my voice is blown

my favorite thing about Jon’s cover of “Firework” is that he so unapologetically CANNOT do it, but powers through it in (what i can only assume is a) one take anyways, and sounds LEAGUES better than the studio-mashed, auto-tuned fakery that is the original

His eyes fly over my face, the brown of his eyes darker than usual. ‘Get off me,’ I snarl and try to push him, but he slams me right back to the wall. Air escapes my lungs.

Brendon launches forward and kisses me. My stomach flips, a burning desire to kiss him back taking over. His lips over mine, aggressive and demanding, coaxing my mouth open. I respond without thinking, attacking his mouth fervently, still so goddamn angry.

Here I am again. Fuck, I –

Our tongues brush unapologetically, a jolt of electricity running up and down my spine. I push him off me violently, and he stumbles backwards. 'Don’t,’ I command, but he takes a step towards me. 'I’m not like that. I’m not into this stuff.’

'I didn’t say you were,’ he says simply, his voice rough and pupils blown. I lick my lips, trying to regain control.

Fuck it.

I fist his shirt and pull him back for a kiss, our tongues pressing together. His hands are instantly on my belt, unbuckling. He whispers, 'Can you get hard for me?’ That’s a useless question because my dick has been very intrigued ever since his lips first met mine. He cups my half-hard cock and smiles against my mouth wickedly. 'Good.’

No, this is fucking bad.

—  The Heart Rate of a Mouse; Volume I, Book I, Chapter IX.

Ok, somebody has probably already mentioned it, but I was seeing a lot of things in the episode that made me think of Beth! Specifically Eugene, who was talking about how he changed, how he is now a survivor, his conversation about skill sets, like they’ve all got jobs to do, and telling Abraham that his services were no longer needed, like Beth saying she wouldn’t need Daryl pretty soon.

Aside from that, Denise saying they didn’t get it? I could hear Beth’s voice in my head, I could see the moment and I AM BLOWN AWAY. They could not have been more clear about it. Add Daryl’s face, his reaction, I’m now completely sure of being Team Defiance. Holy shit. What an episode.




I really hate it when Inspirits brag about how awesome INFINITE is in live. WTF, Big Bang can do it too. My world turned upside down when I attended IE concert in Seoul. WTH, how could they sing in 3 hours not to mention they danced with such choreography with only Band accompaniment. It’s LIVE, their vocals gave me chills. I was awestruck and yet they kept the momentum. What caught my attention was Woohyun, how could he sang and even hit high notes finely? He’s so talkative and never afraid of losing his voice. It’s so stable that my mind was blown, he even did breakdancing in a song. Now I know Inspirits have bragging rights. It’s 2016 yet INFINITE’s performances still lingers in my head. I’m a YG stan and INFINITE is dragging my feels to become an Inspirit.

nyan99  asked:

what do you think about all the dubs being done

My mind is blown that so many talented people have voiced this thing. Like, every dub is different, and there’s been so many takes, and different music choices and aaaaah!


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