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You always thought you were Ragnar’s daughter

You’d been in Kattegat since you were a young girl. But you’d always felt different. You had dark brown eyes, but your father always said it was from his father. Although, you didn’t believe him. Everything almost seemed foreign, even though had grown up there. It played around in your mind that you weren’t his daughter, you had no idea who your mother was and Ragnar wouldn’t tell you. You had five brothers, and you were the same age as Ivar. He’d always been very protective of you and treated you as his twin. You spent most of your time together. All of your brothers had seemed to benefit with you there. But it didn’t matter because, Queen Aslaug did not like you. This frustrated everyone because Ragnar’s sons loved their mother and their sister by equal measure. But it was as if Aslaug knew something about you.

Lagertha had always been kind to you and helped you as you got older. She had, had a daughter and seemed to like raising you because you reminded her of you. So you would stay in Hedeby for some time before returning to Kattegat. Lagertha also understood that Aslaug didn’t like you and felt sorry for you.

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Here’s to strong women
                                         May we know them
                                                                        May we be them
                                                                                                   May we raise them.