Rem-” Not giving me a chance to say anything he turned around and collapsed onto the sofa where I was previously sat, getting as comfortable as could be.

The once small smirk had turned into a rather large one as reached for his coffee beside him, taking a long, slow drink from it and swallowing it, ending with a rather loud pop.

“You just going to stand there and stare at me, love?” He asked cockily, raising his left eyebrow as he lightly patted his left knee.

I could feel my ears starting to get hot as I frantically looked around the room, looking for a different place to sit. “I-I’ll just sit over here…” I whispered awkwardly, cocking my head at the seat I’d spotted.

Making sure he wasn’t about to say anything, I nodded a couple times before starting to walk. As I took a couple steps past him, Remus’ had fell to my waist, and within seconds I was pulled back, right into his lap.

My body sat awkwardly still at first, not being completely used to this sort of thing.

Letting a short tut of laughter leave his mouth, he pulled me up his lap, bringing me into a straddle around his waist. “You’re adorable, Y/N…” He whispered, leaning in so his lips where pressed right next to my ear. “So, so adorable…”

Taking the chance given to him, he ran his tongue over my ear, nibbling lightly in certain spots, causing my hands to instinctively grab onto his shoulders.

Chuckling to himself, Remus wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled up further, bringing me within centimeters of his face. “Well hello there.” He whispered with a devilish smirk, glancing up at me with his stunning green eyes. Narrowing them, his glaze flickered from mine down to my lips, and as if confirming what he was about to do, he nodded to himself before pressing his lips to mine.

The kiss started out slow and clean, my lips molded into his as if they’d belonged there. His hands stayed planted on my waist, not wandering anywhere.

The room had progressively become hot with our bodies pressed against each other, and, coincidentally, the kiss turned more needy, as if we were depending on each others mouths.

Remus’ hands had slowly made their way downwards and were now resting on my bottom, gently squeezing it a few times, causing my mouth to fall open. Not losing the point of vulnerability, he quickly gaining dominance over me and let tongue invade my mouth as if he was searching for something. Letting out a quiet whimper, I slowly slid my fingers into his hair, pulling at the light brown strands, earning a groan from above me. 

Moving his hands up again, they quickly returned to my hips, squeezing them as he slowly pushed me down into the couch, releasing my lips from his.

Not sparing a second, Remus moved his attention down to my neck while his hands started moving my shirt up my body. Starting at the collarbone, he feathered small pecks all the way up my neck, right below my ear. Planting one last kiss underneath my ear, he lightly took the skin in between his teeth and started sucking. My fingers tightened their hold on his hair, my once quiet whimpers were now turning into full blown moans. 

“Oh my god, Remus…” My voice was soaked in pleasure, the fact that I managed to speak was a miracle in itself.

Why must he be so good at this?

Blowing on the hickeys he’d just created, he pulled away slightly to look down at me, the same smirk still on his face. His green orbs surveyed up and down my body before looking back at me. Clearing his throat he gave me an awkward smile and tugged lightly at the hem of my shirt that was now nearing my chest. “You-uh mind if I take this off.”

Even through the dim light I could see the slight flush of his cheeks, he’s such a gentleman and it’s adorable.

Leaning up, I lightly kissed his lips. “You’re so sweet, Rem, of cour-”

“…Merlin’s sake, Prongs, shut up! They’re just getting to the good part…” An ever so familiar obnoxious voice came from the nearby doorway.

Remus instantly froze from above me, whipping his head in the direction of the voice.

“See, look what you did.” The same voice whispered in annoyance.

“What I did? You’re the loud one here, Pads.” The other voice whispered back.

Instantly pulled my shirt down, Remus got off of me, not saying a word, I could practically feel his anger and embarrassment radiating off of him.


“Dammit, Sirius they can hear us now, move.” Within a couple seconds, two faces came stumbling out of the darkness, both with goofy grins plastered on their faces.

“Sooo…” Sirius started with a smirk, leaning into Remus’ face. “What'cha doin’?” At that comment, Remus’ already red face turned an even more vivid color as he turned in the opposite direction.

“Ohh this is good…” James piped in from behind as the walked up beside Sirius, lowering himself to Remus’ level. “Didn’t think you had it in ya, Rem.”

“Our little Moony-po is growing up! I’m such a proud mother.” Sirius blurted out excitedly, throwing his hands into the air.

Ignoring what they were saying, Remus buried his head into his arms that rested on the armrest while James ruffled his hair. “We need to have a celebration, when should we get started?” James asked, briefly turning his attention to Sirius.

“I don’t see why we don’t just do it now.” Sirius said with a smile, throwing his arms around Remus who was desperately trying to disappear into the sofa.

“Perfect idea I’ll ge-”

“No.” Remus whispered miserably, his face still buried in his arms as he shook Sirius off of him. 

“Can’t hear you buddy, maybe if you-I don’t know-showed us your face, we could hear you a bit better.” Sirius teased, pulling at one of the arms that held his head.

“Nope, not happening.” Remus’ voice came out again, still muffled in his arms.

“C'mon please?” Sirius begged, adding in a fake sniffle from his nose for the effect.

“Yeah, c'mon Moony…” James added in, still pulling at Remus’ hair.

Letting out a huge sigh and a rather disturbed groan, Remus lifted his head from his arms, glaring at the two children who stood in front of him. “I hate you.” He groaned, closing his eyes for a moment.

“Look how red his face is! Remus you’re so adorable!” Sirius yelled out again, completely ignoring what he’d just said and wrapping his arms around him.

“Making out in the common room…naughty, naughty Remus. ” James chuckled, shaking his index finger at Remus as he got up to hug him as well.

“Group hug!” Sirius added, yelling rather loudly.

“How old are you again?” Remus groaned, not making a single move.

“Oh shut up and let your mum be proud of you.”

Looking at their exchange, though I was embarrassed, it was actually quiet fantastic. “C'mere Y/N, it’s a great group hug and you’re missin’ it.” Sirius said with a grin, pulling me over to the rest of them.

The room became silent for a moment as all of us were wrapped around Remus who sat as still as a statue, it was actually sort of nice, for us anyway.

“We’re such proud parents.” Sirius whispered, nudging James with his elbow, ruining the so called ’moment’ we were having.

“I hate you all.” Remus groaned from underneath, a small smile making it’s way to his face.


So the above photos, this tweet, and some spirited conversations in the group chat led to this ficlet. Much contribution from @sidsknee and @ehghtyseven, the best bits were their ideas. Make sure you take a look at @sidsknee‘s AO3 here


Shape of You

Geno feels like shit. The ice packs the trainers sent him back to the hotel with have gone warm. They’re going to take ages to refreeze in the tiny freezer of his mini fridge; and in the meantime, he’d like to maybe sleep, at some point. Their flight tomorrow is at ass’o’clock in the morning. He can’t wait to be back home. This entire road trip has been hellish, with tonight’s game the worst of all.

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#WooDoHwan #SaveMe the BEST 3  #LinesThatSuddenlyMakingAFan which lead to an #UnexpectedStanningAccident  

“Hey! Real man are all about guts” 

“If you come any closer, I’ll beat all of you guys up”

“Get out on the count of 3″

#IKeepWantingToHearItAllAgain #AddictingDialect #TheWomensHeartsHunter #SeokDongCheol #OverflowingWithCharm

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#28 you can make this shippy or just friendship. Zen has been damaged. Orisa has to carry him to safety.

Me: I should get to these older asks—

Me, in a hood: But robot friendship tho.

Me: Shit, u right.


“For your own safety, I recommend moving behind my barrier,” said Orisa, waving civilians through. The reaction to the heavily modified OR-15 unit was somewhat mixed, as was to be expected for the occasional ruckus Orisa would cause in Numbani. Still, in the face of a Talon attack, her presence was more welcomed than not, especially when it came with a protective barrier. She glanced over her shoulder to see Zenyatta, overseeing the actual exit of the civilians while sending some kind of orb hovering over the more injured ones to stabilize them until they could get to safety. She turned her attention back to keeping watch for Talon agents as the last few civilians exited. She heard a soft chiming sound and looked up to see the same orb shining over her. She poked at it, then pointed at it and looked over her shoulder at Zenyatta.

“Query—” she started.

“It is an orb of harmony,” said Zenyatta, already knowing her question, “It should restore your armor after that debris fell on you.”

“Understood,” said Orisa, glancing back at the orb, “Is my performance satisfactory?”

“You are doing very well,” said Zenyatta, patting her on the shoulder. 

“Master,” Genji’s voice came over the comm channel, “If the remaining civilians have been evacuated, we can regroup near Aetria.”

“Acknowledged,” said Zenyatta. He glanced back to Orisa, “We must make our way to our friends,” he said, moving forward. Orisa followed after him. 

“Our friends?” Orisa repeated.

“Yes,” Zenyatta answered easily, “They are your friends as well.”

“Oh,” Orisa went quiet and seemed to be processing.

“Have I said something that confused you?” said Zenyatta.

“No,” said Orisa, “Current outlook is… optimal.”

“Excell–” Zenyatta started but then there was a shout from the balcony above them and grenade landed between them. “Oh,” said Zenyatta.

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Hating Changkyun - IM/Changkyun Smut

Enjoy guys XD 
Glancing down at the time on my phone for the 10th time that night, I couldn’t wait any longer. What was taking Hoseok so long, he said he’d be out of dance practice half an hour ago and now I’ve been stood outside Starship Entertainment for almost an hour. I’m a very supportive sister when it comes to Hoseok and his job, but on occasions like this, it’s a pain in the ass.
Deciding to just take matters into my own hands, I made my way into the building, bowing at the receptionist and finding my way to the familiar dance room. Being a lover of dance myself, sometimes Hoseok would let me use the studio whilst I practiced the routines I choreographed at home, obviously with the helping hand of himself. Shoving the heavy door open, I stepped into the studio, only to come face to face with Shownu’s chest.
“Shit, sorry Y/N, I didn’t see you, Hoseok’s in there, he’ll be done in five minutes.” I nodded my head in acknowledgement and sauntered into the room, looking around for the blonde haired boy.
“Hoseok, what the hell, I was waiting for an hour!” You watched as his eyes grew wide and he tried to make a run for door. However, I’d already tackled him to the ground, and sat on him on so he couldn’t escape.
“I’m not letting you go until you apologise.” Huffing, he attempted to free himself but it was no use. “Fine, fine, I’m sorry Y/N now can you please let me go.” 
I released him from the floor, helping him stand and then handed him the bag of food I bought on my way to the building.
“Are you really that heavy Y/N, that even your brother can’t get up when you’re sat on him” A familiar mumble was made from across the room and I stared daggers at Changkyun. “Nope, I just have a lot of muscle which you clearly don’t have.” As you can tell, Changkyun and I aren’t the best of friends, I’m probably the most hated person to him. Ever since we had that stupid game of hide and seek and I accidently kicked him in the balls when I thought someone was sneaking up on me, he’s hated my guts.
“Guys we should be going now.” Kihyun’s voice boomed through the studio and everybody agreed, following him out the door. 
“Can I stay here for awhile?” I turned to Hoseok, wanting nothing more than to dance now that I was in the dance room. “ Fine, but be back before 12.” Her hugged me farewell and followed his members out.
Changkyun being the last to leave, made his way towards me, wearing nothing more than his usual resting bitch face. Following him to the door so I could close it, I didn’t realise he had stopped and was leaning towards my ear. “Now Y/N, before you start trying to test me, just know what you’re getting yourself into because me and you both know that my muscles can do a lot more than just lift weights .” Heavy breathing could be heard from his voice, and the air blown on to my ear sent goose bumps down my spine. Pulling away, he smiled, winked then walked away, whistling to himself like nothing had happened. What the hell was up with that boy.


Finally wrapping up the choreography, my muscles began to ache from the two hours of non-stop dancing and I found myself wondering round the hallways for a water fountain. Finally spotting one behind a figure, who as so happened to be getting a drink also. I slumped over to the figure, reaching to grab a cup and wait for my turn.
“You do realise that you should be home so-” the voice cut off when the person turned around and looked at my attire. Of course of all people who would still be here and seeing me in only a sports bra and booty shorts, it would be Changkyun. His eyes, gawked towards my cleaverage and I blushed, cursing myself at reacting towards his actions.
“I know, and if you don’t mind, I need to get a drink.” Cutting him out of his gawking, I pushed him to the side so I could grab my water, still aware that he was watching my every moves, eyes not leaving my body.
“So how come you’re still here anyway?” I asked him, trying to make small talk which is wouldn’t end in an argument. No reply.
“Oi, my eyes are up here.” That caught his attention, and his eyebrows knitted together in confusion. “Did you ask me something?” Irritated, I mumbled a ‘ridiculous’ under my breath and walked away from him shouting back to him to stop staring at my ass, in which I got an irritatingly cute laugh back. Cute? Shut up Y/N, you hate him.
Entering the dance studio and getting back into formation, I shook off the thoughts that I never knew I could possibly think.
I started the dance, getting more into moves as the music became more tense, and then the sexual part came up and I was more than ready for it. I strutted over to the opposite side of the room, dropping to the floor and body rolling back up making sure to pop my ass out, then as I brought my hand up my thighs, gliding them up my body and meeting my hair in which I tugged slightly. Throughout all of it, I didn’t realise that a certain person was sat at the very corner of the room, eyes dark and hands palming the small bulge which poked from his pants. However when I did notice him, the drop I was starting to do came to a hault, eyes widening and my ass falling to the floor.
“What the fuck are you doing Changkyun?” I practically screamed at him, and he just sat and stared, still stroking himself.
“You’ve been driving me crazy Y/N.” He stood from his place and slowly made his way to where I stood. When he was close enough so that I could feel his breath fanning my face, I made sure to keep my eyes trained to the floor.
“What are you doing?” I whispered, curious to his sudden change in mood. “I don’t think you understand how much you drive me insane, you have the sexiest body I’ve ever seen are you face is basically made for a goddess and I have to put on a cover up and act like I hate you, when in fact you frustrate me so fucking much. Do you understand how many cold showers I’ve had to have when I see you prancing around our dorm in your short shorts and tank tops that barely cover your tits.” He groaned, and brought his hand to my face lifting up my chin so I was staring straight at him. I noticed how his eyes up close sparkled golden and his skin radiated a warm glow that you would only notice up close. His hair was messily stuck to his forehead and realised how much it made him seem hotter and for the first time since I’d met him at Hoseok’s dorm that I got butterflies in my stomach, and heat pooled in my lower region.
I felt trapped by the heat surrounding our bodies and I wasn’t aware of how close we were but if he moved any closer, he’d be pressed up against my boobs. I stared at his plump lips, wanting nothing more than them to be on my own. Why was I only realising how hot he looked now, when he was nearly pressed up against me.
The suspense was killing me and I couldn’t wait any longer, knowing that his bulge was basically pressed against my leg and the hotness from his breath was sending shivers throughout my body. So I did what I should’ve done a year ago, I kissed him. And boy was it a kiss I’d never forget.
He wasted no time in backing me up to the mirror, bringing his hands to the back of my thighs, hoisting me up so that my legs were wrapped around him. My hands played with the soft hairs at the back of his head, tugging slightly, earning a small moan from him. Deepening the kiss, he pulled our bodies closer together, if that was even possible, feeling his bulge press up against me causing a groan to slip out against his lips.
“God that was hot,” he pulled away, tugging on my top signalling me to take it off. Whilst stripping my top off, he cascaded his off as well and I couldn’t help but to stare at the structured art on his torso. He wasn’t kidding when he said he was ripped.
“Like what you see?” Smirking, he stared at my blushing face, bringing me in for another kiss. However before it could become heated, he pulled away causing a small whine to rip from my throat.
“Are you sure you want this?” For the first time, I saw a look of concern on his face and I noticed how much he was trying to hold himself back from ripping off my pants and taking me there and then.
“Yes, now shut up you idiot and fuck me.” He let out a deep chuckle and smiled at me. His eyes darkening with lust, “I’ve wanted this for so long, I won’t be able to get enough of you after this.”

Lips were entertwined, clothes were thrown all over the studio and the mirror was steamed up from the sweat that was now beginning to form on both of our bodies.
“I’m going to have to make this quick because Hoseok will kill me if you aren’t home on time.” He kissed my nose, pulling down his underwear and freeing his erection. He pulled my panties to the side, rubbing his tip across the my lower lips, “god you’re so wet,” he groaned into my neck and slowly began to enter. Breath hitched, his head rolled to my shoulder once all the way and he paused giving me enough time to adjust. He was a lot bigger and thicker than anybody I’d usually been with, and it felt amazing, as he filled me up, whole.
Giving him a gently rub on the arm, I notified him that he could start to move, however instead he stayed still bringing his mouth to my ear, nibbling the lobe and whispering “okay, I’ll make it up to you next time, but you better be prepared because I’m about to fuck you so hard, the only thing you’ll be screaming is my name.” And boy was he fucking right.
He pulled out just so that the tip was left inside before slamming back in, hard,causing my body to jolt up the mirror and a scream to errupt from my throat. He did that over and over again, each time getting deeper and deeper as he hoisted my leg over his shoulder so he was now hitting the spot that sent my eyes rolling to the back of my head. “Fuck” and “Changkyun” became my only vocabulary and I began to feel the rising sensation building up in the pit of my stomach and I knew I was close. His head was in my neck, sweat rolling down his own and his hair pulled and yanked in different directions by my hands which were entangled in it. “Fuck Y/N you’re so tight, shit I’m not going to last, come for me Y/N” he groaned against my skin, and his thrusts began to get sloppy. He brought his hand down to rub at my clit, which sent me over the edge.
I came, seeing stars, as my vision blurred and I had the strongest orgasm I’d ever had. My orgasm stirred his own and he came loudly moaning out my name. His head tilted back, eyes squeezing shut and he looked heavenly. He was beautifully sexy and I had no choice but to admit it, not after having sex with him. I knew I was in too deep now, my feelings for him had rushed back in the blink of a second, and I couldn’t deny it any longer.
Finally coming down from our high, he brought me in for another kiss and I melted into his arms, not caring how vulnerable I probably looked.
“Can I take you out on a date tomorrow, I need to stop denying my feelings for you.” He smiled at my glowing face, and I eagerly nodded my head.
“I’ll go on a date with you but.. not until you take your dick out of me.” I laughed, looking down at our still entertwined bodies.
“You won’t be saying that next time I’m fucking you.” He remarked however I didn’t fail to notice the small blush on his cheeks which he tried to hide, resulting in my laughter becoming louder, until I was in full hysterics. I’d manage to make the guy who carried a resting- bitch face on him 24/7 blush, and I was never going to let him live for that.

“SHIT! We better get you home,” I looked at the time and realised it was 12:15pm. Hoseok was going to have a fit.
He finally pulled out, and we quickly picked up our clothes, throwing them on and running towards the door.
“So, dinner tomorrow then? I’ll make it up to you for having to make this quick.” He asked throwing his arm over my shoulder.
“I’ll happily come, as long as I get to top” shaking his head, he chuckled at my choice of words, and we walked out of the building taking our time to walk back to the dorms. Before making it to the door he pulled me to a hault, his hand bringing my jaw up so that I was looking at his face and he brought his lips to mine, kissing me with more passion than he’d done before.
“Can’t wait.” And for the first time in a year, we walked into the dorm laughing, causing Hoseok to stare dumbfounded at the pair of us. He didn’t say anything, just watched us before finally speaking up,
“You both smell of sex and you’re late, you better get your asses to bed before I whoop them.”
This only caused us to laugh even more, sprinting towards our bedrooms and he bidding me a goodnight by a smack to the ass. Just wait, that dick will get it tomorrow…

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It’s dark.

This is the first thing Mal has realised. 

It’s dark but familiar.

The Isle. She’s back on the Isle.

Panic rush through Mal’s body with the realization.

“Help…” someone weakly shouts. “Please…”

Mal snaps her head towards the direction of the faint voice.

“Help…” that voice keep coming and it gets louder as Mal walks further into the dark.

The voice sounds familiar to her.

“Mal… Save me…”

It’s Evie. Mal recognizes the way Evie always says her name, no matter under what situation. She rushes towards where she thinks Evie is and the view in front of her shatters her heart into million pieces.

Evie is tied up againet a pole, her dress dirty and wrinkled. Beside her is a figure dressed in black, Mal can’t recognize her through the dark.

“Evie!” Mal wants to go and rescue Evie but she can’t move, like her legs are embedded into the ground.

She watches that black figure raises its one hand pointed towards her, doing whatever to restrict her movement. Its another hand pointing Evie, making her scream like she’s being tortured.

“NO!!!!” Mal has to witness Evie’s heart-breaking scream and she is not able to do anything.

Suddenly Evie’s scream dies down and everything goes black.

Mal jerks awake, drenched in sweats and face wet with tears. Some of her purple locks stick to her face, her chest heaving due to her rapid breathing.

“Hey, you’re okay. Mal you’re safe okay?” it’s Evie, her voice soft and sweet and comforting.

Evie is woken up since Mal started trashing and turning in her sleep. Knowing waking up Mal or even just touching her will startle the purple haired girl and that maight worsen the circumstance, Evie waits for Mal to jerk out of the nightmare patiently and watches her attentively.

Hearing Evie, Mal turns her head and looks at her confusingly.

Evie’s not hurt. They are not on the Isle but in their dorm room in Auradon Prep. But what she saw just now is so vivid and real.

“E…” Mal chokes out, feeling her chest tighter and she feels like suffocating.

“Mal, Mal, I need you to listen to me. Focus on my voice, M” Senseing Mal’s one step away hyperventilation and a full-blown panic attack, Evie pushes away the sleep in her voice.

But Mal’s breathing is not slowing down. “E… I can’t… can’t…” Her voice filled with fear.

“Shhhhh, listen to me, focus only on my heartbeat okay?” Evie scooches over and pulls Mal onto her lap, cardles the smaller girl’s head against her chest, holding and rocking her slightly.

Mal’s breathing slows down a moment later and she starts sobbing into Evie’s chest.

Evie’s heart aches hearing Mal’s sobs. Instead of wishpering sweet nothings to comfort Mal, Evie starts singing softly.

“All around me is your light

With you everything so shines

How come we’ll leave all behind?

Cause your love is falling on my heart

And I’m falling for you

Falling with broken wings again

Hush now my angel

I will always be with you

In your pretty smile

In a glow of tears

Out across the frosty nigh

tI’ll be there with you

Maybe you’ll always breath in me ever in my heart

All the little pieces of you look how they shine above

Come away with me tonight

We’ll be dreaming away there”

Mal’s sobbing turns into occasional sniffling as Evie sings. She snuggles further and curls herself into Evie’s lap, burying her head into Evie’s chest.

“It’s okay Mal, I’ve got you, no one’s gonna hurt you.” Evie wishpers, dropping a kiss on top of Mal’s head.

“And you?” Mal lifts her head to look into Evie’s big brown eyes.

“What about me?” Evie asks with a small sweet smile.

“You got hurt in the dream…” Mal’s voice is so small and fragile.

“Oh sweetie, it’s gonna be okay, everything’s gonna be alright. I won’t let anyone to hurt both of us, okay?” Evie’s tone soft but firm, she’s making a commitment to Mal and also herself.

“Okay, you promise?”

“I Promise”

not only did my voice get deep and 100% male sounding but it also….smoothed out and got…..good? like…

i actually get compliments on my voice now bc it sounds nice? and i actually,,agree,,!! i like listening to my voice now. i like how i sound. i like my laugh. i can listen to recording of myself and feel content

do u guys know how much that means to me? i used to have legitimate, full blown breakdowns when i heard my voice. it was like nails stabbing me in the ears. it made me feel so dysphoric i wanted to puke. i would avoid talking. i would avoid laughing. i didnt want that voice to be heard. ever

to be able to talk with confidence is such a gift

Wings experience omggg

First of all amazing holy shit I have no voice because duhhh

- Jin has blown my mind - worldwide handsome
- they all spoke English so much and it was so cute omg
- from where I was seated jimin looked so small omggggg
- Suga slayeeeeed and his English killed meeeeeeeee
- they must of been so tired from just singing non stop for a hour tho omg
- solo songs were amazing omg
- j hope was fucking incredible . Aussie fans are defs stans
- jungkooks dancing for begin was some Michael Jackson shit he was amazing.
- Namjoon was so proud of the bbmas win.
- I love how they all pronounced Sydney like sid-Di-ne honestly so cute
- it was lit

They didn’t speak to us much until the encore but when they did they went crazy

Honestly was such a amazing concert and I am obsessed with watching the videos I took


The Wedding

My submission for @hiatustory May Challenge: Bed Sharing

Rating: M, Words:8,837

John and Sherlock arrive at a quaint little bed and breakfast inn for a wedding, only to find out their reservations were messed up. How will things go when they are forced to share a bed for the entire weekend?

John stared at their room with apprehension. This had to be a mistake, this needed to be fixed. Rushing back down the hall he almost ran into Sherlock.

“Where’s the dead body John?” This was Sherlock’s unique way of asking what’s the rush.

“No time, I have to get to the front desk. They’ve messed up our reservation.” John continued on to the front desk.

“Excuse me, madam. I believe there has been a mix up in my reservation. You see, there was supposed to be double beds, plural, not a double bed, singular.”

“Oh my goodness. I apologize. But unfortunately, we are booked up for the weekend. There is a wedding-”

John slammed his hand on the counter and the woman jumped, “Sorry, sorry. I know about the wedding, I am here for the bloody wedding.“ After taking a deep breath John tried again, "Is there nothing you can do? Please.”

“I really am sorry. Every room is booked and no expected vacancies until Monday afternoon.”

Back up in the room, John found Sherlock unpacking his tux.

“What was the fuss about John? The room looks perfectly suitable to me.”

“Sherlock, there is only one bed.”

Sherlock looked around the room as if just noticing there was only one bed. “Ah, I see. And what did the front desk say about this unfortunate incident?” Sherlock watched John’s reaction closely. John licked his lips and scratched at his neck as he looked away. Oh, this wasn’t good. But it wasn’t exactly bad either.

“She said they’re all booked up and there was nothing she could do. I don’t know if that is true or just payback.”


“For startling her. I, uh, I shouted at her.”

“John, really! Was that necessary? We’ll just have to share the bed.”

John glanced around the room, there wasn’t even a couch for him to sleep on. “What choice do we have?”

“I’m truly a sound sleeper John you won’t even know I’m there.”

“The problem is me. I sometimes get restless when I sleep. Toss and turn.”

“We’ll find out soon enough, but I’m sure it won’t bother me.”

Several hours later John was just getting out of the shower when he heard talking. It was Sherlock. Was he speaking to himself or was someone in the room with him? He quickly got his answer.

“John, did you hear me?”

A bit annoyed with the way Sherlock always continue to talk to him when he isn’t even around, John exited the bathroom not realizing he was wearing only his towel. “I was in the shower, Sherlock. How many times do we have to go over this?”

“Sorry?” Sherlock glanced over to John. Good God he was only wearing a towel. “When we came back from dinner you were sitting right there.” Sherlock tried to remain unaffected by seeing John shirtless, with water running down his chest, and what a fine chest it was.

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my favorite thing about Jon’s cover of “Firework” is that he so unapologetically CANNOT do it, but powers through it in (what i can only assume is a) one take anyways, and sounds LEAGUES better than the studio-mashed, auto-tuned fakery that is the original

I really hate it when Inspirits brag about how awesome INFINITE is in live. WTF, Big Bang can do it too. My world turned upside down when I attended IE concert in Seoul. WTH, how could they sing in 3 hours not to mention they danced with such choreography with only Band accompaniment. It’s LIVE, their vocals gave me chills. I was awestruck and yet they kept the momentum. What caught my attention was Woohyun, how could he sang and even hit high notes finely? He’s so talkative and never afraid of losing his voice. It’s so stable that my mind was blown, he even did breakdancing in a song. Now I know Inspirits have bragging rights. It’s 2016 yet INFINITE’s performances still lingers in my head. I’m a YG stan and INFINITE is dragging my feels to become an Inspirit.