• WIP- Here comes a thought, vent cover
  • Jam.
  • ugh, pft, i dont know what to call this

I was supposed to just sing this normally after a long day of studying and that stuff, but have a practice/ vent cover instead because that’s how I feel.

If my voice gets shaky, brittle or clogged, my apologies.

song by @rebeccasugar

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What would happen if you sang the full version of Rebecca Sugar’s “We are the Crystal Gems” into a voice to text program… and then sang the translated lyrics?


Featuring @chongoblog


I was featured in this Bill Cipher animation by Piemations, PLEASE check it out, it’s fantastic!!!

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Original comic by @kuuhaiyu
Voices by me (@hadesdancehall)

As soon as I saw this on my dash, I knew I had to fandub it. Thanks again to @kuuhaiyu for giving me permission to dub their hilarious comic! I hope I did it some justice. Please click here so you can reblog the original post! And please check out their blog; they’ve got some great stuff there!

So this gifset was on my dash and I believed for a split second that there was a legit animation and my heart stopped??? But then I realized it was just @bossmonsterbani ‘s animation gifs and I kinda fell in love with her art, uhhh–

I thought it would be cool to voice it over and put it in a video format, so now it looks like a legit anime short! Hope you guys like it!

Voices: taidatenshi
Animation: bossmonsterbani
Game and Characters belong to: Toby Fox